Science Dome

Science Dome

Science Dome Not just a Planetarium

Star show Planets back into the Planetarium Geology Physical Geography Sensory Dimension Theatrical Uses Local Coastline

Equipment Available 6 metre dome for indoor use 2 metre hemisphere screen (indoor or out) 180 degree lens to provide widescreen view. 3D immersive effect with screen Fully computerised projector S-video pins provide link to DVD players, Playstation and Wii

Equipment Available 6 metre dome for indoor use and 2m screen Aims of the Science Dome To provide a different learning experience Linked to classroom teaching and Key Stages Interaction with children is important with

outside the dome activities. Covering a wide range of science subject Providing a black out classroom and a different domain. RE/RS Programmes Giant surround Video DVD screen (Veggie Tales or something similar) Software projection of the creation story using video clips of stars, water and land scenery.

An arena for talks with sound and light effects. Running of games (there are some Christian games available) Using outside the dome equipment such as 4 types of parachutes illustrating planets, time and Gods creation. Light and Dark creation experience in the blackout dome. Schools help in construction Aim is to construct at least three to four

programmes The shows will consist of using the dome, screen and outside interaction Programmes could be partial constructed by the school in advance to reflect current classroom subjects. Programmes (Key Stages) Stars and Planets (Physical Processes)

Earth and Dinosaur Show (Materials) Rocks and Fossils (Materials and Ecosystems) Light and Dark (Physical processes and RE/S) Under the Sea (Circles of Life) Environment, Road Safety (Humans) Key Stage Detail Key Stage 1: difference between dark and light, shape

and comparative sizes of Sun, Earth, Moon and planets, shadows, cause of day and night, what a year is, legends behind the constellations, the Milky Way, Q&A Key Stage 2: as above, plus stars as light sources compared with planets/moons reflecting light, air resistance and lack of it on the Moon, eclipses and the phases of the Moon, the Sun's path through the sky and the effect on shadows, (for Year 5/6: weight as a force, comparison of gravity on Earth and Moon), Q&A Key Stage 3: as above plus changes in the path of the

Sun across the sky, weight compared to mass, "weightlessness", artificial satellites and their orbits, comets, space probes, Q&A Additional information on Website End

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