Notes on this template This template is intended

Notes on this template  This template is intended

Notes on this template This template is intended as guidance only. The actual presentation need not match slide-for-slide. The format of this template includes : There are questions to address on later slides. Do your best to answer them Note what question you are trying to answer Raise issues if necessary We want to bring out discussion and advice 1 26-28 March 2018 Chase| RF Controls RF Controls Brian Chase P2MAC 26-28 March 2018 In partnership with: India/DAE Italy/INFN UK/STFC France/CEA/Irfu, CNRS/IN2P3 Outline: CW Compatibility talks Requirements Design Decisions Compromises

Reliability Cost & Schedule implications Technical Progress to Date 3 26-28 March 2018 Chase| RF Controls CW Compatibility Requirements PIP-II FRS: Criteria any system or component that would be costly to modify to accommodate CW operations at a later time will be constructed and installed with a capability for CW operations as part of the PIP-II Project costly means greater than several million dollars any system for which the cost to accommodate CW operations is minimal will also be constructed and installed with these capabilities by the PIP-II Project. CW RF and pulsed beam is now base-line 4 26-28 March 2018 Chase| RF Controls

CW Requirements LLRF, RFPI and Resonance Control Presently the conceptual design for LLRF, resonance control and RFPI is to fully support both CW and pulsed mode operation in both self excited loop (SEL) and Generator Driven Resonator (GDR) modes. Note that even for a CW machine, pulsed mode is still required for calibration and conditioning in SEL mode The single largest change in requirements between CW RF and pulsed RF is that Lorentz Force compensation is not required in CW RF 5 26-28 March 2018 Chase| RF Controls Conceptual Design The LLRF/RFPI hardware systems supports CW RF with CW or pulsed beam and pulsed RF operation Pulsed RF may require larger Piezo amps (TBD) not a cost driver There are traditionally different approached to CW or pulsed RF in the software and firmware that are primarily centered around waveform tables and data acquisition. Supporting both modes requires more design effort and more FPGA resources and complicates control structure a bit but is probably on the scale of an FTE and is already planed for LFD in pulsed RF mode is perceived to be the largest challenge

There are no compromises made by these systems by supporting both modes other than a larger design and development effort 6 26-28 March 2018 Chase| RF Controls LLRF Conceptual Design Common to CW & Pulsed 7 CW RF Pulsed RF pulsed beam Comments SEL Y N SEL mode is useful for cal. GDR

Y Y Beam mode High Gain Feedback Y Y+ 20 kHz CW, 40 kHz pulsed Feed Forward ~ Y Reduces errors Beam Loading Compensation Y Y

Fast response to beam Slow resonance CTL Y Y Always needed Active resonance CTL Y Y Probably needed Lorentz Force Comp N Y Hardest problem to solve High speed DAQ Y Y

Desired during beam pulse Continuous DAQ Y N Auto calibration Y Y Quench Detection Y Y 26-28 March 2018 Chase| RF Controls Constraints and Reliability CW RF does not directly degrade LLRF performance but can effect externals that degrade accelerator performance and reliability Where does CW impact reliability? Positives

Less stress on piezo Steady state operation keeps cavities on resonance so less trips(big deal) Negatives due to 10x higher average RF power 8 Stress on RF amplifiers, couplers, cooling, power distribution, etc. Higher radiation flux from possible emitters damage cables (Jlab) Higher gas flow and possible noise from higher heat load Possible heating of probe cables, attenuators changes calibration 26-28 March 2018 Chase| RF Controls Cost & Schedule Implications For RF-INT which includes resonance control there are no big M&S impacts to supporting any permutations of operating modes Design effort for LFD compensation for pulse mode with nonexistent cavities is speculative (see resonance control talk) Uncertainty in LFD compensation success leads to uncertain schedules in cryomodule test stand needs Full CW beam capability implies multi beam users which will

increase the complexity of the Chopper Program Generator but will not complicate LLRF, RFPI or Resonance control 9 26-28 March 2018 Chase| RF Controls Technical Progress LLRF, RFPI and Resonance control for the RFQ presently support both CW and Pulsed RF operation at PIP2IT Pulsed beam feed forward compensation is not presently implemented for CW operation but is in the works and not presently an operational issue All modes of operation are in the system requirements for these systems We are using lessons learned from LCLS-II 10 26-28 March 2018 Chase| RF Controls Chopper Program Generator (CPG) Synchronized Trigger Pulse Common Delay

Beam Bunch Delay between Helix Rising Edge Adjustment Falling Edge Adjustment Delay with respect to synchronized trigger Compensate for cable lengths Compensate for kicker power supply delay Internal delay of Arbitrary Waveform Generator (AWG) Differential delay Different characteristics of kicker switches 11 Chase| RF Controls 26-28 March 2018 CPG Functional Diagram Trigger from Controls Edge Manipulation

Time Resolution ~38 ps Rising Rising Delay Delay Anti Aliasing Filter Decimation 250 MHz 1.3 GHz Falling Falling Advance Advance 162.5 MHz (RF Ref) Trigger Synchronization 1.3 GHz

AWG 162.5 162.5 MHz MHz 26 26 GHz GHz Edge Manipulation ontrols 12 Anti Aliasing Filter Decimation Oversampling Rising Rising Delay Delay Reconstruction in time domain

CSV input file Falling Falling Advance Advance Analog Filter Analog Filter Amp Amp Ch1 Ch1 Amp Amp Ch2 Ch2 CompC h1 CompC h2

Upper Upper Kicker PS PS Kicker Lower Lower Kicker Kicker PS PS Time Period ~0.77 ns Time Period ~6.15 ns Final time resolution is still dependent on oversampling period 0s & 1s 26-28 March 2018 LabVIEW User Interface: AWG download waveform Testing with both 200 Ohm and 50 Ohm choppers show promising results- see Lionels talk

13 26-28 March 2018 Chase| RF Controls Summary The requirements for LLRF and RFPI are presently to support all modes of operation; CW RF, pulsed or CW beam, and pulsed RF with pulsed beam. The baseline requirement is to operate with CW RF and pulsed beam. The large Design Decision impacts for RF-INT have to do with with LFD compensation We expect to develop all modes of operation 14 26-28 March 2018 Chase| RF Controls END 15 26-28 March 2018 Chase| RF Controls

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