Unit: The Cold War Topic: The Cold War Heats Up

Unit: The Cold War Topic: The Cold War Heats Up

Unit: The Cold War Topic: Communist Europe Cold War DBQ Essay Test due on Friday, March 4!

This WILL NOT COUNT for the 5 week progress reports! Soviet satellites

tried to revolt against their Communist govts, but the Soviet

Union put a stop to that! 1. Hungary Revolts

A.In 1956, a revolution led by Prime

Minister Imre Nagy occurred in Hungary.

B. Nagy ended one-party rule, kicked out the Soviet

troops, and on November 1 withdrew Hungary from the Warsaw Pact.

C. On November 4, the Soviet Union sent a massive amount of tanks and troops into

Hungary. D.Thousands died, and

the revolt was suppressed. The Soviets charged

Nagy with treason - he was secretly tried, found guilty, sentenced to death and executed by hanging

in June 1958. His trial and execution were made public only after the sentence was carried out. Supposedly, Nagy was

executed "as a lesson to all other leaders in socialist countries. He was buried in the yard where his execution was

carried out face-down, and with his hands and feet tied with barbed wire. 2. The Invasion

of Czechoslovakia Alexander Dubcek was a Czech politician who was part of the Communist Party; though he never turned

his back on Communism, he wanted to introduce new reforms, calling it "socialism with a human face . A. In the spring of 1968,

Alexander Dubcek called for liberal reforms and the easing of

Soviet control. B. Czechoslovakia even began to plan a new constitution!

Other Communist leaders started to get nervous and started to warn Dubcek to stop trying to reform Czechoslovakia, but he didnt listen!

C. The Soviet Union, however, ended all

hopes of change in Prague Spring, arresting Dubcek and

his followers. Dubek was taken to Moscow on a Soviet military transport aircraft;

in January 1969, Dubek was hospitalized complaining of a cold and rumors sprang up that his illness was radiation

sickness and that it was caused by radioactive strontium being placed in his soup during his stay in Moscow in an attempt to

kill him, but this was never proven. These events made it very clear that the Soviet Union

would use force whenever necessary to ensure the survival of Communism. 3. The

Space Race A. In 1957, the Soviet Union launched

Sputnik, a satellite, into orbit. Sputnik was about 23 inches in diameter and

weighed approximately 183 pounds; it could orbit the earth in 96 minutes. B. The U.S. retaliated with

NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) and launched their own

satellite Explorer I in 1958. In 1961, the Soviets sent a man into space. In 1969, the U.S. put a man on the moon.

C. Both Americans and Soviets were

worried about espionage and destruction.

Space Race If you didnt do your homework:

Textbook page 871: Questions 1-3 Textbook page 813: Questions 1-2, 5

Otherwise, work on your DBQ Essay OR copy notes!

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