U.S. History Vocabulary Week 4

U.S. History Vocabulary Week 4

World History Vocabulary Week 4 Adherent noun Definition: a person who

follows the teachings of another person or cause Synonym: pupil, disciple Antonym: antagonist Antediluvian adjective Definition:

belonging to a period before the Great Flood, very old. Synonym: ancient, primitive Antonym: current, recent Antiquities noun Definition:

something remaining from ancient times Synonym: antique, relic Antonym: modern Compare verb Definition:

to examine two or more items for similiarities Synonym: correlate, analyze Antonym: contrast Contrast verb Definition:

to examine two or more items for differences. Synonym: scrutinize, variation Antonym: compare Identify verb Definition:

to recognize the identity of a specific person or thing. Synonym: classify, find Antonym: overlook Explain verb

Definition: to make plain or clear Synonym: clarify, disclose Antonym: confuse Collapse

verb Definition: come to end Synonym: Fall, End Antonym: Perpetual Empire noun

Definition: a group of nations ruled by a power leader or government Synonym: Sovereign Antonym: Weak Influence

verb Definition: to move or impel a person into a certain action Synonym: effect, control Antonym: inferiority Decline

verb Definition: to fail or dwindle; sink or fade away: Synonym: weaken Antonym: strengthen

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