What's the 'F' word in middle school?

What's the 'F' word in middle school?

EASTVIEW Middle School Parent Orientation Program 2019-2020 Important and Interesting Facts About Eastview We will have approximately 800 great students next year. School Hours 9 to 3:28 95% of our students are bussed

Average class size - 30 Every student has 2 lockers (Hall & PE) CLASS SCHEDULES 7TH GRADE English Science Social Studies Math (7th Grade Math, Accelerated Math or Algebra) PE Lunch And 1or 2 of the following based on your childs MAP scores and interests. Rotation Art/FACS/Comp/PLTW or

AVID or Band/Orchestra/Chorus or 8th GRADE English Science History Math (8th Grade Math, Algebra or 10th Grade Geometry) PE Lunch And 1 or 2of the following based on your childs MAP scores and interests. Rotation Art/FACS/Comp/PLTW

or AVID Spanish I or Speech/Debate or Reading or or or Band/Orchestra/Chorus

Spanish II Speech/Debate or Reading Note: Based on your childs Reading MAP scores s/he may be placed in a Reading Strats class instead of one of Typical Schedule by Time 7th grade Reading / Elective 9-9:45 (AVID/Band/Orchestra/World Language/Chorus/Speech & Debate)

Math 9:49 -10:34 Elective 10:38-11:23 (AVID/Band/Orchestra/World Language/Chorus/Reading/Speech & Debate) Lunch 11:27-12:12 Science 12:16-1:01 English 1:05-1:50 Social Studies 1:54-2:39 P.E. 2:43-3:28 Curriculum The Science program follows Next Generation science standards

The Math program follows the Eureka Math program Learning targets are updated and published on our website. Academic Expectations Homework expectations What grades represent Infinite Campus Grading scale Standards based grading 2018-19 Math, English, Science & Reading others may do so voluntarily 4, 3, 2, 1, 0 (no pluses or minuses)

Infinite Campus automatically rounds grades up, however, that may not be an accurate representation of your childs final grade. More information regarding Tableau to follow at Back to School Night from your childs teachers and at future PTE meetings. Departmental late policy STANDARD BASED GRADING SBG is a model of grading which uses a rubric system (1, 2, 3, 4) and is based on what the students know and can do. SBG is a way of reporting what students know and how they demonstrate their learning of content standards Explain - Justify - Apply STANDARD BASED

GRADING I just dont get it! STANDARD BASED GRADING I need some help with this ! STANDARD BASED GRADING Ive got it! STANDARD BASED GRADING Ive got it and I can use it I the real world. I can even tell you

more about it! STANDARDIZED TESTING MAPS Both 7th and 8th graders will take MAPS testing 7 : Fall, Winter, Spring 8th: Fall, Winter, Spring th PSAT Illinois Science Assessment Spring (March) Illinois Assessment of Readiness

Fall (October) April All standardized tests are taken into consideration when placing students in classes Extra curricular activities

(Vary from year to year) Jazz Band Jazz Lab Running Club Symphonic Band Strategies and Tactics Eastview Athletics Art Club Student Council Cooking Club SOS (Service over Self) Dungeons and Dragons *Clubs vary from year to year based on students interest levels and teacher sponsors What sports programs are offered?

Girls volleyball (Sept - Oct.) Boys basketball (Nov. Dec.) Girls basketball (Jan. Feb.) Boys volleyball (Feb. - Apr.) Physicals required for the above sports Intramurals Soccer (Fall-boys & Spring-girls) Cross Country (Fall-boys and girls) Flag Football (Spring-boys and girls) Social Activities & Events Student Council Activities - Bags Tournament / 3 on 3 basketball Dances Food drives

Choral, Band and Orchestra Concerts Talent Show PBIS Assemblies and Activities Recognition program (8th grade) Lunch (its an event!) Why is my child always dismissed last to eat lunch?

Assigned seating to protect the innocent. Students are seated in neighborhoods First 15 minutes are silent (students can work on homework or read a book) Rotating dismissal NIDs eat last Washroom passes We have never measured the noise level because it probably exceeds OSHA standards! If students are not silent or owe money they sit in the back lobby of the lunch room or SAS room. Code of Conduct

Progressive Discipline Hands Off Policy Dont be a NID Tardies Attendance PBIS (Positive Behavior Intervention and Supports ) *Parents and students will be responsible for reading the school Code of Conduct and the district Code of Conduct on our website What shouldnt come to school!

Cell phones- must be turned off and in the students locker!! (1 day ISS if phone taken) Lots of money I-Pods I-Watches Electronic games Skateboards, rollerblades, scooters (bikes O.K.) Expensive jewelry Purses (must remain in locker)

RESOURCES School Website: https://www.u-46.org/Domain/50 LE G W O O SR AS CL O PT

IT E S EB O G O M DIA org/ E M 46. L IA u . C 5l SO /www /653

: / a in s p htt dom S E IT S EB W R E H AC E T Tips for Parents

Relearn all that LaMaze breathing stuff. Having a middle schooler is as exciting and sometimes as painful as childbirth. The Bill of Rights police will not arrest you if you occasionally snoop in book bags and bedrooms. That is your parental right and responsibility. Seventh and Eighth graders are bona fide amnesia victims and rarely remember requests made by people over the age of fourteen. Please push that they use their assignment notebook. Problems are an opportunity for growth. Dont panic if your child gets a detention. Look on the bright side - some teacher cares enough to spend time before or after school with your child. The key words for student growth and success in Middle School is

RESPECT & RESPONSIBILITY & ORGANIZATION Whats the worst thing a kid can do? Miss School

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