The Giver - Grade 7 Accelerated ELA/Reading

The Giver - Grade 7 Accelerated ELA/Reading

The Giver Ms. Mendoza ELA Grade 8 Chapters 1-2 Author uses 3rd person omniscient . Major themes: sameness OVER individuality security over freedom Starts out with a pilot accidentally flying over the community. The loud speaker announces that he would be released from the community. PROTAGONIST: Jonas his life seems perfect. *both parents work (father: nurturer, mother: Dept. of Justice)

Their assignments were given by Elderswho observed them and noted character traits EVERY BODY in society lives by rules from the BOOK OF RULES. If three are broken, t hey will be released. Chapters 1-2 continued Every morning starts with a pledge-type of hymn. All citizens must use precise language. SAMENESS is absolutely required. IF someone points out a difference, t hen they will be reprimanded since it is considered RUDE.

In the Giver society, people have no interaction of ANIMALS. So, animal has a different connotation in the GIVER. For example, when Lily (Jonass little sister) Chapters 1-2 continued The society lacks CHOICES. *spouses are assigned to adults *families (called UNITS) must apply for childrenone boy and one girl *women who are assigned as birth mothers may have three babies which are taken away immediately then they are

assigned as laborers *only 50 babies are allowed to be born (this is to control population) *at age 9 children are given bikes (same ones).riding bikes is the norm because of the rule of keeping the environment as Chapters 1-2 continued How one is released *old age . They are then given a ceremony celebration *infant: if he/she does not develop enough before the

December ceremonies Gabriel wasnt developing enoughthus Father took him home for extra nurturing . The family unit is given a major rule: THEY must not LOVE him. continued Although SAMENESS is the rule a few of the characters seem to act as individuals at times. *Father: takes home Gabriel (since he is concerned about him)and peeks at his name (against rules)

Conditioning People in the society are so conditioned that by following rules t hey are doing the right thing THUS it doesnt occur to them to think on their own. Chapters 3-5 When Father brings home Gabriel who is at risk for being released Lilly mentions his EYES. Jonas reprimands her for being RUDE remember that pointing out differences is unacceptable.

*During discussions, Lilly expresses that she wants to be a BIRTHmother. Mother tells her that the job is a lowly job thus implicating that there is some type of caste system. Loudspeakers: are EVERYWHERE including the dwellings they are used to call people out. Chapters 3-5 continued Jonas notices that he is being observed more and more Jonas is reprimanded via the LOUD speaker . He took an apple and noticed that it changed as he was playing

catch with Asher. He was forced to apologize for taking the applebut couldnt really explain why he took it. (the author used FORESHADOWING here) Chapters 3-5 At age 8, children begin VOLUNTEER hours. It appears that they have some freedom because they can choose where they want to do their volunteer hours at... They can choose various placesbut even this is CONTROLLED; the elders observe them and record everything. This will help

them choose their assignments when they turn 12. Jonas chose the House of Old. While bathing an elderly person, he learns t hat Roberto was released he learns about some of the rituals of the ceremony. His life story is told and people (like robots) clap thus appearing that everybodys life has meaning but it doesnt. Chapters 3-5 The elderly lady starts talking about how Edna isnt smart THIS reveals that people do judge others in this

utopian world. Later, Jonas tells his mother about a dream that he had about Fiona (a teen like him). He tells her how he had feelings toward her and he couldnt explain why. Mother said that he had STIRRINGS (a euphemism) and that he would have to take a pill from that day forward. This pill would squash all feelings. This is another way the Elders control society. Chapters 6-8 Chapter six starts out with Jonass family preparing for the

December ceremony (two days long) it is a turning point for the elevens because they will turn twelve and will be given their assignments. Also babies will be assigned their family units SAMENESS is emphasized heavily: 4s 6s must wear jackets that button on the back ( to emphasize interdependency) 7s- must wear jackets that button in the front (symbolizing independence)

8s- they receive pockets which further emphasizes independence Chapters 6-8 continued During the December ceremony the author introduces the concept of a REPLACEMENT baby. Caleb replaces a baby who was lost in the river. The babys name was also Caleb. The family unit is now complete again. IT is RARE to have a LOSSbecause if everybody follows the rules everything runs as it should.

A new baby named Robertois assigned to a family unit. After elderly are released, their names are put on a list and are reused. Chapters 6-8 continued People who dont behave the same as others JEOPARDIZE the order and success of the community. Sowhen little Fritz gets into troubleit causes problems for his parents who are seen as unfit parents. Speech: The chief elder acknowledges differences among the

children (which is IRONIC), but he emphasized that years and years were spent STANDARDIZING the children. Chapter 8 continued Assignments are then given to the children. Who are now considered adults If a person receives an assignment that he or she doesnt like, they can apply for release Jonas soon learns that he is to become the RECEIVER of memories!

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