Statewide Programs 2010 Annual Meeting

Statewide Programs 2010 Annual Meeting

Student Evaluation Scores for Courses Delivered by Interactive Videoconferencing Mark Rieger Kirby Barrick Elaine Turner College of Agricultural and Life Sciences University of Florida Statewide Programs = majors taught in 2+ places Interactive Videoconferencing, IVC [Polycom]

170 Total Students CALS Statewide Programs grad; 39.19% MIL; 9.90% degree-seeking; 38.74% APK; 10.40% FTL; 17.82% non-degree; 22.07%

; 38.61% FTP; 23.27% Ag Ed; 20.97% LNH; 32.26% GEO; 4.84% SWS; 8.06% NRC; 32.26%

FRE; 1.61% IVC usage, UF 2004 2008 215 5695 1

2 Sessions per staff 215 2848 Instruction, as % of total IVC sessions 45%

30% Total IVC sessions Total IT support staff for IVC Source: Office of Academic Tech, UF Changes in delivery platforms, nationwide Year 2001-02 2006-07 Percent of 2 and 4-year institutions using IVC

as the primary delivery platform 70 23 [51% not using it at all] Source: NCES Problems with IVC Evening classes, 3 hrs once/week No technical staff available Attention span Limits course sharing to ~8/week

Dropped audio and/or video signals Poor resolution Student evaluations lower at remote sites Objectives Determine if evaluation scores differ between live and remote sites and if so Is the magnitude of the difference large enough to: affect faculty performance evaluations warrant a change in DE delivery technology

Methods Convenience sample of student evaluations: 22 cases during 2005-08 10 different instructors representing 4 sites 14 different courses 1 course 3x, 6 courses 2x Stats: non-parametric Wilcoxan signed rank test on differences [live remote] Results

From 2005-2008, n=22 Results 10. Instructor overall 11. Course overall Live site 4.59 4.44 CALS mean (Fall 2008) 4.35

4.16 Remote site 4.28 4.01 From 2005-2008, n=22 Discussion Faculty were right!

All ratings were close to college-wide means Practical significance? Serious disadvantage? Reasonable for faculty to address the issue Discussion Results agree with: Clow (1999), Chisholm et al. (2000) lower evaluations at remote than live with IVC. Results disagree with: Spooner et al. (1999) IVC has no consistent effect on student evaluation scores.

Is it the technology per se or the pedagogy/methodology that goes with? Conclusions IVC affects evaluation scores, but Statewide faculty are doing a great job despite technology Switch evaluation forms? (Roberts et al. 2005) separates technology from teaching Switch platforms go online Less problematic than IVC Reach new markets

Student satisfaction equal or higher (Allen et al. 2002, Bernard et al. 2004) Student achievement higher (Bernard et al. 2004, DOE 2009) Statewide Programs 2010 Annual Meeting Vision Statement Transform current programs to predominantly asynchronous, internet-based course delivery over three years Blended programs: Online + Critical Live

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