System Development Life Cycle

System Development Life Cycle

SYSTEM DEVELOPMENT LIFE CYCLE Changeover Strategies Lesson Objectives To Develop an understanding of the different changeover strategies when introducing a new ICT

system. Changeover Direct Parallel Phased Pilot Direct Changeover

Stop using the old system one day and start using the new system the next day (1). Element of risk particularly if the hardware and software are cutting edge (1).

If the system fails then it can be disastrous to the business Requires fewer resources (people, money, equipment) and is simple, provided nothing goes wrong Need more than easiest/quickest and not just cheapest Parallel Changeover

Old ICT system is run alongside the new ICT system for a period of time until all the people involved with the new system are happy it is working correctly Used to minimise the risk in introducing a new ICT

system Can compare results and be sure it is working properly Lots of unnecessary work (as the work is being done twice) and is therefore expensive in peoples time

It also adds to the amount of planning needed for the implementation Phased Changeover A

module at a time can be converted to the new system in phases until the whole system is transferred Advantage that IT staff can deal with problems caused by a module before moving on to new modules Is

only suitable for systems consisting of separate modules Pilot Changeover This method is ideal for large organisations that have lots of locations or branches where the new system can be used by one branch and then transferred to

other branches over time Implementation scale Disadvantage is on a much smaller and manageable

is that is takes longer to implement the system in all the branches Past Paper Questions A system analyst has a choice of direct changeover or parallel running when updating a computer system. Describe these two different potential changeover strategies and describe the advantages and

disadvantages of each of the different strategies. [6] Once the new computer system is up and running, it has to be maintained. Describe two different system maintenance methods and illustrate each method with appropriate examples. [6]

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