Australia is the only continent that is also

Australia is the only continent that is also

Australia is the only continent that is also a country and an island. Canberra is the capital of Australia. This is the Parliament house in Canberra. Australias flag has the British Union Flag, five

stars for the Southern Cross constellation, and a large star for the Australias Coats of Arm It has a kangaroo and an emu; wattle

blossoms; a shield with coats of arms of the six states; and a star for the The Five States in Australia Northern Territory Queensland Western

Australia South Australia New South Wales Tasmania

The Look of the Land These hills are considered mountains in Australia. The Great Western Plateau

The plants here are mostly drought-resistant mulga The Gibber Desert This desert gets about 5 inches of rain a year.It is covered with wind polished stones. Gibber is the aboriginal word for stones. The Eastern

Highlands This is one of the many water falls in Southern Queensland that pours into a mossy canyon.

City Life This is a busy railroad station in Perth.

Perth is a city on the southwe st coast in Australi a.

This is the city of Melbourne . Almost All of Australias people live in cities. These

cities have shops, restaurant s, and tall buildings just like those in This is the Sydney Opera House. It is one of the

most famous buildings in Sydney. Life on the Cattle and Sheep Station The best-known job in Australia is farming. The wide, open spaces of the countryside are the perfect place for raising animals such as cattle and sheep.

The Outback It is mainly deserts and grasslands on which cattle and sheep graze. Sheep and cows are raised by the ranchers in Australia. This man has a sheep station in the Outback. A

station is like a ranch. He has thousands of sheep on his station. His workers uses dogs to find his sheep, and they often ride motorcycles to round up the sheep. Aborigines have lived in Australia for thousands of years. Some of them work in the Outback and have their own cattle stations.

Much of south and central Australia is very hot and dry. It is called the Outback. Alice Spring is the biggest town in the Outback. Aborigines are descendants of Australia's first settlers. They came to Australia

thousands of years ago. Their history is similar to the American Indians. Most Aborigines live in rural areas. But recently more young people are

Aborigine boys playing at corroborees just as you play at doing grown-up things. Corroborees are special tribal dances where the aborigines retell

stories. The dancers chant and stamp their feet to the sound of pipes called didjeridooos. Long ago, aborigines believe the

earth was flat and empty. Then, their world of light and dark, rocks and plants, birds and animals was formed by the

deeds of a race of mysterious creatures. This was the creation of Dreamtime. They drew these pictures on bark and cave walls.

A Bark Painting This painting was done on the inside of the bark of a Eucalyptus tree. Can you find

two kangaroos, a marsupial rat, a goanna, an emu, a long Aboriginal Bark Painting The Ayers Rock belongs to the Aborigines. Their

name for it is Uluru. The cave painting done by the Aborigines in the caves at Uluru are very famous. The Ayers Rock is the largest one-piece rock in the world. This is one of the cave

drawing on the cave wall at Uluru (or Ayers Rock.) Work

In Australia The wool and meat from these animals will be sold to people all over the world. This is an

opal miner in Cober Pedy. Cowboys from Barbeque in Australia-(Salad, steak, drink)

How does it compare to our cookouts? Cattleman cooks outdoors in Victoria. Cooking Noodles at a market in Darwin.

Australians eat many of the same foods we do. Meat, potatoes, and bread are all favorite dishes. Fresh

vegetables and fruit are popular, too. They also like foods from other countries. Pastimes

Camel Race at Alice Springs Lifeguard s Yacht Race

Team sports are very popular. Rugby is very rough and dangerous. Cricket is a little like American baseball.The men below are playing football. School in Australia Australia n

children start school when they are about five years old.

They learn math, reading, science, and Students in the outback

live to far away to attend regular schools. Instead, they learn through schools of

the air. Students receive and turn in their homework by mail. Teachers and

Animals in Australia Marsupials give birth to tiny, underdeveloped young. The young continue to

develop, often in pouches, or folds of skin , on their mothers belly. Many of Australian mammals belong to this group. Marsupials feed at night.

Mountain Possum The Koalas eat eucalyptus leaves and sleep in the branches of eucalyptus trees. With her baby safe in her lap,

the mother koala reaches for food. The marsupials eat only the leaves of the eucalyptus trees. The leaves give

them all the water they need. They live in the The Wallaby is part of

the kangaroo family, but smaller. This wallaby is unusual.

During a quarrel real or just in play- one kangaroo uses it tail as a prop while it tries

to kick the other. Kangaroos usually lives together The baby joey returns to its mothers pouch for

food and protection. Kangaroos often get hit by cars on the roads, so cars have roo bars in front of their engines. This bar protects the engines and lights if a kangaroos suddenly hop into the road. Patches of white

mark the thick woolly coat of a spotted cuscus. This round-faced animal has a yellowish nose and bulging yellow eyes. He uses his tail as an

extra hand. A cuscus is a marsupial about the size of a cat. Some people Built for burrowing, the wombat waddles on short, powerful legs. Wombats use mostly their strong front legs to dig

tunnels. The wombat is a marsupials. The glider is a member of the possum family. A glider stretches out flaps of skin that catch the air the way wings

do. It can travel the length of a football field. It feeds at night on leaves, fruit, sap and insects. Monotremes are mammals that lay eggs. Platypuses and

echidnas are the only monotremes. A platypus, is a strange animal that has a

bill and webbed feet like a duck,fur like a otter, and a tail like a beaver. It hatches

A young echidna lies curled in a flap of skin on its mothers belly. It wont be there much longer. Its spines have begun to appear.

Once they start poking the mother, she will put the your echidna in a hollow log or among rocks and A flock of emus race through a field.

These huge birds run fast- as fast as 30 miles an hour- and far. But they cant fly. Moving gently, a male emu tends a nest full of green

eggs. After the female emu lays the eggs, the male takes over. He hatches them and takes care

of the The female bowerbird watches the male. He decorates the nest with bits of colored materials. The frilled lizard strikes a

scary pose atop a termite mound. This reptile may grow An angry frill-necked lizard ruffles its frills to frighten an enemy.

This is the Tasmanian devil. A disturbed Tasmanian devil snarls and will freeze in a threatening posture and stay that way until the enemy goes away. They eat mostly dead animals. The Great Barrier

Reef It is the worlds largest coral reef. The reef is about 1,250 miles. Its beauty attracts many

skin divers. Great Barrier Reef: This is what you might see through a glass-bottom boat. A female weedy sea dragon and her young drift through the water, pushed along by transparent fins.

Bye! I hope you liked your visit to Australia.

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