Network Management Principles and Protocols

Network Management Principles and Protocols

Network Management Principles and Protocols Presented by: Mohsen Kahani [email protected] Ferdowsi University of Mashhad Faculty of Engineering Table of Contents Introduction Network Management Functional Areas Fault Management

Performance Management Configuration Management Security Management Accounting Management Network Management Standards Simple Network Management Protocol OSI Model Telecommunication Management Network Web-based Approaches Conclusion Introduction

Motivation A bit of History Definition A Network Management System (NMS) is used to design, organize, analyze and administer computer and telecommunication networks, in order to maintain a desired level of service at all times. NM Architecture

NM Functional Areas Configuration Management Fault Management Performance Management Security Management

Accounting Management Configuration Management Inventory management Network topology services Service-level agreement Designing, implementing and processing trouble

tickets Order processing and provisioning Change management Directory services Configuration Management Fault Management

Fault Management Issues Alarm Correlation Trouble Ticketing System Expert System Application Performance Management Definition of performance indicators Service-oriented indicators

- Availability, Response time, Accuracy Efficiency-oriented indicators - Throughput,Utilization Performance monitoring Monitoring against the indicator Thresholding and exception reporting

Analysis and tuning Establishing operational standards Security Management Risk Analysis Protecting the Managed Objects Authentication Procedures Maintenance of Access Control Routines

Management of Keys for Encipherment Maintenance of Authorization Facilities Maintenace of Security Logs Protecting the NMS Accounting Management

Identification of cost components Establishing change-back policies Definition of charge-back procesdures Processing vendor bills Integration of Network accounting into corporate accounting policy

NM Standards Simple Network Management Protocol SNMP V1, V2, V3 OSI Model Object-based approach TMN Model Just a framework for network management systems

Web-based Approach SNMP Management Information Base (MIB) Virtual Information Store of MOs Information are stored at MOs using different approaches MIB II added a number of useful variables Structure of Management Information (SMI) Framework fot the Definition of SNMP MIBs Object Information Model for Network Management Formal Description of the Structure are Given Using a Subset of ASN.1

Abstract Syntax Notation 1 (ASN.1) A Standard Object Definition Language A Standard Way to Encode Objects for Transfer Over a Network Its Large,Complex,and not Especially Efficient SNMP PDUs get-request get-next-request get-response

set-request trap get-bulk-request inform-request SNMP Versions SNMP v1

Designed to be an interim solution No security consideration Not efficient SNMP v2 Authentication of the Message Source Protecting Messages from Disclosure

Placing Access Control on MIBs Multiple Request Problem solved Traps Have the Same Format as Other PDUs 2 New Operations Much Layers and More Complex SNMP v3 Built Upon the Two First Versions of SNMP Additional Security and Administrative Capabilities OSI Architecture TMN An Important Framework for Management of Telecommunication Networks A Host of Management Functions and Communications

Operation Administration Maintenance Provision Chosen By Telcos for Managing WANs Enables Communication between Operations System(OSs) and Network Elements(NEs) Via a Data Communications Network(DCN)

Base for ATM network management TMN Architecture Web-based Approaches Using HTTP instead of SNMP Web-Based Enterprise Management (WBEM) Java Management API (JMAPI) Using Web as an Interface paradigm Bay Networks Optivity Web Computer Associates Unicenter TNG WNMS

Conclusion Network management is critical for big networks The principle of network management was discussed Some network management standards were explained Web-based management is becoming a strong

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