Massage Therapy Treatment Manualfeaturing Biofreeze and Prossage Treatment Protocol: 10

Table of ContentsIntroductionDisclaimers and Contraindications. 4How Biofreeze Pain Reliever Works. 6Basic Uses and Recommendations for Biofreeze Pain Reliever. 9Basic Uses for Prossage Heat. 10Technique Definitions.11Massage Therapy TreatmentsPain Relieving Series using Biofreeze and ProssageTension Zone.13Stress Melter Pain Relieving Massage. 14Forearm, Wrist, and Hand Treatment. 16Contrast Deep Tissue Back Massage. 18Cervical Contrast Treatment. 20Refresher Series using Biofreeze and ProssageIntro to Refresher Series.22Sole Refresher. 24Back Refresher. 26Arm and Hand Refresher. 28Sports Massage and Recovery Treatment SeriesKey Principles of Sports Massage Theory . . 30Golfer’s Neck, Back and Shoulder Massage. 32Lower Body Recovery Massage. 34Upper Body Recovery Massage. 36Sports Back Massage. 38Full Swing Golfer’s Massage.40Specialty TreatmentDeep Tissue Back Stone Treatment. 43Self Care SeriesSelf-Care Tips for The Massage Therapist. 45Stretching to Help Neck Pain (client handout). 46Take 5 - The Five Minute Energizer (client handout). 47Selling Products. 48Resources. 50Author Biographies. .51Performance Health3

IntroductionDisclaimers and ContraindicationsThe Massage Therapy Treatment Manual was created to offer ideasfor safe effective massage treatments using Biofreeze Pain Relieverand Prossage Heat. The following treatments were designed byprofessional massage therapists with experience using Biofreezeand Prossage products in sports and pain relieving practices. Theinformation in this manual will help the experienced massagepractitioner or other qualified hands on professional to properlyuse these products in the treatment of clients and patients.Disclaimer: These treatments are intended to be used by healthcare and massage professionals only. They areintended to be used as a guide and should not replace the advice of a medical doctor or healthcare provider.Please check with the client’s healthcare provider when in doubt before using any of these treatments and/orBiofreeze or Prossage products.Contraindications:There are various opinions regarding contraindications for massage therapy. For thistreatment manual, we listed both treatment and product contraindications and warnings.When in doubt, always check with the healthcare provider or physician of your client.Massage Treatment Contraindications: Never put direct pressure on the spine. Do not massage areas that are infected or have a rash. Do not massage in and around open sores. Do not massage fractures. Do not massage clients with high fevers or uncontrolled high blood pressure. Many of the treatments in this manual would not be recommended if anacute stage of injury were present. Do not use deep massage with clients that are frail or have osteoporosis. Do not apply direct massage on varicose veins, recent scar tissue, bruises, or tumors. If client is pregnant or breastfeeding, consult their healthcareprovider before using Biofreeze products. Biofreeze and Prossage products are not to be used around the face,eyes or any open wounds or sores, and should not be used in the genital areas. If any treatment causes client discomfort, discontinue treatment.4Massage Therapy Treatment ManualBiofreeze GelProssage Heat

Product Warnings and Contraindications: Always consult the product labeling for warnings before use. If client has sensitive skin, consult a physician. Consult physician before using Biofreeze Gel or Roll-On on children under two years of age. Consult physician before using Biofreeze Spray on children under twelve years of age. Do not use Biofreeze and Prossage products during the same applicationon frail or sensitive skin types. Keep product away from excessive heat or flame. Avoid contact with the face, eyes or mucous membranes. Do not apply to wounds or damaged skin. Do not use Biofreeze products with other ointments, creams, sprays or liniments. Wipe off excess oil before applying Biofreeze. Do not apply to irritated skin or if excessive irritation develops. Do not bandage. Store product in a cool dry place with lid/cap closed tightly. Wash hands with cool water after use. Do not use with heating pad or device. Consult a physician before using Biofreeze products on a woman who ispregnant or breastfeeding. Keep out of reach of children and if accidentally ingested, get medical help orcontact the Poison Control Center immediately.Performance Health5

IntroductionHow Biofreeze Pain Reliever WorksClinically Proven Cryotherapy Made Convenient16 oz. Clinical SizeIt has long been established that cold therapy, or “cryotherapy,” decreases pain. BiofreezePain Reliever is a topical analgesic that delivers the therapeutic benefits of cryotherapyin an effective, convenient-to-use formula. Clinical evidence attests to the effectivenessof Biofreeze Pain Reliever and accounts for its standing as the No. 1 clinically used andrecommended topical analgesic.Biofreeze Pain Reliever is effective cold therapy pain relief for: Arthritis Sore muscles Muscle sprains and strains Back, shoulder and neck pain Painful ankle, knee, hip and elbow jointsLike Ice, Only BetterIce is the time honored means of effectively delivering cryotherapy, but it does havedisadvantages. It can cause muscle stiffness, skin irritation, temporary pain and numbness,and the need to remain stationary. Biofreeze Pain Reliever has been shown to be as effectiveas ice without these disadvantages.132 oz. Clinical Size USP-grade menthol as active ingredient Simple and safe to apply during therapy, at home, or on-the-go Effective, penetrating pain relief Greaseless Vanishing scent Five convenient application formatsIn one study, patients with bilateral neck pain preferred Biofreeze over ice8-to-1. Nine out of 10 patients felt Biofreeze Pain Reliever was twice aseffective and that relief lasted longer, compared to ice.21 gal. Clinical Size6Massage Therapy Treatment Manual

Biofreeze Pain Reliever provides short-term pain relief that facilitates ease of movement,which can promote faster, long-term healing and recovery.Use Biofreeze Pain Reliever: To control client’s pain during therapy To treat pain at home or on-the-go Before exercise and/or therapy to promote pain-free movement3 After activity to sooth sore muscles and jointsMechanism of ActionTraditional thinking is that the pain-relieving mechanism of action of menthol, the activeingredient in Biofreeze Pain Reliever, results from a counter-irritant effect. A counter-irritantoverrides noxious pain signals traveling to the brain through a process modulated betweenpain-transmitting and non-pain transmitting neurons. This process, known as “gate control,”or “gating,” was first described by Melzack and Wall.41.) Topp et al. Effects of menthol on skeletal muscle blood flow.2.) Bishop B., Greenstein J., Topp R. Effects of Biofreeze vs. ice on acute, non-complicated neck pain.3.) Sarabon N. Reports on the first observations of Biofreeze topical analgesic in Slovenian professionalsports practice.4.) Melzack R., Wall PD. Pain mechanisms: a new theory. Science. 1965 Nov. 19; 150 (699):9Performance Health7

IntroductionWhat is Gate Control?The Gate Control theory is based on the understanding that pain is transmitted bytwo kinds of afferent nerve fibers.1. A larger myelinated A-delta fiber, which carries quick, intense-pain messages.2. A smaller, unmyelinated “C” fiber, which transmits throbbing, chronic pain.A third type of nerve fiber, called A-beta, is “nonnociceptive,” meaning it does not transmitpain stimuli. The gate control theory asserts that signals transmitted by the A-delta and C painfibers can be thwarted by the activation / stimulation of the nonnociceptive A-beta fibers andinhibit an individual’s perception of pain.The Melzack-Wall Pain GateThe brain’s perception of pain depends on the interaction—within the laminae of the spinalcord—of C and A-delta nerve fibers (pain-transmitting) with A-beta nerve fibers (nonpain transmitting). Stimulating the A-beta nerve fibers ultimately activates the inhibitoryinterneuron and “closes the gate” to pain.The Melzack-Wall Pain GatePain is PerceivedA-delta nerve fiber(quick, intense pain)painPainSignalLaminaespinal cordBrainA-beta nerve fiberC fibers(throbbing, chronic pain)Inhibitory NeuronNot ActivatedPain is NOT PerceivedApply Biofreezeto painful areaA-delta nerve fiber(quick, intense pain)painspinal cordPainSignalLaminaeC fibers(throbbing, chronic pain)8Massage Therapy Treatment Manual(no signal to the brain)A-beta nerve fiberInhibitory NeuronActivated via counterirritant stimulationBrain

Basic Uses and Recommendations for Biofreeze Pain RelieverPre Treatment Use:GelGel: Apply Biofreeze topical analgesic to the trigger points and tender areas to help reducepain. This makes it easier and less painful for the client during the treatment. The therapist isable to work the tender area approximately five minutes after the application.Max Strength Wipe: Apply to tender areas to help reduce pain, use on the feet to clean andrefresh prior to massage. The wipe is maximum strength so remember to wash your hands.During Treatment Use:Gel: Apply to joints and muscles after bodywork or before stretching and range of motion work.Give tube to client with an up charge.Roll-On: Use during a massage treatment around the sub occipital area and posterior cervicalmuscles. Apply to pressure points in the sub occipitals. Use long strokes with pressure appliedto the cervical muscles. The roll-on is given to the client for home use and an up charge isworked into the treatment. Never use the same roll-on with multiple clients because of hygieneissues.Roll-OnSpray: Great for any range of motion or joint care work. Apply spray to cervical and trapeziusareas and then apply a gentle stretch to increase client’s range of motion. Also great to refreshthe feet at the end of any treatment.Max Strength Wipe: Use for compressions over any treatment area, especially good for useon the feet and other areas that requires maximum pain relief. Also great to refresh the feetat the end of any treatment.Post Treatment Use:Gel: Works great at the end of massage treatment for a fresh cooling effect that helps toreduce pain. The Biofreeze T-Zone Massage: Apply Biofreeze Gel to the trapezius area andcervical region at the end of the treatment using a T stroke. The T stands for tension!Excellent after any tender trigger point work, perfect for sports injuries.SpraySpray: Superb at the end of a massage on the feet to revitalize the client.Client Home Use:Gel, gel with hands-free applicator, spray, roll-on, and wipes are all available in retail sizes forat home use. Simply apply to painful and tired muscles. Works well for low back and arthriticpain; excellent for minor aches and pains.Gel: Create a more thorough experience by massaging Biofreeze Gel into the affected area. Thereinforcement of touch has been shown to be important in the healing cycle.Roll-On: Great for neck and shoulder pain, especially on the road. Roll-on applicator givespressure point therapy with a pain relieving gel.Gel Tube with Hands-Free ApplicatorSpray: Designed for those hard-to-reach areas such as feet, legs, neck, shoulders, and back.Max Strength Wipe: Apply to the feet to stimulate and refresh; use on hands to help relieveoverworked keyboarding fingers, wrists, hands, and forearms. It can also be used on the neck.Keep one in your pocket for use on-the-go.Gel Tube with Hands-Free Applicator: Gel tube with removable applicator allows your clientsto apply hands-free or hands-on. The delicate sponge applicator is perfect for even applicationon bony joints like the ankle, knee, and hand.Performance Health9

IntroductionBasic Uses for Prossage HeatProssage Heat was developed by a massage therapist to properly assist in performing deeptissue work in a targeted area. This solution is the perfect medium for soft tissue therapyincluding myofascial work, trigger point therapy, or sports massage.Simply put a few drops in the palm of your hand,