Livingston Sunrise Rotary 2011 Visioning Session

Livingston Sunrise Rotary 2011 Visioning Session

Livingston Sunrise Rotary Vision Facilitation Session July 26, 2011 Livingston Sunrise Rotary Club Members: 14 of 48 club members attended Ranged from 4 months to 36 years experience Average 8 years in Rotary Representative distribution Rotary District 6380 Vision Facilitation Team

PDG Lynn Morgan, PAG Manish Mehta, Michael Krause, and PDG Gerry Jackson Vision Facilitation is: Taking the club where it wants to go/can go 5 year Plan Write down Ideas (Brainstorming -reality vs

fiction) Short Action Plans Who does what and by when to achieve goals? Why We Plan Planning is all about pulling in the same direction with a destination in mind. Strategic Planning provides continuity between leadership terms

Planning steps - Vision - Long Range Plan - Actions and Programs Continuity, Consistency, and Consensus (Unanimity) Strength of Rotary at Club Level Effective Clubs: - Sustain Members

- Successful Service Projects - Support the Rotary Foundation - Develop leaders beyond club level PLANNING Who are we? Where are we? Where do we want to be?

How will we get there? How will we know when we arrive? Vision Exercise Write a letter as if it were 2016 to the Rotary International President explaining why your club deserves the distinguished Gold Medal as recognition for being the best of the best. Vision "...We want to be the Gold Standard for

community service projects/organization; the most widely recognized and respected service club in our community. There is no place like Livingston Sunrise ... " "... A model for literacy, decreasing hunger & decreasing youth substance abuse ... " "..Club reputation as being a community leadership incubator..."

2016 Membership of Club 76 - 90 Attributes "... Friendly & open club ... " "... Our projects are hands-on... " "...FUN..." Diverse mix: wide range of

professions & socio-economic backgrounds; representative of our communitys cultural mix Club Service "... Our projects are structured around social activities...." "...Our outstanding program speakers are publicized..."

"... Mentors for new members..." Vocational Service "... Club sponsors county-wide Reaching Higher program..." "... Expand scholarships to include a scholarship for the Trades...

"..Develop youth mentor program...our own version of Big Brothers/Big Sisters" Community Service "... Open a county-wide Rotary Youth Center..." "... Develop community gardens...

"... Develop our own brand of one day projects similar to United Ways Day of Caring..." Humanity Service Fundraising 4th of July nets $100,000 annually

Midnight in the Tropics nets $125,000 annually Town Hall Speaker Series nets $25,000 annually International Service "... Water project that involves hands-on and international travel..."

"... Youth Exchange: host 2 inbound students... "... Apply for global grant & partner with St. Croix Rotary club..." Belize hands on project: opportunities with medical, domestic violence, literacy & water New Generations

(youth service) Our projects are so youth focused, we didnt need a separate category for this. Rotary Foundation "... Club grants for projects..." "...100% EREY (every Rotarian

every year)... "... Utilize Paul Harris points to match individual contribution; support member participation Public Image "... Utilize Livingston Talk blog..."

" releases to include solicitation for new members... "... Take advantage of clubs writers; do professional brochure & promotional DVD..." and then next steps Action 1. Who

When Compile the facilitation sheets Done Chuck T. 2. Create a vision statement from info gathered this S-Team ?????? 3. Set a club forum or assembly to present and discuss "findings" w/rest of our club

Brenda 8/5/2011 4. Set club Strategic Team meeting & S-Team 9/9/12 develop Strategic Plan (who, what ,when, how) 4. Club champion for Vision Facilitation (Keep visioning results in front of the club) 5. Review 1 year from today Everyone 6. Strategic Planning report @ Board meetings monthly Bryan

July/2012 Board monthly Think about it There are risks and costs to a program of action, but they are far less than the long-range risks and costs of comfortable inaction. John F. Kennedy Think about it

Just Do It NIKE Think about it Git er done Larry the cable guy Thank you Rotarians

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