Structure of Super-Heavy Elements

Structure of Super-Heavy Elements

Prompt and Delayed Conversion Electron Spectroscopy of Heavy Nuclei Andreas Heinz A. W. Wright Nuclear Structure Laboratory Yale University ATLAS Workshop, August 8-9, 2009 Prompt Conversion Electron No Spectroscopy 254 R.-D. Herzberg et

al., EPJA (2009) 253 No SACRED P. A. Butler et al., PRL 89, 202501 (2002) Solenoids and Mini Oranges ICEBall M.P. Metlay et al., NIM A 336, 162 (1993)

low detection efficiency below 200 keV. threshold is too high for heavy nuclei. Solenoid spectrometers with superconducting (Super-e, SACRED), and normal-conducting coils (SAGE), as well as with permanent magnet guides exist. J. Andrzejewski et al., NIM A 585, 155 (2008) Needs for Heavy Nuclei High detection efficiency also at low energies. e-gamma, e-e, gamma-gamma correlations; i.e. a spectrometer coupled to

GAMMASPHERE/GRETINA. Channel selection (coupled to FMA) Usable at high beam currents. Complex Alpha Decay Spectra Rf 257 ICE Spectra are distorted by summing of alpha and conversion electron signals! 253

No G. D. Jones, NIM A 488, 471 (2002) But: GSI we get the sum energy of a converted decay cascade! Recoil ICE DSSD

Ranges SRIM 25 m at 50 keV Needs for Delayed Conversion Electrons High detection efficiencies and resolution especially at low electron energies. Alpha-electron coincidences Electron-gamma coincidences e spectrometer? Catcher (active?)

Recoils Degrader (active?) Fm 253 Ge Ge M. Asai et al., PRL 95, 102502 (2005)

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