Welcome Beta Club Members! January 26, 2016 Tuesday

Welcome Beta Club Members! January 26, 2016 Tuesday

Welcome Beta Club Members! January 26, 2016 Tuesday Be sure to SIGN-IN on legal pad NAME and GRADE LEVEL! Goals of Todays Meeting Reminders about Beta Club

New FALCON activities (Service AND Donations) Time for questions Meeting today will NOT last more than 20 minutes! Beta Club Advisors/Officers: Seniors: Advisor: Mrs. Bailey (Hughes) (B-512) Grayson Loftis (President)

Ellis Lanier (Service Coordinator) Juniors: Advisor: Mrs. Miehle (N-112) Alexis Wood (Treasurer) Taylor Layle (Historian) Sophomores: Advisor: Mrs. McFadden (C-116) Andrew Sharp (Vice President)

Sidny Long (Secretary) Beta Club REMINDERS You must earn 100 service points by the end of the year (May 13th) 60 points: Must be earned throughout the community (You are NOT limited to these activities). You must have at least ONE FALCON activity in this category See Community Service Projects on E-Chalk page for these opportunities. 40 points: Donations

See Donations on E-Chalk for opportunities ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- You must earn 100 meeting points by the end of the year (May 13th) 20 points earned per attended meeting These points include after school meetings AND make-up meetings during FLEX Be sure you SIGN-IN to EVERY meeting that you attend! 10 points are earned by printing the Meeting Agenda on E-Chalksign.and give to your advisor. You are given 2 weeks from meeting to complete! Directions located on ORANGE HANDOUT.ask advisor if you need one.

Dont Forget: If you plan to complete a service project that is NOT listed on the Beta Club E-Chalk page, then you must complete an APPROVAL FORM Located under Resources on E-Chalk Please dont assume that all service projects will be approved SERVICE SLIPS are required for ALL activities Service projects AND Donations Please give to your advisor so they can file and keep as a record!

Have you signed-up through REMIND? To: 81010 Message: @cd3df8 New Falcon Opportunities: All of the upcoming new service projects are available under

Service Opportunities available on E-Chalk Blankets for Pediatrics: Donations: 2 fabrics needed per blanket 1 yards needed per fabric (10 points per fabric) One print AND one solid preferred per blanket Or.. 2 yard of SOLID fabric Check out Hancock Fabrics for discounted rates!

MAX: 40 points Service Opportunity: There will be time available AFTER Christmas to create these blankets for young children Time: TBD.Mrs. White will help us with this project 15 points per blanket created 30 points MAX allowed Blankets for pediatrics: All donations due February 9th.

If you would like to help CREATE these blankets for service points, then please attend Blankets for Pediatrics Service Project in Mrs. Baileys Room (B-512) on February 9th. During FLEX (Both Sessions) AND/OR after school 10 points per hour 30 points max allowed USC Lancaster Honors Day: February 26th (Friday) FALCON ACTIVITY

30 service points We will leave on bus around 7:15/7:30AM and return around 2:30PM You will participate in various activities around the campus. You can win scholarship money You must be a JUNIOR or SENIOR to attend! More details about USC Lancaster Honors Day:

Last day to sign up.by THIS FRIDAY (January 29th) Tell Mrs. Bailey if you would like to attend. If you plan to attend If you would like to compete in the Barry Bowl (Academic challenge tournament against other schools), then tell Mrs. Bailey ASAP! Up to 6 students allowed on this team. If you would like to enter Art OR Creative Writing entries, then give to Mrs. Bailey by Feb. 16th If you would like to compete for music competition (solo voice or solo instrumental) then no pre-registration needed. Bring your own equipment and accompaniment on Feb.

26th Students Attending So Far: Lilly Do Jaddey Feliz-Cabrera Landrie Smith Paige Pierce Grayson Loftis Claudine Victorin

Sydny Long Taylor Layle Deep Patel Cindy Tran Georgia Devaney Claudine Victorin Lauren Johnson Abi Warmington Matthew Thomas

Noah McCarter Sandra Hanna Sabah Bhamani Mitchell Neal Gannon Winters Kaicey Julien Azaria Goodwin Kasie Nugent Evan Schneider Kelli Martin

Rebecca Rebain Donation Opportunity: Souper Bowl of Caring When: NOW February 5th You can donate to the Souper Bowl of Caring and all proceeds will go to the Urban Ministry Center Soup Kitchen in Charlotte. 1 point per dollar donated. You can receive up to 25 points MAX for this project. Give money to Mrs. Bailey OR Ellis Lanier

Ongoing Falcon Opportunities to earn donation/service points: Kiva Organization Donate up to $25 to help poverty-stricken areas to give them loans to help their business. 1 point per dollar donated. You can receive up to 25 points MAX for this project. Give money to Gretchen Johnson

Be sure to include donation slip to your advisor for credit! All Kiva donations are due by May 1st Vial for Life Packets: 10 points her kit--- You can receive a maximum of 30 points Ask Mrs. Bailey for packets Vial of Life is a very simple emergency notification system, in which a person places a red cross on their front door alerting emergency and fire officials that this person has their medical and emergency contact

information in a zip lock bag on their refrigerator should the person every need emergency assistance If you are helping with Vial for Life at Pageant then please see Mrs. Bailey for details! Anna Grace O'Brien Emily Tobik Ally Hunt Cassidy Saidon

Ongoing FALCON SERVICE opportunities: Fort Mill Senior Center Childrens Attention Home Peer Tutoring Humane Society Beta Aid See E-Chalk for details!

Have a GREAT idea for a FALCON Service Project? Please e-mail your advisor and we will let you know if we would like to add to our list Before you Leave Did you sign in with you advisor/officer to receive your 20 points????

If friends cannot attend today OR during FLEX, then please encourage them to pick up an orange sheet from their advisor to learn how to earn 10 points. Have a great day!

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