Stress and Stress Management - Appoquinimink High School

Stress and Stress Management - Appoquinimink High School

Stress and Stress Management Miss Hopkins Warm-up Write down 3 examples of stress in your life. Balloon activity! All About Stress

Stress - the bodys response to changes Stressors - any person, place, or thing that causes stress List 1 person. List 1 place. List 1 thing. Types of Stress

Eustress a positive stress List 3 examples. Distress a negative stress, usually occurs over time List 3 examples. Short-term Signs Headache

Pounding heart Poor concentration Tired Frustration Star the ones you have experienced * Long-term Effects

Heart disease Depression Digestive problems Skin problems

Increased risk of getting sick Star the ones that are part of your family history * Hassles Daily irritants which can lead to distress Physical - demands we can see or do Competition (list 3 total)

Mental - demands that involve thinking Taking a test (list 3 total) Emotional - demands that deal with our feelings Fighting with siblings (list 3 total) Rap/Poem/Song

Identify the stress or stressor. Rubric List 3 signs / symptoms. Explain how it effects your life.

At least 10 lines. Does not have to rhyme. Include previous info in rap/poem/song. Be creative! Take a 5 minute stretch break Stress Management The ability to

handle stress in healthy ways Techniques Reframing - changing the way you think about the stressor School pain in the butt, better future Plan ahead make time to do the things you need to do List 2 ways.

Relax Laugh How can you laugh everyday? Exercise/stretch Releases endorphins Activity

Complete the crossword puzzle using your notes for help. Complete the Dont Sweat It worksheet with your own information.

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