Reminders 8/23/17

Reminders 8/23/17

AGENDA Vocab Quiz Unit 8 Review last minute details Essay Prep Time REMINDERS 3-15-19 Vocab Unit 8 Quiz today! Make-Up Socratic Seminar Monday, 3/18 after school from 3:40-4:00 with Mr. Tydings in his room Upcoming: Othello In Class Essay, Monday, 3/18

Othello M.C. Unit Test, Tuesday, 3/19 Need a copy of A Thousand Splendid Suns by Monday, 3/18 FlipGrid BookTalk must submit by Friday, 3/29 (the Friday before Spring Break); requirements are posted to the blog under the Independent Reading VOCAB QUIZ 8 WHAT DO I NEED TO KNOW

ABOUT ESSAY TEST Timed you have the whole class period, but that is all. You cannot come back after school, in the morning, or stay during your lunch period. You can bring the list of transitions and says verbs You may bring ONE page of notes, your Othello/Iago charts, and the handout from the prep day Your ONE page of notes cannot include pre-written paragraphs or other essays. The ONE page of notes can include

Draft of thesis and claims vocab words to use in essay focused evidence REMINDERS Citing lines from Othello (be sure you have that information for every piece of evidence) Lead-Ins/Context (Practice) HERE ARE SOME SAMPLE THESIS

STATEMENTS THAT SHOW COMPLEXITY AND INSIGHT (NEXT SLIDE). WHAT DO YOU NOTICE ABOUT THESE EXAMPLES? TURN ThoseTALK. who put up an incredible faade make it difficult AND for others to distinguish the difference between fantasy and reality.

Perceptions that at first appear rational can actually bring about great misfortune when the truth is revealed. Appearances are always able to change, while truth is a universal constant. Peoples personal character flaws often shape their perceptions of others allowing them to be easily manipulated.

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