Tour of Cell Organelles

Tour of Cell Organelles

Bellringer Work on Worksheet from Friday Regents Biology Cells & Cell Organelles Doing Lifes Work AP Biology 2009-2010

Cell Theory All living things are made of cells -Multicellular: made of many cells -Unicellular- made of one cell Basic unit of structure and function: simplest , most basic component All cells come from pre-existing cells: cell divides to form 2 identical cells

Regents Biology Why study cells? Cells Tissues Organs Organ Systems Organism _Hierarchy: Cells are simplest part of an organism Example: Regents Biology

Why Study Cells Major functions of cells 1. To make energy 2. To make proteins 3. To make more cells Regents Biology Types of cells

bacteria Prokaryote ______________ Eukaryotes ______________ Animal Regents Biology Plant

Cell size comparison Animal cell Bacterial cell Regents Biology Eukaryotes are 1-100 times bigger than

prokaryotic cells Prokaryote Bacteria Most are unicellular Lack a nucleus

Lack organelles Regents Biology Eukaryotes Mostly multicellular Plants, Animals,

Fungi Distinct organelles for job specialization Regents Biology #2:Match the picture with the correct type of symbiosis. A: mutualism B. commensalism

C. Parasitism A Regents Biology B #1A: What word best describes the organisms shown below?

Regents Biology Regents Biology Regents Biology Organelles Organelles do the work of cells each structure has a job to do

keeps the cell alive; keeps you alive Theyre like mini-organs! Regents Biology Model Animal Cell Organelles in All Cells

Cell Membrane and Ribosomes are in Prokaryotes and Eukaryotes Regents Biology Cell membrane phosphate

head Function Homeostasis: maintain proper conditions in lipid tail the cell Control what enters and leaves the cell O2,CO2, food, H2O, nutrients, waste Communication Between Cells

Structure: Mosaic Model double layer of fat Phospholipid Bilayer__________ _Proteins: pumps and channels__________ Carbohydrates: Chemical ID cards__ Regents Biology Ribosomes

Function Make Proteins read instructions to build proteins from DNA Structure some free in cytoplasm: Smooth ER some attached to ER: Rough ER Ribosomes on ER

Regents Biology Organelles in All Eukaryotes Nucleus Mitochondria Ribosome Regents Biology

Nucleus Function control center of cell protects DNA instructions for building proteins Structure: double membrane Regents Biology

Mitochondria Function Transform energy into an usable form (ATP) sugar + O2 ATP fuels the work of life Cellular Respiration Structure

double membrane Regents Biology ATP Venn Diagram Make a Venn Diagram comparing and

contrasting Prokaryotes and Eukaryotes Start Organelles Graphic Organizer Regents Biology Organelles In Plants but not Animals Vacuole Chloroplast

Cell Wall Regents Biology Vacuole plant cells Regents Biology Function Food and

WaterStorage Vacuole= plants only Vesicle- in animalssmall vacuoles Structure membrane sac Chloroplast

Photosynthesis Capture light energy and transfer into chemical energy Double membrane Regents Biology

Cell Wall Made of cellulose Inflexible barrier Protect and supports cell Regents Biology

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