Vocabulary 3

Vocabulary 3

Vocabulary 3 to change, to function in a new way, to adjust, to modify Freshmen have to adapt to the schedules and size of the high school. Synonyms: accommodate, adjust, conform Antonym: rebel

animosity intense hatred; hostility; strong dislike It is hoped that the work of the United Nations will help to decrease animosity among the countries of the world. Synonyms: dislike, resentment, enmity, hostility Antonyms: amity, friendliness, concord

To influence; to prejudic Prejudice; strong inclination toward a particular opinion or desire. Many persons who deny rights to others are biased by ignorance and emotion. The statesman reviewed the pending legislation in the Senate without showing bias for or against it. bent, slant, opinion, inclination, propensity

Synonyms: (verbs) prepossess, sway, prejudge Antonyms: impartiality, liberalism Compact The pilgrims drew up the Mayflower Compact to establish the government of the Plymouth colony. an agreement between parties. The glassware traveled without breaking

because the shippers had made a very compact package. Synonyms: (nouns) contract, accord Antonyms: (nouns) discord, dissension Synonyms: (adjectives) compressed, succinct, concise, pithy Antonyms: (adjectives) loose, diffuse, verbose. firmly held together; closely united

Mary has been a devout Catholic all her life. devout Reverently attentive to religious duties and actions Synonyms: pious, faithful, religious Antonyms: irreligious, impious, infidel, unfaithful, irreverent FLaunt To display with great

show or impudence (disrespect) Synonyms: brandish, wave, flourish Antonym: hide She has to flaunt her wealth by driving big cars and wearing expensive jewelry. Lax The students marks suffered when he became lax in his study habits.

Synonyms: imprecise, loose, careless Antonyms: stringent, rigid, severe, firm, tenacious Not strict repulsive Causing strong dislike Synonyms: repugnant, disgusting, loathsome,

offensive Antonyms: appealing, alluring, attractive The sight of the mice is repulsive to me. Subtle 1. Thin, rare, not dense or heavy. 2. Delicately skillful or clever. 3. Hard to solve or detect. Synonyms: sly, artful, crafty, delicate, elusive

Antonyms: evident, obvious, distinct, open There was a subtle aroma of sandalwood in the room. The cut was as subtle as the delicate incision of a great surgeon. Synonyms: confirm, prove, establish, identify Antonyms: deny, negate, contradict To prove to be true by demonstration, evidence, or testimony.

verify I called the restaurant to verify the address and dress code.

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