SPRING2020AGE 4 - 8TH GRADEEnrichment programs for gifted and talented youthCollege of Education

Super Saturday is a popular enrichment program designed to meet the needsof academically, crea vely, and ar s cally gi ed students from age four (prekindergarten) through eighth grade. We offer an ever-changing variety of coursesin science, technology, engineering, mathema cs, visual and performing arts, andoriginal interdisciplinary studies. Students choose their own classes on a first-come,first-served basis.WHEN AND WHERE Spring semester courses will take place February 1 – March 7 Saturday morning sessions meet from 9 a.m. - Noon Most classes are held in Beering Hall and Recita on BuildingWHAT MAKES IT SUPER? Small class sizesPersonal a en on from caring teachersChallenging, hands-on learningAn emphasis on cri cal thinking and independent learningAn environment that values crea vity, diversity, and achievementA chance to share interests with other gi ed childrenSuper Saturday is FUN!WHAT ARE CLASSES LIKE? Classes are small. Super Saturday limits class sizes to 10 students for earlygrades and 18 for later grades. Each student receives individualized instruc on. Classes are taught by teachers who care. Most of our classes are taught byteachers who select their own course topics, so Super Saturday teachersare knowledgeable and excited about their subject ma er, and share thisenthusiasm with their students. Teachers also receive special training andongoing support from GERI to help them meet the special needs of gi ed andtalented students. Classes are challenging. Super Saturday courses provide authen c, hands-onlearning experiences. They encourage crea ve thinking, the development ofproblem-solving skills, and individual explora on of student interests. Classes are fun. Super Saturday courses are interes ng and interac ve. Allclasses give gi ed students a chance to meet and have fun with other brightstudents who share their interests and enthusiasm for learning.1

GRADAGE ES4–KICKY, STICKY, AND FUN:There are messes to be made and things to explore! Have you ever wondered whatmakes your pancakes fluffy? Why are worms so wiggly? Only the most curious mindswill enter this laboratory. Join us to become the world’s most crea ve chemist orinventor of the gooiest gunk ever glopped!

GRAD1-2 ESKITCHEN CHEMISTRY:Your kitchen is one big chemistry lab! Explore colors, solids, liquids, gases, polymers,chemical reac ons, mixtures, solu ons, and more. Use your new kitchen chemistryknowledge to create snacks that go along with the lesson of the day. Learn howchemistry is alive in your own home! (Supply Fee: 5)HAPPILY EVER AFTER:Join us in a new crea ve adventure where fantas c engineering feats are discoverablethrough fairy tales! In this highly engaging class, we will engineer products that helpclassic storybook characters solve the unique problems that they faced. Can you savehumpty dumpty from breaking? Can you build a house that can withstand even thestrongest of huffing and puffing? We will tackle these challenges and more as welearn about the many alterna ve paths to a "happily ever a er"!3

GRAD3-5 ESFUN FILM MAKING:Have you ever wanted to make your own film? In this course, we will explore thefundamentals of film-making and how to use our equipment to tell our stories andwow audiences! We’ll cover everything from basic equipment handling and use toedi ng and story development. Bring your unique perspec ve and prepare to beinspired!INTRO TO FOOD MICROBIOLOGY:Microbes are everywhere! We can’t always see them, but mysterious microscopicorganisms play a very important role in our lives and in our food. Some forms ofbacteria can make us sick but many more are very helpful to humans! In this class, wewill cover the fundamentals of Microbiology and explore how we interact with goodand bad microbes every day!

GRAD6-8ESDON'T BE SHOCKED!:Come and explore how every-day household items can be used to display basicprinciples of electricity. Design products that light up with LEDs, make sounds withpiezo buzzers, and monitor heart beats. Discover items in your home that can beused in electrical circuits. Don’t be shocked by how much you learn each week!(Supply Fee: 10)WE BUILT THIS CITY:Have you ever wondered how ci es get started? Is there any planning involved or dopeople just start building? This course will take on us a journey of city development,planning, and design all while using the most versa le building toy in the universe –LEGOS! We’ll conduct a census, propose land development, create models, and worktogether to construct the best city on Earth!FUN WITH LOGIC IN WONDERLAND:The me has come to talk of many things - of logic down in Wonderland, linguis cs,and whether pigs have wings! Come engage in the world’s silliest, but absolutelylogical, discussions! We’ll prac ce looking at the world with wonder and curiosity andyou’ll discover how to easily win every argument you’ll ever have! Won’t you join us inleaping down the rabbit hole?5

HOW TO APPLYONLINE REGISTRATIONTo register online (credit card payment required). Please note the following: Choose a class according to the child’s current grade level. If there is a supply fee connected to the class you choose, it will be automa callyadded to your total. If a selec on is not available, that means that class is full. Please choose anotherclass. If there are no other classes available in the child’s grade level, thenthat grade level is full and you will need, our SuperSaturday program coordinator to beplaced on the wai ng list.OTHER REGISTRATION OPTIONSIf registering by mail, complete the applica on (one per child), include payment,and send to:Purdue ConferencesStewart Center, Room 110128 Memorial MallWest LafayeƩe, IN, 47906To register and pay by phone, contact Purdue Conferences at 866-515-0023.Please make checks payable to Purdue University.We will send a confirma on email when your applica on materials are received.DEADLINETo avoid a late fee, all materials must be faxed or postmarked by Friday, January10. Applica ons received a er this date will be charged a 30 late fee.Registra on closes on January 10; anyone applying a er this date must contactthe coordinator, Natalie Flaming ( or 765-494-7243), foravailability. Students are placed in classes on a first-come, first-served basis, andmany of our popular classes will fill before the applica on deadline. For the bestchoice of classes, register today!PAYMENT AND REFUND INFORMATIONThe fee for Super Saturday courses is 220 per child. Some courses also have anaddi onal supply fee (see course descrip ons for details).7We will no fy you whether the child has been accepted into the program within a fewdays a er we receive complete applica on materials. If you do not receive no ce atleast three days prior to the first class, call our office to check class assignment andloca on. If any classes are canceled due to insufficient enrollment, students will becontacted.If it is necessary for a child to withdraw, the following policy will apply: If a child withdraws before 5 p.m. on Friday, January 10, a full refund will be given. If a child withdraws between January 11 and January 31, a tui on reimbursement,less a 50 processing fee, will be refunded. If a child withdraws on or a er the first day of classes, no refund will be given.

APPLICATIONSTUDENT INFORMATIONName:Birth Date:Address:City:State:ZIP:Gender (op onal): Male Female Age: Grade in School:School:Corpora on:Race/Ethnicity (op onal/check all that apply): Hispanic Other Mul -racial Pacific Islander Na ve American/Alaskan Na ve Choose not to answerEthnicity and gender data are used for research and evalua on purposes only and do not affect eligibility. African American/Non-Hispanic Asian Caucasian, Non-HispanicParent/Legal Guardian Name:Home Phone:Work Phone:Cell Phone:E-mail Address:This will be my child’s first Super Saturday session: Yes NoPurdue is committed to making its programs accessible to individuals with disabilities. If you requirean accommodation or special assistance for this program due to a disability. PHOTORELEASE Photo/Video Release: I grant permission to Purdue University and its agents and employees theirrevocable and unrestricted right to reproduce the photographs and/or video images taken ofme, or members of my family, for the purpose of publication, promotion, illustration, advertising,or trade, in any manner or in any medium. I hereby release Purdue University and its legalrepresentatives for all claims and liability relating to said images or video. Furthermore, I grantpermission to use my statements that were given during an interview or guest lecture, with orwithout my name, for the purpose of advertising and publicity without restriction. I waive myright to any compensation.MEDICALINFORMATIONList any informa on regarding your child’s health, allergies, physical, and/or emo onal status inorder for us to best serve your child’s needs. A ach addi onal sheets if necessary.EMERGENCY CONTACT (in the event parent/guardian cannot be reached)Name:Phone:Pursuant to Indiana Code Paragraph 16-36-1-6 and subject to any limita ons listed below, I request and authorize thePurdue University Student Health Center, Purdue University Ambulance Service, Franciscan Saint Elizabeth Health- Lafaye e East, and Indiana University Health Arne , medical personnel, agents, and employees to provide allreasonably necessary medical care, including but not limited to medical transport, hospital tests, such as pathology,radiology, anesthesia, surgery, and prescrip on drugs advisable for the health of my child. I acknowledge that norepresenta ons, warran es, or guarantees as to results or cures will be made.Further, I hereby grant permission for my child to a end Super Saturday by signing below.Date:Spring Super Saturday PARENTALAUTHORIZATIONPurdue University Medical Authoriza on for Treatment of a Minor (persons under 18 years):Parent / legal guardian signature is required.

COURSE PREFERENCEYour child may take only one Super Saturday course. In the course descrip ons on pages 2-5, findcourses for your child’s grade level. List, in order of preference, the courses in which your childwould like to enroll (choices 1, 2, and 3). Supply fees, if applicable, are listed a er course tle.AGE 4-KGRADES 3-5ICKY, STICKY AND FUNFUN FILM MAKINGINTRO TO FOOD MICROBIOLOGYGRADES 1-2KITCHEN CHEMISTRY SUPPLY FEE: 5HAPPILY EVER AFTERGRADES 6-8DON'T BE SHOCKED! SUPPLY FEE: 10WE BUILT THIS CITYFUN WITH LOGIC IN WONDERLANDFEESPayment is due upon registra on submission.Tui on: 220 Supply Fee: Late Fee ( 30 a er January 6): Total:PAYMENT CHECK: Enclose one check per child, payable to PURDUE UNIVERSITY. APPLYING FOR FINANCIAL AID (complete informa on on page 10) I would like to make a monetary donation to help children who cannot afford the fullfee to attend Super Saturday in the amount of (donations are tax-deductible).Spring Super Saturday Regular Paper Registra on:Return this form and payment to:Purdue ConferencesStewart Center, Room 110128 Memorial MallWest LafayeƩe, IN, 479069Applying for Financial Aid Grants:Return this form (no payment included yet) to:GERI Super SaturdayBeering Hall, Room 5178100 N University StreetWest LafayeƩe, IN, 47906

FINANCIAL AIDPARTIAL financial aid grants are available for students who would not be able toa end the program without financial assistance. If you wish to be considered forfinancial assistance, please complete this form. Financial assistance will be providedon a first-come, first-served basis.Student’s Name:FOR SCHOOL-AGED CHILDREN I have a ached verifica on on official school le erheadthat my child is eligible for FREE lunch. I have a ached verifica on on official school le erheadthat my child is eligible for REDUCED lunch.FOR PRE-K OR HOMESCHOOLED CHILDREN I have a ached documenta on to verify that mychild is eligible for federal financial assistance.PARENT’S EDUCATIONAL BACKGROUNDParent 1 Some High School High School Diploma Some College Bachelor’s Degree Master’s Degree Ph.D./Professional DegreeParent 2 Some High School High School Diploma Some College Bachelor’s Degree Master’s Degree Ph.D./Professional DegreeDate:Parent/legal guardian signature is required.Return this form postmarked by January 6.GERI Super SaturdayBeering Hall, Room 5178100 N. University StreetWest LafayeƩe, IN 47906-2706For financial aid ques ons Super Saturday Please do not apply for financial aid unless you can send the requested documents.