If you talk to a man in a

If you talk to a man in a

If you talk to a man in a language he understands, that goes to his head. If you talk to him in his language, that goes to his heartNelson Mandela

Language Loss During the assimilationist period there was forced loss of language as a deculturation experience As a result of this process there are many sleeping and endangered native languages In 1990 NALA (Native American Languages Act) Meant to preserve, protect, and promote the rights

and freedoms of Native Americans to use, practice and develop Native American languages (Warhol 3) Language and Cultural Identity Language helps form a sense of community Language is important for the transmission and understanding of creation stories. Native language acquisition allows speakers a

unique worldview and perspective An example of a different perspective could be the relation of time. In many native languages time is expressed by stringing events together in relation to each other rather than in relation to now (Hinton 66) Active Language Projects

AICLS- Advocates for Indigenous California Language Survival Language is Life Conference Master-Apprentice Program Kumeyaay Community College Offers a Kumeyaay Language Certification Program

WLRP- Wampanoag Language Reclamation Project Started in 1993 by Jessie Little Doe No speakers of the language for over 7 generations Recreated the language using old scribes, letters, a bible and cross referencing other languages in the same family We Still Live Here (2010)

Medicines and Remedies of the Kumeyaay The Kumeyaay used many of the local plants to aid in easing the pain and discomfort from many of the ills that befell the members of their tribe. The use of these plants was not only

for medicinal purposes but were an important part of the local Kumeyaay and Cahuillia tribal cultures. They were incorporate both physical and spiritual healing. Medicines and Remedies of the Kumeyaay

Plants were placed upon the earth by the Creator to serve man. This was not intended to be a one-way relationship. Plants, like any life form, were to be treated with respect. Medicines and Remedies

of the Kumeyaay Good stewardship of resources was practiced when collecting these plants. The ritual in collecting of the plants was strictly followed so to protect the ready supply. They seldom stripped bare an area of the plants that they were gathering, but

carefully left a part of the plant behind. Thus ensuring a continuing supply of these plants. Medicines and Remedies of the Kumeyaay California Sagebrush

White Sage Medicines and Remedies of the Kumeyaay Sycamore Scrub Oak

Medicines and Remedies of the Kumeyaay Examples of how modern medicine originally dismissed Native American cures. Such as, the savage Indians and the Negroes contributed little or nothing of value to any branch of medicine, and from them we receive a

mass of superstition and ignorance that reinforce and strengthened what we had brought from Europe, a heritage that still plagues us Medicines and Remedies of the Kumeyaay This racist view of racial inferiority has

now been debunked as we discover that medications, such as ipecac, cochineal, liquidamber, datura and many others were widely used by many Native American cultures. These treatments are found to be very successful and with less side effects.

Medicines and Remedies of the Kumeyaay The medical community is becoming acquainted with alternative remedies and see that these cutting edge treatments for such ailments as gout, osteoarthritis, high blood pressure,

type 2 diabetes and cholesterol. They have found these treatments to be very successful and with less side effects. Chumash Tule Boat This represents the very common boat for

aquatic mobilization and hunting for Indian tribes. The design is very basic and the materials used are not very resistant to harmful weather conditions and long term sustainability. Chumash Tomol

The Chumash created the oceangoing plank canoe, or more formally known as the Tomol. The tomol is a much more complex and sturdier design that would enable the chumash to further expand their culture and ability to explore new realms of seafaring ventures, and conquer larger means pelagic fishing capabilities. With the use of the tomol, the chumash effectively expanded their coastal trade system, social network dynamics, and overall well being and

prevalence along the central coast. Chumash Tomol Materials used for the tomol: Redwood trees(driftwood obtained from the coastal shores) Milkweed(Used to help bind all of the various planks of crafted redwood)

Yop: Help with water retention and added to the strength of the boat (combination of asphaltum and pine pitch) Chumash Tomol The inevitable force of white colonialization and infiltration of the Chumash's native

lands created too much competition for the fishing industry, thus hindering the economic success of the tribe. Other influences brought from white settlers spread diseases amongst the Chumash tribes. This led to virtual depopulation of their tribe. Chumash Tomol

Once the Chumash tribe decentralized and practically died out amongst their native regions, the tomol ceased to exist as well. The culture of the chumash in modern day society is still able to be preserved despite this tragic scenario.

Chumash Tomol Chumash communities were able to collaborative in a collective effort to reconstruct the antiquity of the tomol, and make journeys to different islands and coastal dwellings to reenact the similar travels of their ancestors. This overall helped instill a sense of pride amongst

the Chumash community, and commemorate the traditional way of life for the Chumash. Traditional vs Modern Medicine Overview of Indian Health American Indians and Alaska Natives

compared to average American 3X times more likely to die from diabetes Have a life expectancy of about five less years than other Americans Have suicide rates twice that of general population

Overview of Indian Health American Indians and Alaska Natives compared to average American 3X times more likely to die from diabetes Have a life expectancy of about five less years than other Americans Have suicide rates twice that of general population

http://www.ihs.gov/ihs_stats/files/Trends%20P art%204-General%20Mort.pdf Fusion of Traditional and Modern Medicine Dr. Maresca-Mohawk Indian Tolt Community Clinic operated by the Snoqualmie Tribe

Plants divided into four categories -- one for birth and pregnancy, another to treat children, a third for adults and the last for elders. the organic garden is intended to promote an appreciation for the role of herbal medicine in contemporary health care and help advance the tribes mission to provide holistic health

care services to the broader patients Fusion of Traditional and Modern Medicine Dr. Walt Hollow-Assiniboine-Sioux tribes First Native American graduate from UW school of medicine Collaborated with UW to help found

Center of Excellence and Indian Health Pathway https://catalyst.uw.edu/workspace/dacosta/ 9651/48519 Western Medicines use of Traditional Healing Western medicine has integrated Native

American Healing as a form of CAM (Complimentary and Alternative Medicine) By definition: CAM practices are not part of conventional medicine because there is insufficient proof that they are safe and effective (National Health Statistics Report) American Cancer Society UC San Diego Moores Cancer Center

How Western Medicine Acknowledges Native Healing? Listed as a form of cancer therapy Native American therapy treats side effects and symptoms Native American healing should be used with, not in place of, standard cancer therapy.

http://cancer.ucsd.edu/treatments/cam/therapi es/Pages/native-american-healing.aspx How does CAM work? Use therapies the hospital provides or talk with doctor about CAM treatments to find therapy elsewhere The Moores Center does not offer Native Healing at the center

Holds weekly workshops of gentle yoga, controlled breathing, meditation and visualization/imagery Gives overview of Native Healing with links for additional information and research http://www.cancer.org/treatment/treatmentsandsideeffects/compl ementaryandalternativemedicine/guidelines-for-using-compleme ntary-and-alternative-methods

Discrepancy between healers and physicians Study from American Medical Association Sample of 150 patients from Indian Health Service Clinic in Milwaukee, Wisc. 38% see a healer 61.4% of patients rate advice of healer over physician Only 14.8% of patients seeing healers tell their

physicians Training, Attitudes, Accessibility Survey of Physicians at Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN, USA 233 physicians responding to the survey 76% had never referred a patient to a CAM

practitioner 44% stated that they would refer a patient if a CAM practitioner were available at their institution. 57% of physicians thought that incorporating CAM therapies would have a positive effect on patient satisfaction 48% believed that offering CAM would attract

more patients. Issues of Appropriation American Journal of Clinical Nutrition Inflammation and Native American medicine: the role of botanicals

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