Professional map - BePro Development | CIPD and CMI Courses ...

Professional map - BePro Development | CIPD and CMI Courses ...

Certificate and Diploma in Human Resource Management 01/26/2020 Learning outcomes of the unit 1. Understand what is required to be an effective and efficient HR professional 2. Be able to perform efficiently and effectively as an HR professional 3. Be able to apply CPD techniques to construct, implement and review a personal development plan

01/26/2020 session 2 DVP 2 Developing professional practice Understanding of the knowledge skills and behaviours required by HR professionals HR profession map (HRPM) Thinking performer

Enable learners to assess own strengths and identify continuing professional development 01/26/2020 session 2 DVP 3 Professional map explore-the-map.htm

You can use the map to identify where you are in the wheel and what CPD you need to move you forward: 01/26/2020 session 2 DPP 4 The HR professional

Three types of professional action Administrative Advisory Executive ? What are they Being professional what do you think it is? HR professionals Strategic partner Administrative expert Employee champion Change agent (Ulrich 1998)

01/26/2020 session 2 DPP 6 Some problems Ulrich suggests that the HR function needs to fulfil all four roles HR professionals aspire to the strategic role and change agent role

Business orientated performance outcomes minimised the role of employee champion 01/26/2020 session 2 DPP 7 Human resource competencies

The Thinking Performer CIPD profession map: hr-profession-map/ 01/26/2020 session 2 DPP 8

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