NSOF Resources - University of Wisconsin-Madison

NSOF Resources - University of Wisconsin-Madison

The NSOF Mark Hyde Agenda NSOF Location Maps Metro Shuttle to NSOF NSOF Rules Parking Off hours access Property Passes Security Network Access Laptops Photography

2 NSOF Location - Area Map 3 NSOF Location - Area Map Suitland Federal Center 4 NSOF Location - Close in Map 5 NSOF Location Campus NSOF Silver Hill Road

nd Suitla R o ad Gate 5 (Visitor Center) Parkin g Suitland METRO Station (Green Line) Suitland Parkway Not to scale 6 7

Shuttle from Suitland Metro Stop NOAA/NSOF SHUTTLE SCHEDULE MORNING SCHEDULE 6:00AM to 10: 00AM Depart Census Metro Entrance (Gate#7) 6:00am 6:30am 7:00am 7:30am 8:00am 8:30am 9:00am 9:30am Arrive NSOF 6: 6: 7: 7: 8:

10am 40am 10am 40am 10am 8: 40am 9: 10am 9: 40am Depart NSOF to Census Metro Entrance (Gate#7 ) 6:15am 6:45am 7:15am 7:45am 8:15am 8:45am 9:15am 9:45am

AFTERNOON S CHEDULE 2:00PM to 6:00PM Depart NSOF 2:00pm 2:30pm 3:00pm 3:30pm 4:00pm 4:30pm 5:00pm 5:30pm Arrive Census Metro Entrance (Gate#7) 2: 2: 3: 10pm 40pm 10pm

3: 40pm 4: 10pm 4: 40pm 5: 10pm 5: 40pm Depart Census Metro (Gate#7) 2:15pm 2:45pm 3:15pm 3:45pm 4:15pm 4:45pm 5:15pm END ROUTE THE ARRIVAL AND DEPARTURE TIMES ARE APPROXIMATE.

8 NSOF Rules NSOF Rules Parking Temporary Can be signed for daily at the NSOF entrance Short term visits Up to six month passes can be signed for with sponsorship M. Hyde can authorize these Permanent Permanent parking is authorized for full time NSOF employees Must have assigned office and phone Blue hang-tag and NOAA badge coded for garage required Off hours access - Access to the NSOF is through Gate 5 on Silver Hill Rd. NSOF Badged No garage access No special preparations required Parking is behind the building or on the street in front NSOF Visitor M. Hyde can sign and send forms

Coordination with Census Security is required 72 hour advance notice is requested Form BC-120 must be filled out, sign and sent to Census Security for access to gate 5 NSOF Visit request is required for the NSOF guards same 72 hour advance notice is requested 9 NSOF Rules (cont) NSOF Rules Property Passes Property passes are required to get laptops and other property out of the NSOF Property passes can be for multiple days The NSOF guards are very diligent about checking M. Hyde can sign property passes for visitors Shipping / Receiving The loading dock can be scheduled for major system deliveries The overnight material can be shipped to and from the NSOF

DHL, FEDEX and UPS make regular deliveries Pickup is scheduled by the requestor to the delivery service Security Campus security is handled by the Federal Protective Services (FPS) They are the campus police They monitor parking and speeding on campus NSOF security handles the NSOF front gate and entrances/exits They manage the visitor logs and access points They check for Property passes 10 NSOF Rules (cont) NSOF Rules Network Access Laptops on NSOF Visitor LAN

A remote user form must be filled out and submitted. IPO will review and sign the form Form sent to CITS ISSO for signature Laptop is scanned by CITS Process can take up to a week depending on availability of each signature and CITS work load Photography Photography is prohibited 11

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