Mi boda española

Mi boda española

Mi boda espaola Contents Slide 2 Intro to project Slide 3 Details of task Slide 4 Example of collaborative space Slide 5&6 - Vocabulary Slide 7-18 Ideas Slide 19-20 Example of assessment For the teachers This is a lesson I did with my year 10s in the ICT suite with a follow-up homework. The idea is that they have to plan a wedding in a Spanish city by visiting Spanish websites and getting all the different elements needed in a wedding. First of all they need to listen to the Voki from slide 2 (which I did on the board with the class) After this they can read the full explanation of the task on slide 3. The first lesson should be in an ICT suite/with ipads and the students are put into groups of wedding planners. In order to communicate they can use a primary pad to chat to each other in and out of school about which elements of the wedding they will be finding (slide 4 has links to this). On Slides 6-18 there is extra information about each element of the wedding. When they have

found an element they need to use the vocabulary on slide 5 and I asked them to write onto Edmodo details of the price, website and business for each element. After I set it as homework, I marked it; unfortunately the two examples on slides 19-20 were from groups that didnt do particularly well but it gives an idea of the kind of response I had. I fined them money for locating items outside of Oviedo and penalised them for leaving elements out. I graded them in terms of how happy the bride would be. Introduccin al proyecto Todays task is a group project linked to exploring websites for a real purpose. Click on the Voki link at the bottom of the page to find out what the project is about. Hola, soy Adriana.. Half of the project will be done in the ICT suite and half at home. Your aim is to work

as a team to produce the final project portfolio. The winning team will get some kind of prize probably involving leaving lessons when the assistant arrives. Remember a good team will have clear roles and responsibilities to make sure everything is done. http://www.voki.com/pickup.php?scid=4355946&height=267&width=200 Mi boda espaola Task: Plan and create a Spanish wedding for a client living in Oviedo Spain. You need to cost the wedding for 100 guests You must source as many of your wedding items locally (within Oviedo) or have them sent to you if necessary. Points are awarded for keeping costs down and being realistic about where you source your items. For example it is no good booking a honeymoon flying from Madrid when Oviedo is 300 miles away or ordering a wedding cake from the South of Spain. A good place to start is google maps

which will show you a list of local businesses. Grupos Each team has a collaborative space where you can communicate with your group as to who is doing what. Use the chat window. When you have found one of your wedding elements then you will need to use the vocabulary on slide 4 and post it to me on Edmodo (see example below) A Annam, Faizah Shahreen Aamera http://free.primarypad.com/p/hAToTTzBg3 B Klaudia Nazmin Momena Saba Iqra http://free.primarypad.com/p/1bcTqWXZR8 C Monica Khadija Sabreena Saadia

http://free.primarypad.com/p/lDObOoGriT D Iqra Kiran Afareen Samiya Semeeya http://free.primarypad.com/p/tqVfl1nNAU Los precios For every thing that you decide on for your wedding, you need to quote a price and a source. See vocab and example below. CuestaIt costs La tienda/empresa se llama The shop/business is called Lo/La/Los/Las voy a comprar en. Im going to buy it/them in El alquiler de .. cuesta The hire of. costs Para el da for the day

para tres horas for three hours El sitio web de la tienda/empresa es The website of the shop/business is Aishah: La empresa se llama deseosytentaciones El alquiler del coche 4x4 de boda cuesta 600 euros para tres horas. El sitio web de la empresa es http://www.deseosytentaciones.es/home.html Vocabulario On the following slides youll see some advice linked to each thing you might buy BUT you dont need to only buy these things.

El vestido de novia El coche de boda La suite nupcial y La tarta de boda Las alianzas Las flores El traje de novio

La luna de miel Un lugar para la ceremonia Las invitaciones El banquete de bodas (comida, bebida etc) La comida La msica / el entretenimiento

El vestido de novia Obviously youll need to find a wedding dress shop but the problem is that many of these dont give prices. Can you find one at a good price in Oviedo? Maybe you need to order a 2nd hand one or try www.ebay.es Have a good look around 1st. What are the alternatives? Does it even need to be a wedding dress? La tarta de boda This might also be called a pastel de boda so search for both of these. Also think about what kind of shop that you might find these in maybe you wont find a shop that specialises in wedding cakes so find one that has them as part

of their business. Las flores Its unlikely youll find a specialised shop so think about a more general shop that sells flowers and try to find wedding flowers. Un lugar para la ceremonia Religious weddings in Spain will be held in Catholic churches. Youll need to find out how much it costs for a priest and for the ceremony. A civil wedding could be held in the town hall or even a hotel. In this case you will need to hire a registrar. This may be difficult to find so keep looking.

El coche de boda Remember that you can use any mode of transport you want it doesnt have to be a car although this is tradicional any way to get the bride to the ceremony is acceptable. Most car hire places will charge by the hour so you need to calculate the price after deciding how many hours you want the vehicle for. Las alianzas Wedding bands are specialised rings so you need to check that what youre buying is a real wedding band and not another type of ring. Think about which shops will sell them and remember you need 2.

Las invitaciones Extremely important and extremely annoying to organise calculate the amount you will need to send (Check how many guests are coming in slide 2) How much is postage? Where will you be able to find these can you order them from outside Barcelona or collect them from a shop inside? La msica What kind of music will you have: a DJ? A band? Remember to choose something that is local. Maybe you want extra entertainment for the children too.

La suite nupcial What hotel will the bride and groom spend their wedding night in? You could use www.tripadvisor.es to find out which hotels are best rated and then be sure to find one with a honeymoon suite as the couple wont want to spend the night in a normal room. El traje de novio A suit for the groom can be hired or bought. Try to find a shop that gives a price. La luna de miel

Needs to leave from Oviedo and youll need to calculate hotel costs, flights and make sure that it is a unique stay. El banquete de bodas Probably the most important part of the whole wedding a venue to eat and drink and celebrate. Youll need to find a venue appropriate for a wedding reception which can hold 200 people. This could be a hotel, town hall, country house or even museum. How are you going to feed your guests? Remember that you need to calculate the total for all the guests. What kind of companies provide food? Will the reception venue allow outside food or do you have to buy their own food? What kind of food will you have? A meal? A buffet?

GRUPO 1- Annam, Klaudia, Faizah Shahreen Aamera Las flores 720 euros Empresa local http://www.floresalisma.es/index.php/id/32/claves/flores-alisma-aviles-artificial-dias -especiales-funerario-plantas-ramos-centros-rosas-nupcial-celebracion-ceremonia -coche-novios-detalles-ramos-tienda-online Traje 750 euros Empresa local http://www.bodas.net/trajes-novio/bernardo-oviedo--e36589 Luna de miel 275 euros + hotel 8879 euros Aeropuerto local

http://www.hotelsavoy.it/ http://www.vueling.com/en Invitaciones 269 euros Empresa nacional http://www.invitacionesdebodadiferentes.com/contacto Coche 850 euros + multa de 850 euros Empresa nacional http://www.supercarhirespain.com/

Coste total de la boda 12593 euros Resultado Elementos no incluidos Tarta, msica, banquete, comida, alianzas, vestido, ceremonia Novia enfadadsima GRUPO 2- Nazmin Momena Saba Iqra Coche 300 euros Empresa local http://www.bodas.net/coches-de-boda/tu-boda-en-clasico--e23282

Luna de miel 480 euros Empresa local http://www.melia.com/hotels/spain/oviedo/tryp-oviedo-hotel/rooms-and-rates.htm Tarta* 19.40 euros + multa de 10 euros Empresa nacional http://www.novodistribuciones.com/novios-richard-isabella-p-5180.html Traje 750 euros Empresa local http://www.bodas.net/trajes-novio/bernardo-oviedo--e36589 Invitaciones 155 euros Empresa local http://www.javibodas.com/invitaciones-de-boda-asturias-parte-2/invitaciones-de-boda-asturias-parte-2.ht

ml Vestido 145 euros + multa de 300 euros Empresa internacional http://www.amormoda.com/Ball-gown-Sweetheart-Court-Train-Organza-Satin-Wedding-Dress-Wit h-Ruffle-Lace-Beadwork-002011973-g11973 Flores 105 euros + multa de 300 euros Empresa internacional http://www.petalsnetwork.com/wconnect/wc.isa?PINET~VIEW_FLOWER&ln=en&co=ES&ec=ES&cu=E UR&id=R7 Coste total de la boda 2564 euros

Elementos no incluidos Tarta, msica, banquete, comida, alianzas, ceremonia Resultado Novia enfadadsima

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