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03 Speaker ProfilesSession 1Ocean Economy AccountsMs Yasmin Schinasi Romeu,DG Maritime Affairs and Fisheries, European CommissionYasmin Schinasi Romeu is a Policy/Economic Analyst at the European Commission’sDirectorate-General for Maritime Affairs and Fisheries, where she has been workingfor the last 4 years. She is one the main authors of the EU Blue Economy Report.Prior to that, Yasmin worked for the Foreign and Commonwealth Office dealing withSpain-UK relations, as well as a number of private companies and development andconservation NGOs based across Europe.Mr Angel Calvo Santos,DG Maritime Affairs and Fisheries, European CommissionAngel Calvo Santos is the team leader of the economic analysis team at theDirectorate-General for Maritime Affairs and Fisheries of the European Commission.He has been working in this team since and he has been dealing with thecoordination and production of reports of economic analysis on different sectors ofthe Blue Economy in the European Union as well as analysis of socio-economicimpacts of policy measures. Angel has a degree in Marine Sciences, a degree inEconomics and a master in Natural Resources and Environmental Economics.Ms Weiling Song,National Marine Data and Information Service (NMDIS),Ministry of Natural Resources, ChinaWeiling Song is an Associate Research Fellow and Deputy Director of the MarineEconomic Study Division at the National Marine Data and Information Service(NMDIS), Ministry of Natural Resources, China. Her research involves the compilingand analysis of marine economic statistics, marine economic accounting and marineeconomy model development. She has taken part in the production of the NationalMarine Economic Statistics Bulletin, China Marine Statistical Yearbook. She has alsopublished the book “The Theory, Methodology and Practice of the Analysis andAssessment of Marine Economy” as co-author, and has written more than 20 articlesin her research area.

04 Speaker ProfilesDr Seok-Woo, Choi,Korea Maritime InstituteSeokwoo Choi has worked as a director of Ocean Statistics Research Department inKorea Maritime Institute (KMI), which is a government-affiliated research entity underthe Prime Minister’s Office. He specialized in mathematical statistics such as quantileregression and non- or semi-parametric statistics. After he joined the KMI, he hasbeen working on diverse researches about the national ocean economy surveys,technical efficiency and future risk assessment of ocean and fishery industry, andvisualization of both structured and unstructured data.Mr Ethan Addicott,Yale School of the Environment, USAEthan Addicott is a doctoral candidate at the Yale School of the Environment in theEnvironmental and Natural Resource Economics Group. His research focuses onnatural capital asset valuation, management, and accounting. This includes issues ofspatial aggregation of natural capital asset values, spillover effects of resourcemanagement, and the capitalization of coastal natural capital assets in propertyvalues. He is also interested in the complementarity and substitutability of producedand natural capital, particularly at the interface of natural resources and humandevelopment in coastal zones.Session 2Ocean Economy Impact AnalysisProf Cathal O’Donoghue,SEMRU, NUI Galway, IrelandCathal O’Donoghue has been, the Established Chair of Social and PublicPolicy at NUI Galway. From he was the Dean of Arts and Social Sciences.Prior to this, Head of Teagasc’s (Irelands Agriculture and FoodDevelopment Authority) Rural Economy and Development Programme. From he was CEO of the Irish Government’s Commission for the EconomicDevelopment of Rural Areas, Chairman of the Irish Sport Horse StrategyCommittee, was President of the International MicrosimulationAssociation and is on the Executive of the UK Agricultural EconomicsSociety. His personal research programme involves the development and use ofpolicy simulation models.

05 Speaker ProfilesDr Jing Guo,Ocean University of China, Qingdao, ChinaJing Guo is an associate professor in Finance at the Ocean University of China.Jing has substantial experience in the development and application of non-marketvaluation, natural capital accounting and econometric modelling. She is currentlyleading a research project entitled “Marine natural capital accounting in ShandongProvince of China”. This project is funded by Shandong Federation of SocialSciences. She is dedicated to support effective communication and collaborationbetween economists, scientists and policy-makers.Prof Javier Fernandez-Macho,University of the Basque Country, SpainJavier Fernández-Macho is Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Economics and Masterof Science (MSc) in Statistics from the London School of Economics (Departmentof Statistics and Mathematical Science). Currently he is Coodinator of the Master inEconomics: Tools of Economic Analysis, an interuniversity master degree, andProfessor of Econometrics at the Department of Econometrics and Statistics of theUniversity of the Basque Country (UPV/EHU) where he lectures on Econometricsand Time Series Analysis. He was Director of the Institute for Public Economicsfrom till. In he was distinguished with the Euskoiker Award forSocial Science Research. During he was made an associate member ofNuffield college (University of Oxford).Dr Daniel Norton,SEMRU, NUI Galway & University of Limerick, IrelandDaniel Norton is currently a post-doctoral researcher with the INCASE project inUniversity of Limerick and an associate member of SEMRU. For the previousdecade, Daniel has studied and worked in SEMRU in NUI Galway, most recentlyworking on the EU Interreg funded project MOSES focused on measuring thesustainability of the Atlantic Area maritime economy. Originally trained as anengineer and working in the area of planning and on water and wastewaterprojects, Daniel returned to study environmental economics at NUI Galway andgraduated with a masters and PhD focused on valuation of ecosystem services andthe Marine Strategy Framework Directive. Before his current position, Danielworked on a number of EU and nationally funded projects on the mapping andvaluation of ecosystem services in marine, freshwater and agricultural ecosystems.

06 Speaker ProfilesSession 3MOSES Blue GrowthPathway Case StudiesDr Wesley Flannery,Queens University, Belfast, UKWesley Flannery is a senior lecturer in the School of the Natural and BuiltEnvironment (SNBE) at Queen’s University Belfast. His key research interests are inmarine spatial planning (MSP), integrated coastal zone planning and stakeholderparticipation in environmental decision-making. He has assessed the implementationof MSP in the US, Canada, Scotland and England and authored a best practice reportfor HOOW’s Enablers Task Force on Marine Spatial Planning. He leads the MarineSocial Science Group in SNBE and is involved in H, INTERREG, GCRF, EPA,Marine Institute, and Norwegian Research Council funded research on marine andcoastal governance.Dr Christina Kelly,Queens University, Belfast, UKChristina Kelly is a Research Fellow in the School of Natural and Built Environment,Queen’s University Belfast. Christina is currently working on the Interreg funded‘Maritime, Ocean Sector and Ecosystem Sustainability’ (MOSES) project and the EPAfunded ‘Sustainable and Holistic management of Irish Ports’ (SHIP) project. Herresearch involves developing best practice in port and shipping governance, coastaltransition management, marine and coastal planning, environmental governance andstakeholder participation. Christina has a BSc in Environmental Planning (QUB), aMSc in Environmental Systems (Galway-Mayo Institute of Technology) and a PhD inEnvironmental Planning (QUB). Her doctoral research funded by the IrishEnvironmental Protection Agency (EPA) and Irish Government, investigated theintegrated management of Irish estuaries and coasts and the development of acoastal transition pathway towards sustainability. Before academia, Christina workedas both a terrestrial and marine spatial planner with over 10 years’ experience.

07 Speaker ProfilesMr Régis Kalaydjian,IFREMER, FranceRégis Kalaydjian is a research economist at Ifremer, where he previously served ashead of the Marine Economics Unit. His main activities includebeing the editor of the “French Marine Economic Data” report published byIfremer; and partner or lead partner in French Environment Ministry and EuropeanCommission funded projects on coastal zone uses and marine activities. Heworked as research partner in the Interreg Atlantic MARNET andMOSES projects where he contributed to the development of amarine economic database for the Atlantic Area.Dr Zacharoula Kyriazi,CIIMAR, PortugalZacharoula Kyriazi is a Marine Spatial Planning and Ocean Governance scientistcurrently working at CIIMAR (Portugal) as a postdoctoral researcher for the EUAtlantic Area project MOSES, studying among others the blue growth potential ofthe Aquaculture sector in Portugal and the Atlantic Area. Her previous researchrefers to sustainability assessment of (regional and sub-regional) blue growthagreements; observation and assessment of interactions and power dynamicsbetween multiple marine uses at both spatial and decision making levels and thestudy and development of methodologies for the identification, prevention andresolution of (spatial) marine conflicts. Except for academia and research centers,she has previously worked in NGOs and the private sector and she hascoordinated and participated in various research and public awareness projectsfunded by the EU, Belgium, and Greece.Prof Frances Fahy,SEMRU, NUI Galway, IrelandFrances Fahy is Professor of Geography at the National University of Ireland,Galway. Frances is an environmental geographer and she has published more than 75 publications including three edited volumes (published by Sage, Routledge, Palgrave) and numerous peer reviewed articles in journalssuch as Global Environmental Change, Area, Energy Policy, and Journal ofConsumer Policy. Prof Fahy has coordinated 20 funded research projects and isthe coordinator and lead of the new Horizon project EnergyPROSPECTS. Asan active researcher and lecturer in human geography and environmental planningFrances’ main expertise and research interests include: socio-environmentinteractions; environmental planning including EIA and SEA; sustainabledevelopment; sustainability tools including indicators and community mapping; environmental governance; sustainable consumption; energy management policyand planning; sustainable communities; and research methods.

08 Speaker ProfilesSession 4The Big Challenges:Panel DiscussionProf Roberto Danovaro,Polytechnic University of Marche, ItalyRoberto Danovaro (PhD) is professor of Marine Biology and Ecology at thePolytechnic University of Marche and President of the Stazione Zoologica AntonDohrn, Naples, Italy. Past-president of the Italian Society of Ecology, and of theItalian Society of Limnology and Oceanography and of the European Federation ofScientific Societies. President of the Scientific Council of WWF Italy. Member ofseveral international panels (IUCN, UNEP), he is currently coordinator of 3 EU project(Horizon, DG ENV, EASME). Member of the EU Academy of Science. RD is amarine biologist, working on deep-sea biodiversity and ecosystem functioning, andon the impact of climate change on deep-sea ecosystems and is author of ca 450 ISIpapers, and of 3 books. RD received the Prize BMC Biology (London), theAward of French Society of Oceanography, and the ENI Award “Protection ofthe Environment”. In has been recognised by ExpertScape as the topWorld Scientist in the Category “Ocean and Seas” in the decade.Dr Peter Heffernan,Member EU Mission Board for ‘Healthy Oceans, Seas,Coastal & Inland Waters’Peter Heffernan recently retired as Chief Executive of the Marine Institute, Ireland’snational agency for marine research and development, which he lead led. In Peter acted as an inspiration and Irish EU Presidencyambassador for the creation of the Atlantic Ocean Research Alliance (AORA). Peterwas also instrumental in the establishment (and is a member) of the IrishGovernment’s Marine Coordination Group (a senior level cross departmental policydevelopment mechanism) which produced the 1st integrated marine plan for Irelandcalled Harnessing Our Ocean Wealth. He obtained his PhD in Marine Scienceat the National University of Ireland, Galway and then went on to become AssociateProfessor/Research Scientist at the University of Georgia (USA) before returning toIreland to become Manager in the Ryan Institute at NUI Galway. Peter was appointedin as a member of the EU Horizon Europe Mission Board for Healthy Oceans,Seas, Coastal & Inland Waters. He acts as a Special Advisor of the Board of theOceano Azul Foundation, Portugal and is on the Strategic Advisory Board, Field Earth& Environment, Helmholtz Association, Germany. He was appointed by the Presidentof Ireland as the Chairman of the Council of the Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies.

09 Speaker ProfilesProf Jason Scorse,Center for the Blue Economy, USAJason Scorse is the Director of the Center for the Blue Economy and Chair of theInternational Environmental Policy Program at the Mi