HOW THEY MADE THE FILM "PIRATES" BY TOM, LILLIAN, CERIDWEN AND IWAN How it all began They got the idea of pirates from an author called Gideon Defoe. The name of the director is Peter Lord.

The hardest thing is representing the book ,so that you didnt add or take anything away. All of the people who worked on the set thought it was beautiful. Everyone says pirates is a funny movie and something special. After the first set was finished ,everyone was in love. The producer is Julie Lockhart. All of the set members thought that CGI and stop motion was the way to go so that's what pirates is. Gideon Defoe had a meeting with Peter Lord. Designing the Pirates world The character designer was Jonny Duddle.

The production designer was Norman Garwood. The only thing they knew for sure was that the captain would have a long beard. One of the most important things was humour. To design the pirates world you don't build a miniature version of this world you build a hole new world You would pretend you are small and then you would look at it from the pirates' point of view. , The Story . To make a story you haft to put the events in the right orders to create tension . Jeff Newitt and Peter lord would have story meanings to discus things like the above . To put a story together you would have a story board to go over things and to see if it would look like they call it a blue print

. Rejer has a job as the head of the story board . Its obvious the a film hast to be exciting and in things like story meeting they will talk about what they can do to make it exciting PUPPET MAKING . Kate Anderson is the puppet designer . Debby Smith is the design sculpture . They need to put a steel sculpture inside of the characters so they can bent their arms and legs . There is more then one puppet of each character so they can do more then one seen at a time

. They make clothes and skin out of latex and silicone SETS Matt Perry is the supervising art designer. They have really big workshops, to make sure that there is enough room for everything, incase they suddenly need to make a new set, but they don't have room for it. Kim George makes miniature glass models for the movie "The Pirates".

With the props of the pirates kitchen, you can't just go to a prop house to get things like nearly everything else, you have to get it specially made, because they're so precise and unique. They had great fun designing the newspapers and articles so that it was funny. MOUTHS Every character has over 100 mouths The mouths can show deferent expressions They are made in different shape to say different words/letters You need different mouths to make it look like the character is

speaking If the character didnt have lots of different mouths it would look very od because there mouth would be moving a different way to what they are saying VOICE RECORDING They had sessions with the actors and help from the storyboard to picture the voices At first, for months, maybe years, they noted on paper When they had sessions wit the actors, it all came to life! Hugh Grant is the voice behind the pirate captain, Martin Freeman as the pirate with the scarf and David Tennant as Charles Darwin The actors have to pretend that they are the characters to set the impression that they really are the

characters in the movie "Pirates" LIVE ACTION VIDEO REHEARSAL Lloyd Price is the animation supervisor and Jay grace is the animation director The actors need to act out the animation before turning it into and animation They make a massive effort to make it as funny as possible When they act out an animation they try and include all the small detail like knocking on a door or even a floorboard creaking! When they act it out and they don't like it then they don't animate it and put it in the film Animation . Animation takes up lots of photos

. When they animate they will move the characters les then half a cm . Before making the animation some of the workers will act out the scene with every little detail and they some times will change things, so really its like a story board . The workers put a lot of trout in to it because every second counts . Its hard to make a scene with lots of characters because every time you move one character you haft to move the rest SHIP IN WATER The hardest part of filming the ship in water was that the ship wouldn't move so you had to move the cameras instead For the sun, obviously, there was no sun inside, so they used set lights to make it look like the sun is shining.

They also need to be really careful that you couldn't see the back of the real set lights that act as the sun in the movie. You would have to try loads of different looks for it to look just right and made to perfection. They didn't want the water to look to real but not to fake either-they wanted it to look Aardman style. SOUND Sound is just as important as music They have small boards of different things to make different foot steps like wood for the board .... For the scene where people in the bar were cheering they had professionals come in and cheered and shout When you add any sound to the film it all comes together its

just like music, especially when you add the voice recording to the film Music Music is crucial to a film it can change the effect and stop it from being boring and sometimes awkward. The music can change the mood of a film from being sad or happy, exciting or build

tension. Over 100 people work on the music playing all sorts of different instruments. When the music is finessed and added to the film it feels like it all comes together.

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