Integrated Avionics Systems - Virginia Tech

Integrated Avionics Systems - Virginia Tech

Integrated Avionics Systems AOE 4065 Aircraft Design AIAA - Team #6 - 10/5/06 John Zimmer Matt Stahr What are Integrated Aircraft Avionics? To pilot: all coordinated information is

available from a single source To software engineer: full access to shared data about situation, mission, and systems To hardware designer: systems as a single unit with ample bandwidth to support processing Avionics Systems Navigation Communications Electronic

Warfare Flight Control Displays Fully Integrated Northrop Grumman AMMC Courtesy Northrop Grumman Navigational Systems

Radar Weather/terrain monitoring Air traffic tracking GPS Inertial reference systems i.e. Honeywell Primus Epic INAV and Northrop Grumman LTN-101E GNADIRU Communications Systems

Radio receivers/transceivers Voice-to-data Digital messaging Satellite communications Courtesy Northrop Grumman Electronic Warfare Systems IFF

(Identification of Friend or Foe) Jamming and countermeasures Weapons management Target sighting/tracking Defense Courtesy Flight Control Systems Autopilot

- Controls Altitude, Attitude and Heading Measurements of position, angular velocities, and linear accelerations in all degrees of freedom i.e. Honeywell Primus 1000, Primus 2000, and KFC 225 Courtesy Honeywell

Display Systems HUD (Heads Up Display) HDD (Head Down Display) HMD (Head Mounted Display) All instrumentation and gauges Courtesy Rockwell Collins

Where We Have Been Courtesy Where We Are Going

Mitigation/elimination of radiation and electromagnetic effects on avionics Slowing semiconductor wear out in devices More progressive form of flight planning Greater integration of in-flight data with ground systems Projects worked on by: Boeing, Honeywell, Smiths Aerospace, and Goodrich Aerospace as well as

others. Sources nics.htm index_4.htm

1996/75540141.pdf#search=%22future%20avionics %20systems%22 Flight_Controls_Guidance.htm Questions?

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