Presentazione di PowerPoint

Presentazione di PowerPoint

Professional participation and partnership within RE education in Italy: the Master's "Real Estate Management" experience 1997-2007 Andrea Ciaramella, Marzia Morena Building Environment Science and Technology Department, Politecnico di Milano, Italy 2 Master Real Estate Management Lecturers + Professionals Lectures 500 h Individual study 500 h Andrea Ciaramella, Marzia Morena REAL ESTATE MARKET Internship in the companies 800 h 3 Number of students/year

number of students/year 35 33 30 25 20 32 25 20 29 28 20 20 15 14 10 5 0 Andrea Ciaramella, Marzia Morena 22 20

15 4 Partners growths Trend sponsors' 40 37 35 31 N. di sponsor 30 25 24 23 24 20 18 20 20 2002-03 2003-04

17 15 10 5 0 1999-2000 2000-01 2001-02 Y.Y. Andrea Ciaramella, Marzia Morena 2004-05 2005-06 2006-07 2007-08 Team and individual works WORKSHOPS How to submit a tender Valuation of buildings and buildings areas Portfolio analisys How to develop conplex operations WORKS EDITING AND RESULTS PRESENTATION Checked by the sponsors

Andrea Ciaramella, Marzia Morena 5 team work individual team work team work The market and the University: the reason of a partnership 6 SCIENTIFIC BOARD GIVING SUGGESTIONS FOR FOCUMING THE DIDACTIC PROGRAM ON TAKING PARTIN CLASS ACTIVITIES (LECTURES AND WORKSHOP ATTENDING THE PRESENTATION OF WORKS TAKING PART IN THE STUDENTS ASSESSMENT (TUTORSHIP) PLACEMENT Andrea Ciaramella, Marzia Morena Esercitazioni: the results Andrea Ciaramella, Marzia Morena 7 8

% of employment 1996/1997 1996/97 % of employment Property managment 10% Project management 5% Building management 10% Family company 20% Facility management 45% Real estate consultancy 5% Urban planning 5% Building management Family company

Urban planning Real estate consultancy Facility management Property managment Project management Andrea Ciaramella, Marzia Morena % of employment 2006/2007 9 2006/07 % of employment Urban planning 5% Real estate management 5% Property management 8% Facility management 5% Family company 5% Real estate

consultancy 67% Real estate finance 5% Real estate consultancy Real estate finance Property management Real estate management Urban planning Facility management Family company Andrea Ciaramella, Marzia Morena 10 The partners PARTNERS' COMPOSITION 1999-2000 Real Estate Consultancy 6% Property Management 11%

Information Communication Technology 22% Real Estate Finance 6% Real Estate Management 0% PARTNERS' COMPOSITION 2007-2008 Building Management 11% Real Estate Consultancy 38% Real Estate Finance 19% Real Estate Management 3% Development 0%

Building Management 0% Facility Management 44% Andrea Ciaramella, Marzia Morena Property Management 8% Development 8% Information Communication Technology 5% Facility Management 19%

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