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DIY Research Data Management Training Kit for Librarians Data sharing Anne Donnelly Liaison Librarian College of Medicine & Veterinary Medicine College of Humanities & Social Science [email protected] Data Sharing

What it is the practice of making data used for scholarly research available to others. [Wikipedia] Whos involved the data sharer the data repository the secondary data user support staff! Drivers for sharing

Openness Open science, open source, open standards open knowledge, open government, open architecture, open content and . Drivers for sharing Open Data! a philosophy and practice requiring that certain data are freely available to everyone, without restrictions of copyright, patents or other mechanisms for control. [Wikipedia & elsewhere]

Drivers for data sharing National research policies Research Councils UK Publicly funded research data are a public good, produced in the public interest, which should be made openly available with as few restrictions as possible in a timely and responsible manner that does not harm intellectual property. Economic & Social Research Council publicly funded research data valuable, long-term resources that, where practical, must be made available for secondary, scientific research. Medical Research Council publicly-funded research data should be openly

available to the maximum extent possible. Wellcome Trust aim(s) to ensure that the data generated by the research we support is managed and shared in a way that maximises the benefit to the public. Drivers for data sharing Institutional mission and policy University of Edinburgh mission The creation, dissemination and curation of knowledge. University of Edinburgh RDM policy RDM plans must ensure that research data are available for access and re-use where appropriate and under appropriate safeguards.

Drivers for sharing Why not! we have the technologies to permit worldwide availability and distributed process of scientific data, broadening collaboration and accelerating the pace and depth of discovery [John Willbanks, VP Science, Creative Commons in Wikipedia] Barriers to data sharing Scientists would rather share their toothbrush

than their data! [Carole Goble, Keynote address, EGEE (Enabling Grids for EscienceE) 06 Conference.] Barriers to sharing can relate to the Researcher - intellectual property issues the Institution - unrealised commercial value the Subject - confidentiality Data sharing benefits Research & Society

Avoids duplication of effort and resources. Makes publicly available that which has been publicly funded. Maximises return on research investment. Academic and scientific integrity Increases transparency & accountability Facilitates scrutiny of research findings Prevents fraud

Extends reach of original research. Facilitates and promotes new lines of enquiry. Fosters collaboration. Allows the creation of new datasets

Provides datasets for education and training Data sharing benefits the Researcher Facilitates compliance with funding council requirements Authenticates/validates research Enhances reputation through increased reach & impact Achieves increased visibility of research Assists with long term data storage Enables future retrieval of the data by the researcher

and future researchers Planning for data sharing Everyone in a research team should have a clear sense of their responsibilities in ensuring that research data are of the highest quality; are well documented so that other researchers can access, understand, use and add value to them independently of the original investigators. [MRC Guidance on Data Management Plans] Issues to consider Future shareability of the data: format, software, anonymisation, documentation, ethics,

consent & confidentiality Description & documentation Future rights management & licensing Timescale for release Infrastructure for sharing Ways of sharing data Research-funder repository e.g. ESRC Data Store

Institutional repository e.g. Edinburgh DataShare Discipline-specific repository e.g. Figshare RDM Training for Liaison Librarians

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