Vocabulary Unit #5

Vocabulary Unit #5

Vocabulary Unit #5 amnesty N.a general pardon for an offense against a government in general, any act of forgiveness or absolution

Synonymreprieve Many political prisoners were freed under the amnesty granted by the new regime. autonomy n.self-government, political control Synonymhome rule

After the colonies gained autonomy from England, many Americans still clung to English traditions. axiomatic Adj.self-evident, expressing a universally accepted principle

Synonymtaken for granted One should not accept the idea that the camera never lies as an axiomatic truth. blazon v.to adorn or embellish; to display conspicuously; to publish or proclaim widely

Synonymbroadcast They will blazon the results of the election across the Internet and every television set in the land. caveat n.a warning or caution to prevent

misunderstanding or discourage behavior Synonymadmonition The well-known Latin phrase caveat emptor means, Let the buyer beware. equitable Adj.fair, just, embodying principles of justice

Synonymright; reasonable He did more work, so a sixty-forty split of the profits seemed an equitable arrangement. extricate v.to free from entanglements or difficulties; to remove with effort

Synonymdisentangle; extract The ring must have slid off my finger as I was trying to extricate the fish from the net. filch v.to steal, especially in a sneaky way and in petty amounts

Synonympilfer; swipe If you filch pennies from the cash drawer, you will be tempted to steal larger amounts one day. flout v.to mock, treat with contempt Synonymsneer at; snicker at

She chose to ignore my advice, not because she wanted to flout my beliefs, but because she had strong opinions of her own. fractious Adj.tending to be troublesome; unruly; quarrelsome, contrary; unpredictable

Synonympeevish; recalcitrant It seems as if even the smoothest-running organizations contain one or two fractious elements. precept n.a rule of conduct or action

Synonymprinciple; maxim Many philosophies follow the precept that it is important to treat others as you would like to be treated. salutary Adj.beneficial, helpful; healthful, wholesome

Synonymhelpful The cute new puppy had a salutary effect on her health. scathing Adj.bitterly severe, withering; causing great harm

Synonymharsh; savage Sometimes a reasoned discussion does more to change peoples minds than a scathing attack. scourge v.to whip, punish severely n.a cause of affliction or suffering; a source of

severe punishment or criticism Synonymflog, beat Reverend Dimmesdale used a scourge to punish himself for his sins. sepulchral Adj.funereal; typical of the tomb; extremely

gloomy or dismal Synonymmortuary In a severe and sepulchral tone of voice, my sister announced that we were out of cookies. soporific Adj.tending to cause sleep, relating to

sleepiness or lethargy N.something that induces sleep He claimed that the musical was soporific and that he had slept through the entire second act. straitlaced Adj.extremely strict in regard to moral

standards and conduct; prudish; puritanical Synonymoverly strict; stuffy Travelers may find people overseas straitlaced in some ways but surprisingly free in others. transient Adj.lasting only a short time, fleeting

N.one who stays only a short time Synonymevanescent His bad mood was transient, and by the time hed finished his breakfast, he was smiling. unwieldy Adj.not easily carried, handled, or managed

because of size or complexity Synonymbulky; clumsy We loaded the truck with the chairs and the coffee table, but the grand piano was too unwieldy. vapid

Adj.dull, uninteresting, tiresome; lacking in sharpness, flavor, liveliness, or force Synonymlifeless; colorless While critics called the movie vapid, I thought the performers were very compelling.

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