Its never too early or too late to

Its never too early or too late to

Its never too early or too late to begin your career exploration! Presented by: Broward College 9/01/2015 1 Collaborating Team Members Mildred Coyne, AVP Career and Technical Education Renee Law, District Director Career and Technical Education Joyce Walsh Portillo, AVP Academic Affairs Julia Vattiato, District Director, Curriculum Services

August, 2015 y t l u c a ck F d a r B

a w me o r B elco W 9/01/2015 2 Florida College System

Statewide Common Numbering System (SCNS) 28 State/Community Colleges and 12 Universities use the same course numbering/prefixes ENC 1101=ENC 1101 in all public institutions (Brilliant!) 9/01/2015

General Education Core Courses Senate Bill 1720 Exempt and Non-exempt 3 Quick Facts on Broward: Located in Fort Lauderdale 67,000+ students (degree-seeking and non-degree seeking including Dual Enrollment and Continuing Education) Three main campuses, one fully online campus, and nine centers in

Broward County Five international centers (India, Peru, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, Ecuador) Most AA transfer students go to Florida Atlantic University (Boca Raton home) or Florida International University (Miami) One AA program within the eight pathways Twelve Baccalaureate programs 127 A.S., A.A.S., PSAV, Certificate and Diploma programs 9/01/2015 4 Career Pathways

Development Aligning the Stakeholders Intentional Pathways Career Center Engagement Marketing 9/01/2015 I met with my Career Coach the other day and I had no idea I had so many options for a

career in this program! 5 Completers, Not Flounderers! 9/01/2015 6 Self-Advising vs. The Yellow Brick Road

9/01/2015 7 How Career Pathways is Similar to Kiddie Bowling Direction Protection Guidance Early wins Sense of Accomplishment 9/01/2015

8 Competent Advising is Critical: Specialists or Generalists? 9/01/2015 9 What are your goals? Are you planning to transfer to a fouryear degree program? Are you planning to enter the workforce after earning a degree or technical certificate?

Do you need to acquire additional skills to stay current at your place of employment? 9/01/2015 10 9/01/2015 11 9/01/2015

12 9/01/2015 13 9/01/2015 14 A.A. Soft Launch for Fall 2015 Math English

Introductory Course in Pathway Core Gen Ed Humanities Core Gen Ed Social Science Speech or SLS (Student Life Skills) 9/01/2015 15 Associate of Arts Program Code 1010 Program Description: The Associate of Arts (AA) degree is the traditional transfer degree.

Students who earn the AA are able to remain at Broward College, transfer to another state college, or a state university in order to continue their education and pursue a baccalaureate degree. Career Pathway: Business Program Entrance Requirements: HS Diploma or GED Additional Program Information: The Associate of Arts degree includes 36 credit hours of General Education and an additional 24 credit hours of electives. The elective credit hours should be selected based on the students transfer major. Students are encouraged to review the states Common Course Prerequisite Manual ( for additional guidance. Location(s): Courses are offered at all college locations, including online. Please consult the course schedule for specific semester locations. Bachelor Degree Majors Include: at Broward College

at a Transfer Institution Exceptional Student Education Middle Grades General Science Education Secondary Biology Education Middle Grades Mathematics Education Secondary Mathematics Education Environmental Science Biosecurity Environmental Science Physical Science Supervision and Management Technology

Management Information Technology Supply Chain Management Accounting Advertising Business Economics Finance Managemen t Hospitality Administrati

on Leisure Service Management Public Administration Real Estate Urban and Regional Planning Recommended First Semester Courses Exempt Students Non-Exempt Students ENC1101

Composition 3 ENC XXXX* 3 MAT/STA/MAC XXXX* 3 MAT/STA/MAC 3 I CGS1060 Computer and Internet Literacy XXXX* CGS1060C

Computer and Internet Literacy C I3ntroduction to Business 3 GEB1011 3Introduction to Business GEB1011 Principles of Accounting 3 ACG2001 3 ACG2001 Principles of

3 Principles of Accounting ECO2013 Macroeconomics ECO2013** 3 Principles of Macroeconomics *The specific English and Math course will depend on the students test score. 3 **Registration depends on the students test score. - Many courses have specific pre-requisite and co-requisite requirements that must be followed. Students are encouraged to consult the Course Information Table for a detailed list of all requisite requirements. If the student attends part-time (less than 12 credits), it is highly recommended that the student complete English and Math in

the first term. Students are strongly encouraged to meet with an advisor to create an educational plan. 9/01/2015 Broward College 196 College Catalog 2015-2016 16

9/01/2015 17 9/01/2015 18 9/01/2015 19 9/01/2015

20 9/01/2015 21 9/01/2015 22 9/01/2015

23 9/01/2015 24 Career Awareness 9/01/2015 25 Career Center Engagement

Career Coach Specialists Career Development Continuum 9/01/2015 26 What is the right major? Career? Encourage students to do some research using Career Coach

9/01/2015 27 9/01/2015 Use the catalog to help guide your choices. 28

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