LYRASIS - Leaders Forum # 21 Richmond Va. March 29 2018

LYRASIS - Leaders Forum # 21 Richmond Va. March 29 2018

Experiments in Innovation LYRASIS Leaders Forum #21 Richmond, VA March 29, 2018 by Robert Miller and Lisa Larson Experiments in Innovation LYRASIS Leaders Forum #21 Richmond, VA March 29, 2018 by Robert Miller and Lisa Larson

Experiments in Innovation LYRASIS Leaders Forum #21 Richmond, VA March 29, 2018 by Robert Miller and Lisa Larson Experiments in Innovation LYRASIS Leaders Forum #21 Richmond, VA March 29, 2018

by Robert Miller and Lisa Larson Innovation with a small i mostly transactional Culture change... What did we start with? Lots of project-level innovation last 2+ years Most were incremental, focused on Operational Effectiveness Intra-departments - re-align for better trained staff

Inter-departments - divisional opportunities Services cut prices, follow up Response time automated transactions, new version, more capability Value began to think about what you needed And some didnt turn out exactly as planned Hosted ILS service - launched, then discontinued Evergreen Member Snapshot struggled to get it out. Too long to

deliver Looked into the mirror Operational improvement is not a strategy for getting to the next level Mission > Goal > Objective > Strategy>tactics Mission Why do our members want us to exist? Goal What do you want us to be?

Objective Where do we need to get to? Strategy How? Through Innovation and Impact Tactics Whats of the Strategy Expanding Our View Innovation with a capital I Pivot toward Innovation as a Strategy Innovation (with a capital I) External Establish an Innovation Process to create a

membership advantage LC>LF>C$F Separate ourselves from marketplace/competitive convergence We believe we are VERY different from other similar consortia Internal Team work, not work teams front line staff

paired with mentors (mgt) Act/Launch instead of React/Crawl Darwinian improvement, not just replication Integrated funding strategies seed> milestone driven> foundation>sustainability Accountability when to act like a missionary, when to act like an entrepreneur

The Innovation Question ? How does a non-profit, member-based organization launch Innovation as a strategic business initiative, assuming its inherent risks, to sustain and grow as an organization, on behalf of its members?

Why LYRASIS? Why the Need? How do we Manage Innovation? The Market Environment and opportunity is constantly evolving Limited resources to explore, test, fail, succeed Consortia approaching competitive convergence: danger Why LYRASIS? We've achieved a repeatable operational effectiveness Allows us to think along the frontier go to the edge We are prepared to Lead "from the front"

We have the platform and distribution channels We have the up and downstream relationships We have a nationwide multi-type membership compelling us to think about unique needs that may impact all We are financial stable Has allowed us to enter into a culture of risk taking on behalf of membership We are strong and diverse in our employee and member base A member in every State Employees based across the country

How to balance Operational Effectiveness and Innovation as a Strategy? The 70/20/10 Rule Knowledge of Technology and Market Highlight of One Above the Line" Project LYRASIS Learning

PAST Good reputation for professional development A la carte model (competitive convergence) Expensive to develop, grow and maintain: unpredictable revenue stream NEW VALUE Easier to budget and plan Predictable for the library, predictable for LYRASIS Expand access to classes to all staffers on demand Strategic? Differentiates from marketplace

Allows us to expand our relationships and partnerships for future growth Allows test/try of other open source technologies (avalon, future open source LMS) Pivots & Innovation LYRASIS Leaders Forum, Richmond, VA Elizabeth Gail McClenney March 29, 2018 An Odyssey Our Context Pivot a person, thing, or factor having a major or central role, function, or effect

Disruption to interrupt the normal course or unity of Innovation the introduction of something new Disruptive Technology Sustaining technology relies on

incremental improvements to an already established technology. Disruptive technology lacks refinement, often has performance problems because it is new, appeals to a limited audience and may not yet have a proven practical application. (Christensen,1997) Disruptive Strategic Innovation

Strategic innovation means an innovation in ones business model that leads to a new way of playing the game. Disruptive strategic innovation is a specific type of strategic innovation namely, a way of playing the game that is both different from and in conflict with the traditional way. Examples include Internet banking, low-cost airlines, direct insurance, online brokerage trading, online distribution of news and home delivery of grocery services. MIT Sloan Management Review, Winter 2003:

Familiar pivots Journal Prices / Big Deals Wireless in Barnes & Noble / Walmart Textbook Costs Unused / Hidden Resources Community Needs

Familiar Disruptors Scholarly Communication Open Access Open Source Open Education Resources (Z-Degrees) Library Cafs Evidence Based Acquisitions Digitization Crowd-sourced transcription Job Seeker Assistance (RVALibraries) Homework Centers w/ nutritional programs Lyrasis Pivot Before 2013 Transaction-based Personal relationships Training & consultation 2013 Digital technology services

Finding & proposing solutions Institutionalized value Purposeful inclusion 2018 Strategic relationships Member ROI Intersection of innovation & impact

Disruption Change Change Innovation

Catalyst Fund: Recipients and Next Steps Tweet #lyrasis Meaningful Dialogue | Thought Leadership | $100,000 to Fund New Ideas | Ideation Sandbox Mobile Digitization for Rural Archives Working with tribal colleges and communities in Nebraska

Feasibility study for Copyright Education Center Advancing 3D digitization and Metadata Conventions To move towards standards for scanned 3D artifacts Leverage IOT Devices to discover Collections A Digital Map of the Historic West End Information Literate to Information Fluent

The Catalyst Fund recipients from the first round in 2017 We Have a Pipeline of Projects Underway Product Development Pipeline Above the green line Disaster Readiness ready for market ORCID

ready for market LYR Learning pilot done SimplyE pilot done Publics / Academics Below the green line Museum Connect pivot End2End Soln concept Fiscal Solutions

concept Future Proofing testing Robert C$F fund slide Discussion or Panel Questions

Does your organization work in a risk averse environment? Do you have the bandwidth, the leverage and administrative buy in to be strategic? Is LYRASIS commitment to Innovation more or less than what youd expect? Are you aware of any other consortia who are engaging in this way with and on behalf

of their members? Is this different, similar or better than what other membership orgs are doing? Do you have similar examples of strong innovation at your own institution? Or other initiatives too challenging to be addressed/tackled?

Are we telling this story correctly? Does this resonate with you? please contact us for more info . Phone 800.999.8558

Email [email protected] Email [email protected] wearelyrasis lyrasis By Robert Miller and Lisa Larson

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