Using Family Connection

Using Family Connection

Parent Academy Naviance Night for 9th and 10th grade Brought to you by the MTHS College & Career Counseling Center MTHS SCHOOL COUNSELORS District Supervisor of Guidance: Dr. Michele Critelli Counselors: Mrs. Nicole Cruz Mrs. Damaris Dominguez

Mr. Anthony Gambino Ms. Cathy Ielpi Mrs. Lauren Mironov Mrs. Diane Peterson Mrs. Brooke Yudell How We Share Information MTHS Website Under Departments Click COLLEGE & CAREER COUNSELING CENTER Parent Academy: Night Programs Events Posted Online Check Email & Global Call

Naviance On COLLEGE & CAREER COUNSELING CENTER Homepage Click Blue Naviance Icon Monthly Newsletter On COLLEGE & CAREER COUNSELING CENTER Webpage 3 Click Monthly Newsletter MTHS Website 4

MTHS Website 5 Why Naviance? What are my options after high school? What courses should I take in High school? What career should I choose? What will I study in college? How will I pay for college? What college should I attend? What SAT score do I need to get in to a good college? How do I apply for college?

What are application deadlines? Naviance: Family Connection We are pleased to introduce Family Connection from Naviance, a web based service designed especially for students and parents. Family Connection is a comprehensive website that you and your child can use to help in making decisions about courses, colleges, and careers. The following slides provide an overview of Family Connection. 7 Overview What is Naviance / Family Connection?

What Can Students And Parents Do Using Family Connection? How does it help with career and college planning? How do I login?

How to navigate the website? What is Naviance? Family Connection is a Web-based program designed for students and parents. It assists students and parents in helping make decisions about courses, colleges and careers as well as assist in finding funding.

Information is specific to Monroe Township High School. Counselors can update students and parents about upcoming meetings, news, events, and other Web resources for college and career information 9 Family Connections Components View guidance news bulletins Create a rsum

View college visits and sign up Complete a college search Develop a prospective college list Provide access to scholarship search engines; over a hundred national scholarships are available Game Plan Survey Compare colleges Links to selected third party resources (i.e. College Board, Financial Aid, NCAA, Careers, College searches, etc.) Track deadlines View scatter grams Family Connections Components

Assessments Students can take various assessments to help them understand more about their strengths and how they connect to the classroom and career pathways. Career Planning Students

can link personality type and interests with both career clusters and individual careers. College Planning Students can track every step in the college process, research colleges, enrichment programs and scholarships. 11 Family Connections Components

Assessments Strengths Explorer- 9th Grade Lesson This will help uncover your childs talents and reveal their potential strengths The Learning Style Inventory

Your child will find out how they learn and work best Do What You Are This will help your child learn about their personality, and strengths. You will also see suitable careers and major 12

What is my Login Students already have a login 9th Grade Username: WebID Username

Password: WebID Password 10th -12th Grade Username: Student Email Password: WebID Password Parents receive a separate registration code

Email Counselor for Registration Code or Login Information 13 Sign-in Page The next time you log in, use user name and password After You Sign in Click on the Tabs

Important Messages Updates from the Guidance Office Colleges Page Use these links to do a college search Colleges Im Thinking About Click Here to add colleges

to your prospective college list College Visits See what College visits are scheduled and sign up to attend! About Me Resume and Surveys Click here to fill out important

surveys, tell us your Game Plan and create your resume Scattergram Accepte d School Average s THIS IS

YOU ! Denied 20 Colleges Im Applying to My Applications 21

Review: Using Family Connection Shared resources linking home to school On-line tools for collaboration among counselors, students, and parents Accurate and complete records about students choices Graphs and charts displaying colleges where students have applied, were accepted and are attending For more information, please contact the guidance department Please take our Survey!

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