STANDARD DAYS or CYCLES BEAD METHOD 1 HOW DOES CYCLE-BEAD WORK? They are a string of 32 colour coded Beads Each Beads represents a day of a womans menstrual cycle The Beads have a black rubber ring which a woman moves each day following the arrow When the woman starts her menses, she moves

the rubber ring on to the Red Bead 2 HOW DOES CYCLE-BEAD WORK? Cont She continues moving the ring, one bead each day of her menses

When the ring is on the very Dark Bead, she can have sexual intercourse without worrying of becoming pregnant When she is on the white Beads she may become pregnant if she has unprotected sexual intercourse 3 The Standard Days Method Identifies days 8-19 of the cycle as fertile. Is for women with menstrual

cycles between 26 and 32 days long. Helps a couple avoid unplanned pregnancy by knowing which days they should not have unprotected intercourse. A client can use a color-coded string of beads to help her keep track of where she is in her cycle and know when she is fertile.

4 Who Can use this Method? All women of reproductive age Women with cycles between 26 and 32 days long Couples who can avoid unprotected intercourse on day 8-19 of each cycle

5 Who Can use this Method? Ctd Couples not at risk of STIs Couples who are to maintain effective events of records Women with regular menstrual cycle 6 Who Cannot use this Method?

Women who are suspected or known to be pregnant Women with irregular menses Women who dislike touching their genitals Women whose partners will not cooperate Women whose menstrual period are not regular

7 Service Delivery Process Determine if the client is interested in using SDM Screen for cycle length, ability to avoid unprotected intercourse on fertile days, STI risk Explain Standard Day Method Demonstrate CycleBeads Have client give a return demonstration Verify understanding/acceptance Provide Cyclebeads, other materials

8 9 Summary Standard Days Method is a simple method that fills a family planning gap Based on probabilities of becoming pregnant during the menstrual cycle Uses a string of beads to

represent the cycle and identify days 8-19 as days to not engage in unprotected sex 10 Lessons Learned Demand exists It is effective Many men can and do

support their use SDM is easy to learn and use Involving men is key to successful use Many willing and able to use SDM Some will prefer to use

with condoms Correct use improves over time Need to educate providers 11 WILL CYCLE BEADS PROTECT ME FROM STIs, HIV/AIDS?

No Like any other Family Planning Method one is not protected from STIs, HIV/AIDS 12 WHERE CAN I GET CYCLE-BEADS? You can get them from Division 0f Reproductive, Ministry of Health or can order from http:/

13 CAN ANYONE USE CYCLE BEADS? No Only women whose menstrual cycles are between 26 and 32 days long 14 LIMITATIONS Those women who have shorter days than

26 or longer days than 32 are not good candidates Those women who cannot avoid sexual intercourse during the fertile days 15 HOW MANY WOMEN HAVE CYCLE LENGTHS THAT ARE BETWEEN 26 AND 32 DAYS LONG?

According to WHO data about 80% Most women have their cycles within this range 16 THANK YOU 17

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