Writing My Essay

Writing My Essay

WRITING MY ESSAY What you need to do Learning Targets I can cite several pieces of evidence to support my analysis of a literary text. I can write an argument to support a claim with clear reasons and relevant evidence. You have two separate scales for each of these targets because your essay is worth two assessment grades (i.e., two tests) Lets look at them

Citing Evidence Standard for Literary Text The student can cite textual evidence to support analysis of what the text explicitly says as well as inferences that are drawn from the text when answering a question about the given text or proving a point based on what the text says. Score 4.0 Score 3.o The student can provide in-depth inferences and analysis, that goes beyond a basic explanation, of what was written in the text by citing evidence correctly when answering a specific question from the text: Student is able to cite several examples of textual evidence, each piece of evidence supports a unique aspect of the text (i.e. two to three pieces of textual evidence for

each) The student makes connections to other academic coursework or connections to other pieces of literature and/or informational text in order to support their analysis of a given text The inferences provide concrete citing of information as to why they came to their conclusion The student can cite textual evidence to support analysis of what the text explicitly says as well as make inferences that are drawn from the text when answering a specific question from the text: The textual evidence is cited appropriately The analysis is complete The inferences are well constructed.

Score 2.0 The student recognizes and recalls the process of citing evidence however: They provided simple details with or without accurate support from the text when answering a specific question from the text The textual evidence may not have been cited appropriately or it was used incorrectly Simple inferences are attempted yet are vague and lack textual support Score 1.0

The student: With help the student attempts to analyze (discover meaning of a text) through detailed examination of the text to answer a question from that text is not able to cite correct text or analyze the text correctly is not able to make correct inferences (make your own conclusions) based on the text, with or without text support Your essay must contain FOUR paragraphs Paragraph One is the Introduction It must restate the question prompt, Should Lyddie sign the petition to change working conditions at the factory?

Remember that restating the prompt is the R and A of RACE, the format for your essay. Your introduction should identify two reasons she should AND include a reference to a counter claim from the opposing position. Model Essay Introduction (p 18-19 of your student packets) In Katherine Pattersons novel, Lyddie, the main character faces several difficult decisions as she tries to take care of her family after her father disappears from their small mountain farm in Vermont. When there is not enough food, her mother and younger sisters go to an uncles house, while Lyddie and her brother spend a winter alone on the farm trying to keep it so the family can come home one day. In the spring, Lyddie and Charlie have to leave also. He is apprenticed to a miller,

and she takes a job at a local tavern. Eventually, she starts thinking about going south to Lowell, Massachusetts, to work in the textile mills. Some would say that this is a foolish move for Lyddie because it takes her far away from the home and family she loves. This is the right decision for her to make because by leaving she at least stands a chance of improving her situation and making enough money to buy back the farm. Remembering from our Model Essay analysis The red sentence is the sentence that restates and answers the question. The model essay is only meant to help you see what the format of your essay, which is on a different topic, should

look like. Paragraph Two You need to have a topic sentence that connects the answer to your question to the paragraph. In other words, the paragraph will remind the reader of your position (she should or should not sign the petition) and state at least ONE reason, in your own words, about why she should. Lyddie should sign the petition to change the working conditions in the factory because the hours that she works are too long.

Citing Evidence Paragraph Two MUST contain at least one quote sandwich The top bun is your context and set up, which INCLUDES your topic sentence. The middle is your quote, WITH quotation marks and a page number. (p.) The bottom bun explains your quote AND how that quote supports your topic sentence.

Example Quote Sandwich from the Model Essay One of the reasons that Lyddie has made the right decision to leave her job at Cutlers Tavern to go work in the mills is that it will be a better life than the one she is leading at the tavern. While working at the tavern in Chapter 3, Lyddie has to endure difficult living conditions. She slept under the eaves in a windowless passage, which was hot and airless even in late spring. She was ordered to be late and obliged to rise early for the mistress was determined that no paying guest in the windowed rooms across the narrow passageway should know that they shared the floor with the kitchen girl. (p. 24) This shows that Lyddie is treated badly, without even a bed to sleep in or a room of her own. She also works very hard and has no friends or companions. The only person who notices her is the old cook, who becomes a sort of protector. Even though Lyddie is not far from where her brother lives, she only sees him

once in the year she works at the taverns and she never sees her mothers and sisters. Making the decision to go south to Massachusetts in the right one for Lyddie because her situation at the tavern is harsh and lonely. Working at the Remembering from our Model Essay analysis The red sentences are the top and bottom buns of your quote sandwich. The model essay is only meant to help you see what the format of your essay, which is on a different topic, should look like. Paragraph Three

The format of Paragraph Three is exactly like Paragraph Two. What do I have to do differently? Paragraph three talks about a different reason for why Lyddie should or should not sign the Petition. Paragraph Three uses a different quote to support your claim, in a new quote sandwich. Paragraph Four included in Conclusion This paragraph has to acknowledge the other side. That means you have to show that you understand the

position of the other side. You ALSO need to explain why the other side is wrong. Although Lyddie could get fired or get blacklisted, she should still sign the petition because . . . Paragraph FOUR, Conclusion Your conclusion wraps up your argument by summarizing what you have already said. It should include a concluding sentence that uses a concluding word or phrase like, therefore, in conclusion, or in summary before restating your position.

In summary, Lyddie should sign the petition because she works so much she cannot enjoy life and the health, safety, and environmental conditions are harmful to her health. Example Concluding Paragraph for the Model Essay There are many reasons why it is the right choice for Lyddie to go to the mills. First, at the tavern she is not treated well. She also never sees her family at the tavern because she works very hard. At the same time, she is paid very poorly, and the small amount money goes to her mother. At the mills she can earn much more money so that she can help her family, while living in a house with other girls near her own age. Therefore, going to work in the

mills, instead of staying near her family and working at the tavern, is the right choice for Lyddie. Rules for Your Essay You must use 12 point Times New Roman or Calibri font. You must double space. You must give your essay a title. You must take a position to sign or not to sign (YOU choose).

You must include a header with your name and the hour you have ELA. FINAL ESSAY DUE DATE OCTOBER 31, 2018 no exceptions

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