Office 2003 sample slides to use with template

Office 2003 sample slides to use with template

Supporting Transition from Key Stage 4 into Key Stage 5 November 2016 Rachel Calver Post 16 Assistant Head Virtual School Kent Workshop Objectives This workshop will explore how VSK works in partnership with key agencies to support transition into Key Stage 5 through: Training offered to professionals

Promotion of post 16 options Allocating young people to VSK staff Working with LA teams Success and areas to develop Transition policy and development Transition What makes a successful transition into key stage 5? What does a good transition look like to you?? Virtual School Kent Who are we and what do we do??

The Virtual School acts as a local authority champion to support improvements in the education of Children in Care (CiC) and Young Care Leavers (YCL) and to promote their educational achievement as if they were in a single school. As of January 2015, Kent extends to Key Stage 5 (16-18yrs) Made up of: o Head Teacher and 3 Deputy Heads o 7 Assistant Heads covering locality areas and OLA o Assistant Head for Post 16 across county o Support Officers o Year 11 Progression Support Officers o Fostering Liaison Officers and Education Welfare Officers o Admin/Data and Nurses o Participation and Engagement Team

Social Worker structure change now a 0-18yrs service and then separate 18+ service VSK Locality Team Assistant Head Deputy Head Nurses Yr11

Progression Support Officers CHILDREN IN CARE & CARE LEAVERS Participation Apprentice For contact names, please visit Fostering Education Liaison Officer Educational Welfare Officer Support Officers

VSK Post 16 Team Assistant Head Deputy Head Support Officers Data Post & Admin Post

Participation Apprentice Current picture. Kent 2374 as of July 2016 69% male 377 were in year 11 1087 in year 12&13 of which 678 were UASC 12.45% achieving 5 A*-C grades including English and Maths (Summer 2015 was 8% in 2014 due to first sit of exam counting) Compared to non Looked After Children 58% (2014) Oct 2016 947 post 16, of which 603 UASC

VSK Staff Support Year 11 Progression Support Officer Allocated to each year 11 young person to support onward planning, attend PEPs, liaise with providers, SEN and Foster Carers Post 16 Support Officers All young people allocated to a VSK member of staff to track, monitor and support into EET, once in EET working closely with Colleges, Training providers, CIC teams and 18+ team to provide support Work together, meet regularly to discuss cases and support transition process Identify early those young people that will need more visits/planning/tasters events before making post 16 choices

New 18+ Support Officer due to start shortly VSK Resources Transition Policy Recently developed to include all resources Shows collaboration between LA teams (SEN, YOT, S&E) Presented to all managers in directorate to ensure all aware Flow charts of NEET and preventative work EPEP All electronic and includes post 16 14-19 transition section Post 16 Application questions Transition year calendar

Developed with Year 11 and Post 16 VSK staff to plan the years cycle VSK website, Post 16 Bulletin, Facebook, Twitter, Fostering Newsletter Other links Designated Member of Staff Similar to the DT, all Kent and Medway Colleges and Universities have a DMS VSK work very closely with them each provider has a VSK rep Supporting transition, PEPs, Bursary, progression, NEET 3 meetings for all of DMS to come together to share best practice and raise concerns and a new separate HE DMS meeting group CLPP network District Offer

Local Authority have developed 2 websites specifically for Kent and Monthly area NEET-to-EET forum meetings bringing together providers and key teams working with vulnerable groups - held in the youth hubs Training Understanding the Post1 6 Sector training Delivered annually to Foster Carers Has been delivered to VSK staff and Social Workers Plans to deliver it to IROs Working with CIC/CL training Delivered to new Designated Members of Staff Available for new training providers

Social Work Students Delivered in collaboration with Medway Virtual School to students around the importance of PEPs and their role as Social Worker Sharing your best practice? What barriers can you see? Celebrating success VSK Award Ceremonies Annually through nominations Separate ceremony for Key Stage 4 and below held in September Separate ceremony for Key Stage 5

and above held in October to coincide with National Care Leaver week Areas to develop Transition section on VSK website DMS Charter Progression Agreement Links with 18+ Service SEN collaboration Anything to add??? Anything to add?? Any other questions??

Thank you for participating.. Rachel Calver [email protected]

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