Owen Evans Director Skills, Higher Education and Lifelong

Owen Evans Director Skills, Higher Education and Lifelong

Owen Evans Director Skills, Higher Education and Lifelong learning Cyfarwyddwr - Sgiliau, Addysg Uwch a Dysgu Gydol Oes Welsh Government/Llywodraeth Cymru Work Programme Critical Work Programme was designed around partnership Two Political Complexions but one issue

Vital that all three sectors work together to deliver real results Welsh Government committed to getting people into sustainable employment Strategic Vehicle Joint Employment Delivery Board Jointly Chaired by Department for Work & Pensions

(DWP)/ Welsh Government (WG) Members include JobCentre Plus (JCP), Wales Council for Voluntary Action (WCVA), Welsh Local Government Association (WLGA), Welsh European Funding Office (WEFO) & Confederation of British Industry (CBI) Ambition to bring all sectors together and coordinate activities and drive strategic change

Pre Contract Pre contract working on single employer offer Looking into steps to put in place pre contract e.g. European Funding WEFO liaising with EU and WG De-commitment where no added value or duplication

Post Contract Welcomed Working Links and Rehab Jobfit to membership Contract performance still a matter for DWPbut we all have a role to play Now focuses on maximising performance and understanding barriers and dissemination of intelligence Work packages becoming apparent

Critical Areas for WG Aligning Government Programmes Majority of support focused on tackling barriers up to point of eligibility Coordinate WEFO funding to ensure a more joined up approach - less duplication/more coordination Language shifting to whats possible post eligibility. Skills ladder is vital when in work

Were all in this together.. The current tough economic conditions mean extra effort is needed to help the long-term unemployed,those facing multiple disadvantage and those with poor basic skills secure sustained employment

Guess who? Business Involvement Public and third sectors set to contract in medium term This is a shared agenda and the CBI is playing a leading role Need to work with employers and the Work Providers to

encourage participation Not just CSR Other Strands of Government Action - today Emerging Economic Renewal Programme Pathways to Apprenticeships & Young Recruits

New Steps Programme/Route-ways to Work Jobs Growth Wales Jobs Growth Wales 75m over three years 4,000 people a year into paid work experience (16-24 year olds) Focus on private sector and on the job ready

Skills Health Check Careers Wales and JCP Specific threads graduates, sustainability skills, micro businesses Pilot underway Other Strands of Government Action tomorrow Focus on employability

Through Qualifications and Welsh Bacc Feeding better LMI through careers services

20 point action plan for schools NEETS review Flying Start Focus on Level 3 skills Diolch / Thank you

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