The English Sonnet

The English Sonnet

The English/Shakespearea n Sonnet Listen to/Read Shakespeares Sonnet Grab a partner and Annotate the poem for rhyme scheme. What do you notice about the poems rhythm? What do you notice about the syllables in each line? What do you notice about punctuation? How is the poem broken up?

The English Sonnet Has 14 lines (3 quatrains and a couplet) The meter is iambic pentameter (di-DUH, diDUH, di-DUH) Has an ABAB CDCD rhyme scheme (usually) Uses Internal/external punctuation Usually presents a problem or issue and wraps it up within the couplet at the end. Usually deals with the subject of love (but not always) English Sonnet

Now answer the following questions with the SOAPSTone format. S-Speaker. What type of person would write this poem? What is his attitude? O-Occasion. For what occasion might this poem be written? What time period was this poem written in? A-Audience. For whom is the poet writing this sonnet for? How does he feel about his subject? How do you know? P-Purpose. Why do you think the poet created this poem? What was he trying to do? English Sonnet

S-Subject. What is this poem about? What is the main idea? Tone. What feeling do you get by reading this poem? What feeling does the author want his audience to feel? How do you know that? **Now rewrite the sonnet line for line in modern day English/contemporary slang. Example: Should I compare you to a summer day? Now you try!

With your buddy, you will create a brand spankin new original sonnet!! 1st-Brainstorm. Throw out ideas that you could write about. Write down all ideas under Brainstorming. Remember, you have to compare something you love or hate to an event or setting you love (or hate). Make sure both parts of the comparison are concrete NOT abstract (pain/happiness) 2nd begin a rough draft of your sonnet, paying particular attention to the requirements of form (3 quatrains, 1 couplet, ABAB rhyme scheme, rhythm, etc.). Now you try!

3rd-Have other pairs peer edit your rough draft. How could your poem be improved? How could your poem be the best in the class? The winners will receive a king-size candy bar of their choice! 4th-Present!! Extra credit for costumes and props that pertain to the sonnet. Sonnet Rubric

Form (stanzas, syllables, rhyme scheme) Conventions (use of internal/external punctuation, Spelling, grammar) Ideas

(sonnet is thoughtfully and cleverly written, ideas are clearly expressed and creative) Presentation (Volume, clarity, gestures, articulation) Sonnet Rubric Pre-writing (brainstorm and peer edited rough draft) Sonnet 18 annotated and sonnet re-write

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