Strategies for Implementing the Employment Related Skills Logbook

Strategies for Implementing the Employment Related Skills Logbook

Strategies for Implementing the Employment Related Skills Logbook Why? Where? Who? What? When? What is the logbook? It is a resource that enables students to: record their transition planning process over four years better articulate how they have been prepared for life after school. Why use it? The new logbook supports the key directions of the Board of Studies in all Year 912 syllabus documents. Why use it?

It enables classroom teachers to demonstrate to students how their subject develops the skills needed for future life education and training employment options. Why use it? To enhance the relevance of all activities students participate in during their school years both inside and outside the classroom. Where do you start? Simple and achievable Process depends on

your school Customise for your students Where do you store them? Schools are using the following: student ownership library careers office students home room roll call room multiple locations eg. with mentors in faculties across the school storeroom - mobile crates

school stores discs only. Issues: temporary/permanent access for staff access for students Who can manage the implementation of the logbooks? In some schools it is: the Careers Adviser the School to Work co-ordinator a faculty member (when there is faculty ownership) a member of a working group (eg. welfare team). What is required? The logbook co-ordinator may:

co-ordinate a whole school approach encourage students to log promote implementation ensure appropriate relief for staff. Who else is interested? Year Adviser PD/H/PE Welfare Team Careers Adviser Mathematics English Support Unit Who does what? In some schools the Careers Adviser may assist students with:

Action Plan Introduction (This is me now) Action plans (Introduction) Recording Workplace Learning experiences A Summary of their employment related skills. S CHO O L T O W ORK PL AN N IN G How do you picture your short term goal, long term goal? Fill ht is section out during or after a school to work planning m ee ting. Goal

What ne e ds to be done if I Who will Suggested am to achie ve this? he lp m e ? Tim eframe Who does what? Year Advisers may use the tracking sheets to: discuss action plans assist with subject selection Yrs 10,11 check BOS entries summarise a students employment related skills document a students future options. YEAR 9 Student Tracking S heet Use this tracking sheet to support your school to work planning. NAME DATE OFBIRTH

Subjects Results 1 2Yr English Mathematics Science History Geography PD/H/P E Yr ly MALE / FEMALE CAREER PLANNINGIDEAS EMPLOYMENT RELATED SKILLS

Tick the em ploym en t related skills you have fill ed out in your logbook. In the classroom (n) q

q q q q q

SCHOOL TO WORK PLANNING CHECK LI ST 1. I have (4 ) q researched a career in one or more of t he following areas: (circle or highlight your interest areas) art ist ic & creati ve - clerical & admi nistr at ive - figures & comput atio nal help ing & communit y services - infl uencing & personal cont act - l it erary medical - out door - pract ical & manual scient ifi c - t echnical & engineering devised a School to Work Plan q researched courses at TAFE, UNIVERSITY, other q Course

. .. Where . .. Course .. . Where . .. Type of re search ( ) ope n day sem inar video workplace learning ... caree r e xpo e xcursion in tervie w others(nname) ....... .. 2. Afte r Ye ar 10, I plan to (n ) . .. Participation (n )

q q q dia q q q q e nrolat TAFE (ncourse name ? .. ..) as . ... q

q q THE FUTURE-t write Sporting awards Spe cial Awards Ce rtificates Wo rkplace Learning (n) q Leade rship role s Com m unications/ Me q q get an appre nticeship/ traine e ship in

Sport Creative / pe rform ing arts School service Com m unity service School eve nts Com m unity eve nts Group Memb ership Home duties Achie vem e nts (n ) continue to Ye ar 11 . go to anothe r s chool .... get a jo b English Maths Scien ce PD/H/H / PE

V olunte e r work Part-ttime w ork Casualw ork Full -ttime w ork W ork expe rien ce W ork placeme nt Ente rprise learning ex pe rien ce s about where you hope to be and what you willbe doing 10 ye arsfrom now. The whole logbook may be used by staff to write school leaver references. Who does what? PDHPE Syllabus Content Strands Personal Choice, Personal Awareness, Interpersonal Relationships

A faculty may assist students to log their employment related skills and achievements at school and in the community. Who does what? ENGLISH Teachers may assist students to: begin a draft resume (see Resume in progress) draft a job application letter prepare for an interview. How does the logbook support all faculties? Links their subject/course to further education, training, employment and enterprise through: employment related skills (students acquire) potential careers (local/national/global). COURSE:

YEAR 9 and YEAR 10 S KILLS IN THE CLASSROOM You gain a rangeof important skills in this course. Research some of the careers and/or TAFE and university courses related to these skills. What employment related skills have you acquired in this course? Activity / Topic Employment Related Skills Models for CLASSROOM entries into the logbook STUDENT DIRECTED 1) Student brings logbook 2) End of topic summary brainstorm 3) Students identify skills developed & record on sheets

4) Teacher initials sheets 5) Student files into logbook TEACHER DIRECTED 1) Teacher keeps blanks 2) End of topic summary brainstorm 3) Students identify skills developed & record on sheets 4) Teacher collects/initials all sheets 5) Teacher gives sheets to facilitator 6) Facilitator arranges clerical support to file (STW funds) When? Ongoing

A School to Work week once/ twice a year For Year 10 subject selection For Years 9/10 end of the year For Year 11 Crossroads (mandatory 25 hr Personal Development and Health Education course for stage 6 students) Year 11 Study Skills day Year 12 applications to university/TAFE/employment/school references The Future (looks bright) Term 2 2002 Additional logbooks on request Term 3 2002 Indication of numbers for 2003 2003 2 cohorts of logbooks Feedback appreciated

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