Managing Derived Entities: Subjects and Names

Managing Derived Entities: Subjects and Names

18 August 2015, Cape Town, South Africa Managing Derived Entities: Subjects and Names IFLA World Library and Information Congress, Dynamic Subject Access: Evolution and Transformation, Classification & Indexing section Thom Hickey, presenter, and Diane Vizine-Goetz OCLC Research The environment Hundreds of millions of bibliographic records 485 languages in 341 million records with more than 2 billion holdings Records come from a variety of sources created under different rules and practices Resulting in duplication, inconsistencies, omissions & errors

What we want to manage Works* Expressions* People, families, organizations, places Subjects Roles, genres, classes Managing subjects Many controlled vocabularies in WorldCat FAST (Faceted application of subject terminology) LCSH (Library of Congress Subject Headings)

RAMEAU: rpertoire d'authorit de matires encyclopdique unifi RVM (Rpertoire de vedettes-matire) SWD (Schlagwortnormdatei) Links to VIAF & FAST Total 700000000 600000000 500000000 400000000 300000000 200000000 100000000 0 Subject fields links

500000000 450000000 400000000 350000000 300000000 250000000 200000000 150000000 100000000 50000000 0 FAST LC Authorities WC Topic

Place Person Organization FAST as a case study Faceted vocabulary All headings established in authority file Persistent identifiers for all headings Obsolete headings deprecated not deleted Derived primarily from LCSH, LC NACO file, and LC Genre/Form terms Eight categories of terms

Persons Organizations Events Titles of works Chronological/Time periods Topics Places Form/Genre terms LCSH in MARC Bibliographic Records Headings before conversion 650 10 Bennet, Elizabeth (Fictitious character) $v Fiction. 650 10 Darcy, Fitzwilliam (Fictitious character) $v Fiction.

650 0 Gentry $z England $v Fiction. 650 0 Social classes $z England $v Fiction. 650 0 Young women $v Fiction. 650 0 Mate selection $v Fiction. 650 0 Courtship $v Fiction. 650 0 Sisters $v Fiction. 651 0 England $x Social life and customs $y 19th century $v Fiction. FAST headings after conversion FAST headings after conversion 648 7 $a 1800 - 1899 $2 fast 600 7 $a Bennet, Elizabeth $c (Fictitious character) $2 fast $0 (OCoLC)fst00830497 650 7 $a Darcy, Fitzwilliam $c (Fictitious character) $2 fast $0 (OCoLC)fst00887810 600 7 $a Courtship $2 fast $0 (OCoLC)fst00881873 650 7 $a Gentry $2 fast $0 (OCoLC)fst00940300

650 7 $a Manners and customs $2 fast $0 (OCoLC)fst01007815 650 7 $a Mate selection $2 fast $0 (OCoLC)fst01011691 650 7 $a Sisters $2 fast $0 (OCoLC)fst01119758 650 7 $a Social classes $2 fast $0 (OCoLC)fst01122346 650 7 $a Young women $2 fast $0 (OCoLC)fst01183301 651 7 $a England $2 fast $0 (OCoLC)fst01219920 655 7 $a Fiction $2 fast $0 (OCoLC)fst01423787 Facet FAST for Pride and Prejudice Time Period. Person.. 648 7 $a 1800 - 1899 $2 fast 600 7 $a Bennet, Elizabeth $c (Fictitious character) $2 fast 600 7 $a Darcy, Fitzwilliam $c (Fictitious character) $2 fast

650 7 $a Courtship $2 fast 650 7 $a Gentry $2 fast 650 7 $a Manners and customs $2 fast 650 7 $a Mate selection $2 fast 650 7 $a Sisters $2 fast 650 7 $a Social classes $2 fast 650 7 $a Young women $2 fast 651 7 $a England $2 fast 655 7 $a Fiction $2 fast Topic. Place Form/Genre. Facet Counts Persons Organizations

Events Titles of Works Chronological/Time periods Topics Places Form/Genre Total 692,734 360,571 12,417 63,074 676 406,873 176,774 2,507 1,715,626

FAST Authority Records An authority record is created for each FAST heading Authority records are enhanced in various ways, including Geographic area codes, coordinates & feature type information WorldCat usage information (literary warrant for heading) Links to other vocabularies Records are available as MARC-21 and RDF with persistent URIs for each heading FAST Authority Record England Hertfordshire

Heading is hierarchal and is based on the MARC Code List for Geographic Areas Geographic coordinates (040 and 670 fields) WorldCat usage information (688 fields) Links to VIAF, LC NACO file and GeoName (751 fields) All headings have URI based on heading control number Links to other Files Authority

Count Library of Congress Subject Headings* 299,172 LC NACO File 1,213,647 VIAF 1,213,232 DbPedia/Wikipedia Geonames Total geographic coordinates

160,837 85,422 120,561 *One-to-One only, not including references to partial or pattern headings 16 Fictional characters in authority files Headings of this type are being revised and recoded as personal names. Persons include persons named in religious works, fictitious and legendary persons, and real or fictitious non-human entities This change has introduced some inconsistencies in the use of qualifiers associated with names of characters and an opportunity to enhance FAST authority records for fictional characters

100 1_ 245 250 264 264 300 336 337 338 520 14 _1 _4 The autobiography of Sherlock Holmes / c by Sherlock Holmes ; edited by Don Libey, S.H.S.L. First edition.

San Francisco ; a London : b Campbell & Lewis Publishers, c 2012. c 2012 132 pages ; c 21 cm text b txt 2 rdacontent unmediated b n 2 rdamedia volume b nc 2 rdacarrier It is 1929. As Watson has recently died, Sherlock Holmes is determined to set down a "true and accurate summary" of their shared experiences, set in the context of Holmes' life. Born into a prosperous family, Holmes received all the benefits that entailed. In 520 500 545 600 650 600

600 600 650 655 Holmes, Sherlock, e author. 10 _0 10 17 17 _7 _7 1874, after his third year at Oxford, Exeter College, Holmes came down to London, and soon found rooms at 47 Montague Street, chosen for its proximity to the British Museum. These were the rooms he later shared with Watson, who disguised the address, which Holmes laid to Watson's "obsession with protecting" [Holmes]. Holmes began creating his practice some six years before he

met Dr. Watson, but within a month of Watson's arrival in January of 1881, they were deep in the investigation that was later known as "A Study in Scarlet." In 2008 a hand-written manuscript with a working title "Montague Notations" was discovered at the bottom of a box of old nineteenth century books offered for sale at a used book stall in England. Along with three first editions by Dickens, the manuscript made its way to the United Sates, purchased by Don Libey, an antiquarian rare book dealer. Over a year later, Libey finally looked at the odd, tattered pen and ink manuscript with blue paper covers -- and the hair on the back of his neck stood up. In his hands was an autobiography dated 1929, and the author was Sherlock Holmes.--Page 4 of cover. "Copyright 1929 by Sherlock Holmes"--Title page verso. A member of the Sherlock Holmes Society of London, Don Libey has long nurtured an interest in Sherlock Holmes. He is a specialist in Doyle first editions as well as collectors' editions of other 19th century authors. Additionally, he has written 12 books on direct marketing and is the editor of a newsletter on that topic. u Holmes, Sherlock v Fiction. Watson, John H. (Fictitious character) v Fiction. Doyle, Arthur Conan, d 1859-1930 v Parodies, imitations, etc. Doyle, Arthur Conan, d 1859-1930. 2 fast 0 (OCoLC)fst01802123 Holmes, Sherlock. 2 fast 0 (OCoLC)fst01906994 Watson, John H. (Fictitious character) 2 fast 0 (OCoLC)fst01172852 Fiction. 2 fast 0 (OCoLC)fst01423787

Search Results 1. Little, John A., d 1945- t Final tales of Sherlock Holmes [100] 2. Watson, Adam, d 1914-2007 [100] 3. Watson, J. H. L. q (John H. L.) [100] 4. Watson, John H. [100] 5. Watson, John H., d 1939- [100] 6. Watson, John H. c (Fictitious character) [100] 7. Watson, John H. c (Fictitious character) x In motion pictures [100] 8. Watson, John H. c (Fictitious character) x On television [100] 010 040 046 no2014068518 z sh 92004671 WaU b eng e rda c WaU d DLC f 1852 v Encyclopdia Britannica online, May 15, 2014

046 f 1853~ 2 edtf v Wikipedia, May 15, 2014 100 368 372 374 375 377 378 400 400 400 400 400

1_ 1_ 1_ 0_ 1_ 0_ Watson, John H. c (Fictitious character) c Fictitious characters 2 lcsh Medicine 2 lcsh Physicians 2 lcsh male eng q John Hamish Watson, John H., c M.D. Watson, c Dr. (Fictitious character) Dr. Watson c (Fictitious character)

Watson, c Doctor (Fictitious character) Doctor Watson c (Fictitious character) 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. Gambari, Ibrahim Sulu [100] Jamalul Kiram b II, c Sultan of Sulu, d approximately 1863-1936 [100] Ogwu, Sulu, d 1948- [100] Sulu [100] Sulu, Elias Aderemi [100] Sulu, Hikaru [100]

Sulu, Phill M. q (Phill Manuel), d 1939- [100] Sulu, Reuben [100 010 040 100 1_ 368 372 374 375 400 1_ 670 670 no2015076346 UPB b eng e rda c UPB Sulu, Hikaru c Fictitious characters 2 lcsh

Outer space--Exploration 2 lcsh Space travelers 2 lcsh male Sulu, c Captain Star trek (Motion picture : 2009). Star trek, 2009. Memory-alpha wikia, 9 June 2015 b (Hikaru Sulu; human Starfleet officer in the Star Trek universe; born mid 23rd century in San Francisco, California; helmsman of USS Enterprise-A; Captain Sulu) FAST at OCLC WorldCat - January 2015 334,000,000 bibliographic records 98,000,000 records with LCSH 76,000,000 enhanced with FAST

WorldCat Entities > WorldCat Works Experimental WorldCat Linked Data (includes DDC, FAST, VIAF and LCSH URIs) Experimental applications (OCLC Research) Classify WorldCat Identities mapFAST Future Under consideration/development Regularize name headings for fictitious and legendary

characters, e.g., add qualifiers Add FAST terms for entity attributes, e.g., 372 Exploration of outer space 2 fast 0 (OCoLC)fst01353078 372 Space travelers 2 fast 0 (OCoLC)fst01127948 Experimental More links to Wikipedia (next slide) IFLA 2015 Thank You SM

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