Regions of texas - Denton ISD

Regions of texas - Denton ISD

Regions of texas High Plains Region ~ Location, Landforms, Important Cities Part of the Great Plains of the United States and Canada Most of the Panhandle and Edwards Plateau East & South borders are escarpments

Southwest border is the Mountains and Basins Region High Plains Region High plains region ~ location

The northernmost area of Texas is called the Panhandle. It is straight and narrow like the handle of a pan with the broader area of the state below it, like the bottom of a pan. This region has mostly flat, grassy land or plains.

High plains region ~ panhandle Geographic Subdivisions High Plains

Edwards Plateau Llano Basin Panhandle plains High Plains bluff in Panhandle High plains region ~ location

(cont.) The western and eastern parts of the Panhandle region divided by deep canyons. Carved by rivers and their tributaries

that wind their way through this area. Palo Duro Canyon and Caprock Canyons State Parks are in this region. They are sometimes called "inverteted mountains" since the land is relatively flat until you reach the long and steep canyons in the ground.

High plains region ~ panhandle (cont.) Second largest canyon in the United

States Palo Duro Canyon A plateau is high, flat land. Over many millions of years, this plateau has been

eroded into a hilly terrain. There are many springs and some steep canyons in this area. Texas Hill Country is partly in this region. High plains region ~ Edwards Plateau Also

known as the central mineral region. Home to some of the oldest rocks in Texas, the central mineral region contains unique minerals and rock formations. Characterized by large granite domes, such as Enchanted Rock near Fredericksburg. High plains region ~ llano basin

Flat Few trees Canyons in North (Palo Duro Canyon) Higher elevation than Central Plains Cap Rock Escarpment

Edwards Plateau High plains region ~ landforms Amarillo & Lubbock in the Panhandle

Midland & Odessa in the Permian Basin Kerrville, Fredericksburg, & Del Rio in the Edwards Plateau area High plains region ~ important cities End of day 1

stop here! Regions of texas High Plains Region ~ Climate, Plants, Animals Dry air

Hot summers Cold winters Dust storms 16-20 inches of precipitation per year High plains region ~ climate Dust storm

Dust storm Short grasses Mesquite, cedar, pecan, and oak trees in Edward Plateau area

Mesquite Tree High plains region ~ plants Two lonely trees on the Texas high plains west of Amarillo.

Deer Wild turkeys Mountain lion Coyote Prairie dog Jackrabbit

Burrowing owl High plains region ~ animals Richard Seaman End of day 2 Stop here !

Regions of texas High Plains Region ~ Industry and Population Farming - cotton, wheat (irrigation from wells) Irrigation of wheat

field High plains region ~ industry Ranching - cattle, sheep, goat

High plains region ~ industry Oil and gas in the Permian Basin Gas Pump

Natural Gas High plains region ~ industry Create a Circle Map for this region. Include words and illustrations that show

your understanding of this region. High plains region ~ Assessment End of high plains region stop here!

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