Welcome Bradfield School Sixth Form Starting A-Levels Parents

Welcome Bradfield School Sixth Form Starting A-Levels Parents

Welcome Bradfield School Sixth Form Starting A-Levels Parents Information Evening Patrick Beaumont Head of Sixth Form Karen Carter Assistant Head of Sixth Form A-Level Results Our last cohort scored above predictions (our best ever results)

85% of Students have gained a place at University 43% of Grades were A*-B 21% of Grades were A*-A Successful applications to Oxford, Durham and Medicine What we need to (continue to) work on this year in the 6th form Make directed questioning the default Increase pace and challenge Demand more from the students outside the classroom

Curriculum A-Levels Extended Work Enrichment Experience (3 orProject 4) What does this graph tell us about A-Level study? A*

Average A-Level Grade A B C D E U 4 5

6 Average GCSE Grade 7 8/9 A-Level Target Grades Approx. GCSE grades Target Grade Mainly 8 and 9 Mainly 7s Mainly 7s few 6s Mainly 6s & 5s

Mainly 5s few 6s Just over all 5s Mainly 5s few 4s Mainly 4s few 5s Mainly 4s A* A A B B B C C


5 4 C D E A-Level What do I need to study History at.? Cambridge

A*AA Newcastle AAA AAB (A in History) Sheffield Hallam 96 points (C in History) e.g. CCC C = 32 points Expectations of Students Be in school every day, from 8.40am until 3.05pm

Use private study time well (18 lessons = +18 hours) Total study time = 36 hours per week Complete all independent work set by deadlines Engage fully in the enrichment programme Maintain high standards of discipline and behaviour at all times Follow Dress Code Half Term and Focus Key Dates 12 Sep, Post-18 Options evening (for Y13) 18th Sep, 5.30-6.30pm - Starting A-Levels. Introduction to KS5 Parents & Students 1st October: School deadline for

Oxbridge/medicine/dentistry/vet science UCAS 12th Oct 14th Oct : Mount Cook Residential 1:1 Student-Tutor Meetings run from Sep-Oct th 1 Systems Establishing study routines Settling in 2 Attitude Taking stock of the first term Preparing for assessments 3 Effort

Assessments and Work Experience 4 Attitude Focus on Careers Opportunities Responding to feedback 5 Practice Preparing for Examinations 6 Vision Preparing for Y13/University/employment 14th November, 6.30-8.30pm Sixth Form Open Evening

current students are asked to help with the organisation of this event 19th November: School deadline for UCAS applications 14th January Y13 Mock Examinations Week 22nd January Y12 Work Experience Week 11th February Sixth Form Parents Evening 1:1 Student-Tutor Meetings run from Feb-Mar 12th March Applying to University parents information evening, 5.30-6.30pm 17th April Y13 intervention parents evening 24th May Y13 study leave begins 17th June Y12 internal Exams Week

Date TBC UCAS Convention (Sheffield) 3rd July New Y12 induction day 11th July Sports Day How can you support? Ensure students get to and stay in school

Provide a space to study at home Limit paid work (< 10 hours per week) Encourage students to seek help when stuck Contact school if you have concerns Continue to phone to report absence Support Bursary Fund applications EPQ Start and complete in Y12 Own choice written report linked to subject or possibly Uni course/area of work. 5000 words or 1000 words plus an artefact recording/poem/model/experiment Supported by tutors / links with local

Universities research, presentation skills WORK EXPERIENCE Jan 22nd 1 week Link to career aspirations / university choice Can arrange additional placements What next? Research courses / career ideas Make contact with companies / organisations Ask friends/family for contacts

Work experience at Jaguar Land Rover Around 400, 15-18 year old students take part in the work experience programme each year, giving them the opportunity to learn about careers in engineering, manufacturing and business related subjects. I have a keen interest in design and so sent an application for Jaguar Land Rovers design and testing plant in Coventry. Due to the high demand the application stage is only open for a short period (September to October). The work experience placement is for 1 week in July in which I work in many roles at the plant, from the initial design ideas right to the final testing of the cars before they reach the market to give me a broad understanding of what . goes on at the centre.

Where and for how long? Kirara-hama, Yamaguchi City, on camp - 10 days Tokyo - 1 week Japanese persons home (not sure where)- 3 days Yamaguchi City Tokyo Northern General Hospital Hand Clinic For my work experience I worked with multiple different surgeons in the Hand Clinic ward. This involved sitting in on consultations and following doctors

round the hospital, talking to different patients and gaining an insight on what it would be like to work in the hospital. It also gave me a chance to talk to other doctors and nurses, as well as the patients, in order to gain a second hand opinion on what its like working in the hospital as well as training at University. Enrichment in school

Lunchtime or after school clubs School productions School council 9250 Sports leaders School magazine What qualifications do different careers need? 5 Good GCSEs including English and Maths (this adds 80000 over a lifetime)*1 University courses and some apprenticeships require 3 A-Levels (2 A-Levels add a further 60000 over a lifetime)*1 Some professions require a University degree

(A degree can add 500000 over a lifetime)*2 *1 DFE 2015 *2 The Telegraph Feb 2018 Increased career choice / options Gaining an internationallyrecognised qualification Enrichment opportunities sport, theatre ,

music etc Increased independence / living away from home Benefits of Higher Education Studying a subject in greater detail becoming an expert

Studying a subject in greater detail becoming an expert Costs of Higher Education University is still free at the point of entry! You only pay it back if you earn enough (>21k) Tuition fee loan (9000 pa) Living cost loan (3124-8430pa) Bursaries/scholarships/hardship funds FREE Household income

Up to 25 000 Up to 30 000 Up to 35 000 Up to 40 000 Up to 42875 Maximum living cost loan 8430 7825 7220 6615 6266

Maximum tuition fee loan 9250 9250 9250 9250 9250

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