A Study Guide for Gentle & Lowly by Dane OrtlundNo book has generated more conversation thus far in than Gentle &Lowly;: The Heart of Christ for Sinners and Sufferers by Dane Ortlund. Thereading of the book influenced me significantly and has caused me to not onlyshare it with others but also develop this study guide.This study guide is the result of my own readings and not necessarily reflectiveof the author or publisher’s views or endorsements. Likewise, while Gentle &Lowly; is a profound book, I do not affirm every nuance of the author’sviewpoints. Therefore, every reader should always read in light of Scripture.It is my desire that this study guide will help you to think more deeply aboutGod’s Word and about the author’s points. Therefore, I have prayerfully putthis together in hopes that it will cause you to grow in your relationship withGod through Christ.About This Study GuideThis study guide is designed both for individual and group study. It is notmeant to be complex, with each chapter identifying a key passage to read withthe chapter, three questions to answer about what you read, and a journalingprompt. The left margin has been left a bit larger so that you may hole-punchit and insert it into a notebook and is meant to be printed on A5 paper.I suggest that for each chapter, you study in the same way:1) Begin each study in prayer, inviting the Holy Spirit to guide andconvict you.2) Read the key passage noted on the study guide (which sometimesmay differ from the author’s key text).3) Read the chapter in Gentle & Lowly.4) Answer the three questions provided.5) Finally, maintain a journal while doing this study. Use the journalingprompt to write about what you are learning and how it applies toyou. Write as much or as little as you choose. Do this consistently andyou’ll be surprised at how God is transforming you through what youlearn.For those participating in a group study, some of what you learn may be verypersonal (especially in the journal prompt). I urge you to develop arelationship with your group, but also share only what you are comfortablerevealing.Most importantly, be honest and personal, enjoying the work of God in yourlife as you embark on this study of who Christ is.Gentle & Lowly by Dane Ortlund (an unauthorized study guide) Soli Deo Gloria 1

eyPassage:Matthew9:35-38Questions:1. Who is Christ?2. What is the state of yourrelationship with Him?3. What do you hope to gain from thisstudy?Questions:1. Why is it important to know Christ’sheart?2. If an unbeliever asks about Jesus,how would you describe His gentleand lowly character?3. What is your natural instinct aboutwho Christ is? How does thatimpact your relationship with Him?Questions:1. What is the difference betweenChrist’s love and Christ is love?2. How do you maintain a healthy,balanced view of who Christ is?3. Christians frequently divide theroles of Jesus Christ and the HolySpirit. But how are they connected?JournalingPrompt:If you couldchange oneaspect of yourrelationshipwith God, whatwould it be?JournalingPrompt:What burdensare weighingdown your liferight now?After reading,what hope areyou able tohave in Christ?JournalingPrompt:What doesChrist’scompassionlook like inyour life?Gentle & Lowly by Dane Ortlund (an unauthorized study guide) Soli Deo Gloria 2

KeyPassage:Hebrews12:1-7KeyPassage:Isaiah52:13 –53:12Questions:1. Does the truth of this chapter giveyou an excuse to sin? Why or whynot (cite Scripture)?2. What is the significance of Christsitting at the right-hand of God?3. Ortlund cites a quote from ThomasGoodwin that begins, “The gloryand happiness of Christ areenlarged . . .” Read the quote andthen explain what it means in yourown words.Questions:1. How would you define Christ’sability to sympathize?2. Why does it matter that Christremained sinless?3. How has Christ been tested similarto you? Can you cite examples fromthe Bible?KeyPassage:Hebrews4:14 –5:10JournalingPrompt:What do youneed to bringto Christ?Consider arecurring sin orsomething youare ashamed tothink about.JournalingPrompt:Write about atime you knowChristsympathizedwith you. Howdoes that giveyou futurehope?JournalingPrompt:Questions:1. How does Hebrews 5:2 flow fromwhat is learned in Hebrews 4:15(the previous chapter)?2. What does it mean that Christ dealsgently with people?3. Who is ignorant and wayward? Areyou sometimes this way? How?Reflect on yourown character.What does thatreveal? Are youconvinced thatChrist will dealgently withyou?Gentle & Lowly by Dane Ortlund (an unauthorized study guide) Soli Deo Gloria 3

KeyPassage:John17:1-26KeyPassage:Hosea11:1 – 12:1KeyPassage:Hebrews7:11-28Questions:1. What are some points of theologythat a person learns from theseverses? Does a particular pointresonate with you?2. What do you learn from the JohnBunyan quotes in this chapter?3. What objections can you raise aboutdeserving Christ’s assurance? Whycan you be certain that he will notcast you out?Questions:1. What does it mean to feel the weightof our sin?2. What is God’s response to sin?Answer completely with Scripture.3. Answer the author’s question: Whatare we given when we are givenChrist?Questions:1. How is intercession defined?2. Is the doctrine of intercessionneglected today? Why or why not?3. What is the relationship betweenintercession, justification, andatonement?JournalingPrompt:Have you everfelt cast out?How did yourespond? Howdoes what youlearned helpyou to respondin the future?JournalingPrompt:What level oftrust do youhave in Christ’swillingness toforgive sin? Doyou have anysin to confess?JournalingPrompt:How do youneed Christ’sintercession foryou in thismoment?Gentle & Lowly by Dane Ortlund (an unauthorized study guide) Soli Deo Gloria 4

KeyPassage:1 11:28-37Questions:1. What is the difference between anintercessor and an advocate? Why isChrist’s role as both important?2. What does an advocate do?3. What is the significance of the word‘propitiation’?Questions:1. What does Christ’s heart reveal?2. What does Christ’s heart indicatefor Christians?3. How can you live in this reality?Questions:1. How is Christ both human anddivine? What does this mean forhow he expresses emotions?2. What is the significance of emotionsbeing impacted by the fall?3. Cite examples of Christ’s emotions.What is their relationship? (Hint:they are perfect).JournalingPrompt:Why do youneed anadvocate? Howdoes Christ’sadvocacyimpact yourlife?JournalingPrompt:Ponder Christ’sheart. Howdoes Christrespond toyour heart?How do yourespond toHim?JournalingPrompt:How doChrist’semotionsimpact Hisrelationshipwith you andyour trust ofHim?Gentle & Lowly by Dane Ortlund (an unauthorized study guide) Soli Deo Gloria 5

Passage:2 Corinth.1:3-11Questions:1. As a friend of sinners, did Jesusapprove of sin? Why or why not?Cite Scripture2. Define friendship. What doesfriendship with Christ look like?3. What role does mutuality play infriendship with Christ?Questions:1. What is the role and work of theHoly Spirit?2. Read John Chapters 14-16. Why didthe Spirit need to come?3. How does the Holy Spirit connectyou to Christ?Questions:1. How does God’s love work with Hisjudgment? (See chapter 11 ifneeded).2. What is mercy? How does itcompare with grace?3. How is God’s mercy relevant today?JournalingPrompt:Consider thatChrist does notrefuse yourpresence. Ifthis is truewhat do youwant to shareright now?JournalingPrompt:Describe theHoly Spirit’swork in yourlife. How doyou know theSpirit is atwork in you?JournalingPrompt:Describe a timewhen youdeservedjudgment butreceived God’smercy instead.Gentle & Lowly by Dane Ortlund (an unauthorized study guide) Soli Deo Gloria 6

KeyPassage:Lam.3:22-33(Look ssage:Isaiah55:1-13Questions:1. Why is God’s sovereigntyimportant? What are some keyprinciples of God’s sovereignty?2. How are God’s attributes perfectlybalanced?3. How is God perfectly just? Whatconfidence does this give you?Questions:1. What other verses answer thequestion ‘Who is God?’2. How is Christ the revelation ofGod’s character?3. What does it mean that God isprovoked to anger, but not to love?Questions:1. Explain the concepts: People aremade in God’s image. People makeGod in their image.2. Consider the author’s statementthat people diminish the heart ofGod’s pardon. Do you agree withthat statement? Why?3. How should you understand, “God’sways are not our ways?”JournalingPrompt:What is yourreaction whencaught bysurprise? IsGod surprised?What does thismean fortrusting Him?JournalingPrompt:Considerquestion 3.What is thesignificance ofthis in yourlife?JournalingPrompt:Assess yourrelationshipwith God. Areyouwandering? Doyou need toreturn to Him?What needs tochange?Gentle & Lowly by Dane Ortlund (an unauthorized study guide) Soli Deo Gloria 7

-10KeyPassage:Romans8:31-39Questions:1. What is the significance of God’syearning?2. How is God’s compassion andmercy manifested towards us?3. What does it mean to receive God’smercy?Questions:1. Why is it significant that God isboth loving and merciful?2. What is a person’s naturalinclination? What does it mean tobe dead in sin?3. What evidences of God’s mercy existin life? Meditate on this.Questions:1. Why would our hearts need to bealigned to Christ? How?2. How do our works ‘minimize’ thegospel and Christ’s work?3. How does the gospel define who youare?JournalingPrompt:What do youneed to repentof? How canyou receiveGod’s mercy?JournalingPrompt:Based on thischapter, howcan you haveconfidence inGod? Are therespecificcircumstancesyou need totrust in Him?JournalingPrompt:Examine yourlife deeply.Who/what areyou trusting?Works orChrist?Gentle & Lowly by Dane Ortlund (an unauthorized study guide) Soli Deo Gloria 8

ssage:John3:16-21Questions:1. Ortlund asserts our moment-bymoment relationship reveals ourtheology. What does yourrelationship with God reveal aboutyour theology? Is it weak/strong?2. How do believers respond to sin?How should they respond to sin?3. What is justification? How has Godprovided for your justification?Questions:1. Think about Christ’s ministry. Whatdid he endure during that time?2. Read Psalm 22:1. Why are thesewords so profound? How was Christforsaken?3. What does it mean that Christ loveduntil His own end?Questions:1. What does it mean to glorify God?2. It’s worth asking again, is God’sgrace an excuse to sin?3. What do you look forward to mostin eternity?JournalingPrompt:What’s yourmess rightnow? Howdoes Godsustain youduring thatmess?JournalingPrompt:What didChrist endurefor you? Inlight of this,honestly assessyourrelationshipwith Him.JournalingPrompt:Reflect on thereading. Howwill you bereceived inheaven?Gentle & Lowly by Dane Ortlund (an unauthorized study guide) Soli Deo Gloria 9