Nursing & Midwifery Council

Nursing & Midwifery Council

NMC revalidation Sue Hooton Facilitators resource Aims of the presentation Consider the background to revalidation Present the new requirements for revalidation Present the timelines & preparation: portfolio completion and NMC on-line Describe the alignment with appraisal systems Describe what you can do now! Next steps towards go live for nurses & midwives in April 2016 The Francis review

Due to the shortfalls in practice at Mid Staffordshire Hospital Foundation Trust, whereby poor care resulted in many deaths A key recommendation of the Francis review was the requirement of a more robust approach to the process of practitioner revalidation The new revalidation model 12 months Meeting requirement s and building a portfolio 3 years

Confirmatio n from a third party Application for renewal of registration 60 days Existing PREP requirements New revalidation requirements from 2016 35 hrs CPD within the previous 3 35 hrs CPD years

20 of these hours to include participatory learning with other nurses related to the NMC Code (2015) 450 hours of practice within the 450 hours practice previous 3 years Declaration of good character Declaration of good character Professional Indemnity cover 5 pieces of feedback from colleagues or users of the services 5 pieces of written reflection which is based on the new NMC Nursing Code A signed and recorded Professional Development Discussion (by a registered nurse, preferably the line manager) Confirmation from a line manager that the portfolio is complete and ready to submit to NMC for application to re-register Alignment with annual appraisal discussion or six monthly review of appraisal wherever this is possible

Few portfolios audited by NMC NMC will regularly audit a set percentage of portfolios which will involve: contact with confirmers electronic submission of portfolio evidence New revalidation overview Practice Hours CPD Confirmation

The Cod e Health and character Professional indemnity arrangement Feedback Reflection and discussion

5 steps to Revalidation Open your profile on NMC On-Line Know your new NMC Code Use appraisals to identify your Confirmer Start your portfolio Stay aware visit the NMC website

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