My Learning ChallengesTerm 4 – To The Rescue!Monday 1st – Friday 5th March Daily Literacy ActivitiesMondayTuesdayWednesdayEliot Midnight SuperheroPoster DesignNext MissionListen to the story of ‘EliotMidnight Superhero’: Can you remember who Eliothelps on his secret missions?The MayorThe CoastGuardThe QueenScientistsCan you draw a picture of oneand then another of how hehelps them. Once you havedrawn your pictures have a go atlabelling them.Extra ChallengeWrite some sentences aboutwho Eliot helps and how.Listen again to the story of‘Eliot Midnight Superhero’: What special skills doesEliot have in the story?Design a poster or use thetemplate on page 2 toadvertise Eliot’s services.Think about his skills andhow he might help others inneed.Include some sentencesusing the sentencestarters:I can andI am e.g. ‘I can run.’Where do you think Eliot’snext mission will be?How do you think Eliot willsave the day?As the author introduces newproblems for Eliot and thensolves them, she uses thephrases, ‘Luckily, Eliot ’, and‘Unluckily, Eliot ’Imagine some new problemsfor Eliot and share yourideas with an adult. Draw andlabel a picture of the newproblems you have imaginedand how Eliot would solvethem.Extra ChallengeWrite some sentencesexplaining how he solves eachproblem, using the phrases.‘Luckily, Eliot ’ and‘Unluckily, Eliot ’ThursdayFridayPlan your own Superhero StoryCreate your ownSuperhero StoryCan you remember what happensat the beginning, middle and endof the story? Today you are goingto plan your own superhero story.Use the story mountain templateon page 3 of this challenge sheetor draw your own, thinkingcarefully about:Your main superhero characterBeginning of your storyHow does your superhero gettheir power?Middle of your storyWhat problem or mission doesyour superhero go on?End of your storyHow does your superhero savethe day?Now that you have plannedyour story it is time to act itout.Can you tell your story usingtoys you have at home? Youcould use Lego, actionfigures, dolls or make yourown puppets.Ask an adult to record yourstory. We would love to seethe superhero story youhave created, send your clipto us through Parent Share.On your plan draw a picture ofsomething that happens in eachpart of your story and label it orwrite a short sentence abouteach part of your story.1

Tuesday – Poster Design2

Thursday – Plan your own superhero story3

Daily Maths ActivitiesThis week we are learning more about 9 and 10 and you will be learning to represent, sort and order to 10.Complete this week’s White Rose Maths activities here: s/building-9-10-week-1/There is a short clip to watch and an activity to complete each day. Ask an adult to share your learning via the Evidence Me Parent Share appso that your teacher can see what you have been doing.Physical ActivitiesGet ready for Wouldham Wriggle Time!At school we introduce a song and movement weekly that the children then practise each day.Our wriggle time is designed to develop the children’s gross motor skills and to build up their muscles in preparation for writing.Movement of the week – WavesSong of the week – Try Everything - ShakiraWatch Mrs Chandler and Miss Harris doing the wriggle movement here: See if you can practise the wave movements every day this week and get your body moving! Mrs Chandler and Miss Harris have wriggled with tissuepaper strips and then used water beads and cocktail stick foam brushes in paint to make marks but you could use whatever you have at home, just remember to use both hands.Supersonic Jet MovesPretend to be Eliot flying asupersonic jet over mountains,dipping the wings, swerving,landing and skidding to a halt.Place some obstacles aroundyour space, travel in your jetmoving in and out of theobstacles.Toy TrapsSuperhero Laser QuestMedal MakingAsk an adult totangle up someof your toys inelastic bands orstring. Have a goat unravelling each toy from theirtrap. As an extra challenge set atimer to see how quickly you canuntangle each of your toys. Askother members of your family tocomplete the challenge. Who wasable to free the toys in the fastesttime?Create 'laser beams' in yourhome by tying string or woolfrom bits of furniture that zigzag across and up and downthe room.Maybe you could put a specialtoy or jewel at one end andsee if you can move throughthe laser beans being carefulnot to touch them, as youcrawl under or step over them.In the story ‘Eliot, MidnightSuperhero’ Eliot was presentedwith an award for courage andingenuity.Make some special medals.Draw some circles onto a piece ofpaper or thin card and thencarefully cut them out. Decorateyour medals with the wave patternthat we have been practising inour Wriggle time this week.Present your medals to those inyour family who show superheroqualities by being helpful or kind.Train Like a SuperheroAll superheroes have totrain to stay fit, strong,and healthy to keep theworld safe, have a go atthese Avengers themedactive be/jyWyBern6q44

Understanding of the World and Creative ActivitiesRemember to take photos of your wonderful creations and send them in to us through the Evidence Me Parent Share app. We can’t wait to see them!Superhero ResearchResearch your favouritesuperhero and find out afun fact about them,which you didn’t knowalready. Write it downand share your fun factwith us through ParentShare.Superhero HelperJunk Model MachineSuperhero LogoSuperhero PhoneTake a photograph ofyourself being a superherohelper at home and send itto us through Parent Shareor you could use 2paint onPurple Mash to paint apicture of yourself doing asuperhero helper task.Have a look in yourrecycling at home andusing cardboard boxes,tubes and plasticcontainers make a junkmodel machine for Eliotlike his meteor bustingrocket launcher. What willyou call it? What will itdo?Create a superherologo to wear.Look at Superman’sbold ‘S’-shaped logo. Can youidentify the initial sound in yourname e. g: ‘A’ for ‘Abbie, ‘Z’ for‘Zak’.Make a top secret,superhero phone using twocups/yoghurt pots andstring.Maybe you could tidy yourroom, help wash the dishes,or peel the vegetables fordinner?Create your own logo shield (youcan find a template on page 7)Write on the initial letter inyour name and then use felttipped pens or crayons todecorate the shapes and spacesaround your letter to create abold, personalised logo. Cut itout and glue your logo on to apiece of cardboard. You couldeven tape a strip of cardboardto the reverse side of theshield to create a handle hold.Pull the string tight andsee if you can hear the topsecret messages yourfamily give you from theother cup.How can you hear themeven though you are farapart?Can you use your computer,phone or tablet to learnabout how sound travelsdown the string?5

Story Time ActivitiesLog on to Bug Club here: and read the books your teacher has assigned for you this week.Remember to look out for the bugs in the book, click on them to answer the questions and complete the book to collect your coins.Superhero KidsEnjoy these stories about children, who look ordinary but have special superpowers.Explore the phase 2 and 3 comics found on the PhonicsPlay websitehere: Try reading these comics.Practise blending words that include the sounds j, v, w and x in thiscomic ‘Pet Vet’: ph3 pet vet.html‘Superkid’ by Clare Freedman: Fantastic' by Giles Andreae: Super Daisy’ by Kes Gray: blending words that include the sounds y, z, zz and qu in thiscomic ‘Buzz’: ph3 buzz.html6