Hymns of Praise (PowerPoint file) - True Jesus Church

Hymns of Praise (PowerPoint file) - True Jesus Church

HOLY, HOLY, HOLY VERSE 3 1 2 O F 3 1 Hym n# Holy, holy, holy! though thesaints darkness hide Thee, All Lord the God Almighty! adore Thee, Though the eye sinful crowns man Casting Early down intheir the of morning golden Thy glory may not see; our around song shall the glassy rise tosea; Thee; Only Thou holy; Holy, holy, Cherubim holy, merciful

andart seraphim and mighty! there none beside Thee, God falling overisall down who before rules Thee, eternity. Who wert,in and art, and evermore be. Perfect power, in love, and shalt purity. VERSE O F HALLELUJAH, PRAISE THE FATHER Hym VERSE 4 n# 1O4 2 3 F 2 Hallelujah, Hallelujah, Hallelujah, Glory, Glory, Praise Praise Praise Hallelujah! the the to Father! Jesus! Spirit! Amen, Glory, Glory, Amen, Hallelujah! Hallelujah! Lift your voice, praise

praise praise andthe sing our the merciful Saviour His Holy praises, Spirit, Father, Jesus, Glory, endless O sing: glory! Hallelujah! VERSE O F HALLELUJAH, PRAISE THE TRUE GOD Hym VERSE 3 n# 2 1O3 F 3 Hallelujah! Praise the our Spirit! Jesus! Hallelujah! Praise the True God! Hallelujah! Amen. Hallelujah! Praise the our Spirit! Jesus! Hallelujah! Praise the True God! O O strengthen our faith! love!

Ostrengthen strengthenour ourpowr! VERSE O F I LOVE THY KINGDOM, LORD VERSE 5 2 3 4 1 O F 5 4 Hym n# Sure For I love Beyond her asThy Thy my my church, tears truth highest shall O Lord, God! joy fall; last, kingdom, Her For I prize To walls her Zion her my before shall heavnly prayrs Thee

be ascend; givn ways, stand, The house of Thine abode, The ToDear Her her brightest sweet my as the cares communion, glories apple and of earth toils Thine solemn be caneye, givn, yield, The church our blest Redeemer Till And And toils brighter graven andsaved vows, cares bliss on Thy of shall heavn. hand. end. Withhymns His own precious blood. Her of love and praise. (REPEAT VERSE 5) VERSE

O F THIS IS MY FATHERS WORLD VERSE 2 3 1 O F 3 5 Hym n# This is my Fathers world, The Obirds let their neer carols forget raise; And to me my listning ears, That though the wrong oft sorings strong, morning light, the lily white AllThe nature sings andseems round me God is the Ruler yet. Declare their praise. The music ofMakers

the spheres. This is my Fathers world, battle isthe not done; He shines thats fair; IThe rest mein infall thought who shall be satisfied, In Jesus the rustling grass Him Of rocks and died trees, ofI hear skies and pass; seas; And earththe and heaven be one. Hehand speaks towonders me evrywhere. His wrought. VERSE O F THE SPACIOUS FIRMAMENT ON HIGH Hym VERSE 3 n# 2 1O3 F 6 Soon What

as the thoevening in firmament solemn shades silence all The spacious onprevail, high, The Move moon round takes thisblue up dark the terrestrial wondrous ball? tale; With all the ethereal sky, And nightly tho no toreal thevoice listening nor sound earth AndWhat spangled heavens, a shining frame, Amid Repeats their the radiant storyorbs of proclaim. her be birth; found? Their great Original Whilst In all reasons the stars ear that

they round allday rejoice, her burn, Thunwearied sun from to day And all utter forth planets a glorious in their voice, turn, Does histhe Creators power display, Confirm Forever the singing, tidings asevery as they they shine, roll, And publishes to land And The spread hand the that made from us pole is hand. divine. to pole. The work oftruth an almighty VERSE O F JOYFUL, JOYFUL, WE ADORE THEE Hym

VERSE 4 n# 2 3 1O4 F 7 All Thy Mortals, Thou words art join giving with the joy and happy surround forgiving, chorus Thee, Joyful, joyful, we adore Thee, Earth Which Ever and the blessing, heaven morning reflect ever stars Thy began; rays, God of glory, Lord ofblest, love; Stars Father Wellspring andlove angels of is the reigning sing joy around of

oer living, Thee, us, Hearts unfold like flowers before Thee, Brother Ocean-depth Center love ofto unbroken binds of happy man praise. to rest! man. Opening the sun above. Field Ever Thou and singing, our forest, everlasting march vale weFather, mountain, onward, Melt the clouds of sinand and sadness, Flowry All Victors who meadow, live indark the in midst love are of strife, Thine; sea, Drive

the of flashing doubt away; Chanting Teach Joyful us music bird how and leads to love flowing us each sunward fountain, other, Giver of immortal gladness; In Call Lift the us triumph to to rejoice the song in divine. of Thee. life. Fill usus with light of day. the joy VERSE O F O COME AND SING UNTO THE LORD Hym VERSE 5 n# 1 2 4 3O5 F

8 Ocome, come and singisunto Lord, O and bowing down Him Before His presence letthe us come To Him spacious sea belongs, The Lordthe our God King ofto Kings, To Him our voices raise; Our worship let us bring; With praise and thankful voice; He made its waves and tides; Above all gods His throne; Let us in sing psalms torising Him

with Let us our most joyful songs Yea, let us kneel before the Lord, And by His hand the land The depths of earth are in His hand, grace, The Lord, our Saviour, praise. Our Maker and our King. The mountains are His own. Was formed, still abides. With grateful hearts rejoice. VERSE O F ALL PEOPLE THAT ON EARTH DO DWELL Hym VERSE 3 n# 1O3 2 F

9 For why? then the Lord our God good, Oh, His with praise, All enter people that ongates earth dois dwell, Histhe mercy iswith forever sure;voice; Sing Approach to with Lordjoy His cheerful courts unto; Him serve fear, His praise forth tell; His truthwith at all times firmly stood, Praise, laud, and bless His name And shall fromalways, age to and age endure. Come ye before Him rejoice.

For it is seemly so to do. VERSE O F GLORY TO JESUS VERSE 3 1 2 O F 3 10 Hym n# Glory tobe His The Almighty Glory toName, God! Jesus comes Glory to our God, He will never change. God! Glory to ouragain, Lord, Praise His Glory to our Lord, Praise His Name! Name! Hallelujah, Hallelujah! Hallelujah! GloryHallelujah, to Jesus, Praise His Name! Glory to Jesus, Praise His Name! VERSE O F I REJOICE, FOR JESUS WALKETH BY MY SIDE Hym

VERSE 4 n# 3 1O4 2 F 11 May I praise Him He has promised To the fount of living waters I rejoice, for Jesus walketh by my side, all the passing of He willInHe lead me allmy thedays, way, will guide, His presence And forever strive Gods holy house ForFrom His bounteous blessings peace and happiness abide, to follow ingo His ways, Ill never astray,

leave me satisfied, Hallelujah! Hallelujah! Hallelujah! Hallelujah! In His presence And forever strive Gods holy house ForFrom His bounteous blessings peace and happiness abide. to follow ingo His ways. Ill never astray. leave me satisfied. VERSE O F WHEN I CAN READ MY TITLE CLEAR Hym VERSE 4 n# 1O4 2 3 F 12 Should Let There When cares, earth shall I can like against I bathe read

a wild my my my deluge title weary soulclear, engage, come, soul, And To In mansions seas storms fieryofdarts heavnly ofinsorrow be thehurled, skies, rest, fall! Then May And Ill Ibid Inot but can farewell asafely smile wavereach at of toSatans trouble evry myfear, home, rage, roll, And My Across AndGod, wipe face my my my a peaceful frowning heavn, weeping breast; my world; eyes; all;

And My Across AndGod, wipe face my my my a peaceful frowning heavn, weeping breast, my world, eyes, all, And My Across AndGod, wipe face my my my a peaceful frowning heavn, weeping breast, my world, eyes, all, Then May And Ill Ibid Inot but can farewell asafely smile wavereach at of toSatans trouble evry myfear, home, rage, roll, And My Across AndGod, wipe face

my my my a peaceful frowning heavn, weeping breast. my world. eyes. all. VERSE O F NO, NOT ONE VERSE 1 2 3 4 O F 4 13 Hym n# Jesus knows Theres not a friend No Was friend eer like angift Him hour all struggles, like the lowly Jesus, like that isabout so the He

high Saviour isour not and near holy, given? us, He will till the is done; No, guide not one! No, day not one! Theres not afriend friend None else could heal And No Will night yet He no refuse so dark the lowly Jesus, all our souls diseases, but us islike His so a home meek love can in and heaven? cheer lowly,us, No, not one! No, not one! VERSE O F

WELCOME, DELIGHTFUL MORN Hym VERSE 3 n# 1O3 2 14 F Descend, celestial Dove, Welcome, delightful morn, Now may the King descend, With all Thy quickening powers; Thou daythrone of sacred And fill His withrest! grace; Disclose a Saviours love, I scepter, hail thy kind Thy Lord,return; extends, And blessthese the sacred hours: Lord, make moments blest: While saints address Thy face; Then shalllow myplane soul quickening new life obtain, From

the of mortal toys, Let sinners feel Thy word, Nor Sabbaths be enjoyed in vain, soar to joys, AndI learn to reach know immortal and fear the Lord, Nor Sabbaths be enjoyed in vain. soar to joys. AndI learn to reach know immortal and fear the Lord. (REPEAT VERSE 3) VERSE O F YE SERVANTS OF GOD VERSE 1 2 3 4 O F 4 15 Hym n# Ye God Then

Salvation servants ruleth let uson to of adore, God, high, God, who and your almighty sits give Master on Him the to proclaim, His save; throne, right, All And Let glory still publish all cry and He aloud, is abroad power, nigh His all His and wisdom presence wonderful honorand the we name; might, Son; have; The All The honor great name praises and congregation

all-victorious of blessing, Jesus His the with triumph of angels angels Jesus proclaim, shall extol; above, sing, And Fall HisAscribing thanks kingdom down on never salvation their is glorious, ceasing, faces, andto He for worship Jesus rules infinite our over the love. King. Lamb. all. VERSE O F ALL HAIL THE POWER OF JESUS NAME Hym VERSE 4 n# 2 3 1O4 F 16 Ye chosen seed ofofsacred

Israels race, OLet that every with kindred, yonder every throng All hail the power Jesus tribe, name! Ye ransomed from the fall, We On at this His terrestrial feet may ball, fall! Let angels prostrate fall; Hail who saves you by His Well To Him join all thethe majesty everlasting ascribe, song, Bring forth royal diadem, grace, crown Lord of all; AndAnd crown HimHim Lord of all;

Hail Him who saves you by His Well To Him join all thethe majesty everlasting ascribe, song, Bring forth royal diadem, grace, And crown Him Lord of all. And crown Him Lord of all. VERSE O F THE HALF HAS NEVER BEEN TOLD Hym VERSE 4 n# 2 3 1O4 F 17 The half has never yet been told, Thou know hastIthat put Thou gladness nearer in myLord, heart; still

OIISaviour, precious Saviour mine! know love Theeart better, (yet been told,) Than Then any may earthly I earthly well be throng; glad! What will Thy presence Than any joy;be, Of love so full and free! And Without sweeter isgiven secret the thought of Thy of love Thee If such athe life of joy can crown For Thou hast me the peace The half has never

yet been told, Iwalk Than could any not lovely but be song. sad. Our on earth with Thee? Which nothing can destroy. (yet been told,) The blood it cleanseth me! (cleanseth me!) VERSE O F WHEN WE ALL GET TO HEAVEN Hym VERSE 4 n# 3 1O4 2 F 18 Let Onward us then to the be true prize and before faithful, us! While Sing we the walk wondrous the pilgrim

love of pathway, Jesus, Soon Trusting, His beauty serving well evry day; Clouds Sing His will mercy overspread and Hisbehold; the grace; sky; Soon Just one theglimpse pearly gates ofdays Him will inblessed, open; glory InBut thewhen mansions travling bright and are over, We Hell shall Will the tread toils the ofstreets life of gold. Not prepare a shadow, for not us arepay. place. sigh. When we all get to heaven,

What a day of rejoicing that will be! When we all see Jesus, Well sing and shout the victory. VERSE O F THINE IS THE GLORY VERSE 1 2 3 O F 3 19 Hym n# NoLo! more Thine Jesus we is the meets doubt glory, us, Thee, Thinefrom isprince the Risen, Glorious Risen conquring theglory, of tomb; Son; life! Risen, conquring son; Life Lovingly Endless is naught He is the without greets victry us,

Thee; Thou Scatters Aid oer usfear death in and hast strife; gloom; won. Endless is our the victry Make LetAngels His us church more indeath bright than withhast raiment conqurors, gladness Thou oer won. Thro Hymns Rolled Thy the ofdeathless triumph stone away, sing, love; Kept Bring Forthe her usfolded Lord safe now thro graveclothes liveth; Jordan Death Where To Thy hath Thy home lost body

above. its lay. sting. VERSE O F ALL HAIL THE POWER OF JESUS NAME Hym VERSE 4 n# 2 3 1O4 F 20 And crown_ Ye chosen seed of Israels race, Let O that every with kindred, yonder every sacred tribe, throng All hail the power of Jesus name! And And crown crownHim, Himcrown LordHim, of all. Ye from the fall, On We this at His terrestrial feet may

ball, fall, Letransomed angels prostrate fall, And crown Him Lord of all. Ye ransomed from the fall; On We at His terrestrial feet mayball, fall! Let this angels prostrate fall; Him, Hail Him who saves you by His crown Him, crown_ To Well Him join allthe majesty song, Bring forth theeverlasting royalascribe, diadem, grace, crown Him, crown Him, crown Him, Him, VERSE O F FAIREST LORD JESUS VERSE

4 3 2 1 O F 21 Hym n# 4 Fair Beautiful is the sunshine, Saviour, Fair are the meadows, Fairest Lord Jesus, Fairer Lord still of the all moonlight Fairer still woodlands, Ruler ofthe allnations, nature, Robed inof the blooming garb of spring; And all the God twinkling, and starry ofthe man! host; O Son thou of

God andSon man Son; Jesus isI fairer, Jesus Glory shines and honor, brighter, Thee will cherish, Jesus is Ipurer, Jesus Praise, shines adoration, purer Thee will honor, Who makes theangels woefuljoy, heart to sing. Thou, my souls glory, and crown. Than all the heaven can Now and forevermore be Thine! boast. VERSE O F THERE IS A FOUNTAIN DEAR VERSE 2 4 5 1

3 O F 5 22 Hym n# Blessd Then Jesus, face Jesus, the noblest face may with Thy friend, Word There is to athe fountain dear, Armed with Word ofThee, God, Lovingly IStrong Fill see me clear clasps with alllife my my anew, sins. hand, With water sweet and clear. shall I ever be. With No Each secret prayrful

day with heart Him, lies Illtake so worship unrevealed, kind and Thee Each day atthought morn Im surely From evils might Ill noblessed, flight, sweet, and nor hidden in learn earnest Thy sin ways concealed. prayer Ime. do. seek. as by Gods stream Itorest. thy Spirit strengthens His And Refreshed words sofar through mean and free all alllifes my I banner come earthly world

tofree, to Thee, days, me, There, from all troubling ills, Thy Word is like athe like precious gold theyll treasured be. Ill work Thou forgentle Thee and man sing of Galilee. Thy praise. with peaceful balm my soul He fills. That leads me on to heaven and Thee. VERSE O F OH, THAT THE LORD WOULD GUIDE MY WAYS VERSE 4 2 3 1 O

F 4 23 Hym n# Oh, that the guide ways, Make me toLord walkwould in commands; Order Assist my my footsteps soul, tooThy by apt Thy tomy stray, word, keep His statutes still! Tis a delightful And ATo stricter make my watch heart toroad; sincere; keep; Oh, that my God would grant me peace Nor let my lips, or

heart, or hands And, Let sin should haveI eer no dominion, forget ThyLord, way, To know and do His will! Offend against my God. But Restore keepThy my wandering conscience sheep. clear. (REPEAT VERSE 4) VERSE O F WONDERFUL WORDS OF LIFE VERSE 3 2 1 O F 3 24 Hym n# Christ, Sweetly the echo blessed the One, gospel gives call,to Sing them Beautiful over words, again to

me, Wonderful all words of life; wonderful words, Offer Wonderful pardon words peace of life; to all, Let me more ofand their beauty see, Sinner, Wonderful list towords the loving of life; call, Beautiful words, Wonderful Jesus Saviour, of life; Words wonderful of only lifewords and words, beauty, Sanctify forever, All so given, Teach Wonderful mefreely faith words and ofduty: life. (REPEAT 3) Wooing us VERSE to heaven: VERSE O

F GODS LAW IS PERFECT AND GIVES LIFE Hym VERSE 3 n# 1O3 2 F 25 Gods Your The servant fear law is of perfect God findsisenlightenment, always and gives clear, life, By Revives Enduring means the of as them, weary the sun, Osoul, Lord, The And Gods judgments in testimonies the keeping of theare of Lord Your allare sure, law, true, And There Wisdom righteous is afor great allevry to reward. hold. one. AndLet even The

all my more statutes words to be of and desired, God my are thoughts, Than just, gold, My And Lord, give thanmy to the the Redeemer, finest heart gold, delight, Might, Gods And Find sweeter precepts favor now than are and the direct always honeycomb, andwin pure, And The Acceptance give words the God eyes inspoke Your clear sight. ofsight. old. VERSE O F

SPEAK, LORD, IN THE STILLNESS Hym VERSE 5 n# 2 3 4 1O5 F 26 For Fill Speak, the All meto words with O Thee blessed the Thou is knowledge yielded, speakest, Master, Speak, Lord in the stillness, They OfIn I They am this are quiet glorious life my indeed; own; will; While Inot wait onhour, Thee; All Let Living Blissful, Thine meBread see own

glad Thy from good surrender, face, heaven, pleasure Lord, Hushed my heart to listen Feel Now I In Thy am my Thine touch life spirit fulfill. alone. offeed! power. In my expectancy. VERSE O F I AM SO GLAD THAT OUR FATHER Hym VERSE 4 n# 2 3 1O4 F 27 Jesus loves me and I know I love Him, ifso theres only one song Iincan sing, Tho I forget Him and wander away, I am

glad that our Father heavn, am so glad that Jesus loves IOh, Love brought Him down me, When His beauty Iwherever see the great King, Kindly He follows Ihas stray; Tells ofinHis love in the Book He givn, Jesus loves me, Jesus loves me, my poor soul to redeem; This shall my song in eternity be: Back to His dear loving arms would I flee Wonderful things in the Bible I see;

Yes, it was love madeloves Him me, I am so glad that Jesus Oh, a wonder that Jesus loves When remember that Jesus loves me. This is Iwhat the dearest, that Jesus loves me. dieloves on the tree, me. Jesus even me. Oh, I am certain that Jesus loves me. VERSE O F THROUGH THE LOVE OF GOD OUR SAVIOUR VERSE 3 2 1 O F 3 28 Hym n# We expect a bright tomorrow; Though we tribulation,

Through thepass lovethrough of God our Saviour All will be well; All will be well; Faith can sing through days of sorrow Ours ischangeless such a full salvation, Free and is His favor, All, all is well. All, all is well. On our Fathers love relying, Happy, still blood in Godthat confiding; Precious is the healed us, Jesus every need supplying, Fruitful, if grace in Christ abiding; Perfect is the that sealed us, Or in living or in dying, Strong thethrough hand stretched out guiding; to shield us; Holy, the Spirits All must be well. All must be well. (REPEAT VERSE 3) VERSE O F THE NINETY AND NINE VERSE 5

3 4 1 2 O F 5 29 Hym n# There whence are those drops all the way But thro the mountains thunder rivn, Lord, Lord, Thou hast here Thy ninety and nine; were ninety andblood nine that safely lay But all none of the ransomed ever knew That mark out the mountains track? And upwere from the

rocky Are they not enough forsteep, Thee? In the shelter of the fold, How deep the waters crossed; TheyBut were shed forcry onetowho had gone astray There arose a glad the gate of heavn, the Shepherd made answer: ButNor onehow wasdark out on the hills away, was the night Ere the Shepherd could bring him back. Rejoice! I have found my sheep! This of

mine hasLord wandered away from me, Far off from the gates of gold that the passed thro Lord, whence areechoed Thy hands so rent and torn? And the angels around the throne, And although the road be rough and bare, steep, Away on the mountains wild and Ere He found His sheep that was lost. Theyrefor pierced tonight by many aHis thorn; Rejoice, the Lord brings back own!

I go to the desert to find my sheep, Away the tender Shepherds care, Theyre tonight many its a thorn. Outfrom in pierced the desert Heby heard cry Rejoice, for the Lord brings back His own! I go to the desert to find my sheep. Away the tender Shepherds care. Sick from and helpless, and ready to die; Sick and helpless, and ready to die. VERSE O F IN TENDERNESS HE SOUGHT ME Hym VERSE 5 n# 2

3 4 1O5 F 30 HeSo washed the to bleeding wounds He Im while pointed sitting the hours in His the are presence, nailsin passing, prints, In tenderness He sought me, O the love that sought me! And poured in oil and wine; For The All me sunshine now His isblood perfect ofbought was His rest; face, shed; Weary and sick

with sin, O the blood that me! He whispered to assure me,me Im A While mocking waiting with crown adoring forgrace the so morning, wonder thorny And on His shoulders brought O the Ive found thee, thou art mine. The Was His brightest placed blessings upon and I to retrace. His the head: best, Back to His fold again, that brought me the

fold, never heard a voice; When II wondered It seems He will as what call if sweeter eternal He us to saw His days inside me While angels in His presence sang Wondrous grace are far too short to His praise. ItUntil made my aching heart rejoice! To be Towith suffer Him, such His deep spotless agony. Bride. the courts ofsound heaven rang. that brought

me to the fold! VERSE O F SEEKING FOR ME VERSE 4 2 3 1 O F 4 31 Hym n# Jesus, my Saviour, Jesus, Saviour, Seeking Coming Calling Dying for for for me, me, me, for for for me! me! me! for me, for me! to came, shall the onBethlehem come Calvarys samefrom as of tree, on old,

high Seeking Coming Calling Dying for for for me, me, me, for for for me! me! me! for me, for me! Bornthe inthe a manger While Sweet Paid I is was great wandring promise debt Gently O O it I was shall and wonderful long see Him did He to sorrow and as afar my weary from souland years He theshame; set fold,

fly; free; blest be His name! descend plead how with could from my it the be? soul, sky, O, it was wonderful Gently OOitI was shall andwonderful long see Him did He Seeking Coming Calling Dying for for for me, me, for for for me! me! forme, me, forme! me! blest be His name! descend plead how with could from my itthe be? soul, sky, Seeking

for me, for me! Coming Calling Dying for for forme, me, me,for for forme! me! me! VERSE O F CHRIST RECEIVETH SINFUL MEN Hym VERSE 4 n# 2 3 1O4 F 32 Make the mes Sing Christ it receiv oer_ eth Come, Now Christ my receiveth and heart He condemns will sinful give men, you me rest; not, Sinners Jesus will receive:

sage Christ receiveth Sing it oer sinful again, men, Trust Pure Even before me Him, with for the all His law my word I sin; stand; is to plain; Sound this word of grace all Make the message plain, Purged He will take from the evry sinfulest; spot andall stain, who cleansed me from Who the heavnly pathway leave, and sinful oer men;_

again;_ clear and plain;_ Christ Heavn receiveth with Him Iwho enter men. in. spot, All who linger, allsinful fall. Christ receiveth Sing it sinful oer again; men; Make the message Satisfied its last demand. plain; Christ receiveth sinful men. Christ receiveth sinful men. VERSE O F SWEEPING THROUGH THE GATES Hym VERSE 5 n# 2 1O5 3 4 F 33 These, Safe, these safe are upon they the who, Sweeping through the

gates Who, who are these ofever-shining the Jerusalem, in their youthful shore, days, beside the chilly wave, in afflictions theNew conflict woes, dire, in Washed in the blood of the Lamb. Sin,Just Found pain, and Jesus death, early, and onhave the borders Boldly Ever have found stood Sweeping through the gates and sorrow inthe wisdoms all are oer; ways the silent grave, amid inof

Jesus calm hottest repose, fire; of the the New Jerusalem, Proved Happy now fullness evermore, ofheart His grace, Shouting Jesus powr to highr, save, Jesus Such now as from says, aand Come pure up flows, Washed Washed in in the the blood blood of Washed Washed in the Lamb. Lamb. Lamb? the blood of of the VERSE O F JESUS IS TENDERLY CALLING VERSE 4 2 3 1

O F 4 34 Hym n# Je sus is call - rest, Call ingthe today,_ calling thee Jesus is waiting; pleading; calling weary to is- tenderly ing, home, Calling today, Calling, calling today, today,today; Calling O come list to today, to HisHim voice, calling now, calling today; Jesus is tenderly calling today, Why the of love Bringfrom Waiting Hear Him Him

today, today, thy sunshine burden waiting hear and Him today; today; wilt Call - roam ing today,_ thouthou Come They shalt who with believe be thy blest; sins; on His name Is calling today. Farther and farther away? Calling, calling today, today, Hetenderly at shall His will rejoice; feet not lowly turn thee bow; away. Is tenderly calling today. Come, Quickly and arise noand longer away. delay.

VERSE O F JOY COMETH IN THE MORNING VERSE 3 2 1 O F 3 35 Hym n# Ye trembling saints, LetJoy evry burdend soul look up: Oh, weary pilgrim, lift your head: cometh in the morning! dismiss your fears: For cometh the morning! Joyjoy Cometh inin the morning! For joy cometh in the morning! AndGod evry trembling

sinner hope: For inmay His own Word said Weeping endure forhath a night; Oh, weeping mourner, For joy That joycometh comethin inthe themorning! morning! But joy cometh in the morning! dry your tears: For joy cometh in the morning! VERSE O F WHISPERING HOPE VERSE 1 2 O F 2 36 Hym n# amid lifes busy thronging AllWhen the worlds glamouring pleasures Whispering hope, Wearied and lonely

you sigh, Only deceive and enchain; Oh, how welcome thy voice, When for your souls deepest longing True and unperishing treasures Naught to bring comfort is nigh; There seek ye ever in vain. Making my heart Hark, the listning earmountains, falling, Come, lift your eyes torejoice. the inon its sorrow a word tender and AndComes your souls yearning shalltrue; cease; List to gentle voicefountains, calling, Drink at a the lifegiving Bringing message for you.

There to findarest and sweet peace. VERSE O F THOUGH YOUR SINS BE AS SCARLET Hym VERSE 3 n# 2 1O3 F 37 Hear Hell forgive the voice your that transgressions, entreats you, Tho your sins be as scarlet, Hear Hell Tho forgive theyour voice your sins that be transgressions, entreats as scarlet, you, And Oh, remember return ye them unto no God! more! They

shall be as white as snow; Hear Hell Tho forgive the your voice sins your that be transgressions, entreats as scarlet, you, Hear Hell forgive the voice your that transgressions, entreats you, Tho your sins be as scarlet, They AndOh, remember shall return be as yethem white untono as God! more, snow, And Oh, remember return ye them unto no God! more; They shall

be as white as snow; They AndOh, shall remember return be asyethem white untono as God! more. snow. He Look is of unto great ye Tho they be me redcompassion, likepeople, crimson, Saith And of the wondrous Lord your love; God; They shall be as wool; VERSE O F I HEARD THE VOICE OF JESUS SAY Hym VERSE 3 n# 1O3 2 F 38 I heard the voice of Jesus say, Come Me and rest;

Iam Behold, thisunto dark I freely worlds give light; Lay down, thou weary one, Look The unto living me, water; thy morn thirsty shall one, rise, lay down Thy head upon My Stoop Anddown, all thy and day drink, be bright. andbreast. live. I came Jesusand as IIIwas, IIlooked came to toto Jesus, Jesus, and drank found Weary, worn,my and sad; Of In that Himand life-giving my Star, stream; Sun;

I found inquenchd, Him a resting place, My thirst And was in that light of my life Ill soul walk revived, And Henow has Imade me glad. Till And travling days live in are Him. done. VERSE O F NOTHING BUT THE BLOOD VERSE 4 2 3 1 O F 4 39 Hym n# This Nothing For Oh! iscan my all precious my pardon

canhope for isthis sin the and atone, Iflow see, peace, What wash away my sin? That Nothing makes but me the white blood as of Jesus; snow; Naught For This my No isof cleansing, other all good myfount righteousness, that II know, have myagain? plea, done, What can make methis whole Nothing but the blood of Jesus. VERSE O F I WILL PRAISE HIM VERSE 4 2 3 1 O

F 4 40 Hym n# Then Gods fire the altar Blessed be the the way name seemed of fountain Jesus! When ITho saw the cleansing I will praise Him! Iupon will praise Him! Of Im my straight soheart glad and was He took narrow, set aflame; me in; Open wide for all my sin, Praise the Lamb for sinners slain;

IHes shall All Iforgiven claimed never cease my was transgressions, swept toye praise away; Him, I obeyed Spirits wooing, Give Him the glory, all people, He said, thou be My HeWhen ambitions, Glory, has For cleansed glory plans, toWilt my Hisand heart name! wishes, from His blood can clean? At my away feet sin. ineach ashes lay. wash stain. VERSE O F THERE IS POWER IN THE BLOOD

Hym VERSE 4 n# 3 1O4 2 F 41 There powr, Would you do you be service whiter, free Would There In theis blood_ ispowr,_ powr,_ powr, for Jesus your King? There isispowr, there ispride? powr, much whiter than snow? the burden sin? from your passion and There powr, Inof there the blood is powr, Theres Theres powr powr in in the theblood, blood, Wonder-working powr

powr in the the blood; blood; powr in Wonder-working of the Lamb;_ powr Wonder-working powr Would you live daily to flow; sing? Sin stains lost inaHis its lifegiving Would youaare oer evil victory win? Come for cleansing topraises Calvarys tide; Wonder-working of the powr Lamb; Theres wonderful powr Theres wonderful powrininthe theblood. blood. In the precious blood of the Lamb. In the precious blood of the Lamb. VERSE O F BLESSED BE THE FOUNTAIN VERSE 3 2 1

O F 3 42 Hym n# Father, Thorny was Ibe have the wandered crown that from He wore, Blessed the Fountain of blood, WhitI shall Wash And me in be the erThee, than And Often cross my heart His gone oercame; astray; To world of sinners revealed; thea the Wash And I has shall me inbe thebody Grievous Crimson do were

mythe sinssorrows seem He me bore, Blessed be the dear Son ofto God: Whiter than the snow; snow, But Water suffered wash thus them not away. vain. OnlyHe bycannot His stripes we arein healed. Blood whiter of than the snow._ Lamb,_ May Jesus to Fountain be Thine, led,His fold, Tho IIve wandered farof from to that that Fountain snow,_ snow;_ Blood whiter than snow, Lamb, than ofIhere the snow. Lamb, Made

Leaning toof on cleanse Thy promise my sins go; below; Bringing tothe my heart pain and woe, Wash me Cleanse me in by the Thy Blood washing that He divine, shed, of the Lamb, whiter than the snow, snow; And I shall be whiter than snow. VERSE O F ARE YOU WASHED IN THE BLOOD? Hym VERSE 2 n# 1O4 3 4 F 43 Areaside you Have youyoucometh When the Bridegroom Lay Are you washed

(Are washed) walking daily by the Saviours side? been to Jesus for the power? the garments your that robes are be stained white? with sin, inwill the blood, (incleansing the blood,) Are Andyou be In the soul cleansing blood of the Lamb? washed inin the blood ofof the Lamb? washed the blood the Lamb? Lamb;Do washed in the blood of the (of the Lamb?) you Are youa spotless?

Theres Will your Are your garments restbe each moment in the crucified? fully trusting inwhite His grace this hour? soul fountain ready flowing for for thethe mansions soul unclean, bright, Are they as snow? Are you And O be be Are you washed washed in in the the blood blood of of the the Lamb? Lamb? VERSE O F WEEPING WILL NOT SAVE ME! VERSE 4 2 3 1 O

F 4 44 Hym n# Faith Working Waiting in Christ will will not willsave save saveme! me! me! Weeping willnot not save me! Jesus wept and died for me; Let Purest Helpless, me trust deeds guilty, Thy that weeping lost, I were can I lie; do, Son, Though my face Jesus suffered on the tree: Holiest TrustInthe my thoughts work ear isthat Mercys and He feelings has cry; done; too, bathed

in tears, Jesus waits to make me free; To Cannot HisIfcould arms, I wait form Lord, I can my but help soul die: anew! me run: That not allay my fears, He alone can save me! Faith Working Waiting inwash Christ will will the not not willsins save save save me. me. Could not ofme. years! Weeping will not save me. VERSE O F COME, YE SINNERS, POOR AND NEEDY Hym VERSE 4 n# 2 3 1O4 F 45

Let not conscience make you Saints and angels, joined in Agonizing in the garden, Come, ye sinners, poor and needy, linger, concert, Lo, your Saviour prostrate Weak and wounded, sick andlies! sore, Nor of fitness fondly dream; Sing the praises ofto the Lamb, On theready bloody tree behold Him! Jesus stands save you, While All the the blissful fitness He seats requireth of heaven Hear Him crylove, before He

dies: Full of pity, and powr; Sweetly feel yourwith need ofname; Him; Is It to is it isisHis finished! Hefinished, isecho able, He able, This He gives this He gives Hallelujah! Sinners, will you, not this He Hallelujah! is willing doubt nosuffice? more. you, do the same. Sinners here may VERSE O F JESUS CHRIST HEALED MY SIGHT Hym VERSE 3 n# 2 1O3 F 46 Jesus Christ healed my sight,

The Lords True Light turns night day, Christ has me O Since long, Jesus Ive walked the given road to of sin I was blind, but, What joy shines in myeyes; face; sight, With blindness in my Hallelujah, now I see! With Him Ill walk the heavenly way, I now can see His face;came But when the Lord my heart Christ healed my sight, To witness all His grace. AndJesus with Him theres no dark of night, in, IHe

was blind, but Ilight. see! Indid that eternal place. show menow the VERSE O F OUT OF MY BONDAGE, SORROW, AND NIGHT VERSE 2 4 3 1 O F 4 47 Hym n# Out shameful failure loss, Out the ofmy unrest fear and anddread arrogant of and the pride, tomb, Out of bondage, sorrow, night, Out ofofmy Jesus, I come, Jesus, I come; Into theThy

glorious gain ofto Thy cross, Into joyblessed and light will of Thy abide, home, Into Thy freedom, gladness, and light, Jesus, I come to Thee; Out ofof earths sorrows Thy balm, Out Out ofof myself the depths to dwell of into ruin inThy Thy untold, love, Out my sickness into health, Out storms and into calm, Into Outof the oflifes despair peace of into Thy raptures sheltering above, fold,

Out of my want and into ThyThy wealth, Out distress towings jubilant psalm, Upward Ever Thy glorious aye face like behold, a dove, Outof offor my sinon and intoto Thyself, Jesus, I come to Thee. VERSE O F JESUS, KEEP ME NEAR THE CROSS Hym VERSE 4 n# 2 3 1O4 F 48 Near Near Near the the the cross! cross, cross! anear Otrembling watch Lamb of God,

soul, wait, Jesus keep meIll theand cross, Bring Love Hoping, and its scenes mercy trusting before found ever, me; me; There a precious fountain, There Help Till Ithe reach me walk the from and golden morning day strand, to day Star Free to Bright all, a healing stream, Shed With Just His its beyond beams shadow the around oer river. me. me. Flows from Calvrys mountain.

In the cross, in the cross Be my glory ever, Till my raptured soul shall find Rest beyond the river. VERSE O F ALL THE WAY TO CALVARY VERSE 3 2 1 O F 3 49 Hym n# Tremblingly a night sinner Oh, how dark the that Oh, twas wondrous love All thethe way to Calvary He went for me, bowed before His face, wrapt my spirit round! Saviour showd for me, He went for me, Heof went

for me; Naught IHis knew pardon, Oh,left how deep the woe When He throne for Calvary, All the waymy to Calvary He went for me, Gods free Saviour found When He trod thegrace, winepress, He died to setso me free. Heard aHe voice melting, When across trod itwalked all alone; Cease thy wild regret, of my soul, Praisethe Hiswaters name forever, make it Jesus thydisperse pardon, Badebought myknown.

night thyme debt. andpaid made whole! VERSE O F JESUS IS OUR ONLY MESSAGE VERSE 4 2 3 1 O F 4 50 Hym n# Jesus Jesus Jesus only only is our isour our our Sanctifier, Saviour, Healer, Jesus only isis Message, Cleansing All guilt us from He bore self He away, and bare, sin, Jesus allsicknesses our theme shall

be; All our our All And And our with His righteousness risen alllift His life Spirits and Hefullness, fullness, gives us, We will up Jesus ever, All All Filling our His strength members allonly our will from hearts stillwe may day within. to share. day. Jesus see. Jesus only, Jesus ever, Jesus all in all we sing, Saviour, Sanctifier, and Healer, Glorious Lord and coming King. VERSE O F ROCK OF AGES, CLEFT FOR ME Hym VERSE 3 n# 2 1O3 F 51

a Could my tears for ever flow, While I draw this fleeting Rock of Ages, cleft for breath, me, When mine eyes in Could my zeal no shall languor know Let me hide myself inclose Thee; These for sindeath, could not blood, atone, Let the water and the When I wounded risesave, to worlds unknown, From Thy side which flowed, Thou must and Thou alone; And behold on Thy throne of hand sin Thee the InBe my

nodouble price I cure, bring, Rock ofto Ages, cleft me, Save me from its cross guilt for and power. Simply Thy I cling. Let me hide myself in Thee. VERSE O F ROCK OF AGES, CLEFT FOR ME Hym VERSE 3 n# 2 1O3 F 51 b Could my tears forever flow, Could While I draw this fleeting breath, Rock of Ages, cleft for me, When mine eyes shallinknow, close in myme zeal no languor

Let hide myself Thee; These for sindeath, could not blood, atone; Let the water and the When I wounded risesave, to worlds unknown, From Thy side which flowed, Thou must and Thou alone; And behold on Thy throne, of hand sin Thee the InBe my nodouble price I cure, bring, Save from wrath and make me Rock ofto Ages, cleft for me, Simply Thy cross I cling. Let me hidepure. myself in Thee. VERSE O F

JESUS PAID IT ALL VERSE 5 2 3 4 1 O F 5 52 Hym n# And When For Lord, when nothing from now before indeed my good dying the have I say, throne find bed I I hear the Saviour Thy whereby I stand ransomed power, in Thy and Him grace soul Thine complete, shall to claim rise, My Thy strength

indeed isalone, small, Can IllIll Then wash change lay my Jesus mythe trophies garments paid lepers itdown, all white spots, Child of weakness, watch and pray, InShall And the Allmelt blood rend down the the of at heart Calvarys Jesus vaulted feet. stone. skies. Lamb. Find in me thine allofin all. Jesus paid it all, All to Him I owe; Sin had left a crimson stain, He washed it white as snow. VERSE O F GOD IS LOVE VERSE

4 2 3 1 O F 4 53 Hym n# His Gods The love, Son mercy great, God is so was wide, erased crucified, so my deep! sin, For God sosoof loved the men of earth, Hung Though OHe sinners, onitthe was hear cross inky His for black; call! me, gave His only son, And OBelieve what

Id rebelled a in price HimHe against without paid for His delay. men, will, To save, redeem, reveal His grace HisYou What love owe love, hastodrawn Him your agony! me back. all. And love towhat evry one. I know that God is truly love; He pardoned even me, Prepares my soul for life above; I know that God is love. VERSE O F FROM DARKNESS INTO THE LIGHT Hym VERSE 3 n# 2 1O3 F 54 Hallelujah, theLord! Lord! Hallelujah, Praise Praise the Hallelujah, theLord!

Lord! Hallelujah, Praise Praise the For me, He me, guides my way, intowell For He leadeth Out of Babylon He delivers From darkness the Clearly showslight, the path to take, flee, Lift your to heavn above, Gave precious Comforter, Come yethe toeyes the True Church, come: prepare! O rejoice! prepare! OO great love! O great love! O rejoice! Bring your vessels filled with What a precious gift me, oil, Canaans blessings He for bestows, Trim all your lamps and keep Thro

dear calls meyourself toI am serve Oh,His how He grace loves He me, though ready, Him, nothing, For the Bridegroom will return, For you VERSE O F JESUS FREES ME VERSE 3 2 1 O F 3 55 Hym n# SoNow now as Ionce tried I go on onlifes my own difficult way, was a sinner II am free! Forever free! fight Gods Satans spirit abides attacks, be; with

turmoil within, Thustowill my proclamation With with every me day step after forward day; Condemned, trapped and powerless, Im no longer bound A son ofI fell Godthree now steps and forever back; Ill be, living in sin; by the shackles of sin! Oh glory now have Jesus, Gods Imdown spirit free!and But But then myIto Lord came Oh glory to Jesus! living in me, died on the tree, Imfearless free! and Oh andfree. free. Ohglory! glory!Im Im happy VERSE

O F BLOW YE THE TRUMPET, BLOW Hym VERSE 6 n# 2 3 4 5 1O6 F 56 Ye Jesus, The Ye Extol who slaves gospel our have the great of Lamb trumpet sold sinHigh and for of God, nought hear, Priest, hell, Blow ye the trumpet, blow! The Hath Your The Your news fullsacrificial heritage liberty atonement of solemn heavnly receive above, Lamb; made;

grace; The gladly sound And, Redemption Receive And Ye saved weary safe itfrom back through in spirits, Jesus earth, unbought, His dwell rest; appear blood Let all the nations know, Throughout Ye Before And The mournful gift blest your the ofSaviours in souls, Jesus world Jesusbe love: proclaim: live, face: glad: To earths remotest bound, The year of jubilee is come! The year of jubilee is come! Return, ye ransomed sinners, home. VERSE O

F JUST AS I AM VERSE 6 2 3 4 5 1 O F 6 57 Hym n# Just Just III am, Iam, am, Thy and love waiting unknown not Just Just asas as Ias am, poor, Thou tho wretched, tossed wiltone receive, about blind; without plea, Just as am, Hath Wilt broken With To welcome, Sight, many rid evry

my riches, a barrier conflict, soul pardon, But that Thy blood down; Now to healing be of cleanse, many Thine, one of dark ayea, the relieve, doubt, mind, Thine alone, was shed forblot, me, Fightings O Because Yea, Lamb To all Thee of within IThy need God, whose promise and in I come! Thee blood fears I believe, to I can without, come! find, And that Thou biddst me O Lamb cleanse

of God,each spot,I come! come toI come! Thee, O Lamb of God, I come! I come! VERSE O F HE LEADETH ME! O BLESSED THOT! Hym VERSE 4 n# 2 3 1O4 F 58 Sometimes mid scenes ofearth deepest gloom, Lord, And Ileadeth would myclasp taskO Thy on hand is indone, mine, Hewhen me! blessed thot! Sometimes where Edens bowers bloom, When, Nor by ever Thy murmur grace, the nor victrys repine,

won, O words with heavnly comfort fraught! ByWhateer waters still, oer troubled sea, Een Content, deaths cold whatever wave Ilot will I see, flee, I do, whereer Inot be, Stilltis tis His hand that Since Since tis God Thy thro hand Jordan that leadeth leadeth me! me! Still Gods hand thatleadeth leadethme! me! He leadeth me, He leadeth me, By His own hand He leadeth me: His faithful follwer I would be, For by His hand He leadeth me. VERSE O F GUIDE ME, O THOU GREAT JEHOVAH Hym

VERSE 3 n# 2 1O3 F 59 When OpenIme, now tread thecrystal verge ofJehovah, Jordan, Guide Othe Thou greatfountain, Whence Bid my the anxious healing fears stream subside; doth flow; Pilgrim through this barren land; Bear Let me the through fire and the cloudy selling pillar current, I am weak, but Thou art mighty; Lead Landme me mewith all safe my on journey Canaans

through; side; Hold Thy powerful hand; Songs Strongof of Deliverer, praises, Bread songs strongof Deliverer, praises, Bread heaven, heaven, Be Thou I will still ever my give tono Thee; and shield; Feed me till Istrength want more; Songs Strongof of Deliverer, praises, Bread songs strong of Deliverer, praises, Bread heaven, heaven, Be Thou I will still ever my give tono Thee. and shield. Feed me till Istrength want more. VERSE

O F LET HIM LEAD VERSE 4 2 3 1 O F 4 60 Hym n# Walk might the heavenly Walk with calm the heavenly road; Walkwith withpeace joy the with theheavenly heavenlyroad; road; let Him lead; Seek InBrightly your His grace heavens heavens road, road, Hard andsight long is heavens road, lit isison heavens road, Toward its gleaming pathway

strive, Though walk in by life faith temptations until the end, come, Pray and trust His guiding light, falter, never sigh; Follow Keep TilNever in Him heaven andwe from may them stand; run; it always in your sight; let Him lead. VERSE O F LEAD, KINDLY LIGHT VERSE 3 2 1 O F 3 61 Hym n# Lead, kindly

amid thencircling gloom, So Thy powr has blessed, surethat it still Ilong was not Light! ever thus, nor prayed Lead meon on; Will Thou lead me Thou The dark, and I am fromtorrent, home, Oernight mooris and fen, oer crag and Shouldst lead mefar on; me on;my path; The Thou night is see gone; I loved till toLead choose and Keep mymorn feet; those IThou do not ask to see And Thou withnow, the angel but Lead me

on;faces The distant scene; smile I loved the garish day, and spite of fears, one enough for me. Which Istep have loved since, Pride ruled mylong will; and lost Remember notawhile! past years. VERSE O F THE SAVIOUR WITH ME VERSE 4 2 3 1 O F 4 62 Hym n# IWhile will go_ without a Then my He soul_ leads_ I would would have havethe theSaviour

Saviourwith withme me, murmur, Then While my He soul leads In onward march ofis life, Forthe That my His faith, eye at best, way may weak; guide, I dare notthe walk alone; Itempest will go without a Thro the and the He Till can I reach whisper words of Jordan, of comfort I would feelthe Hisvale presence near murmur, shall me where fear no He ill,_ will;_ sunshine, That

Till no other the voice rollingcan tide. speak. me,I cross shall me where fear no He ill, will, fear where no ill, He will; Thro the battle and the strife. And His arm around me thrown. And His footsteps follow still. And His footsteps follow still. VERSE O F TARRY WITH ME, O MY SAVIOUR Hym VERSE 4 n# 2 3 1O4 F 63 Deeper, Let Feeble, me hear trembling, deeper grow voice the behind shadows, dying, me, Tarry with Thy

me, Ofainting, my Saviour, Calming Paler Lord, now I cast all the these myself wild onalarms; Thee; west, For the day isglowing passing by; Tarry Let Swift me, with theunderneath night me through ofofdeath my the weakness, advances; darkness; See! the shades evening gather, While Shall Feel I sleep, it the beeverlasting the still watch ofarms. by rest? me. And the night isnight drawing nigh. Tarry with me, O my Saviour,

Lay my head upon Thy breast Till the morning; then awake me Morning of eternal rest. VERSE O F HEAVENLY SUNLIGHT VERSE 3 2 1 O F 3 64 Hym n# Shadows In the bright sunlight me, ever rejoicing, above Walking inaround sunlight, allshadows of my journey; Pressing me, Never myconceal way tothro mansions my Saviour above; and Over the mountains, the deep vale; Singing praises guide; gladly Im walking, Jesus hasHis said Ill

never forsake thee, He Walking is the in light, sunlight, inthat Himsunlight is no darkness; of love. Promise divine never can fail. Heavenly Ever Imsunlight, walking close heavenly to His sunlight, side. Heavenly Flooding sunlight, my soul with heavenly glory sunlight, divine: Flooding Hallelujah, my soul I am withrejoicing, glory divine: Singing Hallelujah, His praises, I am Jesus rejoicing, is mine. Singing His praises, Jesus is mine. VERSE O F THOU, MY EVERLASTING PORTION Hym VERSE 3 n# 2 1O3 F 65 Lead Not for

me ease thro or the worldly vale ofportion, pleasure, shadows, Thou, my everlasting Nor Bear forthan me fame oer mylifes prayer be; More friend or fitful lifeshall tosea; me; Then Gladly the will gate I pilgrim toil ofand lifejourney, eternal suffer, All along my May OnlyI let enter, me Lord, walk with with Thee. Thee. Saviour, let me walk with Thee. Close to Thee, close to Thee, Close to Thee, close to Thee; Then Gladly the will

gate I pilgrim toil ofand lifejourney, eternal suffer, All along my May OnlyI let enter, me Lord, walk with with Thee. Thee. Saviour, let me walk with Thee. VERSE O F LORD, MY SOUL WILL WAIT FOR THEE Hym VERSE 4 n# 2 3 1O4 F 66 Lord, Lord, most I pray, life gracious, was Thy Truth most with reveal, divine, sin, Lord, my soul will filled wait

for Thee, Lord, my Teach Now Guide me atme last now toI Thy the seekrighteousness; path Thy grace; Fearless, blameless, hereabove; Ill stay; That Thou Oh, thisremember my lost sheepnot wilt and my Thou my past, God, guide, Lord, ImSaviour trusting only Thee, And Show And with this Thy meekness sinner mercy and wilt Thy Thou forsake. love. bless. Lead me in Thy neer heavnly way.

He will guide me and care for me, Lead me onward to His sweet peace; Lord, Ill watch and wait for Thee, In my sorrow, comfort me. VERSE O F TEACH ME THY WAY, O LORD VERSE 4 2 3 1 O F 4 67 Hym n# When Long When doubts as I am my and sad life shall at fears heart, arise, Teach me Thy way, O last, Lord, Teach me Thy way! WhenWhen Whereer storms earthly oer mygrace spread joys lot be depart, cast, the skies,

Thy guiding afford Teach me Thy way! Shine In Until thro hours the the ofrace cloud loneliness, isaright, run, and rain, Help me to walk Thro Until In times sorrow the of journeys dire toil and pain; More by faith, lessdistress; bydone, sight; Make Until InThou failure the my crown or pathway success, is won, plain, Lead me with heavnly light, Teach me Thy way! VERSE O F

HOLD THOU MY HAND VERSE 4 2 3 1 O F 4 68 Hym n# Hold Hold Thou Thou my my hand; hand; hand, and closer, closer draw me that the when way reach dark before the margin me so weak IisIam, and helpless, To Thy lone dear self face divine; Without theOf sunlight that oftake Thy river I dare not my hope, my joy,faith myme, all;

Thou But didst when cross by for one step without Thy aid; Hold Thou mylight hand, I catch A heavenly its radiant glory, Hold Thou my hand; lest haply should wander, may flashheights its ofSaviour, waters, joy, for What then, OIalong loving And, missing Thee, And evry like crystal bright shall be. what wave rapturous songs aresoul mine! No dread of ill shall make my afraid. my trembling feet should fall. VERSE

O F JESUS, SAVIOUR, PILOT ME VERSE 2 3 1 O F 3 69 Hym n# AsJesus, a mother her When at last I stills nearpilot the child, shore, Saviour, me Thou canst hush the oceansea; wild; And the fearful breakers roar Over lifes tempestuous Boistrous waves obey Thy will Unknown Twixt me waves and thebefore peaceful me rest, roll, When Thou sayst

to Be Then, while leaning onthem, Thy breast, Hiding rock and treachrous shoal; still; Chart andI hear compass came from Thee: May Thee say to me, Wondrous Sovreign of thee. the Jesus, Saviour, pilot me.sea, Fear not, I will pilot Jesus, Saviour, pilot me. VERSE O F NONE BUT CHRIST CAN SATISFY Hym VERSE 4 n# 2 3 1O4 F 70 II tried sighed pleasures thefor broken rest lost and I cisterns, sadly

happiness, mourned, Lord, OThe Christ, in Thee, my soul hath found, I yearned But But ah! never the forwept them, waters for not failed! Thee, Thee; And found in Thee alone, Till Een But grace while as I my stooped I the passed sightless drink eyes Saviour they received, fled, by, The peace, joytoImy sought so long, And His Thy mocked love loveliness laidnow me hold as toon

I see. wailed. me. The bliss till unknown. Now none but Christ can satisfy, None other name for me, Theres love and life and lasting joy, Lord Jesus, found in Thee. VERSE O F JESUS, THY NAME I LOVE VERSE 4 2 3 1 O F 4 71 Hym n# Soon Jesus When Thou deeply unto wilt Thee come loves flee, me, again, Jesus, Thy name II love, ByThou IHis shall blood wilt benames my happy Herefuge bought

then, be, me; All other above; Jesus my Lord! Then Oh, What Thine need great own I now is face His fear? love; see, Oh,how Thou art all to Ill me, What Then All other earthly I shall like grief Thee above, or care, be, Nothing toloves please I see, Then Since Love ever Thou that more Iart daily ever with prove, near? Thee, Nothing apart from Thee, Jesus my Lord!

VERSE O F THE GREAT PHYSICIAN VERSE 4 2 3 1 O F 4 72 Hym n# His Your name Allgreat glory many dispels tosins themy are dying guilt all forgivn, Lamb! and fear, The Physician now is near, Oh! No I now hear other believe the name voice in butJesus; of Jesus; Jesus; The sympathizing Jesus; IOh!

love onhow your thethe my blessed way soul in delights peace Saviours toto heavn, name, hear HeGo speaks drooping heart to cheer, And The I love charming wear the a crown name name of with of Jesus. Jesus. Oh! hear the voice of Jesus. Sweetest note in seraph song, Sweetest name on mortal tongue; Sweetest carol ever sung, Jesus, blessed Jesus. VERSE O F SAVIOUR, LIKE A SHEPHERD LEAD US Hym VERSE 4 n# 2 3 1O4 F 73

We Thou are Early hast Thine; let promised usdo seek Thou to Thy befriend receive favor; us, us, Saviour, like shepherd lead us, Poor BeEarly the andguardian let sinful usThy do though of Thy ourwill; we way; be; Much we need tender care; Keep Thou Thy hast flock Lord mercy from and to only sin, relieve defend Saviour, us, InBlessed Thy

pleasant pastures feedus, us, Grace With Seek to Thy cleanse, us when love our and we bosoms go powr astray: tofill: free: For our use Thy folds prepare: Blessed Blessed Jesus, Jesus, blessed blessed Jesus, Jesus, Hear, Thou O Early hast hear let loved ususwhen turn love to Thee; pray; uswe still; Thou hast bought us, we Thine are; Blessed Blessed Jesus, Jesus, blessed

blessed Jesus, Jesus, Hear, Thou O Early hast hear let loved ususwhen turn love to Thee. pray. uswe still. Thou hast bought us, we Thine are. VERSE O F HARK! THE HERALD ANGELS SING Hym VERSE 3 n# 2 1O3 F 74 Veiled Mild in He flesh lays the His Godhead glory by, see, Joyful, all ye nations, rise, Hail be the heavnborn Prince of

Christ, highest adored, Hark! the heraldheaven angels sing, Born Hail that thincarnate man no more Deity! may die, Join the triumph of the skies; Peace! Christ, thethe everlasting Glory to newborn Lord: King; Pleased Born to as raise man the with sons men of to earth, dwell, With angelic hosts proclaim, Hail the Sun of righteousness! Late inon time, behold Him come, Peace earth, and mercy

mild; Born to Jesus give our them Immanuel. second birth. Christ is born in Bethlehem! Light and life to all He brings, Offspring of a virgins womb. God and sinners reconciled. Hark!with the healing herald angels sing, Risen in His wings. Glory to the newborn King. VERSE O F THE FIRST NOEL, THE ANGEL DID SAY Hym VERSE 4 n# 2 3 1O4 F 75 Then let us all with one accord The first Noel,

the angel did say, And They by looked the light up ofand that saw same a star star Sing praises to our heavenly Lord Was to certain poor shepherds The Shining wise in men the came east, beyond from country them far, far; hath made heaven in fields as they lay; And To seek toWho the for earth a king it was gave their great intent, light,

and earth of naught, In fields where they And so to it follow the star wherever it went. And continued both day and night. And with His blood lay keeping their sheep, Noel, Noel, Noel, Noel, mankind hath bought. On a dark, starry night was so deep. Born is the Kingthat of Israel. Noel, Noel, Noel, Noel, Born is the King of Israel. VERSE O F AT THE CROSS VERSE 4 3 1 2 O F 4

76 Hym n# At the cross, at the cross Well the sun inIneer darkness But drops ofdid grief can repay Was Alas, it might for andcrimes my that Saviour have bleed done where I first saw the light, hide, The debt lovethe I owe; He And groaned did my of Sovereign upon tree? die? And the burden of my heart rolled And shut his glories in, Here, Lord, I away,

give myself away, Would Amazing He devote pity, grace that sacred unknown, head WhenAnd Christ the mighty Maker died ItTis all that I can do. For love sinners beyond such degree! as I? was there by faith For man the creatures sin. I received my sight, And now I am happy all the day! VERSE O F THE OLD RUGGED CROSS VERSE 4 3 1 2 O F 4 77 Hym n# ITo

So will Ill cling cherish the old rugged cross On athat hill far away In the old rugged cross, Oh, old rugged cross ISo will Ill cling cherish Istood will ever be rugged true, anwith old cross, stained blood divine, so despised by the so world, Its shame and gladly The emblem ofreproach suffering andforbear; A wondrous beauty I see; Has a wondrous

attraction me; thethe to oldold rugged rugged cross_ cross_ Then Hell callthat me old some day shame; For twas on cross the dear Lamb of God thethe to cross, cross, thethe oldold rugged rugged cross, cross, to home far away, And I love that old cross Jesus suffered and died, leftmy His glory above, Where His glory forever Ill share. where the dearest and

best Till And my exchange trophies it at some last I day lay for down; To pardon and sanctify me.a crown. bear it to dark Calvary. For aexchange world ofitlost sinners was slain. Till my And trophies at some last Iday lay for down; a crown. VERSE O F LOW IN THE GRAVE HE LAY VERSE 3 2 1 O F 3 78 Hym n#

Up from the grave He arose, Death Vainly cannot they watch keep His his bed, prey, Low He in arose the grave (He arose!) He lay, (He arose,) Jesus my Saviour! arose! (He arose!) With aHe mighty triumph oer His foes; Vainly He tore they the seal bars the away, dead, Waiting Hallelujah! the coming day, (He arose!) He arose a Jesus victor from the dark domain, my Lord! Christ arose! And He lives forever with His saints to reign. VERSE O F

CHRIST THE LORD IS RISEN TODAY Hym VERSE 4 n# 2 3 1O4 F 79 Soar Loves Lives we again redeeming now where our is glorious work Christis has King, done, led, Christ the Lord risen today, Alleluia! Where, Fought Following O the Death, fight, ourand exalted isthe now battle thy Head, sting? won, Sons of men angels say, Alleluia! Made Death Dying like in once vain Him,

He forbids like alltriumphs Him doth Him we save, rise, rise, Raise your joys and high, Alleluia! Ours Christ Where the hath thy victory, opened theand grave, O Paradise, Grave? thereply, skies, Sing, ye cross, heavens, earth, Alleluia! VERSE O F THE STRIFE IS OER VERSE 4 2 3 1 O F 4 80 Hym n# Lord, thedays

stripes which Theby ofhave death The three sad quickly The strife ispowers oer, the battle done; wounded Thee, have done their worst, sped, Alleluia! alleluia! alleluia! The victory of life is won; But Christ their legions hath dispersed; From deaths dread sting He rises glorious from the dead; The song of triumph has begun: LetAllshouts of holy joy outburst: Thy servants free, glory to our risen Head: Alleluia! That we may Alleluia!

live and sing to Thee: Alleluia! Alleluia! VERSE O F ON THE MOUNTAINS TOP APPEARING Hym VERSE 4 n# 2 3 1O4 F 81 Has Peace God, thy thy and night God, joybeen shall will long now now restore attend mournful? thee; Thee; On the mountains topand appearing, Have He All Himself thy thyfriends warfare appears unfaithful now thy isstands, Friend; past; proved? Lo! the sacred herald

Have All God thy thy thy foes foes Saviour been shall will flee proud defend before and scornful, thee; Welcome news to Zion bearing Zion, thee; Here By thy their Victory sighs boasts ishostile thine and tears triumphs atunmoved? last; end. long inand lands; Cease Great All thy thy delivrance conflicts mourning, Mourning captive, Zions Zion End still King in everlasting iswill well surely beloved; rest; send; God Himself

will loose thy bands; Cease Great All thy thy delivrance conflicts mourning, Mourning captive, Zions Zion End still King in everlasting iswill well surely beloved. rest. send. God Himself will loose thy bands. VERSE O F I AM PRAYING FOR YOU VERSE 4 2 3 1 O F 4 82 Hym n# When Christ has found you,given I haveto aHes robe:

I have Saviour, pleading in I have a aFather: me He has For you I am praying, tell others the story, and true; tis for resplendent in whiteness, glory, A hope eternity, blessed For you I am praying, That my loving Saviour Awaiting glory myHe wondering A in dear loving Saviour, And soon will call me view; For you I am praying, is your Saviour too;few; Oh, when I receive it tho earth-friends

be to meet Him in heaven, Then pray that your Saviour Im praying for . all shining in brightness, And now But, oh, that Hed you let me may bring them to glory, friend, He is watching in with tenderness oer me, bring Dear you me too! And prayer will be answered could I see you receiving one too! And, oh, twas answered for you! that my Saviour were your Saviour too. VERSE O F THERELL BE NO DARK VALLEY Hym VERSE 4 n# 2 3 1O4 F 83 Therell

be be songs no no more of weeping greeting sorrow ToTherell gather Therell His be loved nomore dark ones valley home, when Jesus comes, (safe home,) Therell be be songs no no more of weeping greeting sorrow ToTherell gather Therell His be loved nomore dark ones valley home; when Jesus comes; (safe home;) comes, But Andaaaglorious blessed joyful meeting reaping morrow Therell

be no dark valley But when Jesus comes To gather His loved ones home. VERSE O F REJOICE! REJOICE! OUR KING IS COMING Hym VERSE 3 n# 2 1O3 F 84 Oh, wondrous day! oh, glorious morning, With joy we wait Rejoice! Rejoice! Oh, may we never weary, watching, When theKings Son ofisMan shall come! our returning, our King coming! our down, May Never we withlay lamps allarmour trimmd and burning From His heavnly mansions fair, And the time will not

be long, Until Gladly He come, andHis with rejoicing welcome return! And with Until we hail the radiant dawning, Rejoice! Rejoice! our King is Give to each the promisedcoming! crown. ten thousand appearing, And liftthe uptime thesaints glad song. And will notnew be long, Untilshall we hail the radiant We meet Him indawning, the air. And lift up the glad new song. VERSE O F HES COMING SOON VERSE 4 2 3 1 O F

4 85 Hym n# It Hes may coming bewho, morn, soon, Hes coming soon; In these, the closing days ofremain, time, The dead in Christ who neath usair, And we living, yet signs around in earth and The Hes It coming beup, morn, soon, coming What joy the glorious hope affords, lie, Ormay Caught painted on theHes starlit sky,soon,

That soon oh, wondrous truth sublime! In countless numbers, all shall rise Gods shall meet faithful our witnesses faithful Lord; declare With it may joy bereign, night or noon He shall When thro thecherish portals ofSaviour the sky That This hope the coming we of the not in vain, With it may joy be night orLord noon King of kings and of lords. He shall come

But we comfort draweth nigh. one another to prepare our Paradise. we We welcome know Hes His coming by this word. returnsoon. - We ing;know our King is coming very soon. we welcome the returning of the Lord; VERSE O F MY SOUL, BE ON THY GUARD VERSE 4 2 3 1 O F 4 86 Hym n# O Fight Neer watch on, think and my fight soul, victry and till death pray; won, My

soul, bethe on thy guard; Shall Nor The battle bring thine thee neer armor to give thy down; oer; God; Tenlay thousand foes arise; Hell take thee, at are thy parting Thy arduous boldly will evry not day, bebreath, done The Renew hosts ofit work sin pressing hard To His divine abode. Till And thou help obtain divine thy implore. crown. To draw thee from the skies.

(REPEAT VERSE 4) VERSE O F THERES A GREAT DAY COMING Hym VERSE 3 n# 2 1O3 F 87 aaabright daycoming, Theres great day coming, coming, Theres sad day Are you ready? Are you ready? AAbright daycoming, coming, great day coming, sad day Are you ready for the judgment day? Theres aabright daycoming comingby byand and by; Theres great day coming by; and Theres sad day by; Are you ready? Are you ready? But itsthe brightness shall only come to When

saints and the sinners shall When sinner shall hear his doom, Are you ready for the judgment day? them thatI know love the parted right and left, be Depart, ye Lord, not, Are you ready for that day to come? Are you ready for that day to Are you ready for that day to come? come? VERSE O F ONE DAY VERSE 5 2 3 4 1 O F 5 88

Hym n# One One One day day day the they the grave trumpet left led Him could One day when heaven One day they Him Living, He loved me; will up conceal alone sound Calvarys in Him for the His no mountain, garden, longer, coming, was filled with His praises, dying, He saved me; One One One day day day they

the the He stone skies nailed rested, rolled with Him when sin was One day Buried, He carried my sins far His away from toblack glories die suffering from on the will the tree; shine; door; free; as as could be, away; Angels Suffering Wonderful Then came Heanguish, arose, down day,to oer Jesus came forth Rising, He justified freely forever: over my despised His death beloved Heand to ones had keep

conquered; bringing; vigil; betomb born of arejected: virgin, One day Hes coming Bearing Now Hope Glorious isamong of ascended, our the Saviour, sins, hopeless, my my this Redeemer Lord Jesus My Saviour evermore! is mine! is is Dwelt men, my example is He! He! O glorious He! day! VERSE O F HIS GRACE ABOUNDETH MORE Hym VERSE 5 n# 2 3 4 1O5 F 89 When

In How Nothing Him a can poor my Iof gracious sinner merit from possessing, He Redeemer, rejoicing? found me, Oh what akeep wonderful Saviour, MyIn Prophet, Ill All No sing helpless goodness of my the before Priest, joy to Ioffer in Him and my had my Isoul; lay; I;King; Jesus, my Lord have found! But Praising Mercy Often inIthe IHis the find precious law

love and I had of forgiveness, blood my broken, Saviour flowing, Tho had sins without number, He And My While washd merited all to years all hismy naught keeping ofme sinstains eternity but Iabound. bring. to roll. away. die. His grace unto did His grace aboundeth more. His grace aboundeth more. Tho sin abounded in my heart, His grace aboundeth more. VERSE O F COUNT YOUR BLESSINGS VERSE 4 2 3 1 O F

4 90 Hym n# Count your blessings, When Are So,you amid you ever look the burdened conflict, atbillows others upon lifes When name them one by one: with whether with their atempest load great lands ofor and care? small, gold, you are tossed, Count your blessings, Think Does Do that not the Christ be cross discouraged, has seem promised

heavy you When you are discouraged, See what God done; you His God are wealth called is over untold; bear? thinking allhath istoall; lost, Count your blessings, Count your many blessings, name them one by one; evry money angels doubt will cannot attend, will buy fly, one, Count your many blessings, Help Your And you comfort will in beheaven, singing give you itreward

will surprise you Andand see what God done. nor toas your your thejourneys home dayshath go onby. end. high. what the Lord VERSE O F THY LOVE JESUS VERSE 3 2 1 O F 3 91 Hym n# Thro Thy love You become flesh onhome, earth, Day In Like Your and night mercy do and Ifood

pine grace for evermore, Your Saving me from my and from death, aroma of is Thy love, Now Day my and love night is poured do I sin think out of at Thy Thy love, feet, Jesus; Jesus, Releasing Your throne, bright, on The No blessing home Youre as great preparing can be above. found. your precious blood washed Let favored ones eat

and be filled. Height, depth, length, and breadth You satisfy me more than all,high; We give thanks forand Your death on the cross, Golden streets, jasper walls, happy Being born Son of Man, under law, Thy always just the white asremains snow, are so great. O, Thylove beauty goodness excel, place, Jesus, Sent the that He might teach, same, Like a Comforter waterfall fresh

from above, Jesus, Jesus, Such mocking suffering you willed, TooWith poorjoy forIand a place lie. Jesus, abide inYou Thycould love. no pain, no what more tears, only love. So that I might please Thee below. What glory, radiance abound. What happiness comes from this spate! VERSE O F I AM COMING TO THE CROSS VERSE 5 2 3 4 1 O F 5

92 Hym n# Long I Here In my the trusting, Icoming give heart promises my Lord, has all sighed Ito in trust; Thee; Thee, for Iam am to the cross; Now I feel and Lamb the Thee; time blood of Calvary, and applied; earthly I Friends amDear poor and weak and blind; I am am counting prostrate thedwelt cross in but thewithin; Idross; dust; bow; Long hasatevil

store; IHumbly all Save IIwith me, Christ Jesus, am save crucified. me now. Jesus Soul and sweetly body speaks Thine to me, be, shall full salvation find. I will Wholly cleanse Thineyou forevermore. from all sin. VERSE O F SOMETIMES A LIGHT SURPRISES Hym VERSE 4 n# 2 3 1O4 F 93 Though It can In holy vine bring contemplation, nor fig ittree nothing neither Sometimes awith

light surprises Their But We He wonted sweetly will bear fruit then us should pursue through; bear; The Christian while he sings, Though The Who all gives theof the fields Gods lilies should salvation, clothing, Ittheme is the Lord who riseswither, Nor Will flocks And clothe find norHis itherds ever people be there: too: With healing in Hisnew; wings. Beneath Set Yetfree God

the from the spreading present same sorrow, heavens When comforts are abiding, declining HisHe praise No We creature cheerfully shall but can is my fed; say voice; grants thetune soul again, Een And For, He let while thunknown whoin feeds Him the tomorrow ravens A season of clearconfiding, shining Will Bring Igive cannot with Hisitbut children what rejoice. itrain. bread. may. To cheer it

after VERSE O F SOMETIMES A LIGHT SURPRISES Hym VERSE 2 n# 1O2 F 94 Thank Father, Hes the Only Thank Father, Hes thejoyfully, only God, Singthe tothe the Lord, sing God, He redeems me from all my sins. Sing! Who fulfils the needs my soul. O dear my Spirit renew! Sing of Lord, His love, singofjoyfully, O dearOLord, send Manna to praise HisThy name, Sing! me! Thank Him for

His great love. O Hallelujah, Praise His name! O praise His name, Thank Him for His great love. VERSE O F O, MY REDEEMER VERSE 3 2 1 O F 3 95 Hym n# When Jesus, inmy their Saviour, beauty, O my Redeemer, Nearer, draw nearer, When Starsthe last deep their silver shadows light, fall; What aunveil Friend Thou art to me! Till my soul is lost in Thee; Then,

O my Saviour, Give me songs at When, silence I shall hear Thy Oh, whatin a the refuge I have found in Thee! Nearer, draw nearer, night callwas When the way dreary, of yonder mansions, Blessed Lord, to oppressd, me. In Thine arms reposing, AndSongs my heart was sore Where the dear ones, before, me breathe my gone life away, Let Twas Thy voice that lulld me, Sing Thy praise

forever, And triumphant, To aawake calm, sweet rest. On that peaceful shore. In eternal day. VERSE O F AMAZING GRACE VERSE 6 2 3 4 5 1 O F 6 96 Hym n# Thro weve many been there Yes,When The Twas when Lord grace this has heart that promised taught and flesh Amazing grace! dangers, ten mysweet

thousand good heart shall toils, to fail, to and me, years, fear, snares, how the sound, And And His Bright Igrace word have mortal shining my already my hope fears as shall come; the secures; relieved; cease; sun, That saved alife wretch like me! no less days tograce sing Tis grace hath brot me safe thus far, How precious did that appear

IWeve shall will my possess shield within and portion the vale, be, I He once was lost but now amGods found, And lead me home. The hour Ipraise first believed! As Agrace life long ofwill as joy life and endures. peace. Was blind, but now I see. Than when we first begun. VERSE O F IVORY PALACES VERSE 4 2 3 1 O F

4 97 Hym n# HisIn garments His garments life too also glorious were its so sorrows in He cassia will come, sore, dipped, My Lord hashas garments wondrous fine, With To For open healing aloes wide had intexture the a part; touch; door; And myrrh their fills; Each time my feet inheavnly some sin have Its fragrance to this heart ofbore, mine,

And And when I shall I reached think enter of my the cross He home, slipped, joy my being thrills. MyWith eyes To dwell with forevermore. teardrops start. He took clutch. Out of me the from ivory its palaces Out of athe ivory Into world ofpalaces woe, Into worldeternal of woe,love Only Hisagreat Only His my great eternal love Made Saviour go. Made my Saviour go. VERSE O F WHEN I SURVEY THE WONDROUS CROSS Hym VERSE 4

n# 2 3 1O4 F 98 See, His head, hands, His Were the whole realm of nature Forbid it, Lord, that IHis should boast, When Ifrom survey the wondrous cross, feet, mine, Save in thethe death of Christ mydied, God; On which Prince of glory Sorrow andthings flow mingled down; That were alove present far too small; All therichest vain that charm me most, My gain

I count but loss, Did eer such love sorrow ILove sacrifice so amazing, them to so His blood. And pour contempt onand alldivine, my pride. meet,my life, my all. Demands my soul, Or thorns compose so rich a crown. VERSE O F MORE LOVE TO THEE VERSE 4 2 3 1 O F 4 99 Hym n# Then Once Letlove shall sorrow earthly myThee, do latest joyits IO

craved, work, breath, More to Christ! Sought Send Whisper peace Thy and praise; pain; rest; Moregrief love toand Thee; Sweet This Now are be Thee the Thy alone parting messengers, I seek, Hear Thou the prayer Icry, make My Sweet Give what their shall isrefrain; best; raise; Onheart bended knee; When This still all they my itscan prayer sing shall with be, me,

This is my earnest plea, More love, This prayer shall be, More O love, O Christ to Thee, Christ to Thee, More love to Thee! More love to Thee! VERSE O F THY LIFE WAS GIVEN FOR ME Hym VERSE 4 n# 2 3 1O4 F 10 0 Long And Oh, Thou years let was my hast were life brought spent be for given, for to me me Thy life given me, Down MyIn years weariness from

for Thee home and bewoe, spent; above Thy blood, OThy Lord, was shed, Worldfetters Salvation That through full alland eternity be free, riven, That I might ransomed be, And Thy Thy joy pardon glory withI suffering and might Thy know; love; blent: And quickened from the dead; Great Long Thou years gavest Thou were Thyself broughtest spent for for me, me; me; Thygifts life was

given for me; What Have I give have I spent myself I Ibrought onetofor Thee. toThee? Thee? What have given for Thee? VERSE O F LYRICS FOR 2 SLIDE HYMNS VERSE 4 3 2 1 O F 4 10 1 Hym n# Higher Less Day None by of than of self day self the and His and highest more tender

heavens, mercy Thee, Some Yet of found self and me; some Iall beheld of Thee, Him Oh, AllHe the of self bitter and pain none and ofof sorrow Thee, Healing, Less Deeper None of of than helping, self and the and more deepest full allever and of Thee, free, sea, Some Bleeding ofself self on and thaccursed some of tree; Thee, All

That of aself time and could none of Thee, be, Lord , Lord, Thy last conquered, Thyat love athas has Brot mewistful lower while Ilast whispered, And my heart said faintly, When Ilove proudly said to Jesus, conquered, Less of self, and all of of Thee, Some Less of of self, self and and more more of of Thee. Thee, Some of self, self

and some some of of Thee. Thee, None All All of of self, self and and none none Thee. of and None of self and all of Thee. VERSE O F O BLESSED SON OF GOD VERSE 4 2 3 1 O F 4 10 2 Hym n# O blessed Son of God, Thou Our Thou Elder didst Man Brother the of will Galilee, of

Thou, Him In love and faith we plead Who Whose O wilt sent heritage Thou Theelive from we again, share, above; That Thou wouldst bind Thou Our Abide kindred sendest within, lives uscontrol, aswe Heoffer sent inspire Thee, Thee, our minds and hearts In Our Inbrotherhood brotherhood brotherhood ofof of prayer. love. men. In brotherhood of need. VERSE O F ID RATHER HAVE JESUS VERSE

3 2 1 O F 10 3 Hym n# 3 IdHes Jesus Id rather fairer have than Jesus rather Than to than be the king of a vast domain thanmens orbloom, gold, lilies ofsilver rarest applause, Or be held in sins dread sway. Id rather His Id Hes rather sweeter bebe faithful than Id rather have Jesus than anything than have riches

untold; honey to His from dear out cause; the comb; Idworld rather have Jesus ThisId today. Hesaffords all that Jesus rather have than housesspirit or lands, mythan hungering worldwide fame, needs, Id rather be true led by IdId rather rather have be Jesus toHis and Hisnail-pierced let holy Him name. lead. hand. VERSE O F MY JESUS, I LOVE THEE VERSE 4 2 3 1

O F 4 10 4 Hym n# In IIll love mansions love Thee Thee because ofinglory life, My Jesus, I love Thee, Thou I will love hast endless Thee firstart delight, loved in mine, death, me, I and know Thou Ill adore Thee in heaven so bright; And And purchased praise Thee my aspardon long Forever Thee all the follies of sin

I resign; Ill sing with the glittering as Thou on Calvarys lendest me tree; breath; My gracious Redeemer, crown on the my brow, AndI my love say when Thee for death Saviour artwearing Thou;dew If ever Ithe loved Thee, Jesus, tis now. liesthorns cold on onmy my Thy brow, brow; If ever I loved Thee, my Jesus, tis now. VERSE O F TO FOLLOW IN HIS TRAIN VERSE 4 2 3 1 O F 4

10 5 Hym n# AAglorious noble martyr band, first,goes men whose the forth chosen and eagle boys, eye The Son ofarmy, God to few war, Could The On pierce matron the beyond and Spirit the came; maid, grave; A whom kingly crown tothe gain; Twelve valiant theirthrone hope knew, Around Who saw the saints, Saviours hisbanner Master in thethey rejoice, sky, His blood-red streams

afar: AndAnd mocked the cross and flame. In robes called ofon light Him arrayed. to save. Who follows in His train? They met the tyrants brandished steel, Like They Him, climbed with pardon the steep oncup his ascent tongue, of Who best can drink His of woe, The lions mane, In midst heaven, of gory mortal pain, Triumphant over pain, They bowed their heads

the stroke to feel: HeWho prayed Through for them peril, toil, that and did the pain: wrong: patient bears His cross below, Who in their train? O God, Who follows us may ingrace his train. train? be given Hetofollows His follows in To follow in their train. VERSE O F JESUS, BLESSED SAVIOUR VERSE 4 2 3 1 O F 4 10 6 Hym n#

Jesus, blessed Saviour, guide by I will am Thy me ever Spirit in Thy Thine; blest, way; by IThy grace follow Im Thee; freed, Keep Tho In your me the safe tender road beside before care Thee, Ill me For Bymy Thy sins loving you mercy, suffered, wanders evermore findnow eternal steep toand rest; stay; blind; gave I am your redeemed; life for me; Keep Jesus,

Never me Saviour, let on me the wander, keep pathway, me Now Joyously I have my redemption, heart sings keep in always Thy me precious by in Thy Thy side; light; love, in by eternal Thy sacrifice; praise, Be As with IThy near me grace both myme home in day meand above. abide. night. Lord, I Let will seek be with Thy glorious all

my prize. days. VERSE O F I WOULD FOLLOW JESUS VERSE 4 2 3 1 O F 4 10 7 Hym n# Thank Him, Thankobey Him! Jesus, Follow, Follow! Iwould would follow Jesus, Obey, Obey! I Ill be like Him! I would be like Jesus, I would thank my Jesus, Anywhere, evrywhere, Whether rich, whether poor, All I say, all I rough, do willwhether be donecalm, for Him;

Whether would followHim; on; II would obey Ill be like Him! I would be like Jesus, I would thank my Lord; Follow, Follow! would follow Jesus, Obey, Thank Obey! IIwould obey Jesus, Evrything I doHim, or say will be for Him! Thank Him! Evrywhere Hewont leads me, What matter, I may wouldcome thank my Jesus, I would follow on! With all things that happen, still obey! I would thank my Lord! VERSE O F TIS SO SWEET TO TRUST IN JESUS Hym VERSE 4

n# 2 3 1O4 F 10 8 Im Yes, so how tis glad sweet sweet I learned to totrust trust to trust in inJesus, Jesus, Thee, OTis so Just Just Precious to from trust Jesus, sinHis and cleansing Saviour, self to word; friend; cease; blood; And to take Him at His And And Just I in know from simple that Jesus faith Thou simply toart

plunge taking with me me, Just to rest upon His promise, And Neath LifeWilt the be rest, healing, with and mejoy cleansing to the and end. peace. flood! toand know, Thus saith the Lord. Jesus, Jesus, how I trust Him! How Ive proved Him oer and oer! Jesus, Jesus, precious Jesus! O for grace to trust Him more. VERSE O F WHERE HE LEADS ME VERSE 4 2 3 1 O F 4 10 9 Hym n# Ill

Illgo He go with will with give Him Him me through through gracethe and the judgment, garden, glory, I can hear my Saviour calling, Ill Illgo He go with will with give Him Him me through through gracethe and the judgment, garden, glory, I can hear my Saviour calling, Ill Illgo He go with will with give Him Him me through through gracethe and

the judgment, garden, glory, I can hear my Saviour calling, And gogo with with Him, me,and with with Him me all the way. Ill Take thy cross follow, follow Me. Where He leads me I will follow, Where He leads me I will follow, Where He leads me I will follow, Ill go with Him, with Him all the way. VERSE O F JESUS, I MY CROSS HAVE TAKEN Hym VERSE 4 n# 2 3 1O4 F 11 0 Let Haste Man the may thee world on despise from and grace and

distress leave to glory, me, me, Jesus, I trouble my cross have taken, Armed Twill They but have faith, drive left and me my winged to Saviour, ThyThee; by breast; too; prayer; Allby to leave, and follow Human Heavens Life with hearts trials eternal and hard days looks may before deceive pressthee, me, me, Destitute, despised, forsaken, Gods Heavn Thou own art will hand

not, bring shall like me guide man, sweeter theerest; there; Thou, from hence, my all untrue; shalt be; And, Soon Owhile tis shall not Thou close in grief shalt thy earthly to smile harm upon mission, me, me, Perish evry fond ambition, Swift God While of shall wisdom, Thy pass love love, is pilgrim left and to might, me; days; All Ive sought orthy hoped or known;

Foes Hope O Yet twere may shall hate, not change in and friends to toglad charm may fruition, me, shun how rich isjoy my condition: Faith Were to that sight, joy and unmixed me: prayer with to praise. Thee. God and heaven are still my own! Show Thy face, and all is bright. VERSE O F RISE UP, ALL YE SLAVES OF EVIL Hym VERSE 3 n# 2 1O3 F 11 1 Rise up! All ye slaves of evil, Night

Make tootoo long His goodness has blinded your and goal deceived of Sin long has oppressed and endeavor. you. you. enchained See See now! now! Christ Jesus isismankinds and His Kingdom true light; See now! Christ mankinds Saviour; Your Shine He can you with forever new and ever. endue. Heeyes canbefore free you and yoursight strength Rise up! Rise up! All ye slaves of evil! renew. Rise up! up! Rise Be free! Forsake yourofsinful Rise

up! All ye slaves evil! past. Rise up! Be free! Forsake your sinful Follow the Cross, to victory at last. past. VERSE O F FOLLOW ON VERSE 3 2 1 O F 3 11 2 Hym n# Down in Down the valley in thewith valley, my Saviour Follow! follow! I would follow Jesus! orAnywhere, upon the I would mountain go, steep, everywhere, Where the storms beside are my blooming sweeping Saviour and WhereClose the

flowrs and I would follow on! would the dark my soul waters ever flow; keep; the sweet waters flow; Follow! follow! I would follow Jesus! With He will His hand leadHe me toleads lead safely Everywhere me me Everywhere He leads me in Ithe Iwould willpath never, thatnever He has fear, trod, follow, follow on, I would follow on! Danger Up to where cannot they fright gather me Walking in His footsteps on if the my thecrown Lord hills is of

near. God. till be won. VERSE O F COME, LET US TUNE OUR LOFTIEST SONG Hym VERSE 4 n# 2 3 1O4 F 11 3 Burn, every with Jesussong; love; His sovreign powr our bodies made; Extol the with loftiest Come, let Lamb usbreast tune loftiest song our Bound, every heart with rapturous joy; Ourraise souls are His immortal breath; Prolong forto Him your cheerful

strain; And Christ our joyful And saints onHis earth, with saints above, And when creatures sinnd He Worship and thanks to belong, Worship and Him belong, to Him Your voices in His praise employ. bled Who reigns and shall forever Who reigns forever reign. reign. To save us from eternal death. VERSE O F SOLDIERS OF THE CROSS, ARISE! Hym VERSE 3 n# 2 1O3 F 11 4 Onward, Jesus

conquered then, yecross, when hosts arise! He of God! fell, Soldiers of the Met Jesus and vanquished points thefrom victors earth rod;hell; Lo! your leader theand skies Follow Now He where leadsyour youglorys leader on to swell trod; Waves before you prize, You TheThe soon triumphs shallofof see His His cross. face. prize victory. Though Soon, your earth enemies and gird hell all it appear, slain, Seize all armor, on; Who

Crowns willthe of doubt, glory oryou who shall can gain; fear? Now battle will be won; God, Soon our youll strength joinwill that and glorious shield, istrain near; See, the strife soon be done; Who We shout cannot their lose Saviours our cause. praise. Then struggle manfully. VERSE O F AROUND THE THRONE OF GOD IN HEAVEN Hym VERSE 5 n# 2 3 4 1O5 F 11

5 What brot them to world above, In flowing robes ofthat white Because On the earth Saviour they shed sought Hisheavn blood Around the throne ofspotless God in That heavn soone bright and See evry arrayed; To the wash Saviours away their grace, sin;fair, Thousands of children stand, Bathed in whose that pure and precious flood, Where all is peace, and joy and love;

On Dwelling earth they in everlasting loved His light Children sins are all name; forgivn, Behold them white andfade, clean, How came those children there, So now And joys see that His never blessed face, Athey holy, happy band, Glory,the glory, AndSinging stand before Lamb, Glory be toGlory, God on high. Singing glory, Glory be to God on high. VERSE O F CHRIST IS COMING VERSE 4 2 3

1 O F 4 11 6 Hym n# Christ coming! Long With Thine that blessed exiles have hope before pining, us, Earth can nowisbut tellbeen the story Letand creation far of let from norest, harp remain home, unstrung; and Thee: Thy bitter cross and pain; from her groans and travail cease; But, Letin the heavnly mighty vestures advent chorus

shining, She shall yet behold Thy glory, Let Thou the proclamation onward they their rollglorious from loving tongue Lord shall tototongue: see: When comest back reign: hopeis restore andChrist faith increase: Christ Christ Christ is is coming! coming! Christ is is coming! coming! coming! is coming! Christ Christ is coming! Christ is coming! Come, Haste Lord the Jesus, joyous quickly jubilee. Let each heart repeat thecome! strain. Come, Thou blessed Prince of Peace. VERSE

O F HYMN OF OFFERING VERSE 2 1 O F 2 11 7 Hym n# Hallelujah, Amen! Hallelujah, Amen! Gifts we Holy bringLord to Thee alone; To the we sing! Lord, we Thee, Alladore comes fromkneeling Thee, now, hereFather, before Thy throne;ring! O loving let praises Oh, wondrous Saviour, Oh, Saviour, who will will reign who forever! reign forever! VERSE O F CONSECRATION VERSE 4 2 3

1 O F 4 11 8 Hym n# Take Take my feet love, lips and and my let let God, them them pour be be Take life and let itI be mymy Filld At Swift Thy with and feet messages beautiful its treasure for Thee; store; Thee; Consecrated, Lord,from to Thee; Take Take Take my myself, voice silver and and

and let Imy will me gold, be sing Take mymy hands and let them move Not Always Ever, a mite only, only would all for for my I Thy withhold. Thee. King. At the impulse of love. All to Thee, all to Thee, Consecrated, Lord, to Thee. VERSE O F ALL FOR JESUS! VERSE 3 2 1 O F 3 11 9 Hym n# Since

Let my my hands perform were on bidding; Jesus, All foreyes Jesus! all fixed forHis Jesus! Ivemy lost feet sight run ofinall His beside ways; All Let my beings ransomed powers: SoLet enchained my eyes my see spirits Jesusand only, vision, All my thoughts and words doings, LetAllmy Looking speak atand the forth Crucified. His praise. mylips days all my hours. All for Jesus! all for Jesus! Ivemy lostfeet sight run ofinallHis

beside; ways; All Let my beings ransomed powers; All for Jesus! all for Jesus! LetAllmy All lips forspeak Jesus Crucified. His praise. my days andforth all my hours. VERSE O F I SURRENDER ALL VERSE 3 2 1 O F 3 12 0 Hym n# IAll surrender to Thee, all,_ my blessed Saviour, All to Jesus I surrender, All to Thee, my I surrender blessed Saviour,

all, Make Lord, me, giveISaviour, myselfgive; to wholly Thee; Thine; All to IHim freely Fill Let me me with feel the Thyand Holy love Spirit andHim, power, I will ever love trust ILet surrender all;_ all. Truly Thy know blessing that daily Thou fall on art me. mine. In His presence live. I surrender all. I surrender all; VERSE O F O SACRED HEAD, NOW WOUNDED Hym VERSE 3 n# 2 1O3 F

12 1 What What Thou, language my Lord, shall hast I borrow suffered O sacred head, now wounded, Togrief Was thank allThee, for sinners dearest gain: Friend, With and shame weighed down; Mine, For mine this was Thy the dying transgression, sorrow, Now scornfully surrounded, But Thy Thine pitythe without deadly end? pain. With thorns Thine only crown: Lo, O art make here me I fall,

Thine my Saviour! forever; How Thou pale with anguish, And Tis sore Ishould deserve I fainting Thy be, With abuse andplace; scorn; Look Lord, on letme mewith never, Thylanguish never favor, How does that visage Vouch Outlive safe my tolove me Thy to Thee. grace. Which once was bright as morn! VERSE O F BLEST BE THE TIE VERSE 4 2 3 1

O F 4 12 2 Hym n# We When share we our asunder mutual part, woes, Before our Fathers Blest be the tie thatthrone binds Our It pour gives mutual us inward pain; bear; We our ardent prayrs; Our hearts inburdens Christian love; Our our aims are But And wefears, often shallour still forhopes, each bekindred joined other in flows

heart, The fellowship of minds one, And The hope sympathizing meet again. tear. Is like toto that above. Our comforts and our cares. VERSE O F GOD BE WITH YOU VERSE 4 2 3 1 O F 4 12 3 Hym n# Till we meet,_ God till we meet again, God be be with you till we meet again, God bewith withyou

you till we meet again, Till we meet! Keep loves floating oer you, When lifes perilsguide, thick confound you, By Neath His banner wings securely hide His counsels uphold you, you, Smite deaths threatning wave before you: Put His loving arms around you: Daily manna still providefold you:you: With His sheep securely Till we meet,_ God be with you till we meet again. God

be with you till we meet again. God be with you till we meet again. Till we meet again! Godwe Till bemeet with you at Jesus till we feet;_ meet again. God be with you till we meet Till again. we meet! VERSE O F THE BETTER LAND VERSE 4 2 3 1 O F 4 Hym n# 12 4a Its There A land skies upon not whose nolike desolating

blissful earthly shore skies, wind There issweeps aare land mine eye hath seen, With There Across varying rests the no calm, shadow, ofserene shade falls abode: and no stain; light; In visions ofhues enraptured thought, There who meet no more, The Itthose wandrer hath noallneed there of ashall home sunspart to may rise find So bright that which spreads between And those parted

meet again. Within dissipate the the paradise gloom ofoffraught. God. night. IsTowith its long radiant glories O land of love, of joy and light, Thy glories gild earths darkest night; Thy tranquil shore we too shall see, When day shall break and shadows flee. VERSE O F THE BETTER LAND VERSE 4 2 3 1 O F 4 Hym n# 12 4b Its There A land skies upon not whose nolike desolating blissful earthly shore skies, wind There issweeps aare land

mine eye hath seen, With There Across varying rests the no calm, shadow, ofserene shade falls abode: and no stain; light; In visions ofhues enraptured thought, There who meet no more, The Itthose wandrer hath noallneed there of ashall home sunspart to may rise find So bright that which spreads between And those parted meet again. Within dissipate the the paradise gloom ofoffraught.

God. night. IsTowith its long radiant glories O land of love, of joy and light, Thy glories gild earths darkest night; Thy tranquil shore we too shall see, When day shall break and shadows flee. VERSE O F A PARTING HYMN VERSE 1 2 O F 4 12 5 Hym n# The love of Gods worth remembring, Spreading the gospel and seeking His truth is found in His Spirit, The Lord has brought us together, Ever Histhe praises well sing, To bring lost unto Forever

it will For us to learn Hisabide; true Him, way; Though we must part for in the moment, Praying for others spirit; One faith to keep, with God leading, With the Spirits love and guidance, No sorrow our spirits mar; Tho were of one heart; We will for Him ever strive; Allparted of His Word well obey; Well strive to keep His Bear spiritual gifts for His glory; commandments, InAnd heaven well part. spread His never glory afar. VERSE O F

THE CHOSEN ONES OF GOD VERSE 4 2 3 1 O F 4 12 6 Hym n# OneThe Lord, one faith cleansed by His blood, Love With one Spirit another one, by His apart, Word, chosen ones ofnever God by grace, We His kingdom come, Beyond Asseek loved our bytime the and only Son, The ones He calls Hisspace, own;

In truth live, Histhankful love we share, Well Well help lovewe each our Lord, other, Lord, with always, faith, We come to Him with humble hearts Our hearts are joined as one! Blessd In peace forour His endless as grace. one. To Him wehearts all belong. Spiritual rain, O fall! Spiritual wind, O blow! Nurture the garden of God, And make His blessings grow. VERSE O F OH, FOR A CLOSER WALK VERSE 4 2 3 1

O F 4 12 7 Hym n# What hours I then Where Return the Ocloser Holy blessedness Dove, return, I God, knew Oh, forisapeaceful walk with enjoyed! Sweet messenger Iheavnly saw the offrame, Lord? rest; AWhen calm first and I hate sins that made How sweet their memry still! Where isthe the soul-refreshing view A light to shine upon theThee road ButThat they

havemourn, leftto anthe aching void Of leads Jesus and His Word? me Lamb! And The drove Thee from my fill. breast. world can never VERSE O F O HAPPY DAY THAT FIXED MY CHOICE Hym VERSE 4 n# 2 3 1O4 F 12 8 Happy day, happy day, High heavn that hears the my solemn vow, Tis done the great transactions done; rest, my long-divided heart, ONow happy

day that fixed choice When Jesus washed my sins away! That vow renewed shall daily hear; I am mymy Lords, and center, He ismy mine; Fixed on this blissful rest; On Thee, Saviour and God! He Here taught me how to watch and pray, Till in lifes latest hour I bow, He drew me and I followed on, have a nobler part, Well may thisI found glowing heart rejoice, And

live rejoicing evry day; And bless, in death, a bond so dear. Rejoiced to own the call divine. Here heavnly pleasures fill my And tell its raptures all abroad. Happy day, happy day, breast. When Jesus washed my sins away! VERSE O F LORD, WE COME BEFORE THEE NOW Hym VERSE 4 n# 2 3 1O4 F 12 9 Grant Lord, In Thine on that Thee own all may our appointed souls seek depend: and way, find

Lord, we come before Thee now, Now In Thee we seek GodThee; supremely now here descend; we kind; stay; Atcompassion Thya feet we humbly bow; Fill Heal Lord, our the hearts we sick, know with the not Thy captive how rich tofree; grace, go, O do not our suit disdain! Tune Till Let our a us blessing lips all rejoice to sing Thou in Thy bestow,

Thee, praise, Shall we seek Thee, Lord, in vain? Tune Till Let our a us blessing lips all rejoice to sing Thou in Thy bestow. Thee. praise. Shall we seek Thee, Lord, in vain? VERSE O F JOY TO THE WORLD VERSE 4 2 3 1 O F 4 13 0 Hym n# Andas Repeat Far heaven wonders the

thecurse sounding and of His is nature found,_ love,_ joy,_ sing,_ No sins and sorrows grow, Joy to earth! the Saviour reigns; He rules the world Joy more to the thelet world! the Lord is come; Far And Repeat And aswonders the heaven the curse soundof and Nor thorns infest the ground; and repeat far ders as heaven wonders the the curse sounding and of is

His nature found. love. joy. sing. Let men their songs employ; with truth and grace, Let na- earth receive her King; and repeat far as heaven wonders the the curse sounding and of is nature His found. joy. love. sing. He comes to make His blessings flow While fields and floods, And makes the nations prove Repeat Far And as wonders the the curse sounding of

His is found,_ love,_ joy,_ Let every heart prepare Him room, rocks, hills, and and plains And ing is His found,_ joy,_ love,_ heaven nature And Repeat as wonders the sing,_ the curse soundof The glories of Far His righteousness, ture sing,_ And heaven and Repeat,_ Far And won-_ na- as,_ ingfound,_ is His joy,_ love,_ And heaven,_ VERSE O F THE CHURCH IN THE WILDWOOD Hym VERSE 4 n# 2 3 1O4 F 13

1 No come to is the so church dearchurch inmy the childhood Oh,spot From come the church to the into the valley Theres a church in the valley How sweet on a clear Oh, come, No spot come, come, is so come, dear come, come, tocome, mycome, childhood in by the the wildwood, wildwood, the wildwood, by Sabbath morning To When day trees fades where away night, No the

lovelier spot in the theinto dale; To list to the clear ringing bell; Come vale; As the to little the brown church church in the in the vale. Iwildflowers would fain bloom; from this spot No place is so dear to my childhood come, As the come, little brown come,church come; come, the vale. Its tones so sweetly arein calling, Where of my childhood the parting hymn As the little brown church Oh, come to the

church is the vale. will Wing be my chanted, way to the mansions of light. in the vale. wild wood, Oh, We will weep by the side of the tomb. come, come, come, come, VERSE O F JESUS, LOVER OF MY SOUL Hym VERSE 4 n# 2 3 1O4 F 13 2a Plenteous Thou, Other Ograce refuge Christ, have artmy Thee allI soul, none, I want, is found Jesus, loverwith of Hangs More Grace than tohelpless pardon all

in bosom Thee soul all my on I find; sin; Thee; Letmy me to Thy fly, Let Raise Leave, thethe healing Ofallen, leave streams cheer me notthe abound, alone! faint, While the billows near me roll, Heal Make Stillthe support and sick, keep and and me lead comfort pure the me; blind. While the tempest still iswithin; high; All Thou Just myme, and of trust

life on theThee is Fountain Thyisname, stayed, art, Hide Oholy my Saviour, hide! All Freely I my am help all let unrighteousness; me from take Thee bring; Till the storm of lifeofisIThee; past; Spring Cover VileThou and my the defenseless up fullwithin of sin my Iguide, am, head heart, Safe into haven Thou With art the Rise full shadow toof alltruth eternity. of and Thy wing. grace.

O receive my soul at last! VERSE O F JESUS, LOVER OF MY SOUL Hym VERSE 3 n# 2 1O3 13 All Just my and trust holy on Thee is Thy is name, stayed, Hide me, O my Saviour, hide! Thou, Other Orefuge Christ, have artmy allI soul, none, I want, Jesus, lover of 2b All I my am help all unrighteousness; from Thee I bring; Till the

storm of life is past; Hangs More than helpless in bosom Thee soul on I find; Thee; Letmy me toall Thy fly, F Cover Vile and my defenseless full of sin I am, head Safe into the haven guide, Raise Leave, the Ofallen, leave cheer me notthe alone! faint, While the billows near me roll, Thou With art the full shadow of truth of

and Thy wing. grace. O receive my soul at last! Heal Stillthe support sick, and and lead comfort me; blind. While the tempest stillthe is high; Cover Vileinto and my the defenseless full haven of sin Iguide, am, head Safe Thou With art thefull shadow of of and Thy wing. grace. O receive mytruth soul at last! VERSE O F YESTERDAY, TODAY, FOREVER Hym VERSE 5 n# 2 3 4 1O5

F 13 3 He He As He who of who, who old was mid pardoned He the walked the friend raging erring toforever, of Emmaus billows, sinners Peter, Oh, how sweet the glorious message Yesterday, today, Seeks Never Walked With Thee, needst them lost tothou the one, abide, sea fear; now; Simple faith may claim; Jesus isupon the same; So, Still

Sinner, Hethrough who cancome, came hush all lifes our to and faithless wildest at way His He footstool tempest, Thomas walketh, Yesterday, today, forever, All may change, but Jesus never All Ever thy Penitently Asdoubt near on Galilee; our will bow; side; clear; Jesus is the same! Glory to His name! He Soon who He He who again wept said let Ill shall and the

prayed we loved condemn behold disciple in sinful, anguish Him thee, Still loves tonot save the Glory to His name, Glory to His name; Hasten, Go, On In and His Gethsemane Lord, sin bosom no the more, rest day! Heal the sick and lame, All may change, but Jesus never Drinks Speaks But Bidstwill thee with tomourner, still Thee still, us be each with that this cup love word same of as of trembling, tender, pardon,

Jesus, Cheer the calm the tempest Glory to His name! Lean As AsIn in He upon our days went agony. His ofname! away. breast. yore. Glory to His VERSE O F O THINK OF THE HOME OVER THERE Hym VERSE 4 n# 2 3 1O4 F 13 4 Over there, (Over there,) Over there, there,) (Over Over there, (Over there,) O think My Savior

of the is friends now over over there, there, think of the home over there, O Ill soon be at home over there, over there, (over there,) over there, there,) (over over there, (over there,) There Who my before kindred us the and journey friends have are at trod, rest; By the side of the river of light, For the end of my

journey I see; O My think Saviour of the is friends now over over there, there, think of the home over there, O Of thesoon songs that they breathe on the air, Then away from my sorrow and care, Ill be at home over there, Where the saints, all immortal and fair, Many dear to mythere,) heart, over there (over (over there,) In their

in the palace ofblest. God. Let me home fly to the land of theof Are robed in(over their garments white. there,) Are watching and waiting for me. Over there, there, (Over there) Over (Over there) Over there, (Over there) over there, over there, over there, over there, over there, over there, O My think Saviour of the is friends now over over there. O think of the home overthere. there. Ill soon be at home over there. VERSE O F

O THINK OF THE HOME OVER THERE Hym VERSE 4 O 4 n# F 13 4 Over there, (Over there,) Ill soon be at home over there, over there, (over there,) ForIllthe end my journey I see; soon be of at home over there, Many dear my (Over heart,there) over there Over to there, Are watching andover waiting over there, there,for me. Ill soon be at home over there. VERSE O F BREAST THE WAVE, CHRISTIAN Hym VERSE 3 n# 2 1O3 F 13 5 Lift the Christian, Breast theeye, wave, Christian, Fight

the fight, Christian, Just as closeth, When itisisitoer strongest; Jesus thee; Raise thy heart, Christian, Watch forrace, day, Christian, Christian, Run the Ere reposeth; When theitisnights longest; Heaven before thee: Thee the onward love of Christ Onward still He from who and hath promised Nothing shall sever; Be Thine endeavor; Faltereth never; And, when thy work is done, The rest that remainest The love of eternity Flows on forever. Praise Him forever. Will be forever. VERSE

O F I KNOW WHOM I HAVE BELIEVED Hym VERSE 4 n# 2 3 1O4 F 13 6 know II know know not not not when how how my the this Lord Spirit saving may moves, faith come, II know not why Gods wondrous grace Convincing To night me hath He or noonday did men impart, ofknown, sin, fair, ToAt me He made Nor Revealing Norwhy, ifhow Ill walk

believing Jesus thethro vale in the His with Word Word, Nor unworthy, Christ inHim, love Wrought Or Creating meet peace Him faith within inin the Him. my air. heart. Redeemed me for His own. But I know whom I have believed, and am persuaded that He is able To keep that which Ive committed Unto Him against that day. VERSE O F THE LILY OF THE VALLEY VERSE 3 1 2 O F 3 13 7 Hym n# He

will never, never comfort, leave me, Though I have In He sorrow allall found my the Hes griefs aworld friend my has forsake in taken, Jesus, me, nor in trouble yet forsake Hes my me stay; here, and Hes Satan all everything my tempt sorrows me toborne; me, sore, He tellsWhile me every I live care by faith Him and to roll: Through In Hes temptation theJesus fairest

Ion Hes shall of Hes do the Hisreach Lily blessed of the will; Valley my ten safely strong thousand and mighty to the my goal: soul; tower; the AThe Bright wall ofLily and fire Morning about me, Star, I Hes have the all Lily for of Him the of the Valley, forsaken, Valley Hes the fairest ofand ten thousand to my soul. Ive now fear, the Bright

and innothing Him all my alone Morning idols I to see torn Star, Hes the All fairest of ten thousand to my soul. With His manna From I need my heart, to cleanse and now and He my hungry soul shall fill. He make keeps me mefully by His whole. power. VERSE O F HAVE YOU COUNTED THE COST? Hym VERSE 3 n# 2 1O3 F 13 8 Havemay you counted the

cost, While You the barter ofyour His mercy hope Theres a door line that is drawn if by your soul should be lost, ofrejecting iseternitys open toour you, morn, Lord, Tho youdepth gainofthe whole world For Ere a moment the ofjoy His at love the you most, Where the call His Spirit is lost, your own? For for the exhaust, glitter of sin And you hurry along

Even now it may be Wont andyou thecome thingsand it will be win healed, with pleasure-mad throng that the line you have crossed, Have wont you counted, you whisper, have Iyou yield counted Have you counted, have you counted I have counted, the cost? I have counted the cost? the cost? VERSE O F JESUS OF NAZARETH PASSETH BY Hym VERSE 6 n# 2 3 4 5 1O6 F 13 9 Again Who Jesus! But Ho! He isifall this comes! you

tis ye Jesus? He still heavy who From this Why lady once call place should come! refuse, below to throng, place He What means this eager, anxious Heres Mans And Hispathway The pardon, holy all city His footprints wondrous move comfort, trod, busy mid sowe mightily? rest, love pain canand abuse, trace. and home. woe; Which moves with haste along And Ye He Soon

burdened Awanderers passing pauseth will He ones, stranger, atsadly from ourwhereeer threshold a from Fathers hasyou HeHe skill turn, face, nay, came, These wondrous gatherings day by day? What means this strange commotion pray? Brought out their sick, and at deaf, and Your Return, He To enters bitter move accept prayer the condescends His multitude for proffered pardon to will? grace. stay. spurn. lame. accents

hushd the throng reply: Ye In Too Shall tempted Again late! wethe not too ones, stirring gladly late! theres will raise tones be refuge the reply: the cry cry nigh: The blind topasseth hear theby. cry: Jesus ofrejoiced Nazareth accents Jesus Nazareth passeth by. hushd the throng reply: Ye In Too Shall tempted Again late! weof the not too ones, stirring gladly late!

theres will raise tones be refuge the reply: the cry cry nigh: The blind topasseth hear theby. cry: Jesus ofrejoiced Nazareth Jesus of Nazareth passeth by. VERSE O F GOD UNDERSTANDS VERSE 3 2 1 O F 3 14 0 Hym n# God God understands understands your your heartache, sorrow, He Heknows sees the thefalling bitter tear, pain; and O, trust whispers,

Him in I the am darkness, with thee, And Then You cannot falter not, trustnor in vain. fear. He understands your longing, Your deepest grief He shares: Then let Him bear your burden, He understands, and cares. VERSE O F JESUS, THY BOUNDLESS LOVE TO ME Hym VERSE 3 n# 2 1O3 F 14 1 O Oh, Love, grant how that gracious nothingis inThy my soul Jesus, Thy boundless love toway! me No can reach, no tongue May Allthot fear dwell before but Thy Thy

pure presence lovedeclare; alone; flies; Oh, knit myThy thankful heart Thee Care, Oh, may anguish, sorrow love possess melttoaway, me And reign without rival there: Whereer Thy healing whole,a beams arise: wholly, Thineand alone, Icrown: am; MyThine joy, O Jesus, my treasure, nothing may my I see, Be Thou desire, alone my constant flame. All Nothing coldness from or my seek, heart but remove; Thee. May evry act, word, thought, be love. VERSE

O F COME, YE DISCONSOLATE VERSE 3 2 1 O F 3 14 2 Hym n# Here Joy see of the thedisconsolate, comfortless; Bread of Life; Come, ye light see waters of the flowing whereeer yestraying, languish; Forth Hope from thethrone penitent, of God, Come toofthe the mercy seat, fadeless pure from and above; pure! fervently kneel; Here Come speaks toyour thethe feast Comforter,

of love Here bring wounded hearts, come, tenderly saying, knowing, here tellever your anguish; Earth Earth has has no no sorrow sorrow that but heaven can remove. cure. that heavencannot cannot heal. heaven VERSE O F JESUS, I WILL TRUST THEE VERSE 4 2 3 1 O F 4 14 3 Hym n# Jesus, Jesus, In ThyIII can love do trust confiding Thee, will trust

Thee, trust Thee, Jesus, trust trust I will Thee Thy seek without written Thymy face, word, doubt; trust Thee with soul; Since Worship Whosoever Thy and voice adore cometh, of mercy Thee Guilty, lost, and helpless, for Thou I Thy have wilt wondrous often not cast heard, grace. out, Thou canst make me whole. When Faithful Jesus, Thy is Spirit Thy trust promise, teacheth, Thee,

There isI will none in heaven trust to precious Thee taste iswith how Thy blood sweet soul; ormy on earth likemy Thee: These Guilty, Only my lost, may souls and I hearken, salvation, helpless, Thou hast died for sinners Thou Thou sitting canst mymake at Saviour Thyme feet. God! whole. therefore, Lord, for me. VERSE O F WAIT ON GOD AND TRUST HIM Hym VERSE 4 n#

2 3 1O4 F 14 4 Wait on God and trust Him Wait on God and trust Him through all thy days; through all thy days; Cast thy cares upon Him Cast thy cares upon Him who guides all thy ways. who guides all thy ways. Do not despair; as the morning fair Take On Perish bended upwhat thy knee, cross; will, God Lord, count isI refuge cry it not to aThee; still; loss, Scatters fog and darkness, For the heat

of sorrow melts away the Shield my soul from evil; to cross I ill. flee. Greater than the Helper Thy is not anydross. God removes thy care. Jesus, dear Saviour, patient and mild; Gracious Redeemer, mighty and strong, Faithful, eternal Saviour and Friend, Midst all thy trials, in all thy care, Let me be obedient, a trusting Let memy sing rejoicing theunto victors song. Save soul from evil thechild. end.

God remains thy faithful Friend everywhere. VERSE O F TRUSTING JESUS VERSE 4 2 3 1 O F 4 14 5 Hym n# Trusting Brightly Singing Him doth if my while His way Spirit lifeisshall clear, shine last, Simply trusting every day, Trusting Praying Into this Him ifpoor the tillpath heart earth be ofbe drear; mine; past; Trusting through a stormy way;

While Till If inwithin danger, He leads thefor jasper I cannot Him call; fall; Even when my faith is wall, small, Trusting Jesus, that is all. Trusting as the moments fly, Trusting as the days go by; Trusting Him whateer befall, Trusting Jesus, that is all. VERSE O F I NEED THEE EVERY HOUR VERSE 4 2 3 1 O F 4 14 6 Hym n# I need Thee evry hour, Stay Most In gracious Thou joyHoly ornear pain; One; by; Most Lord; Temptations O Come

make quickly me lose Thine and their indeed, abide, powr No tender voice like Thine When Thou Or peace life Thou blessed is art vain. Son. nigh. Can afford. I need Thee, O I need Thee; Evry hour I need Thee! O bless me now, my Saviour, I come to Thee. VERSE O F JESUS, THY NAME I LOVE VERSE 4 2 3 1 O F 4 14 7 Hym n# Soon Thou, When Thou blessed unto

will Thee come Son IIof flee, again! God, Jesus, Thy name love, HastThou bought I shall wilt be me my happy with refuge Thy then, be, blood, All other names above; Jesus, my Lord! Then Oh, What Thine need great own I not is face Thy to Ill love, see, Oh,how Thou are all to fear? me! What Then All other earthly I shall like grief Thee above, or care,

be, Nothing toloves please I see, Then Since Loveevermore Thou that Iart daily ever with prove, near? Thee, Nothing apart from Thee, Jesus, my Lord! VERSE O F JESUS IS OUR SHEPHERD VERSE 3 2 1 O F 3 14 8 Hym n# Though How its thegentlest wolves whisper, may ravin, Folded in His bosom, Makes Non can our do heart usto harm;

rejoice. What have we fear? When Even wewhen tread He deaths chideth, valley, Only let us follow, Dark Tender withHe fearful is His tone; gloom, Whither doth lead, None We but will He fear shall no guide evil, us; To the thirsty desert, Victors Wethe are oer Histhe alone. tomb. Or dewy mead. VERSE O F LEANING ON THE EVERLASTING ARMS Hym VERSE 3 n# 2 1O3

F 14 9 Lean -sweet ing, lean Oh, how What have I to dread, to walk a fellowship, ing, in thishave what I toway, fear, apilgrim joy divine, Leaning on Jesus, Leaning on the everlasting arms; arms? Jesus, IOh, have how bright peace the path What ablessed blessedness, grows with Lord day so near, day, whatmy afrom peace is to mine, Safe andon Leaning secure the everlasting from all alarms; arms. Safe andon Leaning secure the everlasting from all alarms; arms.

VERSE O F THE LORDS MY SHEPHERD VERSE 5 2 3 4 1 O F 5 15 0 Hym n# Yea, though I walk The Lords my shepherd, Goodness A My table soulThou He and doth hast mercy restore furnished all my again; life; me in deaths dark vale; Ill not want; And In Shall presence mesurely to walk

of follow doth my foes; me; make Yet will I fear no ill; He makes me down to lie; My Within And head inthe Gods Thou paths house doth of righteousness, with forevermore, oil anoint, For Thou art with me; In pastures green; For MyHis And dwelling own my cup dear place overflows. names shall sake. be. And Thy rod He leadeth me And staff mewaters comfort still.

The quiet by. VERSE O F GOD WILL TAKE CARE OF YOU Hym VERSE 4 n# 2 3 1O4 F 15 1 Thro All Noyou days matter may of what toil need when may He heart will be the provide, doth test,fail, Be not dismayd whateer betide, God will take care of you; When Lean, Nothing dangers weary youone, fierce ask upon will your His path denied, breast assail, Beneath His wings

of be love abide, God will take care of you. God will take care of you, Thro evry day, oer all the way; He will take care of you, God will take care of you. VERSE O F THE LORD WILL PROVIDE VERSE 4 2 3 1 O F 4 15 2 Hym n# March Despond At some on then then time right no longer; other, boldly; In some way or other Then well trust in the Lord, the the Lord sea shall will provide: provide; divide; And He will provide,

The It And pathway may this not be made be the my token glorious, time, It may not be my way, Yes, well trust in the Lord, With No It may word shoutings not He be hath thy victorious, spoken time; ItAnd may not be thy way; He will provide. And Well Was yet, join ever in yet the own broken: chorus, time, And yet, ininHis His own way,

The Lord will provide. VERSE O F GOD WILL TAKE CARE OF YOU Hym VERSE 3 n# 2 1O3 15 3 F God Godwill will willtake take take care care of you care you, God will take careof ofyou, you of thro long as allthe you the day, live, be not afraid, still to end; Shielding Granting your you footsteps, He your safeguard Oh,is what a blessings Father, directing

no other your can give; way; thro sunshine and shade; Redeemer, and Friend! He Hewill is your take Shepherd, care of you Tenderly watching and Jesus will answer whenever you call; Protector when time and is Guide, past, keeping His own, He will take care of you: Safe to HisLeading kingdomHis will bring you at last. children He will not trust leaveHim youfor to wander alone. all! where still waters glide. (REPEAT VERSE 3) VERSE O F A MIGHTY FORTRESS IS OUR GOD Hym VERSE 4 n#

2 3 1O4 F 15 4 Let Dost Prince goods ask of and who Darkness kindred may be? grim go, For still our ancient foe And tho this world, with devils filled, That DidThe we word in our above own all strength earthly confide, powers, A mighty fortress is our God, We Christ This tremble mortal Jesus, not life it for is also; He; him;

Doth seek to work us woe; Should threaten to undo us, Our striving would be losing; No thanks to them, abideth; A bulwark never failing; Lord His The rage body Sabaoth, we they can His may endure, name, kill; His craft and power are great, We will not fear, for God hath willed Were not the right Man on our side, The Spirit and the

gifts are ours Our helper He, amid the flood From Gods For lo, age truth his to doom age abideth the is sure, same, still, And, armed with cruel hate His truth to triumph through The Man of Gods own choosing: Thro Him who with us sideth: Of mortal ills prevailing: us: One And His little He kingdom must word win shall ishis the forever. fell battle. him. On earth is not

equal. VERSE O F MY FATHER WATCHES OVER ME Hym VERSE 4 n# 2 3 1O4 F 15 5 I trust in God, I know He cares for me, makes the wherever rose an object of be, His I trust trust in God God II may IHe in may be, On the mountain bleak care, Upon the land or on the Upon the land rolling sea, sea, the rolling or on the stormy sea;

He guides the eagle thru the pathless For, come what may, from to day, For come what may, from day day, Tho billows roll, He keeps my soul, air, My heavnly Father watches over me. My heavnly Father watches over surely He Remembers me, MyAnd heavnly Father watches over me. My heavnly Father watches over me. me. VERSE O F IN HEAVENLY LOVE ABIDING Hym VERSE 3 n# 2 1O3 F 15 6 Green Wherever pastures

He may are guide before me, me, In heavnnly love abiding, No Which want yet shall I have turnnot me seem; back; No change my heart shall fear; Bright My skies soon is beside be oer me,me, AndShepherd safe will is such confiding, Where And darkest nothing clouds can Ihave lack; been; For nothing changes here; My His hope wisdom I cannot ever waketh,me, The storm may roar measure, without The His sight

path is of never life free; dim; My heart may lowisbe laid; He My Saviour has way my He treasure, taketh, Butknows God isthe round about me, And And Ican will will walk with withHim. me. AndHe I walk be dismayed? VERSE O F WHERE JESUS IS, TIS HEAVEN THERE Hym VERSE 3 n# 2 1O3 F 15 7 What Oncematters Heaven where seemed aearth far-off

place, dwell? Since Christ my soulon from sin we set free, TillOn Jesus mountaintop showed His or smiling in the dell, face; This world has been a heavn to me; In cottage its begun orsorrows awithin mansion my fair, soul; AndNow mid earths and its woe, Where Twill last Jesus while is,Jesus tis endless Heaven roll. Tis Heavn my hereages tothere. know. O hallelujah, yes, tis Heavn, Tis Heavn to know my sins forgivn; On land or sea, what matters where? Where Jesus is, tis Heaven there. VERSE O

F WALKING IN THE KINGS HIGHWAY Hym VERSE 5 n# 2 3 4 1O5 F 15 8 There the rain shall come upon themake ground, There no ravnous beast shall No We unclean shall see thing the shall glory pass of the over Lord, there, We shall see the desert as the rose, afraid, Walking in the Kings highway; And Walking the springs inthe the ofbeauty

water Kings will highway; beWord, But And behold ransomd ones without of His afound, fear, Therell be singing where salvation goes, For Walking the purified in the the Kings way highway; is made, Theres Walking a highway in the Kings therehighway; and a way, Theres a highway there and a way, Where sorrow shall flee away, sorrow shall fleeas away, And Where the light shines bright the day, AndWalking the lightinshines the Kings bright highway. as the day, Walking in the Kings highway. VERSE

O F JESUS GIVES ME PEACE VERSE 4 2 3 1 O F 4 15 9 Hym n# Jesus gives me peace, ForFor Good For thethe church News Truth oft sacrifice. maligned. more; my faithhardships destitute. Jesus gives me peace, More than I can bear! Peace that Jesus gives me Think scorned on the of cross. thorns. men. ThinkofofChrist Christcrown born soof

poor. The world has not givn. Why should I despair? Man cannot Take away, Tis the peace of heavn. VERSE O F SUNSHINE IN MY SOUL VERSE 4 2 3 1 O F 4 16 0 Hym n# When the peaceful, happy moments When O theres Jesus sun shows His smiling shine, There music inmy soul soul today, today, is sunshine inmy my soul today, There is

isgladness musicininmy soul today, When the peaceful, happy moments O face, theres sunshine in my soul, For And when hope and praise isbright near, and love More glorious and A carol tothe myLord King, When Jesus shows His smiling The For blessings dove of peace which sings He gives in hear my me heart, Than glowslistening, in any earthly sky, And Jesus, can roll;_ blessed face, sun

shine, The now, flowrs For joys of laid grace up appear. above. For Jesus isI my light.sing. The songs cannot happy moments roll; blessed sunshine in my soul, There is sunshine in my soul. There is sunshine in my soul. VERSE O F FROM EVERY STORMY WIND THAT BLOWS Hym VERSE 4 n# 2 3 1O4 F 16 1 There Ah!evry there isaa place scene on eagle where wings spirits we sour, blend, From stormy wind that blows, There

is where Jesus sheds Where friend holds fellowship with friend; And sin and sorrow molest no more, Fromoilevry swellingon tide ofheads, woes, The of gladness our And heavn comesfar, down greet, Tho sundered by our faithsouls theytomeet is a calm, a sure retreat; A There place of all on earth most sweet; While glory themercy mercyseat. seat. Around onecrowns common It Tisisfound beneath the mercy mercy seat. seat.

the blood-bought VERSE O F SINGING I GO VERSE 4 2 3 1 O F 4 16 2 Hym n# The When Hepassing tells to the medays throne of my bring Fathers ofJesus grace many love, Icares, flee, The trusting heart to clings, And Fear I find never-slumbering not, the Ipromise Him true, eye, say, Nor any illheart forbodes, And But

when The My my everlasting fears arms are King turned above to me prayrs, atmighty the cross of upholding Calvry, sings, Will Will Thebear all burdens my my needs burdens slip supply. away. too. Praise God for lifted loads! Singing I go along lifes road, Praising the Lord, praising the Lord. Singing I go along lifes road, For Jesus has lifted my load. VERSE O F IT IS WELL WITH MY SOUL VERSE 4 2 3 1 O F 4 16 3

Hym n# Thou Satan should buffet, MyLord, sin oh, the the bliss And, haste day When peace, like a river, It is well (it is well) tho trials should come, of this glorious whenattendeth the faith shall be sight, my thot; way, Let this blest assurance control, with my soul (with my soul), My sin not in part, but the whole The sorrows clouds be rolld as a When

like seaback billows roll; That Christ has regarded It is well, it isscroll, well with my soul. IsWhatever naild to the cross my lot, myI helpless estate, and bear it no more, The trump shall resound Thou hast taught me to say, AndPraise hath shed his own blood for my soul. the Lord, praise the Lord, theitLord shall descend, It and is well, is well with my soul. O my soul! Even so, it is well with my soul. VERSE O F

TAKE ME AS I AM VERSE 5 2 3 4 1 O F 5 16 4 Hym n# Helpless am and full of guilt; IThou bow before Thy mercy-seat, And IfJesus, when hast atI Lord, last work the work me is done, do, my tofor Thee Itocry; Butbattle yetThou for me Thy blood was spilt; Behold me, Saviour, at feet; The fought,

the victory won; Inspire my will, my heart renew; Unless help me, I Thy must die; And Thou canst make me what Thou wilt, Thy work begin, Thy work complete, Still, still Thy my cry be me alone, And work both in, shall and by too, Oh, bring free salvation nigh, And take me as I am. And takeme me as as am. Oh take And take me as III am.

am. VERSE O F SAFE IN THE ARMS OF JESUS Hym VERSE 3 n# 2 1O3 F 16 5 Jesus, Safemy in the hearts armsdear of Jesus, refuge, Safe in the arms of Jesus, Safe Jesus from has died forbreast, me; care, on Hiscorroding gentle Safe on His gentle Safe Firm from on the the worlds Rock temptations, ofbreast, Ages There by His love oershaded,

There by His love oershaded, Sin Ever cannot my harm me there. be. Sweetly mytrust soulshall shall rest. Here Free let from me wait blight with ofpatience, sorrow, Hark! tis the voice of angels, Sweetly my soul shall rest. FreeWait from tillmy nighttois and oer; fears; Born inthe a doubts song me, Wait Onlytill a Ifew see more theofmorning trials, Over the fields glory, Break

Only on a the few theJasper more golden tears! shore. Over sea. VERSE O F HE WILL HIDE ME VERSE 4 2 3 1 O F 4 16 6 Hym n# He will hide me! He Where will no hide harm me! can Enemies may strive tolife injure, So, while here the cross Im bearing, Tho He may

send some affliction, When the storms of are raging, He will hide me! eer He will hide me! Satan all his arts employ; Meeting storms and billows Tempests Twill but make mesea long forwild, home; wild on and land, Where no harm can God will turn what seems to harm me Jesus for my soul is caring, For loveaand notofinrefuge anger, Isafely willinseek place hide

me Into everlasting joy. He eer will hide me! Naught can harm His Fathers hide All His safely chastenings will come. In the shadow ofme Gods hand.child. He will hide me! In the sha betide me; - dow of His hand. the shadow of His hand. betideInme; VERSE O F AM I A SOLDIER OF THE CROSS? Hym VERSE 3 n# 2 1O3 F 16 7 Are Must there no carried foes of for to me the to skies

face? Am II abe soldier the cross, Must On flowry I not stem beds the ofLamb, case, flood? A follower of the While IsAnd thisshall others vile Iworld fought a friend to win to the grace, prize fear to own His cause And sailed help me on bloody to seas? Or To blush tothro speak HisGod? name? Sure I must fight if I would reign; Increase my courage, Lord; Ill bear the toil, endure the pain, Supported by Thy word. VERSE O F ONWARD, CHRISTIAN SOLDIERS Hym VERSE 4 n#

2 3 1O4 F 16 8 Onward, At theaChristian sign then, ofye triumph people, Like mighty army Onward, soldiers, Onward, Christian soldiers, Satans Join our happy throng, flee; Moves thehost church of God; Marching asdoth to war, Marching as to war, On, Blend then, with Christian ours your soldiers, voices Brothers, areof treading With thewe cross Jesus With the cross of

Jesus InGoing the On triumph to victory! song; Where the saints have trod; on before! Hells Glory, foundations laud, and honor, quiver Going on before! We are not divided; Christ, the royal Master, At Unto the Christ shout the of praise; King; All one body we, Leads against the foe; Brothers, This and throdoctrine, lift countless your voices, ages One in hope One charity. Forward into battle, See Hisin banner Loud Men

your andanthems angels sing. raise! go! VERSE O F HOLD THE FORT VERSE 4 2 3 1 O F 4 16 9 Hym n# Fierce See Seemy the the and glorious mighty long the host banner battle advancing, waving! rages, Ho, comrades! see the signal Hear But Satan the our trumpet leading help is near, on; blow! Waving in the

sky! Onward In Mighty ourcomes Leaders menour around name great us we Commander, falling, triumph Reinforcements now appearing, Cheer, Courage Over my comrades, almost evry foe. gone! cheer! Victory is nigh. Hold the fort, for I am coming, Jesus signals still; Wave the answer back to heaven, By Thy grace we will. VERSE O F STAND UP, STAND UP FOR JESUS Hym VERSE 4 n# 2 3 1O4 F 17 0 Stand up, stand up for Jesus! Jesus, Stand The The strife in trumpet Hiswill strength call obey;

alone; long; Ye soldiers ofnot thebe cross; The This Forth day to of the the flesh mighty noise willof conflict fail battle, you, Liftarm high His royal banner, Ye The In this nextnot His the trust glorious victors your day: song: own: Itdare must not suffer loss: Ye that To Put Him on are the that men gospel overcometh, now serve armor, From victry unto

victryHim Each Against A piece crown unnumbered put ofshall life on shall with prayer; foes; be; His army He lead, Let Where He, courage with duty the rise calls, with or ofdanger, danger, glory, Til evry foe isKing vanquished, AndAnd strength Beshall never reign to wanting eternally! there. oppose. Christ isstrength Lord indeed. VERSE O F THE CHURCH HAS ONE FOUNDATION Hym VERSE 4 n# 2

3 1O4 F 17 1 Though Elect church Mid with toil from and a every scornful tribulation, nation, wonder, The has one foundation, Men Yet And see one tumult her oer sore all of the her oppressed, war, Tis Jesus Christ herearth, Lord; Though She Her waits foes charter the would consummation of salvation, rend asunder She is His new creation, The OneBy Of Rock

Lord, peace where one forevermore; faith, she doth birth; rest, water and theone word; YetOne Till saints with holy their the name vision faith she are glorious blesses, keeping; From heaven He came and sought her Their Her Partakes cry longing goes one eyes up, holy How are food, blest, long? To be His holy bride; And And And the soon toown one

great the hope night church she victorious presses, weeping With His blood Heofbought her, Shall Shall With every be the church morn endued. ofat song. rest. Andbe forthe hergrace life He died. VERSE O F YOU SHALL BE VICTORIOUS VERSE 3 2 1 O F 3 17 2 Hym n# Ye shall be victorious so never flee, Praise the

Lord_ You shall be victorious shall be victorious: You shall be victorious Yethe shall be victorious so never flee, all march of days, For the victory will be won by thee, take and raise your sword, over sin and strife, For Thyyour God is the with you, Shielded with Christ potent shield For the Lord thy God, He sustaineth thee. Praise the Lord_ O sing His

praise! full armor of the Lord. in the storms of life, For the Lord thy God, He sustaineth thee. He Tis voice of God calling strong and free. will never leave you, Be strong to battle, By His precious blood in mercy and bywith His strong hand, strive all your might, shed for thee, He will love, lead you unto the land. By His conquer andpromised win the fight. Do not fear nor from the battle flee. VERSE O F THE BANNER OF THE CROSS Hym VERSE 4

n# 2 3 1O4 F 17 3 Marching on,_ Marching And toland crown Him King, Over When the glory and sea, dawns Though the foe may rage on,_ and Theres a royal banner Marching on, on, on, Marching on, on, on, And to crown Him King, well wherever tis drawing man very may near dwell, gather asdisplay the flood, given for It Make is

hastning the glorious day by tidings day; known; Let the standard be displayed; To the soldiers of the King; For Christ count everything but toil and sing Of Then the before crimson our banner King As an ensign fair And beneath its For Christ count everything, toil and sing Be- folds, now the foe the story disappear, tell, Lord, we lift itshall up of today, as soldiers the loss, While the the

cross Lordbe the shall claim shall Hissing. sway! own! And Neath the banner ofworld the cross! as ransomed ones we For the truth not dismayed! While everything but loss! neath the banner of the cross! VERSE O F THE TRUE CHURCH IS ESTABLISHED Hym VERSE 2 n# 1O2 F 17 4 The True True Church Church is is established, established The By theisHoly Spirits powr, God in His holy place; Sing glory to Lord Jesus During this most

blessed hour; Who forever reigns in grace; Now Now the the True True Church Church is is raised raised up, up Truth be promise her foundation firm; This the of the Lord; Hallelujah, Praise name, Glory to His HolyHis Name, Glory, Hallelujah! Praise thesing Lord, Hallelujah! VERSE O F IT CAME UPON A MIDNIGHT CLEAR Hym VERSE 4 n# 2 3 1O4 F 17 5 Still And For ye, lo! beneath the the days cloven lifes are skies hastening

crushing they come, load, on, It thro came upon the midnight clear, Whose With By prophet-bards peaceful forms are wings bending foretold, unfurled, low, That glorious song of old, And When Who still toil with their along the heavenly ever-circling the climbing music way floats From angels bending near theyears earth, Comes With Oer painful all round thesteps the weary age and world: ofslow, gold;

To touch their harps of gold: Look When Above now! peace its forsad shall glad and over and lowly golden allwill the plains hours Peace on the earth, good toearth men, They Its Come ancient bend swiftly on splendors hovering on the wing: fling, wing, From heavens all-gracious King. AndThe the And O world rest whole ever beside oer world its the give Babel wary

back sounds road, the song in solemn stillness lay, Which And The hear blessed now the the angels angels angels sing. sing! sing. To hear the angels sing. VERSE O F GOD WILL ALWAYS GIVE US THE VICTORY Hym VERSE 3 n# 2 1O3 F 17 6 Though God road will always rough and long, Vanquish evry doubt and fear, Fearthe ye not tobe fight

for Him; Let give us raise usSaviours the our victory, marching victory; song, For the always near, He will help us all to win, God He will willalways alwaysgive giveus usthe thevictry. victry; When the victory weeach win, and read the Word day, Pray Gainst the might of Satans hand, we rest heavn with Him, that His willinmay us stay, Hewill will help us towith

withstand, God will always give us the victory. VERSE O F YIELD NOT TO TEMPTATION VERSE 3 2 1 O F 3 17 7 Hym n# To Shun him evil that oercometh Yield not tocompanions, temptation, Ask the Saviour to help you, Bad God giveth a is disdain, crown, Forlanguage yielding sin; Comfort, strengthen, and keep you; Gods Thro name faith we hold shall

inhelp revrence, conquer, Each victry will you HeTho is willing to you, Nor often take it cast intoaid vain; down; Some other win; He will carry you through. BeHe, thoughtful who is our and Saviour, earnest, Fight manfully onward, Our Kindhearted strength will and renew, true, Dark passions subdue, Look ever to Jesus, Hell carry you through. VERSE O F THE HOME-LAND SHORE VERSE 2 1

O F 2 17 8 Hym n# Far,far farbeyond beyondthe thestorms vale and shadow Far, that gather There shall sorrow , pain, and parting Loved ones passd; Dark oerhave our way, Grieve our hearts no more; Well meetthe them in of thejoy many There shines light eternal Soon, soon well meet beyond the river, Bright inmansions, the realms of day. Safe on the Homeland shore. home at last. Far, All fargatherd beyond the rolling billows O blessed of joy Faith morn spreads herunbounded! wings; O us glorious Love tells of theday! golden City, There evry grief sings.

and anguish Hopetear of itsofglory Jesus shall wipe away. VERSE O F TAKE THE NAME OF JESUS WITH YOU Hym VERSE 4 n# 2 3 1O4 F 17 9 Precious name,_ At the the name of Jesus bowing, O the precious name of Jesus! Take name of Jesus ever with you, Precious name, Falling prostrate atand His feet, How thrills our souls As a it shield from evry snare; Child of sorrow of with

woe;joy, King of kings in heavn well crown Him, When His and loving armsyou receive us, If round gather, It will joy comfort give you, O temptations how sweet!_ When our journey is complete. O how sweet! And songs our tongues employ. Breathe thatwhereer holy name in go. prayr. TakeHis it then you Hope of earth and joy of heavn. heavn; Hope of earth and joy of heavn. heavn; VERSE O F WHOSOEVER WILL VERSE 3 2 1 O F 3 18 0

Hym n# Whosoever will Whosoever Whosoever will, whosoever heareth, will! Whosoever cometh theneed promise is secure; shout, Send the shout proclamation the sound! not delay, Whosoever Spread over the vale blessed and hill; tidings Now the door iswill, open, forever mustyou endure; all Tis the awhile loving world around; Father enter may; the Whosoever calls the the wanderer joyful news home: Jesus

isTell true, thewill! only Living tis life forevermore; Whosoever wherever man will may is found, come. Way: Whosoever will will may Whosoever may come. come. VERSE O F ONWARD ILL GO VERSE 3 2 1 O F 3 18 1 Hym n# Many are isthe theonward willing, pathway OHow Lord, keep me with Thee, Onward Illsteep go, Yes, Ill go! who started heaven

the above, journey, Thyto brightness to know, Come doubts and fears, Without IllLord, leave Thee, sin behind Lord Jesus, And keep Thy true light Lord, onward will I me go; and walk footsteps in Thy tolove. lead. within me aglow. Jesus,their my Lord, blessed Saviour, Others Lord, help run me the to distance follow, O Lord, lead me onward, with me stay; inworldly the Thy glow

disciple of Gods be, grace cares I to forsake, Walk with me, Lord, To For I will goes the falter, victry, Tothem Thee, O but my Saviour, All the way all the way. the if crown Thou leavest andIll the me. race. this promise make. VERSE O F ONWARD GO! VERSE 5 2 3 4 1 O F 18 2 Hym n# 5

Has In this He little calld givn said moment the thee thee end golden tothy is then, the near? plough? grain? Trusting inlove the Lord God, Neer deny His worthy Name, Let Faith To Christ thy His and thy Masters mind portion, be in gate found service Christ repair, in blend; thee: thy stay, ThoHis it bring reproach andbe; shame; Onward go!

onward go! On Watching Heavnly Let His mighty will bread be thy and arm pleasure upon waiting depend; the way, there; Spreading still His wondrous fame, Night Sow, Serving In thy and is ways Him coming, thou acknowledge with shalt serve holy reap fear, Him again; Him; now; Holding fast His promised word, Standing He Leading Thus will in hear life on

fast and to and until glorious liberty, answer the end, day; prayer; On - ward go!_ On ward! Onward! onward Onward, On - onward ward! Onward!go! onward! Onward Onward go! go!_ go!_ Onward! onward! VERSE O F THE CHANGING YEAR VERSE 2 1 3 O F 3 18 3 Hym n# The arrow is flown, the moment is gone; His adorable O that each

will let from us his gladly Lord fulfill, O that each in the day life isour a dream; Come, let Our us anew journey pursue, The millennial year may And receive our talents the glad improve, word, of His coming may say, ourround time, with as a the stream, Roll year, Rushes on to our By Well theand patience faithfully of view, hope, done! I have fought my way thro; Glides swiftly away, And never

stand still and eternitys and Enter the into labor my ofhere, joy, love, And the fugitive momentappear. refuses to stay. till the Master Iand have finished the work Rushes on on to our By sit thedown patience my of view, throne! hope, Thouand didst give me to do! and eternitys Enter the into labor my ofhere. joy, love. and sit down on my throne! VERSE O F GRACE! TIS A CHARMING SOUND Hym VERSE 4

n# 2 3 1O4 F 18 4 Grace Grace all the ledacontrived my work roving shall feet crown, Grace! tis charming sound, Grace first the way To Thro tread everlasting the heavnly days; road; Harmonious to mine ear; To save rebellious man; It And lays new inwith heavn supplies the each top hour most I stone, meet, Heavn thesteps echo shall resound,

And all the that grace And While well deserves the to praise. God. And all pressing the earthon shall hear. display First drew the wondrous plan. VERSE O F THINK AND REFLECT VERSE 3 2 1 O F 3 18 5 Hym n# Why seek His Way?Why Why must we pray? be sinless? be pure thus? Why be Think selfless? Why seek

Jesus? Why Think and and reflect; reflect; Think and and reflect; Think reflect; Think reflect; God prepares a land so blessd. Jesus on shares the Holy a land Spirit thats blessd. blessd. Heavn is splendour, heavn islovely, treasure, Heavn is holy, heavn is Heavn is endless, heavn is Leave your sins and come find Hold For His your dear faith love and follow seek Him, His favor; then; precious

and rare; blessings oerflow; spacious, strength hope for to heavens rest. I will ever run my promise there. I will ever struggle to reach that home. boundless and free; in hope for heavens rest. I will ever strive for my Home to see. VERSE O F HEAVEN IS MY HOME VERSE 3 2 1 O F 3 18 6 Hym n# Jesus OnceChrist lostrescued soul was was me, Once aa lost soul

I,I Heaven is my home, On the In His pathway I am and cares, steep, Caught inmercy earthlyrough toilsblessed, Heaven is in my But Sent thro His Gods Spirit mighty tohome, Earth, hand, Felt such joy this world, My Slave homes notme ofthe this world, He Comforter showed and guide; way; to sins dread sway; Look InThen Hisnot Word Imonward made whole, strive, theback Lord Jesus came, Heaven

is my home. Ever On His working promise in His Iloving will strength stand, Freed me with His grace, Hell Til we guide reach, meHe Safe towould myathome, last, Promised me lead home up in blessedheavn. heavn. me toinblessed blessed heavn. VERSE O F IN THE SWEET BY AND BY VERSE 3 2 1 O F 18 7 Hym n# 4 In the

sweet (In the sweet) To oursing Father above, WeTheres shall on that beautiful shore abountiful land is fairer than that by and by, (by and by,) Wemelodious will offer the tribute The songs of of thepraise blest, day, We shall meet on that beautiful shore; For the glorious gift of His love And ourby spirits sorrow more, And faith shall we can see itnoafar; In the sweet (in the sweet) And blessing that

hallow our days. Not a by sigh for the blessing of rest. Forthe the Father waits over the way and by, (by and by,) To prepare us a dwelling place We shall meet on that beautiful shore. there. VERSE O F JUST AS I AM, THINE OWN TO BE Hym VERSE 8 n# 2 3 4 5 6 7 1O8 F 18 8 Teach us the lesson Thou hast taught, And Just Thou, as Iare

am, Who young, camst strong, earth and to free, die, IGod would live ever inon the light, For all brethren, far and wide, as I am, Thine own to be, In OJust the glad of mercy, morning God of of my might, day, To feel for those Thy blood hath bought, That To fallen be the man best might that live I can

thereby, be I would work ever for the right, Since Thou, O Lord, for all hast died; Friend of the young, who lovest me, My life In love to give, and my pityvows infinite, to pay, every word, and deed, and thought For truth O hear and us, righteousness, for to Thee we and cry, Thee, IThat would serve Thee with all my might, Then teach us,

what so ever betide, To consecrate myself to Thee, Teach With no us, reserve as everand in Thy no delay, sight, May work a work for Thee. In Lord hope, of my O Lord, life, I to come. Thee. Therefore to Thee I come. To them allto Thee. O love Jesus Christ, Iincome. With To live all my out heart life I Thee. come. VERSE O F

O BEULAH LAND VERSE 4 2 3 1 O F 4 18 9 Hym n# O Beulah Land, sweet Beulah Land, The zephyrs seem to float to me, Ive reached the upon land ofthe corn and Saviour comes and walks with AMy sweet perfume breeze, As on thy highest mount I stand; Sweet sounds of heavens melody; me, Is borne fromwine,

ever-vernal trees; I look away across the sea, As angels with the white-robed throng, And allcommunion itsthat riches freely And heremine; have we; Andsweet flowers never-fading grow Where mansions are prepared for Join in the sweet redemption song. Here shines undimmed one blissful He gently leadsofme His hand, Where streams lifeby forever flow. me, borderland. day, For this is heavens And view shining glory shore: For all mythe night has passed

away. My heaven, my home forevermore! VERSE O F THERE IS A HAPPY LAND VERSE 4 2 3 1 O F 4 19 0 Hym n# Those Bright Come with to inisthat our happy Lord land, soland, dear, There a happy Come, Beams Live come every more, away; eye; Far,ever far away, Why Kept Peace willby you find, a Fathers doubting no ill tohand, fear,

stand? Where saints in glory stand, Love No Why worries cannot still delay? sore; die. Bright, bright as day; Oh, On, sin, we then, no shall to never glory happy there, run; be, ONo how they sweetly sing, When Be a crown from Satans andand kingdom sorrow evil snare, won; free, Free Worthy is sin our Saviour King! Lord, Joined And, we bright with shall the above

dwell angels with thering, sun, fair, Thee, Loud let His praises Reign Blest Safepraise in evermore. evermore. the for fold. Praise, aye! VERSE O F IM BUT A STRANGER HERE VERSE 4 2 3 1 O F 4 19 1 Hym n# What There Grant though at me my the Saviours murmur tempest not, side, rage, Im but

a to stranger here, Heavn is my home; Whateer Short I shall is my pilgrimage, glorified, earthly lot, Earth abe desert drear, is my Heavn is my home. There Times Grant are cold me the at and good last wintry to and stand blest, blast Danger and sorrow There Those Soon atI Thine shall love most be own overpast, and right best, hand, Round me on evry hand; There, IHeavn shall Jesus, too,

reach I Fatherland: soon home shall at last, rest, isinmy Fatherland, Heavn is my home. VERSE O F THE WAY OF THE CROSS LEADS HOME Hym VERSE 3 n# 2 1O3 F 19 2 I must needs go on Then I bid farewell I must needs go home The way of the cross leads home, inby blood-sprinkled way, tothe the way of the world, the way of the cross, (leads home,) TheTopath that the Saviour trod,

walk in it nevermore; Theres no other way but this; The way of the cross leads home; IfLord Ineer ever climb ForI shall my(leads says Come, get sight home,) to the heights sublime, and I seek my home, of the gates of light, It is sweet to know as I onward go, Where the soul is at home with God. Where He waits at the open door. If the

way of the cross I miss. The way of the cross leads home. VERSE O F WERE BOUND FOR THE LAND OF THE PURE Hym VERSE 5 n# 2 3 4 1O5 F 19 3 And yet, guilty sinner, Nor InNo that fraud, poverty blessed nor deceit, land, Were bound forthere, the land Will you go, will you go, we would notand forsake thee, no, nor neither the saints hand sighing are of nor oppression, all

anguish wealthy, ofthe pure the holy, will you go, will you go? Webreathe halt yet athe moment Can Can The injure heirs of the in His the dwellers glory fields The home of happy, O say, as onward wegrove; move; where whose in that the nature holy glorified is love; rove; the kingdom of love; will go to the Eden above? O, come

to thy Lord! Noyou Ye sickness No heart-burdened wickedness can reach there, ones, them, Ye wanderers from God, in His arms He will take thee, not that athe shade in country misery of road transgression; islanguish, healthy; inwho broad of folly, And bear thee along to the Eden above. O say, will you go to the Eden above? VERSE O F WELL WORK TILL JESUS COMES Hym VERSE 3 n# 2 1O3 F 19 4

I sought Toland Jesus atofonce Christ I fled Saviours forI sigh! rest; side, O rest,my for thee He No bade more my steps to roam, When willme thecease moment come to roam: With And Him lean IllI for brave succor deaths onarmor His chilling breast When shall lay my by tide, And Tillreach He conducts my heavnly me home. And dwell in peace athome. home? Well work (Well work) till Jesus comes, Well work (Well work) till Jesus comes, Well work (Well work) till Jesus comes, And well be gathered home. VERSE

O F A PLACE IN HIS KINGDOM VERSE 3 2 1 O F 3 19 5 Hym n# Onward I march, and will not tarry, that may see that Holy City, Up If Saints you to Gods hope for kingdom a place may in His He kingdom, take me, Fearless in triumph over death, Ponder on the eternal rest, To Hope see His to glorious

sing, with promised His saints, land, Jesus my Lord is ever with me, I mydwell all willthere give in service, ThoseIf who songs of praise; are ever happy, In His peace He ever doth me bless; I may enter in ever that peace so blessd; Keep They his rejoice Word, and pass loyal the and day fearless, in song; Soon Ill stand Hark, thejoyful song of thesaved saints in to His kingdom, Oh, the ones thro His mercy, And your footsteps will lead His grace. on the bright glorious shore line, Praising God of forGod His shining triumphbright, oer sin,

O the city Hear melodious songs of delight, Golden harps before Him they are playing, Soon that city Ill see brightly gleaming, In that eternal place of rejoicing, intoinHis AndAs thethey saints thepeace graceenter of thein. Lord. I will live in Gods glorious light. VERSE O F DWELLING IN BEULAH LAND Hym VERSE 4 n# 2 3 1O4 F 19 6 Far below the storm ofstrife doubt Im Far living way the onthe noise the mountain, of Viewing Let the here stormy

breezes works of blow, God, upon the world isalarm beating, underneath upon a my cloudless ear is falling, sky, me; (Praise their I sink cry in cannot contemplation, Sonssafely men inblessed battle I of know God!) the sins of long earth Hearing IThen am now His sheltered here, voice, the enemy withstand: Im beset drinking on at evry thehand: fountain Iprotected see the way by Gods He

planned: hand: Safe am I within the castle Doubt that and never fear and shall things run dry; of earth HereDwelling the sun is inalways the Spirit, shining, of retreating, O yes, in Gods vain Im feasting toWord me are oncalling, the manna here here theres I learn naught of fullcan salvation, harm me, Nothing then can reach None from of athese bountiful shall supply, moveme me IGladly am safe will forever I tarry in Beulah

Land. dwelling tis Beulah For I amfrom Beulah inLand. Beulah Land. Land. VERSE O F MID PLEASURES AND PALACES Hym VERSE 3 n# 2 1O3 F 19 7 To exile us, in from despite home, MidAn pleasures and palaces splendor the absence dazzles ofsweet in years, vain home! though we may roam, Home, of home, sweet, O give How me sweet lowly theso remembrance thatched cottage Be itever ever so

humble, Be itmy humble, of home still appears; Theres no again; place like home! Theres no place like home! Theallurements birds abroad sweetly, which AFrom charm fromsinging the skies seems to That but came flatter at the myeye, call; hallow us there, Give The me,unsatisfied then,through that heart peace of mind Which, seek theturns world, anddearer says with thanelsewhere. aall. sigh is neer met with VERSE O F SAVIOUR, LEAD ME, LEST I STRAY Hym VERSE 3 n#

2 1O3 F 19 8 Gen Lead - me, tly down lead me,_ On IWhen Where am shall Thy safe lifes the reach all mercy when tears storm stormy the I are Thou reland ofof life billows wiped art of Gently would lead in Thy me love by all the Thy aThou, Saviour, lead Refuge me, till my at lest Iis aLead Gently

me, down lead me,_ On IWhen Where am_ Thy_ all the_ lifes_ Gen - -shall_ tly_ would_ Thou, Sav iour,_ the stream Sav - iour, lead of time, me, roll,_ nigh,_ ly._ past,_ day,_ way._ way;_ side,_ bide._ soul_ last,_ stray,_ the Saviour, streamlead of time, me, stream of time, tears stormy safe mercy storm reach when are the of I billows rely. life wiped land Thou isIThy past, roll,

of away. art day, nigh, lead in Thy me love all by abide. the way; side, Refuge me, of till my at soul last, lest stray, LeadI me, Saviour, all the way. lest stray; Lead Saviour, the way, all the lest I me, stray; (lest I all stray;) way. VERSE O F O THEY TELL ME OF A HOME Hym VERSE 3 n# 2 1O3 F 19 9 OOO they they tell tell me

that of aa home smiles the they land tell ofme cloudless of He home day, where on my His children there, gone, O the far land beyond offriends an unclouded thehave skies, day; they tell And me of His a smile home far OOthey O they tell me tellof me a home of a home faraway; away; drives Where their the sorrows tree of life away; where O they notell storm me

of clouds aallhome rise, And they in eternal tell that no tears O they where tell no me storm ofme anbloom clouds unclouded rise,day. Sheds ever itsan fragrance again O they tell me come of unclouded day. In thatthro lovely theland unclouded of unclouded day. day. VERSE O F ONE SWEETLY SOLEMN THOUGHT Hym VERSE 4 n# 2 3 1O4 F 20 0 Nearer Be Nearer near my the

meFathers bound when my of house, life, feet One sweetly solemn thought Where Where Are slipping burdens many mansions arethe laidbrink; down; be; Comes to meoer oer and oer; Nearer Nearer Fornearer the I am togreat leave nearer white the home cross throne today, today, today, Im home today, today, Perhaps, And Nearer nearer the than to crystal now the before. crown. I sea. think. Than I have

been Nearer my home, Nearer my home, Nearer my home today, today, Than I have been before. VERSE O F O THAT WILL BE GLORY VERSE 3 2 1 O F 3 20 1 Hym n# Friends be I have lovedare long ago, When,will bymy thethere gift of His trials infinite grace, When all labors and oer, Joy asafe river me a will flow; I am accorded in heaven place, And Ilike am onaround

that beautiful shore, Yet just abe smile mylook Saviour, I know. Just totobe there and on IHis face, Just nearfrom the to dear Lord adore; Will thro the ages be glory for me. O that will be Glory for me, Glory for me, Glory for me, When by His grace I shall look on His face, That will be glory, be glory for me. VERSE O F O THAT WILL BE GLORY VERSE 3 2 1 O F 3 20 1 Hym n# When O that by will His be_ Friends willmy be labors there

have loved are longoer, ago, When, by the gift ofI His grace, When all andinfinite trials me,_ that will Joy like a river around flow; IAnd am Iaccorded awill place, am safe in onheaven thatme beautiful shore, Yet just a smile from my Saviour, I face, Just to be there and to look on His Just to be near the dear Lord I adore; glory grace for I shall me, look

on Glory His face, for me, know, Will thro the ages be glory for me. Will thro the ages be glory for me. be grace I shall glory look for on me, His face, Glory for Will thro the ages be glory for me. That will glory for be me,glory, be glory for me. me_ will be That glory glory, for be glory for me. VERSE O F O SO BRIGHT VERSE 3 2 1 O F

3 20 2 Hym n# Although The air we of allheavn have sinned is purest light, strayed, Above the sky there is a and sphere, He O so can what save joy, He O so what can save. joy. O bright, bright. Though No No sobs peace are heard, is lostno and more prize laments, mislaid, sin or sorrow lurks up there, He O can what save, joy, O Heso what can

save. joy. O so bright, bright. Water We of can life recover for allinis purity, poured, There angels clothed glory throng, What Our joy crown to gather and our with felicity, theand Lord, In heavnly halls make sound song, InInsweetest Paradise Zion Hes regained by allechoes adored, foreer, And music long, He O can what save, joy, O Heso what can save. joy. O so bright, bright. VERSE O

F O LOVELY LILY VERSE 3 2 1 O F 3 20 3 Hym n# Lovely Wild the in the springtime, valley, Flowr of the valley, white, O lovely lily, pure lily andso divine! sown precious cross the the view, fields, Tended by God as His own delight; Symbol of life, the promise of Thine. White Never lilied to hilltops, toil under blooming His shield; anew; Though

thorns encircle, How deep the Saviours love to us ever; Solomons In timeand well treasures follow, our can Lord not compare, so true, night draws near, Through His Word, to Ascend youron white inforever, glory, splendor, with our glorious lives renewed. andfear. fair. Shine blossom without glory and honor well find. VERSE O F THRO THE NIGHT OF DOUBT AND SORROW VERSE 4 2 3 1 O F 4 20 4 Hym n# One Onward,

light therefore ofthat Gods pilgrim lipsown ofand thousands brothers, presence Throthe thestrain night of doubt sorrow Oer Onward Lift His as from ransomed with the the cross people of our one! shed, aid, goes theheart pilgrim band, Bear Chasing One itsthe shame far conflict, theand gloom fight and the itsperil, terror, battle, Singing songs of one expectation, Brightning Till Onewe the rest march thePromised inpath God

itswe begun; shade; tread; Marching toallbeneath the Land; Soon One shall thecome object gladness ofgreat our of rejoicing, journey, awakning, Clear before us the thro the darkness, One Soon On the the the faith rending far which eternal ofnever the shore, tomb, tires, Gleams and burns the guiding light, Then One Where the the earnest scattring one Almighty looking of allofshadows, forward, Father, Brother clasps

the hand brother, the One And Reigns the the hope in end love ofour toil forever God andthe inspires. more. gloom. Stepping fearless thro night. VERSE O F GLORIOUS THINGS OF THEE ARE SPOKEN Hym VERSE 4 n# 2 3 1O4 F 20 5 See, Round Saviour, theeach streams habitation if of of thee of Zions living hovering, city, waters, Glorious things are spoken, I,See through

Springing the cloud grace, from and eternal member fire appear love, am, Zion, City ofa our God; Well supply Forthe a glory world thy sons and deride and covering, or daughters, pity, He, Let whose word cannot be broken, Showing And I will allthee glory fear thatfor of the inwant Thy Lord Name; remove: isabode: near; Formed His own Fading Who can is Rock the faint, inhabitants worldlings

while offounded, Zion, pleasure, a river OnBlest the of Agessuch Washed Ever All his flows boasted inshake the their Redeemers pomp thirst tassuage? andrepose? show; blood; What can thy sure Grace Jesus, Solid which, joys whom and like their the lasting souls Lord, treasure rely the on, giver, With salvations walls surrounded, Makes None Never them but fails kings Zions from and children age priests age.

know. to God. Thou mayst smile at allto thy foes. VERSE O F SAVED BY GRACE VERSE 4 2 3 1 O F 4 20 6 Hym n# And I shall see (shall see) Some day: till then Ill watch and wait, Some day, when fades the golden Some day my earthly will Some day

the silver cordhouse will break, Him face to fall, face, (to face,) My lamp all trimmed and burning bright, sun And I no more as now shall sing; That when my Saviour opesby the gate, And tell the story Saved grace; Beneath the rosy-tinted west, cannot tell when how soon twill be; But,I oh, the joy I shall wake My soul Him may take itssee) flight. And Ito shall

see (shall My blessed Lord will say, Well But this All Within theI know palacemy of All theinKing! done! to face, (to face,) HasHim nowface a place in heavn for me. Andthe I shall enter into by rest. And tell story Saved grace. VERSE O F I KNOW NOT THE HOUR VERSE 3 2 1 O F 3 20 7 Hym n# And Andthat that I know will

will I know not be beheaven the glory notsong for forme, me, hour know not the And And the that form that thatwill the will of be my angels beheaven mansion glory for forfair, me: me; when my Lord willsing, come But ButII Iknow know not that not that the the His my sound name presence Saviour To take me away know will of will

that the welcome lighten I harps then dear shall the me glad gloom, bear; there, ring; to His own home; And But And But that I Ithat know Iknow know will will therell be that beheaven glory my be Saviour mention for forme. me. But that His presence will Jesus our me King, there, willofwelcome lighten the gloom, And And that that will will be beglory

heaven music for me. me. And that will forfor me. VERSE O F WHEN THE ROLL IS CALLED UP YONDER Hym VERSE 3 n# 2 1O3 F 20 8 When trumpet the Lord sound, Let usthe labor forand the Master On that bright cloudless morning When the roll_ roll isofcalled upshall yonder, and time shall more, from the dawn till setting sun, when the dead in

Christ shall rise, When the rollbe isno When called the up roll yonder, And the morning breaks, Let talk of all the glory ofHis His resurrection share; Andus eternal, bright, andones fair;shall gather wondrous love and care; When His chosen is Ill called be there. up yon yonder, der, When the saved of shall gather Then when all of lifeearth is the over to their home beyond skies, is Ill

called be there. up yonder, Ill be there, over on the other shore, and our work on earth is done, And the roll is called upon yonder And the roll is called up yonder Ill be there. Ill be there. VERSE O F FACE TO FACE WITH CHRIST Hym VERSE 4 n# 2 3 1O4 F 20 9 Face What Only rejoicing face faintly oh, now inblissful His I see presence, moment! Him, Face totoface with

Christ, my Saviour, When With Face are the toto face banishd darkling see veil grief and between, and pain; Face faceto what will itknow; be, When Face But the to crooked awith blessed face with ways day my is Redeemer, coming, straightend, When rapture I are behold Him, And Jesus When the Christ dark His glory things who loves shall be me be seen. plain. so.

Jesus Christ whoshall died for me. Face to face I shall behold Him, Far beyond the starry sky; Face to face in all His glory, I shall see Him by and by! VERSE O F MY SAVIOUR FIRST OF ALL VERSE 4 2 3 1 O F 4 21 0 Hym n# IThro shall know Him, Oh, the the soul dear gates thrilling ones to the in rapture the city glory, When my lifework is ended, when how in a robe I view

of beckon spotless His blessed meknow white, to tide, come, face, and Ithey cross the swelling I shall Him, And the luster of at His kindly eye; He our lead parting me the riverbeaming I recall; When the bright and glorious morning Andwill Iwhere shall know Him, How my full heart praise To the no sweet tears vales willwill of ever Eden fall; Him see; Iin know

Him, for the mercy, love, and grace they the will glad sing song my of welcome ages home, shall shall know my Redeemer That forother me IBut shall I prepared long to meet with my delight, Saviour when Imingle reach the side, first of all. And By the redeemed print the bysky. His nails side in His I shall hand. a mansion inof the But IHis long to meet my

Saviour first of all. smile will be the And stand, By print of the nails in His hand. firstthe to welcome me. And redeemed by His side I shall VERSE O F MY FAITH LOOKS UP TO THEE Hym VERSE 4 n# 2 3 1O4 F 21 1 Myends faith looks up toimpart Thee, When While May lifes Thylifes rich darktransient grace maze I tread, dream, Thou Lamb ofto Calvary, Saviour divine! When Strength And deaths griefs

around my cold, fainting sullen me spread, heart, stream NowBe hear memy while I pray, Shall My Thou zeal oer inspire; me guide; roll, Take allhast my died guilt away, Blest As Bid thou darkness Saviour, then, turn for to inday, me, love, let me from this day Wipe Fear OOmay and sorrows my distrust love tears to remove; Thee away, Belet wholly Thine! Pure,ONor

warm, bear me me andsafe ever changeless above, stray be A From ransomed A living Theefire! aside. soul! VERSE O F JESUS BIDS US SHINE VERSE 4 2 3 1 O F 4 21 2 Hym n# Jesus bids us shine, As Then, First we of for work allallfor for around Him; Him, With a clear, pure light, Bringing Well Many Hekinds

sees those of and that darkness knows wander it Like a little candle From InIfthis our the world light paths is abound dim; of sin; Burning in the night; He Sin, He and will down want, everof from and help sorrow: heaven, us, Inlooks this world darkness We Sees If must weusshine, shine, shine, You in your small corner, And I in mine. VERSE O F LITTLE DROPS OF WATER VERSE

5 2 3 4 1 O F 5 21 3 Hym n# Little And Little And the deeds our seeds little little ofof moments, kindness, errors mercy, Little drops water, of Sown Humble Little Lead bygrains the words though youthful soul ofthey away love, hands, be, Little of sand, Grow From Make Make to the our the

bless paths earth mighty the of annations, virtue, ages Eden, Make the mighty ocean Like Far Far the inOf inheathen Heaven eternity. sin to stray. lands. above. And the beauteous land. VERSE O F O JESUS, I HAVE PROMISED VERSE 4 2 3 1 O F 4 21 4 Hym n# O O let Jesus, letJesus, me meThou hear

feel Thee Thee hast promised near speaking me! I have promised OO InThe Toaccents all world who clear is follow ever Thee, near; still, To serve Thee toand the end; Above That I Be seeThou where the thesights storms Thouthat art of passion, in dazzle, glory forever near me, The There The tempting murmurs shall Thy sounds of servant self-will. I hear; be; My Master and

my friend; And, My speak foes Jesus, are toIfear have ever reassure near promised me, me, IOshall not the battle ToAround serve hasten Thee me by or and to control! the within; end; IfTo Thou art my side, O But, O speak, give Jesus, me and draw grace make Thou to me follow nearer listen, Nor wander from the pathway And Thou My

shield Master guardian my and soul of my from friend. soul! sin. If Thou wilt be my guide. my VERSE O F COME, THOU ALMIGHTY KING Hym VERSE 4 n# 2 3 1O4 F 21 5 Come, Thou Come, Thou art Holy the Incarnate mighty Comforter, One, Word, Come, Thou Almighty King, Gird On Thyearth on sacred Thymighty witness will be sword, bear,

done, Help us Thy Thy name to sing, From Our In this prayer shore attend! hour! shore, Help usglad to to praise: Come, Thou, Thy and sovereign who Thy almighty people majesty art, bless, Father! all glorious, And Now May give rule we Thy in word evry glorysuccess; heart, see, Oer allin victorious, And Spirit neer And to of from eternity holiness, usover depart, Come,

and reign us, Love On Spirit usand of descend. adore. Ancient ofpowr. Days. VERSE O F HARK! TEN THOUSAND HARPS AND VOICES Hym VERSE 4 n# 2 3 1O4 F 21 6 King of glory, reign Jesus, whose gloryforever; brightens Saviour, hasten Thine appearing; Hark, tenhail! thousand harps and voices Thine an everlasting All above, andthe gives itcrown: worth; Bring, O bring glorious day,

Sound the note of praise above; Nothing from Thy love enlightens, shall sever Lord of life, Thy smile When, the awful summons hearing, Jesus reigns and heaven rejoices, Those whom Thou hast made own; Cheers and charms Thy saints on earth; Heaven and earth shall pass away; Jesus reigns, the God ofThine love; Happy objects of Thylike grace, When we think of love

Thine, Then golden harps well sing, See,with He sits on yonder throne, Destined to behold Thy face, Lord, we own it love divine: Glory, glory our King! Jesus rules thetoworld alone: Alleluia! alleluia! alleluia! alleluia! amen. Alleluia! alleluia! amen. Alleluia! alleluia! alleluia! amen. VERSE O F COME, THOU FOUNT OF EVERY BLESSING Hym VERSE 3 n# 2 1O3 F 21 7 OHere to Thou grace I raise how mine great Ebenezer; a debtor, Come, Fount

of evry blessing, Hither Daily by Thy constrained help to come; be! Tune myIm heart to singIm Thy grace; And LetI hope, Thyofgoodness, by Thy never good as apleasure, fetter, Streams mercy, ceasing, Bind my wandring to arrive heart at home. to Thee; CallSafely for songs of loudest praise. Jesus Prone sought to some wander, memelodious when Lord, a Istranger, feel it, Teach me sonnet, Wandring Prone leave from the God fold of Iabove; love;

God; Sung bytoflaming tongues the Heres He, to my rescue heart, me OIm take from and danger, seal itit Praise the mount fixed upon Bought Sealme itof for with Thy His courts precious above. blood. Mount Thy redeeming love. VERSE O F LOVE DIVINE, ALL LOVES EXCELLING Hym VERSE 4 n# 2 3 1O4 F 21 8 Breathe, Finish, Come, O then, breathe Almighty

Thy new Thy to deliver, loving creation; Spirit Love divine, all loves excelling, Let Pure Into usevery and all Thy spotless troubled gracelet receive; breast! us be; Joy of heaven, to earth come down; Let Suddenly Let usus us see allThy return, in Thee great and inherit, salvation never, Fix in Thy humble dwelling; Never Let Perfectly usmore find restored the Thymercies promised temples in Thee: leave.

rest; All Thy faithful crown. Thee Take Changed weaway would from our be glory bent always to into sinning; blessing, glory, Jesus, Thou art all compassion, Till Serve inAlpha heaven Thee and aswe Thy Omega take hosts our be; above, place, Pure, unbounded love Thou art; Pray, Till End we and cast of praise faith, our Thee crowns as itswithout beginning, beforeceasing, Thee, Visit

us with Thy salvation; Lost Glory Set in wonder, our in hearts Thy love perfect at and liberty. love. praise. Enter every trembling heart. VERSE O F BRIGHTEN THE CORNER WHERE YOU ARE Hym VERSE 3 n# 2 1O3 F 21 9 Someone Brighten the farare corner from harbor skies Do not wait until Just above clouded Here for all your talent Brighten Someone the far corner from

harbor some deed of greatness you may do, that may you may help toaclear, you surely find need, Do wait to shed your way light debar, afar, Let not Here not reflect narrow self your where you may guide you across are! the bar, To the many duties ever near Tho the Bright into one and heart Morning alone Star, mayyou fall Shine you may for guide Jesus where across you the bar,

are! now true, your be Even song from of your cheer, humble hand Brighten the corner where you are. Brighten the bread the ofcorner life corner may where feed, you are. Brighten the where you are! are. Brighten thecorner cornerwhere where you are. Brighten the you are! are. VERSE O F O COME, ALL YE FAITHFUL VERSE 3 2 1 O F 3

22 0 Hym n# Sing, choirs of angels, O come, all ye faithful, Yea, Lord, we greet Thee, O come, let us adore Him, sing in exultation, joyful and triumphant, born this happy morning, O come, let us adore Him, O be sing, OJesus, come ye, O come ye to Bethlehem! to Thee all glory givn; O come, let us adore Him, all yeCome citizens of heaven above! and behold Him, Word of the

Father, Christ the Lord! Glory now to God, all glory in the highest! bornin the King of angels! flesh appearing! (REPEAT VERSE 3) VERSE O F MORE ABOUT JESUS WOULD I KNOW Hym VERSE 4 n# 2 3 1O4 F 22 1 More about Jesus Moreabout aboutJesus Jesus let methrone, learn, More Jesuson inHis His More would IWord, know, about Riches ingrace glory all His own; More

of His holyto will discern; Holding with myshow, Lord, More of communion His others More ofof His kingdoms sure increase; Spirit of God, my in teacher be, Hearing His voice evry line, More His saving fullness see, More of His coming, Prince of Peace. Showing the things of Christ to me. Making faithful mine. More of each His love whosaying died for me. VERSE O F

JESUS, I LIVE TO THEE VERSE 4 2 3 1 O F 4 22 2 Hym n# Whether Living Jesus,or I die to dying, live to or Lord, die, live to Thee, Thee Whenever I The know I ask but not death to which be shall Thine; isbest; best; come; loveliest and To Tolife live diein is in inThee, Thee TheeThy is isbliss life

life to in me, me, My My life Thee, Thy lifeto inme me, Makes To InThy die my heaven is eternal endless forever home. mine. In blest love I rest. rest. VERSE O F PRAISE YE THE LORD OF HOSTS Hym VERSE 3 n# 2 1O3 F 22 3 Praise Lord ofharps Hosts, O for ye tenthe thousand Hallelujah! to sing His praise! Sing rejoicing and Let ye thewith song

in heaven PraiseHim to His name! praise evermore; Heavens Like the ten earth wise rejoice, O let usand haste tovirgins sing! Praise to the Lamb of God, Blest Be ye beprepared! thegrace, Lamb! Tell of His rise up and sing, Jesus In sweet the Bridegroom union we shall will come, find David, Moses, Miriam, Hallelujah, Amen; peace bringing and love joyinto with share. Him. join with us praise!

Let heaven ring! VERSE O F CLEANSE ME VERSE 4 2 3 1 O F 4 22 4 Hym n# O Holy Spirit, Search me, O God, ILord, praise Thee, Lord, take my life revival comes from Thee; and know my heart today; for cleansing me from sin; and make it wholly Thine; Send aOrevival Try me,

Saviour, Thy Word FillFulfill my poor heartand with start the work in me. know my thoughts, I pray. make me pure within. Thy great love divine. Thy Word declares See if there be Fill me with fire Take all my will, Thou wilt supply our need; some wicked way in me; where once I burned withpride; shame; my passion, self, and For blessings now, O Lord, Cleanse me from

every sin Grant my desire to magnify Thy name. I now surrender, Lord in me abide. I humbly plead. and set me free. VERSE O F COME TO THE SAVIOUR VERSE 3 2 1 O F 3 22 5 Hym n# Think once again, Hes with us today; Suffer children! hearno His voice, Comethe to the Saviour,Oh, make delay; Heed now His blest commands, and obey; Let in evry and Here His heart word leap Hes forth shown us rejoice; the way; Hear now His accents tenderly say,

And Him our choice; Herelet in us ourfreely midstmake Hes standing today, Will you, my children, come? Do not delay, but come. Tenderly saying, Come! Joyful, joyful will the meeting be, Joyful, joyful will the meeting be, When from sin our hearts are pure and When from sin our hearts are pure and free; free; And we shall gather, Saviour, with Thee, And we shall gather, Saviour, with Thee, In our eternal home. (REPEAT VERSE 3) In our eternal home. VERSE O F THY WILL BE DONE VERSE 5 2 3 4 1 O

F 5 22 6 Hym n# Thy will be done!_ My God and Father, while I stray Then when on earth I breathe no more What Let but though fainting infrom lonely heart grief beIday; blest sigh Renew my day to my will Far from my home, Ill Thy sing will upon Thy a will happier be done! shore,

The prayer oft mixed with tears before, Far With friends Thy sweet beloved, Spirit no for itsto guest, Oh,now teach me from my heart to Submissive My All God, to Thee still makes would I leave it hard Ilonger reply, the rest, say, Blend it that with Thine and take away Ill sing upon adone! happier shore, on lifes rough way, Thy will

be nigh, My God, to I leave theto rest, say, Thy willthat beThee done! All now makes it hard say, Thyteach will be me done! Oh, from my heart to Thy will be done! Submissive Thy done! would I reply, will be bestill done! Thy will say, Thy Thydone! will be done! Thywill will be Thy will be done! VERSE O F OH, HOW HAPPY ARE THEY VERSE 4 2 3 1

O F 4 22 7 Hym n# That sweet was mine, Twas a comfort heavenare below Oh, howrapturous happy they Oh, the height When the favor divine My to know; Who the Saviour obey, OfRedeemer that holy delight IAnd received through the blood of the Lamb; the angels could do nothing more, And have laid up their treasures above!

Which I felt in the life-giving blood! When myto heart first believed, Than fall at His feet, Tongue can never express Of my Saviour possessed, What acomfort joy I received, And the story repeat, The sweet and peace I was perfectly blessed, What dear name! And Lover ofJesus sinners adore. Ofathe aheaven soul in in its earliest love. As if filled with the fullness of God. VERSE O F ALL FOR JESUS VERSE 4 2 3 1

O F 4 22 8 Hym n# Since Let Oh,my what my hands eyes wonder! perform were fixed amazing! on bidding, Jesus, All for Jesus, allHow forHis Jesus! Let Ivemy lost glorious feet sight run of King inallHis of beside, ways, kings, AllJesus, my beings ransomed powers, So Deigns Let enchained mytoeyes call my see mewords spirits

His Jesus beloved, only, vision, All my thoughts and and doings, Let Lets Looking me lips rest speak at beneath the forth Crucified. His His wings. praise. Allmy my days and all my hours. All for Jesus, all for Jesus! Let Resting Looking now speak at beneath the forth Crucified; His His wings; praise; Allmy mylips days and all my hours; All for Jesus, all for Jesus! Let Resting Looking now speak at

beneath the forth Crucified. His His wings. praise. Allmy mylips days and all my hours. VERSE O F CAST THY BURDEN ON THE LORD Hym VERSE 4 n# 2 3 1O4 22 9 F He Cast Ever willthy thy gird in burden the burden thee raging by at His His storm, powr, feet; Cast on the Lord, Thou Linger In shalt thethou weary, near see

His fainting mercy cheering hour; seat; form; Lean only on His Word; His Lean Hear HeEver will thou Hislead pledge strong thee of upon by coming the his hand Word; aid; will He be thy stay, Cast Gently Itthy is I; to burden be thenot better on afraid. the land. Lord. Tho the heavns shall melt away. (REPEAT VERSE 4) VERSE O F

BLEST IS HE WHO NEER CONSENTS Hym VERSE 3 n# 2 1O3 F 23 0 Like But ahe makes tree the by lawconsents streams, of God Blest isfair he whofed neer That Histhe with comfort timely and fruit hisdoth delight, bend, In wickeds way to walk, He Soshall he stands reads flourish, therein and by success day, Neither in sinners ways, And Allwith his meditates designs by attend. night. Nor the scoffers

talk. VERSE O F MY JESUS, AS THOU WILT! VERSE 3 2 1 O F 3 23 1 Hym n# My Jesus, as Thou wilt! Tho Allmay seen shallThy thro be will well many formine; a me; tear, O be Each Let changing not myhand star future of love hope scene Into Thy of IGrow dim trust or all disappear. with Thee. Igladly would

my resign. Since Straight Thou toon my earth home hast above wept Thro sorrow, or thro joy, AndI travel sorrowed oft alone, on,own; Conduct mecalmly as Thine If And I must sing, in with orto death, Thee, And helpweep melife still say, My Lord, Thy will be done. done. VERSE O F THOSE IN HIS IMAGE SHALL SHINE Hym VERSE 4 n# 2 3 1O4 F 23 2 Tho Then grandeur rugged

letthe us the of wealth, forth path They The shall O list shine to asgo voice bright ofas stars where and to the our temples work duty yet may to fame, do, lead, within Heaven the Prophet jeweled ofof old, with light; Where With O! Why zeal beauty should that and shall we splendor never evermany repine? decline, combine, Proclaiming And they in that language

turn divine, When Be Will strong perish, faithful inforgotten the andLord true to His The righteousness wonderful, and and is the the crumble promise promise toto believe dust, all, As wonderful the stars message eternally of bright. truth That But Those Those in in His His image image shall shall shine. shine. VERSE O F I BELONG TO JESUS VERSE 7 2 3 4 5 6 1 O

F 7 23 3 Hym n# I belong to Jesus; Blessed, What And He He will is has ere can Lord blessed keep long died hurt and my Ill for or thought! King, stand harm, soul, me; I am not my own; He With With When When Reigning IHis am my He the own precious folds in deathly and most my around

He inmost Saviour precious waters is Imine, my heart, there dark soul blood All I His have and all am, Has Round His Through my In Over the almighty soul about evrything. glory been eternity. me land. Arm? bought. roll. Shall be His alone. VERSE O F NEARER, MY GOD, TO THEE VERSE 4 2 3 1 O F 4 23

4 Hym n# Then Though There with let like my thethe waking way wanderer, appear, thots Nearer, my God, to Thee, Bright The Steps sun with unto gone Thy heavn; down, praise, Nearer to Thee! All Out Darkness that ofThou my be stony sendest over griefs me, me, Een though it be a cross My Bethel In mercy rest Ill a stone, givn; raise;

That raiseth me; Yet Angels Soall in bymy my todreams beckon woesshall toId me be be Still my song be, Nearer, my God, to Thee! Nearer, my God, to Thee, Nearer to Thee! VERSE O F HERE, O MY LORD VERSE 3 2 1 O F 3 23 5 Hym n# Mine isThine, the Lord, sin, I have no help but nor do I need Here, O my but Thine the face righteousness, Another

arm save Thine lean upon; I see Thee totoface, Mine the guilt, It is enough, myisLord, enough indeed Here would I but the is cleansing blood; My Thine strength inthings Thy might, touch and handle unseen; Here Thy is mymight robe,alone. my refuge, Here grasp with firmer hand and my peace eternal grace, Thy blood, Thy righteousness, And all my weariness upon Thee lean. O Lord, my God. VERSE O F BLESSED ASSURANCE, JESUS IS MINE Hym VERSE 3 n# 2 1O3 F 23 6 Perfect submission, perfect delight,

Perfect submission, all is at rest, Blessed assurance, Jesus is mine! This is my story, this is my song, Visions of happy rapture I in my Saviour am and blest: Oh, what a foretaste of the glory divine! Praisingnow my burst Saviour all day long; on my sight: Watching and waiting, looking above, Heir of salvation, purchase of God, This is my story, this is my song, Angels descending

bring from above, Filld with His goodness, lost in His love. Born of His Spirit, washd in His blood. Praising my Saviour all the day long. Echoes of mercy, whispers of love. VERSE O F SINCE JESUS CAME INTO MY HEART Hym VERSE 4 n# 2 3 1O4 F 23 7 Floods Since Jesus of joy came oerfrom my into my heart,_ ago wonderful change inthat my city, life

IWhat shall there to dwell Im have possessed ceased of a soul hope myin wandring Since Floods of joy came oer my in, came soul into has been wrought Ithat know, and going isJesus steadfast astray, and sure, Since Jesus came into my heart! Jesus came into my heart! Since Jesus came into my heart! Since like the sea Since billows Jesus roll,

came into_ IAnd have light in my soul for which long Im happy, so happy, And mysea no dark sins clouds which were of doubt many my heart, like the Since billows Jesus roll, came in, came Ias had sought, onward I go, away, are all now mywashed pathway obscure, Since Jesus came into my heart! Jesus came into my heart! Since my Since heart, Jesus came into

my heart. Since Jesus came into my heart! Since into Jesus my came heart,into my heart. VERSE O F THOU DIDST LEAVE THY THRONE Hym VERSE 5 n# 2 3 4 1O5 F 23 8 didst leave Thy throne, Heavens arches rang Oh,Thou come tocamest, my heart, Lord Jesus! Heavens Foxes Thou found arches their O shall Lord, rest, ring, and Thy crown, when the angels sang, There is room

inkingly myshall heart for Thee. and and the with its birds Thy choirs living had their word, sing, nests, When Thou to earth for me; Of birth, and Thy royal Oh, come tocamest my Lorddecree; Jesus, That InThy the Atshould Thy shade coming set ofheart, the topeople cedar victory; tree; free; But in call Bethlehems home But income! lowly birth Thou But wilt

with Thy couch mocking me was home, and the scorn saying, sod, But there was found no room, Thou come to earth, Theredidst isOroom in my heart for Thee. and yet with Thou there crown Son isof room, of God, thorn, For Thy holy nativity. And in greatest There DidInthey isthe room bear deserts atThee Myofhumility. side to Galilee. Calvary. for thee. VERSE

O F ABIDE WITH ME VERSE 4 2 3 1 O F 4 23 9 Hym n# I need Thy presence Hold Thou Thy cross Abide with me; fast falls the even tide; Swift to its close ebbs every passing hour; before my closing eyes; The darkness deepens; out lifes little day; What but grace Shine through the gloom, Lord,

with me abide! Earths joysThy grow dim, can foil the tempters power? and point me to the skies: When other helpers fail, its glories pass away; Who like Thyself Heavens morning breaks and comforts Change and decay in allflee, around I see; my guide andand stay can be? andof earths vain shadows flee: Help the helpless, O abide with me! O Thou who changest not, cloud and abide sunshine, In life,Through in death, O Lord, with me!

abide with me! O abide with me! VERSE O F SINGING FOR JESUS VERSE 4 2 3 1 O F 4 24 0 Hym n# Singing for Jesus, Singing Jesus, Singing for Singing Jesus, for Saviour Jesus and King! Singing for Jesus, and trying to win our Shepherd and Guide, yes, singing for joy, our Lift Saviour your voices and high, Many to love Him, and joinKing, in the song; Singing

for gladness ofHim heart Thus will we praise fill the sky Singing with for eternal Jesus praise!in, Calling the weary and wandering that He gives; and tell out His love; the Lord Lift your whom we love;along. Rolling the chorus ofheads gladness Singing for wonder and praise Till He shall call us to brighter employ, Alland adoration loudthat your we voices joyously raise! bring, He died, Singing for Jesus, forever above. Longing to and praise Singing for blessing joy that He

as they praise lives.Him above. VERSE O F O THOU, IN WHOSE PRESENCE Hym VERSE 5 n# 2 3 4 1O5 F 24 1 The roses ofDear Sharon, His voice, the presence lilies that grow Shepherd, looks, O Thou inHe whose In asvales the sound on the of banks the dulcimer of the streams; sweet, Iten hear and will follow Thy call; and thousands of angels my soul takes delight,rejoice, Is heard His

through cheeks the in shadows the beauty of death; I know the sweet sound of Thy voice; And myriads wait for His word; On whom in affliction I call, The cedars ofof excellence Lebanon bow blow,at His feet, Restore and defend me, HeMy speaks, andby eternity, comfort day The His air is eye perfumed all invitingly with His breath. for Thou art my beams. all, filled with His voice, and my song in

the night, In Theethe I will ever of rejoice. Reechoes praise the Lord. My hope, my salvation, my all! VERSE O F LET HIM IN VERSE 4 2 3 1 O F 4 24 2 Hym n# Hear Now Open admit you now the to Him His heavnly loving your heart, Guest, voice? Theres a now Stranger at the door, Let Him in; Now, He oh, If has will

you now make wait make He forwill Him you depart, your abefore, feast, choice, He been there oft Let Him in; He Let He will Him isHim speak standing in, your isatHe your sins your Friend, door, Let in,He ere is forgivn, gone, And HeJoy when your to you soul earth will ties will sure all restore, defend, are rivn, Let Him in,He the Holy

One, He And He willwill His take keep name you you you home towill the toadore, heavn, end, Jesus Christ, the Fathers Son, Let Him in. VERSE O F LET HIM IN VERSE 4 2 3 1 O F 4 24 2 Hym n# Open If Let Hear Now, And Now He you is will Him His

admit you standing oh, now wait keep make speak take name in, now now to He the He you you Him for your make will His you is at heavnly home you your to your your loving depart, will sins the Him athe Friend, door, adore, to feast, heart, forgivn, end, Guest, voice? your heavn, Theres Jesus has Christ, been a Stranger

ere the there He Fathers is oft at gone, before, Son, door,choice, Open If Let Hear Now, And Now He you is will Him His admit you standing oh, now wait keep make speak take name in, now now to He the He you you Him for your make will His you is at heavnly home you your to your your loving

depart, will sins the Him athe Friend, door, adore, to feast, heart, forgivn, end, Guest, voice? your heavn, Theres Jesus has Christ, been a Stranger ere the there He Fathers is oft at gone, before, Son, door,choice, He your Joy Let And to when you soul earth He will will ties sure restore, Him alldefend, in;_ in._ are rivn, Him in, the Holy

One, He your Joy And Let to the when you Saviour soul earth He will will in, ties sure restore, allLet defend, are the rivn, Saviour Him in, the Holy One, in; in. VERSE O F I AM THINE, O LORD VERSE 4 2 3 1 O F 4 24 3 Hym n# Draw me near nearer, - nearer,

er,of IThere am O Lord, O theThine, pure delight oflove a single hour Consecrate are depths me now Draw me nearer, nearer IThat heard Thy voice, I spend; Thy throne tohave that Thy Ibefore cannot service, know Lord, And itcross told Thy to me; When I powr kneel inlove prayr, By Till the I the of narrow grace sea; divine; nearer, blessed Lord, But I long to

rise in the arms of faith, and with Thee, my God, Let There myare soul heights look up of joy nearer, blessed Lord, And be closer drawn to Thee. Ithat commune as friend with friend! with Iamay steadfast not reach hope, To the Thy cross precious, Thou hast side. died; And Till I my rest will in where peace be bleeding lost with in Thine. Thee. To Thy the cross precious,

where bleeding Thou hast side.died; VERSE O F O TO BE LIKE THEE VERSE 3 2 1 O F 3 24 4 Hym n# belike like Thee! blessed Redeemer, O while pleading, OOto totobe be like Thee! full Thee! ofI am compassion, O Thee! to be like This isout myforgiving, longing prayer; Pour Thy fillThee, withand Thy love; Loving, tender and kind,

Oconstant toSpirit, be like Gladly IllHelping forfeit all of earths treasures, Make me ahelpless, temple the Blessed Redeemer, pure as Thou Jesus,meet Thy perfect likeness to wear. for Thy dwelling, cheering the fainting, art; Fit me for life andsweetness, heaven above. Seeking the wandring sinner to find. Come in Thy come in Thy fullness; Stamp Thine own image deep on my heart. VERSE O F SOFTLY NOW THE LIGHT OF DAY Hym VERSE 4 n# 2 3 1O4 F 24 5

Soon for meall-pervading thelight lighthas ofday day Softly now the of Thou Thou, who, whose sinless, yet known eye Shall forever pass Fades upon mywithout, sightaway; away; Naught Allescapes, of mans infirmity, within, Then, fromcare, sin and sorrow free, Free from from labor free, Then Pardon from Thine each eternal infirmity, throne, Take me, Lord, to dwell Lord, I would commune with Thee.

Jesus, Open look fault with and pitying secret sin. eye. VERSE O F O BLESS THE LORD, MY SOUL Hym VERSE 5 n# 2 3 4 1O5 F 24 6 Then bless name, He He loves will pardons not meHis always though allholy thy chide; Isins; stray, OHe bless the Lord, my soul! Whose grace hath made thee whole, Prolongs He Hisgrace will

truths with thy patience feeble meproclaim! impart; breath; wait; His toto thee Whose loving kindness crowns thy day, I shall His He wrath healeth mount isup thine ever slow eagles infirmities, to strong, rise, And all that is as within me join O bless the Lord, my soul! Though AndTo ransoms And aged, ready with thee toyouthful from abate. death. heart. bless His holy name! VERSE O F THE POWER THAT FELL AT PENTECOST

Hym VERSE 4 n# 2 3 1O4 F 24 7 on us now the Holy Ghost, The shall steadfast Breathe Yewavring shall have power, saidbecome, Jesus, The power that fell atpowr,) Pentecost, The powr, (The The young old inspire; The weak inand faith be strong, when the Ghost is come; When inHoly the upper room, the powr, (the powr,) the powr,

(the powr) Let Your each receive His Pentecost, With holy boldness going forth, loosened tongues Upon the watching, waiting ones, the Pentecostal powr Set hearts and tongues afire! Denouncing sin and wrong; shall speak His praise, The Holy Ghost had come, Is just the today, Is same just (Is just) (today,) Thou wonderful transforming power, With burning zeal each heart aflame, Your lips no more be dumb; Remaineth evermore the

same, IsCome just the same today, (today,) the same today. now in this accepted whole salvation to proclaim. TheAtimid, shrinking ones behour. brave, Unchanging still, O praise His name. To reach a hand the host to save. VERSE O F WE PRAISE THEE, O GOD VERSE 4 2 3 1 O F 4 24 8 Hym n# WeAll Revive praise glory Thee, us andagain; praise O God! fill tofor each

the forthe Thy Lamb heart Spirit that with of was Thy light, slain, love; Son of Thy love, Who Who May hath hath each shown borne soulwho us be allour rekindled ourSaviour, sins, For Jesus died, andand hath with scatterd fire cleansd our evry above. night. stain. is nowfrom gone above. Hallelujah! Thine the glory. Hallelujah! Amen. Hallelujah! Thine the glory. Revive us again. VERSE O F OLD-TIME POWER

VERSE 3 2 1 O F 3 24 9 Hym n# Yes, Yes, this this powr oldin from time heavn powrchamber, was descended, given They were an upper With To our the fathers sound who of rushing were true; wind; They were all with one accord, Tongues Thisof is fire promised came down to believers, upon them, When the Holy Ghost descended, As

And the we Lord allsaid mayHe have would it, Lord. too. send. As was promised by our O Lord, send the powr just now, O Lord, send the powr just now, O Lord, send the powr just now, And baptize evry one. VERSE O F WITH JOY WE HAIL THE SACRED DAY Hym VERSE 4 n# 2 3 1O4 F 25 0 Let peace within her walls be dwell found; Great God, wehail hail the sacred day Spirit of grace, Othe deign to With joy we sacred day

Let all herchurch sons unite, Which Thou hast called Thine own; Within Thy below! Which God has called His own; To spread with grateful zeal around With joyher thein summons we obey Make holiness excel, With joy we obey summons Her clear light. To worship at Thy With pureand devotion glow. worship atshining His throne. VERSE O F MY HEART IS RESTING VERSE 3

2 1 O F 3 25 1 Hym n# My Iheart haveisa resting, heritageOofmy joy, God, That My heart yet thanks I is must in Thy not care; see; I will give and sing. The I My hear hand thethat voice of to joy make andsource health it mine heart is atbled the secret Resounding keeping everywhere. it for me. OfIsevery precious thing. Thou art a for new my song

portion, isofinheavenly saith my mouth, my life, soul, I And thirst springs Ten To longloved thousand music voices say. And here all day theyset: rise; The to Thee of their for all glad the amen grace IGlory seekmusic the treasure of Thy love, I Will have never notattasted die away. yet. And close hand it lies. VERSE O F POUR DOWN ON ME, HOLY SPIRIT Hym VERSE 4 n# 2 3 1O4 F

25 2 IThou am weak, Lord, lend strength now, May canst the stream fillon me, ofme precious living water Spirit, Pour down me, Holy Spirit, Fill my heart with Thy love; Unto my Thee heart will to Thy the I bow; end, FillFill my heart with grace; Keep me on Thy pathway, I need Until in Thy tokingdom, guide me, Lord, keepThee me in

Thy presence, With Thy powr from above. Come I will and neer dwell thirst with again. me now. Lest I turn from Thy face. VERSE O F HE IS HERE! VERSE 3 2 1 O F 3 25 3 Hym n# He is here! He is here! He has sent His Spirit to be farewell, here, He hassaid saidwhen that when the

Spirit comes, Jesus bidding them what blessed news we hear, By that power, allpower sinners are healed, We will receive from above. O In a little while Ill come again. Tis the Saviour dear! Powr over Satan prevail; HeWhat will teach us all thattoshall we say, athat precious gift usshould He gave: Come repent, and with Truth and grace in Him shall beDay. Witness for

Him, til that glorious Promised Holy Spirit to allzeal, men. welcome revealed. Him to our hearts; He is here; the Promised Spirit is here! VERSE O F THOU ART MY SHEPHERD VERSE 3 2 1 O F 3 25 4 Hym n# Orart if my way lie Thou myand Shepherd, Goodness mercy Where storms are raging nigh, Caring in every need, Ever shall follow me, Nothing can terrify, I trust

Thee loving lamb to feed, Till by Thy thy grace I see Thy holystill, hill; How can IThee be afraid, Trusting still, Lord, in that home with Thee, softly pastures on my head InWhile the green low, Joyful eternally, Thy tender is laid; Where livinghand waters flow, Folded Thy flock shall be, I fear no ill. Safe by Thy side I go, Safe fromnoallill.ill. Fearing VERSE O F JESUS LOVES THE LITTLE CHILDREN Hym VERSE 4 n# 2 3 1O4 25 5

F When Many Letloves thousand their us tell infant thechildren die story voices each oer raise day, Jesus loves the dear, Jesus the little chidren, In Till the In itdear reaches countries Redeemers every away; shore, praise, Them Hethe blessed when He was here: All the children offar the world, And Who And the have the gospel hosts never has ofheard heaven been

of heard Jesus join And He never turned the little ones Brown and yellow, black and white, inin and glad every His acclaim, love: land: away: All are precious in His sight, When Let Till He we us in every pray, crownforbid and tribe Himgive, and Lord and tongue and go, King, But said, them not. Jesus loves the That Our AllBring the Redeemers these earth with ones praise

joylittle may shall is sung, know ring, thelittle precious tot, little children of the world. Of the Oh, glory the And great thats rejoice redemption awaiting at mention them above. Een the dusky little heathenchorus far away. of the twill Saviors be grand! name. VERSE O F THERE SHALL BE SHOWERS OF BLESSING Hym VERSE 4 n# 2 3 1O4 F 25 6 Mercy Show drops round ers us of are

blessing, falling, There shall shall be be showers showersof ofblessing, Showers, Mercy drops showers round of us blessing, are falling, Precious blessing:reviving again; Over the hills and the Send Oh, them today upon they us, might Ovalleys, Lord; fall, Thisthat is the promise of love; Showers But for the of showers blessing we we plead. need: Sound oftous abundance of rain. Grant Now God now

were a refreshing, confessing, Thereasto shall be seasons refreshing, Showers But for the of showers blessing we we plead. need: Come, Now and on the Jesus now honor we call! Thy Word. Sent as from Saviour above. VERSE O F THE SAVIOUR BIDS THEE WATCH AND PRAY VERSE 4 2 3 1 O F 4 25 7 Hym n# The The Saviour Saviour bids bids thee thee watch

watch and and pray, pray For Maintain Oh,soon hearken the amomentous warriors hour to His will voice, strife: come Thro lifes hour, That And O christian! follow calls thee where hear from He His the leads voice earth the today: away way, And grants the Spirits quickening ray Obedience To heavens thy eternal eternal is thy home, joys! ToTo those who seek Hislife, power, Obedience To heavens thy

eternal eternal is thy home. joys! ToTo those who seek Hislife. power. VERSE O F TIS NOT WITH EYES OF FLESH WE SEE Hym VERSE 3 n# 2 1O3 F 25 8 Thou hast theofwords life; Believing thus, Thou Son ofwe God, Tis notonly with eyes flesh see Unto no Thee other can welifes go. way. We walk with That Thou art Godsalong anointed One; None but Thyself can calm our

We follow where Thy feet have trod With eyes of faith we look tostrife, Thee AndUnto nonethat but realm Thee our hopes can know. of glorious day. As Gods beloved only Son Since Thou hast walked this way before, FillEternal Thou our hearts with joyous song; King enthroned above, Thou art to us the only door. Sustain our faith and make us love. strong. Revealer of His grace and VERSE O F

SWEET HOUR OF PRAYER VERSE 4 3 1 2 O F 4 25 9 Hym n# Sweet hour of prayer, Sweet hour prayer, of And In since my immortal he bids me flesh seek IllHis rise, face, With such I hasten to the place In seasons of distress and grief, sweet hour of prayer, sweet hour prayer, of Believe To seize

His Word, the everlasting and trust His prize, grace, Where God my Saviour shows His face, My soul has often found relief, Thy May wings I thy shall consolation my petition share bear The joys I feel, the bliss I share That calls me from a world of care, And shout Ill cast while on Him passing my evry through care, the air, And gladly take

my station there, And oft escaped the tempters snare To Till Him, from whose Mount truth Pisgahs and lofty faithfulness height Of those whose anxious spirits burn And bids me at my Fathers throne, And Farewell, farewell, hour prayer! waitreturn, for thee, sweet ofprayer. prayer. sweet hourofof By thy sweet hour IWith Engage view my home waiting and take soul to my

bless: flight. desires for thy return! Make allstrong mythe wants and wishes known! VERSE O F AWAKE, MY SOUL VERSE 3 2 1 O F 3 26 0 Hym n# Direct Lord, I control, my to Thee this renew: Awake, soulsuggest and with theday, sun my vows Disperse All daily I my design sinsor asof do morning or say, dew, Thy stage

duty run; Guard my first springs of thought will, That all my powers, with alljoyful theirand might, Shake off dull sloth and rise, And with Thyself spirit fill, In pay Thy sole glorymy may unite, To thy morning sacrifice, And with Thyself spirit fill. In pay Thy sole glorymy may unite. To thy morning sacrifice. VERSE O F THE LIGHT OF THINE OWN LOVE Hym VERSE 5

n# 2 3 4 1O5 F 26 1 Ocome God, whose smile is toil inthe the sky, O Father, soothe allwith troubled thought, We Until, as asmyriad those shine upon far sea spent Now all the sounds of earth Whose path is in the sea, Dispel allstillness idle fear, WhoIn The crave silent Thy stars rest and above, peace, solemn die; Once from

earths tumultuous strife Purge Thou each heart offret secret sin, There Andmore from shines the upon care our and trusting ofchant souls life While wind and wave unite to We gladly turn toown Thee. And banish evry care. The Would light find of in Thine Thee release. love. Their anthems to the sky. VERSE O F I WANT A PRINCIPLE WITHIN Hym VERSE 3 n# 2 1O3

F 26 2 Almighty God of truth and love, Almighty God and love, From Thee that I of notruth more may stray, I want a principle within To me Thy power impart; Thy goodness power NoTo more Thy grieve, Ofme watchful godlyimpart; fear, The burden from my soul remove, The burden fromfilial soul remove, Grant me awe, I pray, A sensibility of the sin, Amy pain to feel it near. The hardness from my heart. The hardness from my heart. The tender conscience give; Help me the first approach

to feel O may the least omission pain O may thethe least omission pain Quick as ofdesire; an eye, Of pride or apple wrong My reawakened soul, Mythe reawakened soul, God, my conscience To O catch wandering ofmake! my will, And drive me to that grace again, And drive to that grace again, Awake myme soul when sin isfire. nigh, And quench the kindling Which makes the wounded whole. WhichAnd makes wounded whole. keepthe it still awake. (REPEAT VERSE 3) VERSE O F WHAT A FRIEND WE HAVE IN JESUS Hym VERSE 3

n# 2 1O3 F 26 3 Are we weak heavy Have we trialsand andhave temptations? What a friend we inladen, Jesus, Cumbered with load of bear! care? there trouble anywhere? AllIsour sins and agriefs to Precious stilldiscouraged, our refuge; We should be WhatSaviour, anever privilege to carry Take it to the Lord in in prayer! prayer: Evrything to God DoOh, thywhat friends despise, forsake thee? Can we find a friend so faithful

peace we often forfeit, Take it to in prayer; Who will allthe ourLord sorrows share? Oh, what needless pain we bear, In His arms Hellour take and shield Jesus knows weakness, All because weevry do not carrythee; Thou wilt a solace there. Take it to find the Lord in prayer! prayer. Evrything to God in VERSE O F PASS ME NOT, O GENTLE SAVIOUR Hym VERSE 4 n# 2 3 1O4 F 26

4 Thou Let Trusting me the spring Thy only ofgentle inall Thy my of merit, comfort, mercy Pass meat not, Othrone Saviour, Would More Find my than aI seek sweet life Thy relief; to face; me, Hear humble cry; Whom Kneeling Heal have wounded, I on in earth deep broken beside contrition, spirit, Thee? Whilemy on there others Thou art calling, Whom Save Help in me heavn

my byunbelief. Thy but grace. Thee? Do not pass me by. Saviour, Saviour, Hear my humble cry; While on others Thou art calling, Do not pass me by. VERSE O F TELL IT TO JESUS VERSE 4 2 3 1 O F 4 26 5 Hym n# Are you weary, Are Do the you you tears troubled fear Tell itDo to Jesus, tell itflow to Jesus, are you heavy the down

gathring the thought cheeks clouds of unbidden? of dying? sorrow? Heat is ayour friend thatshearted? well known; Tellsuch it to Tell Jesus, it to aJesus, Youve no other friend or brother, Tell it Jesus to Jesus; Tell it to alone. Tell it to Jesus; AreFor youChrists grieving over joys departed? Have Are you you coming anxious sins that kingdom Tell it you to Jesus alone. to what mens are shall eyes be sighing?

are tomorrow? hidden? Tell it to Jesus alone. VERSE O F MIGHTY GOD, WHILE ANGELS BLESS THEE Hym VERSE 4 n# 2 3 1O4 F 26 6 But From ForThy the the rich, grandeur highest Thy angels free throne of Thy redemption, nature, of glory Mighty God, while bless Thee, Bright, Grand To the tho beyond cross veiled aoflisp seraphs in deepest darkness thought; woe, long; May a mortal Thy name? Thought

Thou For didst the is poor, stoop wonders and towell ransom poor of creation; captives; Lord of men, as asexpression; angels, Works Who Flow with can my sing skill praise, that and kindness wondrous forever theme. flow. wrought; song? Thou art evry creatures For Brightness Reascend, Thyofprovidence ofimmortal the Fathers that Saviour, governs glory, Lord evry land and nation, Leave Thro Shall Thy Thine Thy

footstool, praise empires unuttered take wide Thy domain, throne: lie? Ancient of eternal days, Break, Wings Thence my anreturn, tongue, angel, and guides such reign guilty acreation sparrow, forever: silence! Sounded thro the wide Sing Be Blessed the thekingdom Lord beand Thy who all gentle came Thine reign. toown! die. Be Thy just endless praise. VERSE O F O FOR A HEART TO PRAISE MY GOD Hym VERSE 3

n# 2 1O3 F 26 7 AOAheart humble, every lowly, contrite renewed, heart, for ain heart tothought praise my God, And full of true love and divine; ABelieving, heart from sin setclean, free, Perfect Which and lifeand norfeels pure death and canblood good, part A heartneither thatright always Thy From A copy, Him that Lord, dwells offor Thine! within. So freely

shed me! VERSE O F GOD IS CALLING YET VERSE 5 2 3 4 1 O F 5 26 8 Hym n# Call God is calling yet, ing, oh, hear Him, God Ishall cannot calling yet! I shall not hear? God calling God calling yet! and IHe give callingyet! yet! shall Istay; not rise? God is calling yet,

My heart I yield without Earths pleasures shall Idelay: still holdlive? knock, No still in bondage Canheed, I His but loving voice despise, Vain farewell, from thee I part; dear? IAnd wait, Iworld, my but heart He does the closer not forsake; lock? basely His kind care repay? The voice of God has reached my Call oh hear Him calling, calling ing, yet. oh, calling, hear Him, Shall

lifes swift passing years all fly, He calls still isme waiting still; my to receive, heart, awake! calls me still; can I delay? heart. And still my soul in slumber lie? God oh hear is calling Him calling, calling yet, yet. calling, And shall I dare His Spirit grieve? VERSE O F HARK, THE VOICE OF JESUS CALLING Hym VERSE 3 n# 2 1O3 F 26 9 IfHark Ifyou youthe cannot

cannot speak cross like the calling, ocean, angels, voice of Jesus And If you thecannot heathen preach lands like explore, Paul, Who will go and work today? You You can can find tellthe the heathen love of Jesus, nearer, Fields are white and harvest waiting: You You can can help say them Hesheaves died at your foraway? all. door. Who will bear the If you If you cannot cannot

give rouse your the thousands, wicked Loud and strong the Master calleth, with You the can judgments give the dreadthee; alarms, mite; Rich reward He widows offers You And can the lead leastthe yougladly little do for children Jesus Who will answer, saying, will the be Saviours precious waiting in His sight. arms. To Here am I, send me, send me. VERSE O F THE REGIONS BEYOND VERSE

4 2 3 1 O F 4 27 0 Hym n# Till To the re world, gions Oh,the There yeare that other are-beyond spending lost sheep all the regions hardest of places the your that the leisure Master and must powrs bring, I must go, go, II must Till world, He calls me to go, go,the In And pleasures they so foolish

message and be told Where themust story has never been told Not thinking ofthe comfort or fond ease beyond world IHis must salva go, (and (be told); fond); (been told); (or ease); tion Ime must go Awake He sends from your tothat gather selfishness, them To millions never Thethe world may pronounce me To the the His folly out ofand all lands, have heard of His love, all sin,

a dreamer, a world, fool, I must go,_ IAnd must tell sweet story of His old (of old). go welcome to the them regions back to (beyond). salvation Enough if the Master Ibeyond please (Ifold regions be - yond I must go, (His fold). please). shall know._ VERSE O F NEVER BE AFRAID VERSE 4 2 3 1 O F 4 27 1 Hym n# Never Neverbe be

beafraid afraid afraidto to tospeak work bear die for for Jesus Never forJesus, Jesus, Never be afraid to Jesus Keen HeInthe His reproaches Life, vineyard the Truth, day by the they day; Way, fall; Think how much awhen word can do; Gently Labor Patiently in with His endure a arms kind and your love willing evry will Saviour, bear trial, spirit, you Never be afraid

toofown your To Jesus He thewill meekly realms all your of bore endless toilthem repay. all. He who loves and cares forday. you. Never be afraid, Never be afraid, Never, never, never; Jesus is your loving Saviour, Therefore never be afraid. VERSE O F THE COMFORTER HAS COME Hym VERSE 4 n# 2 3 1O4 F 27 2 The Comforter hasof come, The Lo, O boundless the long, great longtidings King love night divine! is kings,

past, O spread the round, The Comforter come! how the with shall morning healing thisman breaks tongue in has His wings, at of last, mine wherever is found, The Holy Ghost from Heavn, And To To hushed wondring evry the captive mortals dreadful soul tell wail Wherever human hearts The Fathers promise givn; the a and full matchless delivrance fury of the grace blast, brings; divine and

human woes abound; OLet spread tidings round, And As That oer thro I,the the athe child golden vacant of tongue hell, hills cells evry Christian wherever man is found should the thesong day in the of His advances triumph image fast! shine! rings; proclaim joyful sound: The Comforter has come! VERSE O F THE GLAD TIDINGS VERSE 2 1 O F 2 27

3 Hym n# Preach Rise, make the gospel haste Hearken OFrom arise, to ye the messengers one who inofaGod, vision arise! calls, Let all nations far and near, the east they came as clouds, Hearken, hearken, to and the good the gospel news of news His Word, Oh, And come in haste swiftly proclaim to help us hear glorious words

ofabroad, cheer, glorifying Jesus Name, the spread tis voice ofgo Jesus calling, the Spread theour tidings that all of nations Jesus and His seas; love; spread to all the the world; Word! how Jesus comes to save; from the west a multitude; From over the land and cross the may Blow learn the the trumpet, words of sing, peace; For How there we

waits long intoenter darkness hear All who sin may AsRise the saints now crownd ininglory, ye messengers Christ, of and raise Ostory how His beautiful banner high, many the poor and His needy, glory, where the saints in glory reign they told the wondrous story Go tell the story ofof Jesus and His love. that upon alllearn people the may know mountains, His Name. Who

To long for ofdistant His the Saviours grace! Word. for He saves ussaving by His grace. of Jesus and His love. The feet of those who preach! VERSE O F THE LIGHT OF GOD IS FALLING Hym VERSE 4 n# 2 3 1O4 F 27 4 Who Where Thy shares human hisof lifes lives host pure are thronging pleasures, glory, Theransomed light God is in falling And All Insouls

toil walks and that the pain sin honest and way; pray, sin, road, Upon lifes common Turn Who While toward trades cloistered the with cross hearts heaping that are measure, bore longing Thee; The Masters voice still calling, And Behold To bring lifts the his the man! brothers kingdom they load, in, say: Come, walk with me today; Who AndOturns while Christ, the Thy

the wrong church elder down is Brother pleading bluntly, No duty can seem lowly And For Of him proud all lends who and the would beaten right do a good, hand, men, To lives with Thee, who When He Wedwells hear they have in true found voice own each country, leading other, And allThy ofGods life grows holy, Thy Our He kingdom tills the of will

brotherhood. holy come land. then! Osong Christ of Galilee! VERSE O F BRINGING IN THE SHEAVES VERSE 3 2 1 O F 3 27 5 Hym n# Going forth with weeping, Bringing inthe thesunshine, sheaves, Sowing Sowing in in the morning, sowing for the Master, bringing the sheaves, sowingseeds ininthe sowing ofshadows; kindness, Tho the loss sustained We shallincome rejoicing, Fearing neither clouds Sowing the moon-tide our spirit often grieves;

bringing inchilling the sheaves; nor winters breeze; and the dewy eve; When our weepings over, Bringing in the By and for by the harvest Waiting harvest, the sheaves, He will bid us welcome, bringing inlabor the and the ended, and the time ofsheaves, reaping, We shall come rejoicing, We shall come rejoicing, bringing in the sheaves. bringing in the sheaves. (REPEAT VERSE 3) VERSE O F COME, DEAR FRIENDS, THE GOSPEL HEAR Hym VERSE 4 n# 2 3 1O4 F 27 6 Come, Come, Come, ye believers, ye weary, sinners,

seek into His the receive Word! Lord! Come, dear friends, the Gospel hear! Blessings Hearken Understand from His and above, voice! see, Listen toto His Word! Telling Gods truth truth of our isisheavnly His the Holy only Word, home way, ByGods His teachings wise and clear, Just In Shown His and Fathers to righteous usbe inhouse. love. He! Let His voice heard! Gods ByChrist Jesus

Hisgreat Word is our love made guide! reveals wise, forgiveth all: Baptized Mysteries Nailed on all of Calvary who heavnly seek Heand grace, to died! find This our song of hope joy; Wisdom, ForFreely to save truth given, us, and life freely He gave given grace Free from sin wesaving enter inus, to In Jesus, let His tongue sweet love and and kind. race. to evry live

with Himabide! on High. VERSE O F I LOVE TO TELL THE STORY VERSE 4 2 3 1 O F 4 27 7 Hym n# II love love to to tell tell the the story; story IFor love to tell the story; More Tis those pleasant wonderful who know toitrepeat seems it best Of unseen things above, Twill be theme inI tell glory What Seem Than

hungering allmy theand each golden and time fancies thirsting it, Ofseems Jesus His glory, To tell the old, old story Of More To all hear our wonderfully it, golden likeHis the dreams: sweet: rest: Of Jesus and love: And love toinand tell scenes the of glory, OfI when Jesus Hisstory, love. For IBecause sing Itsome didthe sohave much never new for song, heard

Inew, know tis me, true; And The Twill that message be the is just old, ofthe salvation oldreason story It satisfies my longings From That tell Gods I have it now own loved toholy thee. so Word. long. AsI nothing else can do. VERSE O F WE HAVE HEARD THE JOYFUL SOUND Hym VERSE 4 n# 2 3 1O4 F 27 8 Give Sing Waft the above itheard winds on the the

a rolling battle mighty tide: voice: We have the joyfulstrife: sound: Jesus saves! Jesus saves! By Tell LetHis the todeath sinners nations and far now endless and rejoice, wide: life, Spread the tidings all around: Jesus saves! Jesus saves! Sing Shout Sing, it softly salvation ye news islands through of the and sea; gloom, free; Bear the tofull every land, When Highest Echo back, hills heart and ye for ocean deepest mercy

caves; craves; caves; Climb thethe steeps and cross the waves; Sing Earth This in shall triumph ourour song keep oer of her victory: the jubilee: tomb, Onward! tis Lords command; Jesus saves! Jesus saves! VERSE O F THERE IS A GATE THAT STANDS AJAR Hym VERSE 4 n# 2 3 1O4 F 27 9 Press onward, though foes may frown, Beyond That gate ajar rivers stands brink free

well for lay all There isthe athen, gate that stands ajar, While mercys gate open; isgleaming; Who The seek cross through that here it salvation; is given, And through its portals Accept the and win the crown, The And bear andcross, the poor, crown the great of life and away, small, Arich radiance from the Cross afar, Loves everlasting token. And Of love

every Him tribe more andrevealing. innation. heaven. The Saviours love Oh, depth of mercy! can it be That gate was left ajar for me? For me, (For me,) for me? (for me?) Was left ajar for me? VERSE O F TELL IT OUT VERSE 3 2 1 O F 3 28 0 Hym n# Tell Tell itTell out itit among the the weeping highways ones itamong out with adoration Tell itout out among the people Tell out among

the nations and that the lanes Jesus lives, at home, that He shall that Jesus reigns Saviour above; that the Lordincrease, is reigns; King; Tell Let it out ring among across the the mountains ones That theit mighty King of Glory itTell out! Tell itweary out! and what the rest oceans He gives; foam, the King ofthe Peace; Tell Tell it itis out out among among

the heathen, nations, Tell That itthe out weary, among heavy-laden the sinners Tell it out with jubilation, bid that them His break reign their is love; chains; bid them shout and sing; that need He no came longer roam; save; let theit song neer cease; Tell out! Telltoit out! Tell it out! Tell it out! VERSE O F MUST I GO, AND EMPTY-HANDED? Hym VERSE 4 n# 2 3 1O4 F

28 1 O Not O ye the at saints, death arouse, in I shrink sinning be nor wasted, earnest, falter, Must Iyears go, and empty handed, Up For Could and my work but while saves them yetme tis now, now; day; Thus myISaviour dearrecall Redeemer meet, Ere INot But would theone tonight meet give Him empty tooer mygive handed, Saviour, take thee,

dayofthem ofdeath service Him, Thought Strive Tofor of His souls that will now Id while gladly clouds still you mymay. brow. Lay no trophy at His bow. feet? Must I go, and empty handed? Must I meet my Saviour so? Not one soul with which to greet Him: Must I empty handed go? VERSE O F TO THE WORK VERSE 4 2 3 1 O F 4 28 2 Hym n# To the work! to the work! Toiling on, (Toiling on,)

inwe the let there the strength is hungry labor offor be the all; Lord, toiling are servants on, (toiling of fed; on,) God, For the And kingdom To the ausrobe fountain of(Toiling and darkness aof crown lifeand error Toiling Let on, follow the path on,) shall letour the our shall weary labor fall; be reward, led; that toiling on; Master (toiling has on;) trod; When In And

the the the cross home name and of of its the Jehovah banner faithful With Let the us hope, balm of (and His trust,) counsel our our exalted dwelling gloryshall shall shall be, be, be, let our us strength watch, (and to renew, pray,) And While Inwe theshout we loud-swelling herald with the the ransomed, chorus, tidings, And Let labor us till do

the our might comes. withMaster Salvation free! what our handsisfind to do. VERSE O F THE CALL FOR REAPERS VERSE 3 2 1 O F 3 28 3 Hym n# Send with morns beaming, O them thou, whom thy Lordare isfirst sending, Far and forth near the fields teeming Send them in the the of noon tides glare; Gather sheaves ofgrain;

gold; With thenow waves ripened When the near suns last are gleaming, Heavnward then at rays evening wending, Far and their gold is gleaming Bid the them gather evrywhere. Thou haltsunny come with joy Oer slope anduntold. plain. Lord of harvest, send forth reapers! Hear us, Lord, to Thee we cry; Send them now the sheaves to gather, Ere the harvest time pass by. VERSE O F SEND THE LIGHT VERSE 4 2 3 1 O F 4 28 4 Hym n#

We us have pray not grow that weary graceringing Theres Send Let it the shine_ a heard call light!_ comes from the may in the Macedonian evrywhere work ofLet love, call abound, today, oer the restless wave, it Send shine the light! Sendthe Send thelight! light!Send Sendthe thelight! light! And Let a Christ-like golden gather offring jewels There are souls tospirit rescue, shore to shore!_

the us forevermore._ blessed gos - pel light; at evrywhere for the a the crown cross be above, we found, lay, there are souls to save, from shore to blessed forevermore. gospel light; Send Sendthe thelight! light!(Send (Sendthe thelight!) light!) shore! Send the light! light!(Send (Sendthe thelight!) light!) VERSE O F LAUNCH OUT VERSE 4 2 3 1 O F 4

28 5 Hym n# Oh, let us launch out out) TheLaunch mercy of God is an ocean divine, And But others many, just alas, venture out (Oh, launch on this ocean so broad, A into boundless and fathomless flood; only away stand from on the the land, shore the deep, (in the deep,) Where floods of salvation eer flow; Launch out in the

deep, AndOh, gaze linger on so the near ocean to the so shore, wide; let the shoreline go, Oh, let us the be lost inand the mercy of God, cut away the shoreline, That They never surf have ventured the slime Launch out, launch out Till the depths of His fullness we know. And be lost in the fullness of God. that its depths over to the explore, strand,

in beat the ocean divine, Or Dash to launch oer them on the in floods fathomless evermore. tide. out where the full tides flow. VERSE O F THE GOSPEL BELLS VERSE 4 2 3 1 O F 4 28 6 Hym n# The The The gospel gospel gospel bells bells bells give are invite warning, joyful us The gospel bells are

ringing Gospel bells, (Gospel bells) As To As they they a feast sound echo prepared from far and day for wide, to all; day, Over land, from sea to sea; how they ring (how they ring;) OfBearing the Do fate notnews slight which of doth perfect invitation await pardon them Blessed news ofthe free salvation Over land, from sea to sea; Through Nor Who reject forever aoffer Saviour

the gracious will crucified. delay. call. Do they you and me. Gospel (Gospel bells) Good Escape I God ambells tidings the bread for of great thy of life; life; joy For soye, loved the world, freely bring bring) Eat Tarry Toofall Me, not people thou in (freely all do hungry the I bring; plain, soul; That His only Son He gave; Tho Nor Unto behind youryou sins thee isbelieveth

be born red aas Saviour oh, crimson, never, Whosoeer in Him Blessed news tolook, you and me. Which Lest They thou is shall Christ be beconsumed as the Lord as and in wool. pain. King. Everlasting lifewhite shall have. VERSE O F LABOR FOR JESUS VERSE 3 2 1 O F 3 28 7 Hym n# Joyful,

Meekly, joyful! meekly! We will Answer spread Jesus theJesus, calling, Gospel, Willing, willing! Labor for our Work Gladly and telling pray of to His follow His ways, way, Gladly answering to loving Hisinholy call, On Lamb cross, God,He most gave ever-loving his rise life to save us, At the Hisof summons, we will toSaviour follow, Saving By our sinners, side o Hewhat willHim forever wondrous stay! grace! Gladly we will

give of our all. Labor for Jesus! Joyfully well go, Joyfully well go! Labor for Jesus! Joyfully well work for Him! VERSE O F WORK, FOR THE NIGHT IS COMING Hym VERSE 3 n# 2 1O3 F 28 8 Work, for the night is coming, Work Under inthe thesunset sunny skies; noon; Work thro morning hours; While Fill their brightest bright tintsis with are labor, glowing, Work while thehours dew sparkling, Work, rest comes for the sure daylight andflowrs: soon; flies: Work mid springing Work Give

till evry the flying beam minute fadeth, Work when the last day grows brighter, Something Fadeth to shine keep noinmore; store; Work into the glowing sun; Work Work, while for the coming, the night night is is darkning, When Whenman mans works workno is done. more. oer. When mans work is VERSE O F O LORD, THY BENEDICTION GIVE Hym VERSE 4 n# 2 3 1O4 F 28 9 Give those who teach pure hearts of love

OGive bless the shepherd, that learn bless the willing the sheep ear, O those Lord, Thy benediction give Hearts filled with faith That Theall spirit guide meek, and guided the guileless both belearn, mind, one, On who teach, on all who and warmed by prayer Such One in gifts the will faithful make watch the lowliest they keep, here So that Thy church may holier live, And souls attuned to Thee above, One Far better in the joy

than of a work kingdom well done. find. And every lamp more brightly burn. That they may guide Thy people there. VERSE O F O LORD OF HEAVEN AND EARTH AND SEA Hym VERSE 4 n# 2 3 1O4 F 29 0 To Thee, from whom we all derive We Thou lost didst what not onspare ourselves we only spend; Son, O Lord of heaven andThine earth and sea, Our life,

our gifts, our power to be; give; But We have as Him treasure for aand world without undone, end Togavest Thee all praise glory Oshall may weLord, everthat with Thee live, Whatever, And freely with to Thee blessed we lend, One How we show our love to Thee, Who givest givest all! Thou Who givest all? all. VERSE O F GLORY TO HIS NAME VERSE

4 2 3 1 O F 4 29 1 Hym n# Oh, precious fountain that saves from sin, Down at the cross where my Saviour died, Come I am toso this wondrously fountain so saved rich from and sweet; sin, Down where cleansing from sinin; I cried, Ithy ampoor so glad I have CastJesus sofor sweetly soul at abides theentered

Saviours within; feet; There to my heart was blood applied; There saves me and keeps mein; Plunge There at inJesus the today, cross and where bethe made He took complete; me Glory to His name. clean; name. Glory to His name, name, Glory to His name; His the name; There to myGlory hearttowas blood applied; His the name. There to myGlory hearttowas blood applied; Glory to His name. VERSE O F THERE IS A FOUNTAIN FILLED WITH BLOOD Hym VERSE 6 n# 2 3 4

5 1O6 F 29 2 Dear Eer Lord, There The dying since Iis dying believe in by Lamb, nobler, thief faith Thou Thy rejoiced I filled sweeter saw hast precious the prepared, tostream song, see blood There aa fountain with blood Thy Ill Shall That Unworthy sing flowing never fountain Thy wounds power lose though inits his tosupply, power I day; be,

save, drawn from Immanuels veins; When this poor lisping, stammering tongue Redeeming For And Till me all there the a blood-bought, ransomed may love I,has though been church free vile mythat reward, of as theme, God he, And sinners, plunged beneath flood, IsLose ransomed from the grave, Be Wash AAnd saved, golden all my to harp be sin sins till for no

Iaway: die: more: me! allshall their guilty stains: IsLose ransomed from the grave, Be Wash AAnd saved, golden all my to harp be sin sins till for no Iaway, die, more, me! allshall their guilty stains, IsLose ransomed from the grave; Be wash AAnd saved, golden all my to harp be sin sins till for no Iaway; die; more; me! allshall their

guilty stains; When this poor lisping, stammering tongue Redeeming For And Till me all there the a blood-bought, ransomed may love I,has though been church free vile mythat reward, of as theme, God he, And sinners, plunged beneath flood, IsLose ransomed from the grave. Be Wash AAnd saved, golden all my to harp be sin sins till for no Iaway. die. more.

me! allshall their guilty stains. VERSE O F WHITER THAN SNOW VERSE 4 2 3 1 O F 4 29 3 Hym n# Lord Lord Lord Jesus, Jesus, Thou look for knowest down this Lord Jesus, IJesus, long to be perfectly whole; Whiter than snow, from I most Thy I forever patiently throne humbly wait; entreat; thein skies,

I want Thee toin live my soul; yes, whiter than snow; Come I wait, now, Andblessed help and me within Lord, Break down evry idol, cast outme evry foe: Now wash and Ishall shall to make at awash new Thy a me, complete crucified heart create; sacrifice; Now me, and Ifeet; bebe I give To those up Bywhiter myself faith, whofor and have mywhatever sought cleansing I know: whiter than snow.

than snow. Thee, NowThou I wash see never Thy me,blood and saidst Iflow: shall No: be Now wash whiterme, than and snow. I shall be whiter than snow. VERSE O F I HEAR THY WELCOME VOICE Hym VERSE 4 n# 2 3 1O4 F 29 4 Tho All Tis coming hail, Jesus calls weakme blood! and on vile, I hear Thyatoning welcome voice Thou All To hail, dost perfect my faith strength and

grace! love, assure; That callsredeeming me, Lord, to Thee, To Thou All perfect hail, dostthe hope mygift vileness of Christ peace fully our and cleanse, Lord, trust, For cleansing inand Thy precious blood Our For Till strength earth spotless and and all, heavn righteousness. and above. pure. That flowed on Calvary. I am coming, Lord! Coming now to Thee! Wash me, cleanse me in the blood That flowed on Calvary! VERSE O F HE WASHED HIS SERVANTS FEET Hym

VERSE 4 n# 2 3 1O4 F 29 5 That The To each, awful solemn He scene said, in heavenly which about let others betrayed, to close, do Disrobed ofnight all His dress, To As He make I,Saviour introduced your the Lord, whole have the complete, done: The came tofeast, earth; Which we, myin friends, have seen displayed, He The meekly heavenly from pattern communion

still pursue, rose, Clothed a veil of mortal flesh, Where each has been guest. And Inwashed form asHis His I have servants shown. feet. And bowed head ina death. He gave us this example, That we His will complete By following His teaching To wash each others feet. VERSE O F ACCORDING TO THY GRACIOUS WORD Hym VERSE 6 n# 2 3 4 5 1O6 F 29 6 And when these failing lips grow dumb Remember Thee and all Thy pains

When to the cross Igracious turn mine eyes Thy Gethsemane body, broken can for I forget? my sake, According to Thy word, And mind and memry flee, And all Thy love to me; And rest on Calvary, MyOr bread there from Thy heavn conflict shall see,be; In meek humility, When Thou shalt in Thy kingdom come, Yea, while a breath, a pulse remains, O Lamb

of God, my sacrifice, Thine Thy will testamental agony and cup I take, sweat, This I do, mybloody dying Lord: Jesus, rememberThee. me! Will I remember IImust remember Thee. And And thus notremember remember remember Thee? Thee. will Thee. VERSE O F I GAVE MY LIFE FOR THEE VERSE 4 2 3 1 O F 4 29 7 Hym n# And My

II sufferd Fathers I have brought house forof to thee, light, thee, gave mymuch life for Thee, More Down Myprecious than glory-circled from thy Mytongue home throne, above, tell, My blood, I can shed, Salvation I left Of mightst bittrest for earthly full and agony, night, free, be, That thou ransomed For To My wandrings rescue pardonthee and sad from My and love; hell; lone; And quickened from the dead; Ive

I Ibring, borne, I left,II bring Igave Ive leftborne it rich alllife gifts for it for all Thee, tofor thee, thee, gave, My Thee, What What Hasthast hast thou thou left brought borne for toMe? Me? Me? What hastthou thouaught givn for for Me? Ive I Ibring, borne, I left,II bring Igave Ive leftborne it rich alllife gifts for it for all Thee, tofor thee, thee, gave, My Thee, What What

Hasthast hast thou thou left brought borne for toMe? Me? Me? What hastthou thouaught givn for for Me? VERSE O F YOUR LOVE, O GOD, HAS CALLED US HERE Hym VERSE 4 n# 2 3 1O4 F 29 8 gracious God,has Youcalled consecrate O God, has called here, Your love,of God uslife, Your Olove, here, OOGod inspire our Allall that isYour lovely, good, true; For all

love its source in You; finds For love finds source in You; Reveal will in alland we do; Bless those who in Your presence wait, The perfect love that casts our fear, The perfect casts our fear. Join every husband, every wife every their love ever renew. TheAnd love that day Christ makes new. The love that makes ever new. In mutual love and love for You. VERSE O F COME, LET US GATHER WITH REJOICING

Hym VERSE 4 n# 2 3 1O4 F 29 9 Lord, send Thy blessings, From Let Let us this usallpray moment, pray that that God true God will be will their help leadthem, conduct, them, Come let us gather with rejoicing, Lord send Thy blessings; AndPraising Grow let Trusting them in our the be in Lord Spirit, God, in one His ever heart will

and to and do; aye; mind; in jubilant song; Help them to keep Thy word we pray; Sharing OFor Fervently letour them and honor love doingHim, God all things His in their presence together; union; beloved brother and sister; Lord, send Thy blessings, That In and joythey or sorrow, may seeking; insanctioned comfort all, glorify to find. you. Love devotion, by God. Lord send Thy blessings! Until that last most glorious day.

O give them joy and peace always. VERSE O F LOVE AT HOME VERSE 3 2 1 O F 3 30 0 Hym n# Theres Love no becomes a all way you cant of lifeask There isquestion beauty around When theres love at home; There Sweet end for to any strife task Thereisinsistent isstrength joy in every sound When theres love at home. Glad Sharing submission joy in work each or ones play, gift, Peace

and plenty here abide, Willing Confidence pledge toto face love the and day, lift, Smiling sweet on every side. Knowing Healing balm will for find every a way rift Time doth love softly, sweetly glide When theres love at home. VERSE O F LYRICS FOR 1 SLIDE HYMNS Hym VERSE 4 n# 2 3 1O4 F 30 1 Asleepin Jesus!Blessed Soon to sleep, rise, Asleep Asleep ininJesus! Jesus! Peaceful

rest, Asleep Jesus! O how sweet When the lastnone trump shall rend to the skies; From which ever wakes weep; Whose waking is blest; To be for such asupremely slumber meet; burst the fetters of the tomb, A calm and undisturbed repose, NoThen fear, no woe, shall dim that hour With holy confidence to rest And wake in by full, immortal bloom. Unbroken the last of foes. That manifests the Saviours power. In hope of being ever blest.

VERSE O F LYRICS FOR 1 SLIDE HYMNS Hym VERSE 3 n# 2 1O3 30 2 F Hear what the voice Far They fromdie thisinworld Jesusof and toilare andblest; strife, from heavn proclaims Theyre How kind present their slumbers with the Lord; are! for all the pious dead: FromThe suffering labors and of their from mortal sin released, life Sweet is the theirsnare. names, Theyre End freed in asavor

large fromof reward. evry And soft their sleeping bed. (REPEAT VERSE 3) VERSE O F PRECIOUS JEWELS VERSE 3 2 1 O F 3 30 3 Hym n# Little children, little children, He He willcometh, gather, He willHe gather When when cometh Who love their Redeemer, The Togems makefor up His His kingdom, jewels, Are the jewels, precious jewels, All the pure ones, precious all the bright ones, All His jewels, jewels, His loved and His own. His loved and His own. Like the stars of the morning, Like the stars of the morning, His bright crown adorning, His bright crown adorning, They shall shine in their beauty

They shall shine in their beauty Bright gems for His crown. Bright gems for His crown. (REPEAT VERSE 3) VERSE O F FATHER, LET ME DEDICATE VERSE 4 2 3 1 O F 4 30 4 Hym n# Can If If Father, Thou in a child mercy callest presume Thou todedicate wilt the tocross, spare choose let me Joys And Where that its or shadow yet how are come, mine, live? All this year totoThee,

Turning Can If alife, fathers allserene mywordly gain love and to refuse fair, loss, Inon whatever state Shrouding Brighter Allwouldst therays best heart may to and give? shine, home: Thou have me be; Let Let More my me glad Thou think heart, givest how Thy while every dear it day sings, Son Not from sorrow, pain, or care Than Thee To the His inbest glory

all proclaim; can came, claim; Freedom dare I claim; Nor And And withholdest whateer in deepest the aught woe future pray that brings, on, may This alone shall be my prayer Glorify Thy name. name. VERSE O F FADE, FADE, EACH EARTHLY JOY Hym VERSE 4 n# 2 3 1O4 F 30 5 Tempt Farewell, not my mortality; soul away; Farewell, yeeach dreams of night; Fade, fade

earthly joy; Jesus is is mine. Jesus mine. Here Welcome, would Ieternity; ever stay; Lost in this dawning light; Break every tender tie; Jesus is mine. Jesus is mine. Welcome, Perishing O things loved and of clay, blest; All that my soul has tried Dark is the wilderness, Welcome, Born butsweet for one scenes brief of day, rest, Left but a Saviours dismal void; Earth has no resting place, Pass Welcome, from my heart my away; Jesus breast; is mine.

Jesusalone has satisfied; Jesus Jesus can Jesusisismine. mine. Jesusbless; is mine. VERSE O F HERE FROM THE WORLD WE TURN Hym VERSE 3 n# 2 1O3 F 30 6 Saviour, Thy work revive: Come, Comforter, Here fromHoly the world we turn, Here may we see Presence Jesus to Divine, seek; Those who are dead in sin Now in ourHis longing Here may lovinghearts voice Quickened by Thee; Graciously shine, Tenderly speak! Come to our hearts tonight, O for Thy Jesus, our mighty dearestpower! friend, Make every burden light, O forata Thy blessed While feet shower, we bend, Cheer Thou our waiting sight;

Filling thissmile hallowed hour O let Thy descend! We long for Thee. With joy we divine! Tis Thee seek. (REPEAT VERSE 3) VERSE O F LORD, IM COMING HOME VERSE 4 2 3 1 O F 4 30 7 Hym n# Ive My Ive soul wasted tired is sick, of many sin my and precious heart straying, isyears, sore, Ive wandered far away from God,

Lord, Now Now ImIm coming coming home; home; My Ill strength trust I now Thy repent renew, love, believe my bitter hope Thy tears, restore, word, The paths of sinwith too long Ive trod, Lord, Im coming home. Coming home, coming home, Nevermore to roam, Open wide Thine arms of love, Lord, Im coming home. VERSE O F NO ONE EVER CARED FOR ME LIKE JESUS Hym VERSE 2 n# 1O2 F 30 8 All my cared life was sin Jesus, No one I ever would

love for tofull tell meofyou like Jesus found Theres when no what other I think friend of Jesus, so me, kind as He; All my heart wasIelse full of misery No Since one found could in Him takeand woe; Jesusthe placd His strong loving a friend sin and sodarkness strongand and from true; me,arms about me, O how much I would Hetell cared you for me. And HeHe led me in the ought to go. how changed myway life Icompletely, He did something that no other friend could do. VERSE

O F ANOTHER YEAR, HOW SWIFTLY COME Hym VERSE 4 n# 2 3 1O4 F 30 9 Dear Father Father, Lord, we protect increase thank us Thee our from for faith all past wrong. each care, day Time now has passed; hail the New Year! Thee Blessing To would higher weplanes serve guiding lift helping thro us the the pray. year. throng. Saints at and

Gods throne arewe gathered Take Grant We place now us the this ourwisdom year, work show within andus the Thy Thy powr, hand way, here, Keep Thy O, us give will from to usHim do peace! straying, each passing Lord, again. we hour. pray. Worshiping withRevive thanks we sing Praises ascend to Christ our King. VERSE O F COME, YE THANKFUL PEOPLE, COME Hym VERSE 4 n# 2 3 1O4 F 31

0 We For Even ourselves theye so, Lord Lord, our areGod quickly Gods shall own come, come, field, Come, thankful people, come, And Fruit To shall Thy unto take final HisHis harvest praise harvest to home; yield: home; Raise the song of harvest home! Wheat From Gather and field Thou tares shall Thy together people purgein, away sown in, AllHis is

safely gathered Free All Unto that from doth sorrow, or offend sorrow freethat grown; from day; sin; Ere thejoy winter storms begin; First Give There, the His blade, angels forever and charge purified, thenprovide at thelast ear, God, our Maker, doth Then InInthe Thy thefire full presence the corn tares shall tosupplied: to abide: appear; cast; For our wants to be Come, Lord

Butto with of the harvest! fruitful all Thine grant angels, tothat store come, we Come Gods ownears temple, come, Wholesome Raise Inthe Hisglorious garner grainofand evermore. harvest pure may home! be. Raise the song harvest home. VERSE O F ALL CREATURES OF OUR GOD AND KING Hym VERSE 4 n# 2 3 1O4 F 31 1 Thou glowing all ye men water, of tender pure and heart, clear,

Thou rushing wind that artand so strong, AllAnd creatures of our God King, Make Forgiving music others, for thy take your tous hear, part, Ye clouds that sail in Lord heavn along, Lift up your voice and with sing Alleluia, sing ye! Alleluia! Alleluia! OO praise Him! Alleluia! Alleluia! Alleluia! Ye Thou who fire long somorn pain masterful and sorrow and rejoice, bright, bear, Thou rising in praise

Thou burning sun with golden beam, Praise That givest God and us both on Him warmth cast your and light! care! Ye lights of evening, find a voice! Thou silver moon with softer gleam! O praise praise Him! Him! O O O praise praise Him! Him! Alleluia! Alleluia! Alleluia! Alleluia! Alleluia! Alleluia! VERSE O F BRETHREN, WE HAVE MET TO WORSHIP Hym VERSE 4 n# 2 3 1O4 F 31 2 Brethren, Sisters,

Let us love see will poor our join God sinners and supremely, round us? you Brethren, weyou have met tohelp worship Slumbring Let Moses us love sister on each the aided brink other him; oftoo; woe; And adore the Lord our God; Will Let Death you ushelp love ispray coming, the and trembling pray hell for is moving, sinners, mourners Will you with all your power, Till

Who Can our are you God struggling bear makes to let all hard them things with go? new. sin? While we try to preach the Word? Then See Tell our Hell them call all unless about usand home the our Saviour, mothers, heaven, All is fathers vain theto Spirit Tell And them our HisHoly children table that well Hesinking will sitbe down; found; down; OfAtthe One

comes down; Christ Brethren, Sisters, will gird pray, pray, Himself, and andholy holy and manna manna serve us With Will be sweet showered mannaall allaround. around. VERSE O F GREAT IS THY FAITHFULNESS Hym VERSE 3 n# 2 1O3 F 31 3 Great is Thyand faithfulness! Summer Pardon forwinter, sin faithfulness, Great is Thy faithfulness! and and spring aOpeace time that and endureth, harvest, God my

Father, Morning by morning mercies see; Sun, own moon, dear and presence stars There isThine no shadow ofnew turning with IThee; I have needed in All to their cheer courses andThy to guide; above Thou changest not, compassions, thy hand provided; Join with all Strength nature in formanifold today witness theyhath fail not; Great isTo Thy faithfulness, Lord, unto and bright Thy great hope faithfulness, for forever tomorrow, As Thou hast been

Thou wilt me! be. Blessings mercy, and all love. mine, with ten thousand beside! VERSE O F HOW GREAT THOU ART VERSE 4 2 3 1 O F 4 31 4 Hym n# Then sings my soul, And When When when Christ I think shall the that woods come God, O through Lord my God! myHis Saviour to Thee; and with forest shout glades

not ofGod acclamation sparing, I wander When I Son in awesome wonder How great Thou art, And And Sent take hear Him the tohome, birds die, Consider allme the worlds great Thou art! what sing I how scarce joy sweetly shall can in fill take the my it trees; heart! in; Thy hands have made, Then sings my soul, That When Then on Ithe look shall

the cross, down bow I see stars, Saviour God to Thee; from my in lofty burden humble mountain gladly adoration bearing, grandeur Imy hear the rolling thunder, How greatthroughout Thou art, And And Hepowr there bled hear and the proclaim, brook died Thy how great Thou art! my and God, to feel take how the away gentle great myThou breeze; sin; art! the universe

displayed, VERSE O F IMMORTAL, INVISIBLE, GOD ONLY WISE Hym VERSE 4 n# 2 3 1O4 F 31 5 To Great Unresting, all, life Father Thou unhasting, of givest, glory, Immortal, invisible, God only wise, pure both and silent Father greathid as and oflight. light, small; In light to inaccessible from our eyes, Nor Thine Inblessed, wanting, allangels life Thou nor adore livest, wasting, Thee, Most most glorious,

all Thou the veiling true rulest their life in might. sight; all; the Ancient ofof Days, All Thy We praise justice blossom welike would and mountains flourish render; Almighty, victorious, ashigh O leaves help soaring us on to the above see tree, Thy great name we praise. Thy clouds, And wither Tis which only and are perish fountains thebut splendor ofnaught goodness ofchangeth light and

hideth love. Thee. Thee. VERSE O F O WORSHIP THE KING VERSE 4 2 3 1 O F 4 31 6 Hym n# Frail O Thy tell children bountiful of His might, ofcare dust, O worship the King, what O and tongue feeble of His can as grace, frail, recite? allsing glorious above, Whose ItIn breathes Thee robe

do is in we the the trust, light, air, And gratefully sing whose it nor shines find canopy Thee in the to space; light; fail; His powr and His love; Thy It His streams mercies chariots from how of the wrath tender! hills, Our Shield and Defender, theitdeep how descends firm thunderclouds to tothe the end! plain, form, the Ancient of Days, Our And AndMaker,

dark sweetly is His distills path Pavilioned inDefender, splendor on in Redeemer, the thegirded wings dew and and of the the Friend. storm. rain. and with praise. VERSE O F THE MASTER HATH COME VERSE 3 2 1 O F 3 31 7 Hym n# us; The Master hath come, The Master hath called us: us, the insons

lifes road early may be morning, dreary, and He calls us to follow though His doubt and and His daughters, temptation the children who fear Him, And With dangers spirits as and fresh sorrows as The track of footprints We plead compass forthe His our blessing journey, WhoMay march neath Christs banner, are the strewn dew on the the sod: track; He

leaves our way; and we trust cheerfully in His sing: love; His own on little band; We But turn Gods from Holy the Spirit world, Far over the and And Press through onward, themountain green look upward, pastures, We love Him and seek Him, with shall itslong smiles comfort and the its weary; scorning, through deep hollow, Thro beside much the still tribulation; waters,

we to be near Him, We To cast follow in the our Saviour lot with The path leads us onto to Hell The lead children at of last Zion And rest inus the light of and the people turn ofabove. God: back; the mansions of day; must His kingdom follow their King. Hiscannot beautiful land. VERSE O F THE HAVEN OF REST VERSE

4 2 3 1 O F 4 31 8 Hym n# anchored my soul I yielded myself The come song totoHis of the my tender Saviour, soul, My soul Oh, inIve sad exile was out onembrace, lifes sea, in the haven of rest, And, since faith the He taking Lord patiently made hold waits, of me the whole, Word,

So burdened with sin and distressed, Ill the noso more; Has ToI sail been save My by the fetters His oldseas power story fell off, divine; blest, Till heard awild sweet voice saying, tempest may sweep Of Jesus,The and Come, wholl I anchored save anchor whosoever your my soul: soulwill have Make Me your choice, stormy deep, The Aoer home inthe the inwild haven the

ofthe rest haven of is rest, my of Lord. rest. And I haven entered haven of rest. In say, JesusMy Im Beloved safe evermore. And is mine. VERSE O F ANGELS, FROM THE REALMS OF GLORY Hym VERSE 4 n# 2 3 1O4 F 31 9 Sages, Saints, Shepherds, leave before your therealms contemplations, fields alter bending, abiding, Angels, fromin the of glory, Watching Watching Brighter long visions your in hope

flocks beam by afar; fear, night, Wing youroer flight oer all and the earth; Seek suddenly God the withgreat the manLord, Desire is now descending, of residing, nations, Ye who sang creations story, Yonder Ye In His have shines temple seenMessiahs the His shall infant natal appear: star: Light: Now proclaim birth: Come and worship, come and worship, Worship Christ, the newborn King! VERSE O F ANGELS WE HAVE HEARD ON HIGH Hym VERSE 4 n# 2 3

1O4 F 32 0 Come Shepherds, See Him to inwhy a manger this jubilee? and laid, see Angels weBethlehem, have heard on high, Whom Why Him whose your thesinging joyous choirs birth of the strains angels angels praise; sing; Sweetly oer theprolong? plains: What Come, Mary, the adore Joseph, gladsome onlend bended your tidings knee aid, be And the mountains in reply, Christ Which While the

our inspire Lord, hearts your the inheavnly newborn lovestrains. we raise. song? King. Echoing their joyous Gloria in excelsis Deo! Gloria in excelsis Deo! VERSE O F COME, CHRISTIANS, JOIN TO SING Hym VERSE 3 n# 2 1O3 F 32 1 Come, Praiselift yet your ourhearts Christ again; high; Come, Christians, join on to sing; Alleluia! Amen! LifeLet shall praises not fill the theour sky; strain; Loud praise to end Christ King; Alleluia! Amen! He

Onall, isheavens our Guide blissful and shore Let with heart andFriend; voice, His To goodness us Hell condescend; wellrejoice; adore, Before His throne His Singing love shall forevermore, never choice: end: Praise is His gracious Alleluia! Amen! Amen! VERSE O F TO GOD BE THE GLORY VERSE 3 2 1 O F 3 32 2 Hym n# Great things He hath taught us,

God be the glory, OTo perfect redemption, Praise the Lord, praise the Lord, great things He hath done, done; the purchase of blood, Let the earth hear His voice! And great our rejoicing thro So loved the world that HeGod; To evry believer the promise of Praise theHe Lord, praise the Lord, Jesus gave usthe HisSon; son, The vilestLet offender who truly believes, the people rejoice! But purer, and higher, and greater will Who

yielded His life That moment from Jesus O come to the Father, bereceives. an atonement forSon, sin, athro pardon Jesus the Our wonder, our transport, And opened the life-gate And give Him the glory, when Jesus that all may gosee. in.done. great things Hewe hath VERSE O F CROWN HIM WITH MANY CROWNS Hym VERSE 4 n# 2 3 1O4 F 32 3 Crown Crown Crown

Him Him Him the the theLord Lord Lordof of of peace, love; life, Crown Him with many crowns, Who Whose Behold triumphed power Hisupon hands a oer scepter and the side, sways grave, The Lamb His throne; From Those And pole rose wounds, to victorious that yet visible wars in the may above, strife cease, Hark! how thepole, heavenly anthem drowns And ForAll all

those Inmusic be beauty prayer Hebut came glorified: and to praise: save; its own: His All His reign hail, glories shall Redeemer, now know we no sing hail! end, Awake, my soul, and sing Who And For Thou died, round hast and His rose died pierced on for high, me: feet Of Him who died for thee, Thy Fair Who praise flowers died

eternal ofthy glory paradise life shall toextend bring, not King fail And hail Himand as matchless And Their Throughout lives fragrance thatall death evermay sweet. die. Through eternity. eternity. VERSE O F GLORIOUS IS THY NAME VERSE 3 2 1 O F 3 32 4 Hym n# Glo rious, Great From the Redeemer, throne of Lord heavens

and glory Blessed Saviour, we adore Thee, Glorious is Thy name, O Lord! To Master, singrace and shame, Wethe Thycross love of and proclaim; Thou come to die a ransom Light didst of all eternal days; art mighty, Thou art holy, Glo rious, Glorious isisThy name, O Lord! Guilty tomatchless reclaim. Let thesinners saints of evry nation Sing Glorious Thy name! Thy just and endless praise! Glorious is Thy name, O Lord! Glorious is Thy name, O Lord! VERSE O F HE IS SO PRECIOUS TO ME VERSE

4 2 3 1 O F 4 32 5 Hym n# HeI stand stood ISo praise on atHim my the hearts because mountain precious is Jesus, For He is so precious todoor me. He inofsunshine appointed blessing and ata last, place rain, Saviour, my King, For my is so precious to me. He NoAnd Where, cloud patiently in some the heavens waited

day,long His all thebelow, day praise Tis heaven thromy faith an aRedeemer entrance shadow inrapture His wonderful toto gain; grace, with Icast; sing; to know, What I His know smile shame Iinshall is that upon seeso Him me, long To Him my weakness For He is so precious to me. shall Hethe entreated look valley onI is His in past, vain, face, for strength can cling,

For He is so precious to me. VERSE O F HE KEEPS ME SINGING VERSE 5 2 3 4 1 O F 5 32 6 Hym n# Tho sometimes He leads waters All Soon Feasting my Hes life was coming on the wrecked riches back by to ofthro sin welcome and grace, strife, me Theres within my heart aHis melody; deep, Resting Discord

Far beyond neath filled my His the heart sheltring starry with sky; pain, wing, Jesus whispers sweet and low, Trials fall across the way, I shall Jesus wing swept looking my flight onthe to His worlds broken smiling unknown, strings, face, Always Fear not, Iacross am with thee, peace, be Tho sometimes the path seems Stirred IThat shall the isreign why slumbring with I shout Him

chords and on sing. high. again. still, rough and steep, Jesus, Jesus, In allJesus, of lifes ebb and flow. SeeSweetest His footprints the way. nameall I know, Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, Sweetest Jesus, Jesus, Sweetest Fills my evry longing, name I know,name I Keeps meknow, singing as I go. Fills my evry longing, Fills my longing, Keeps me evry singing as I go. VERSE O F MORE ABOUT JESUS VERSE 4 2 3 1 O F

4 32 7 Hym n# More Moreabout aboutJesus Jesus, Jesuson let inHis His meIthrone, Word, learn, would know, More about Jesus Holding More Riches of His glory holyto all will with His discern; my own; Lord; More of communion Hisin grace others show; More Hearing Spirit of His His kingdoms God, voice my in teacher sure evryincrease; line, be, More ofofHis

saving fullness see, More Showing Making each the coming, things faithful of Prince saying Christ of to mine. peace. me. MoreofofHis His love who died for me. More, more about Jesus, More, more about Jesus; More of His saving fullness see, More of His love who died for me. VERSE O F PRAISE TO THE LORD, THE ALMIGHTY Hym VERSE 4 n# 2 3 1O4 F 32 8 Praise Praise to to the Praise to Lord, the toLord, the who Lord, who

oer all doth things Praise the Lord, the Almighty, prosper O letso all wondrously thy that work is of inand me reigneth, defend adore Him! thee; the King creation! Surely Shelters All O that Histhee hath goodness under life and and His breath, wings, mercy my soul, praise Him, come yea, now here with daily gently praises attend sustaineth! thee. Him. for He is so thy health andbefore

salvation! Hast Let Ponder thou the not Amen anew seen All ye who hear, How Sound What thy the desires Almighty His eer people have canagain, do, been Now tofrom His temple draw near; IfGranted Gladly with for in love aye what He we He befriend adore ordaineth? Him. thee. JoinHis me in glad adoration! VERSE O F GOD OF OUR FATHERS VERSE

4 2 3 1 O F 4 32 9 Hym n# Thyof love Refresh From wars hath Thy led alarms, people us in the past, God ourdivine fathers, whose almighty hand In thisforth free from on in land their deadly by toilsome Thee pestilence, our way, lot is cast; Leads beauty all the starry band LeadBe usThy from Be strong Thou arm to

our never-ending our ruler, ever sureday; Ofnight shining worlds Fill defense; all guide, our lives and inguardian, splendor through thestay, skies, Thy true with religion Thy lovegrateful Word and in our grace oursongs hearts law, divine, increase, Our And Thy glory, Thy paths bounteous laud, our and chosen goodness praise way. be ever before Thy throne arise. nourishThine. us in peace. VERSE O F SWEET PEACE, THE GIFT OF GODS LOVE Hym VERSE 3 n#

2 1O3 F 33 0 There comes to my heart Through Christ on the cross In Jesus for peace I abide (abide), Peace, peace, sweet peace! one strain strain), peace was made (was And as Isweet keep close to (sweet His sidemade), (His side), Wonderful gift from above (above)! AOh, gladwonderful, and joyous refrain (refrain); Theres nothing but peace doth betide, My debt by His death wonderful

peace! Sweet peace, the gift gift of Gods I was sing it again and again, all paid (all Sweet peace, the ofpaid); Godslove. love! Sweet the gift of Gods Nopeace, other foundation is laidlove. For peace, the gift of Gods love. VERSE O F SURELY GOODNESS AND MERCY Hym VERSE 3 n# 2 1O3 F 33 1 When I walk thro And I shall dwell Surely goodness and mercy He A restoreth my soul when

Im weary, pilgrim was I and awandring, the dark lonesome valley, in the house of the Lord forever, shall follow me He giveth strength by day; In the coldme night of sin day I did roam, My Saviour will walk with me there; And I shall feast All the days, all the days of my life; He leads the still found waters, When Jesus me the beside kind Shepherd me, And safely His great hand will lead

me HeAnd guards me each step ofmercy the way. at the table spread for me; nowgoodness I am on my way home. Surely and To the mansions Hes gone to prepare. Surely shall goodness followand me mercy shall me of my life. All the days, all follow the days AllAll the daysofofmy mylife. life. thedays, days, all all the the days VERSE O F THE LOVE OF GOD VERSE 3 2 1 O F 3 33 2

Hym n# When Could we with inkshall pass ocean away, fill, The hoary love oftime God isthe greater far Oh love of God, how rich and pure! And And were earthly thethrones skies ofand parchment kingdoms made, fall; Than tongue or pen can ever tell; How measureless and strong! When Were men evry who stalk here on refuse earth atostar, quill, pray, It goes beyond the highest It shall forevermore endure, OnAnd rocks evry

and man hills scribe mountains by trade; And reaches toaand the lowest hell;call; The saints and song. Gods To love, write so thesure, loveangels shall ofdown God still above endure, The guilty pair, bowed with care, All Would measureless drainHis theSon and ocean dry; God gave tostrong; win; NorRedeeming could the scroll graceHe contain to reconciled, Adams the race whole, His erring child Tho The saints and

from angels sky song. sky. Andstretched pardoned from Histo sin. VERSE O F SAFELY THROUGH ANOTHER WEEK Hym VERSE 4 n# 2 3 1O4 F 33 3 While Here May we we Thy come pray Gospels for Thypardoning name joyfultosound praise; grace, Safely through another week Thro Conquer Let us thefeel dear sinners, Thy Redeemers presence comfort near: name, God has brought

us on oursaints; way; May May Show the Thy fruits glory reconciled meet grace our abound, face, eyes, Let us Thy now aof blessing seek, While Take Bring away we relief in Thy for all house complaints: and today: appear; shame; Waiting Hissin courts inour Thus From Here may our all worldly our us, Sabbaths Lord, cares aset taste prove, free, Day ofafford all the week

the best, May Till Of we we our join rest everlasting the church day feast: in above: Thee; Emblem ofthis eternal rest: Thus From Here may our all worldly our us, Sabbaths Lord, cares aset taste prove, free, Day ofafford all the week the best, May Till Of we we our join rest everlasting the church day feast. in above. Thee. Emblem ofthis eternal

rest. VERSE O F JESUS, ROSE OF SHARON VERSE 4 2 3 1 O F 4 33 4 Hym n# Jesus, Rose of Sharon, Jesus, Sharon, Jesus, (Blessed Jesus,) bloom balm forevermore; forfar evry ill, bloom within my sweeter to heart; me Rose ofMay Sharon, (Rose of Sharon), Be Thy Thy tender glory mercys seen Beauties of Thy truth Than the fairest flowrs Bloom

in radiance on of earth healing from powr shore distill to be, shore, and holiness impart, earth could ever For Till the nations souls of weary, That whereer Iown go and inafflicted love within my heart. Fill my life completely, Thy Sovreignty burdened men, complete, my life may shed abroad adding more each day Lay Giving their needy honors mortals down I pray. Fragrance ofpurity, Of Thy grace

divine and and health worship andofhope at again. feet. the knowledge theThy love of God. VERSE O F THEN JESUS CAME VERSE 2 1 O F 2 33 5 Hym n# When Jesus comes From home friends One satand alone the tempters powr is broken, the evil drove him, beside thespirits highway begging, When Jesus comes Among

the tombs His eyes were blind, the he tears arecould away; dwelt inwiped misery; light he not see; HeHe takes gloom cut the himself He clutched his rags andshivered fillspowrs the in lifepossessed with glory, asand demon him, the shadows, For allJesus is changed Then came when Jesus tofree. stay. andbade set the captive and hiscomes darkness flee. VERSE O F DOES JESUS CARE? VERSE

4 2 3 1 O F 4 33 6 Hym n# Does care Does Jesus care Oh yes, He cares, I know Does Jesus careHe cares, when Ive tried and failed my heart is when His heart is touched with my grief; when when Ive my said way goodbye ispained dark To resist some temptation strong; Too deeply for mirth or song;

When the days are weary, With To the a nameless dearest on dread earth and to fear? me, When for my deep grief As the burdens press, The long night dreary, And As There my the sad daylight heart fades aches is no relief, And the cares distress, I knowInto my Saviour cares. (He cares.) Tilldeep it nearly nightbreaks, shades, Tho my way tearsgrows flow all the night long? And the weary and long? Does Is it aught

He care to Him? enough Does to He be near? care? VERSE O F BECAUSE HE LIVES VERSE 3 2 1 O F 3 33 7 Hym n# And then Illa cross God sent Hisone Son, they called Himriver, Jesus, Because He lives I can face the tomorrow, How sweet to day hold newborn baby Illfeel fight lifes final war with pain; He

came topride, love, heal and forgive; Because He lives all fear is gone; And the and joy He gives; And then death gives way to victory, He greater livedas died toholds buy my pardon, Because Iand know He the future, But still the calm assurance. seelife the ofthe glory AnIll empty grave is there to and prove And islights worth living This child can face

uncertain days Ill know HeHe my Saviour lives. lives. just because lives. because He lives. VERSE O F HE LIFTED ME VERSE 4 2 3 1 O F 4 33 8 Hym n# His He brow Now was on ame pierced higher long with plane before many I Idwell, heard, a thorn, Incalled loving-kindness Jesus came His Before And hands with mymy

by sinful soul heart Inails know were tis stirred, well; torn, My soul in cruel mercy to was reclaim, When But Yet from when how my I depths or took guilt why Him and I cannot at grief, His tell word, forlorn, And from the of sin and shame He Forgivn, In should love He have He lifted lifted lifted me. me. me. (He (He (He

lifted lifted lifted me.) me.) me.) Thro grace He lifted me. (He lifted me.) From sinking sand He lifted me, With tender hand He lifted me, From shades of night to plains of light, O praise His name, He lifted me! VERSE O F JESUS IS ALL THE WORLD TO ME Hym VERSE 4 n# 2 3 1O4 F 33 9 Jesus is all the world to me, IMy And want friend true no to better injoy, Him trials friend; Illsore; be; My life, my my all; I trust Oh, Iisgo how Him to strength

Him could now, for IIll this blessings, trust friend Himto deny, and when He my from day day, Lifes He When gives fleeting Hes them so days true shall and to fall: me? oer: end: Without Him Ioer would HeBeautiful Following sends life Him sunshine with I know such and Im a friend, right, Whenthe I am sad, to Him Ithe go,rain, He HeNo sends Beautiful watches

theone oer life harvests that mecheer day has golden and no end night; grain; other can me so; Sunshine Following Eternal and Him life, rain, byeternal harvest day and joy, of night, grain, When I am sad He makes me glad, Hes my friend. VERSE O F OUR GREAT SAVIOUR VERSE 5 2 3 4 1 O F 5 34 0

Hym n# Jesus! Jesus! Jesus! Jesus! what what what I do a strength aanow a guide help receive and in in sorrow! weakness! keeper! Him, Jesus! what friend for sinners! While While Let More me the the than hide tempest billows allmyself in Him stillin me IisHim; find; high; roll; Jesus! lover of oer my soul! Tempted, Storms He Even hath about when tried,

granted me, my and heart night me sometimes forgiveness, is oertakes breaking, me, Friends may fail me, foes assailfailing, me, He, He, I my am my strength, comfort, His, pilot, and hears my helps He victory ismy mine. mycry. soul. wins. He, my Saviour, makes me whole. He, my Hallelujah! what a Saviour! Hallelujah! what a friend! Saving, helping, keeping, loving, He is with me to the end. VERSE O F LET JESUS COME INTO YOUR HEART Hym VERSE 4 n# 2

3 1O4 F 34 1 would join the glad songs of the blest, If Ifyou theres a tempest your voiceof cannot still, If tis for purity that you sign, you are tired of now the load your sin, Let Jesus come into your heart; you would enter the mansions of rest, If adesire void this world never can fill, Fountains If theres for cleansing are flowing near by, If you a new

life to begin, Let Jesus come into your heart. Just now, your doubtings give oer; Just now, reject Him no more; Just now, throw open the door; Let Jesus come into your heart. VERSE O F LET THE LOWER LIGHTS BE BURNING Hym VERSE 3 n# 2 1O3 F 34 2 Trim Darkyour the feeble night our of lamp, sin has mysettled, brother: Brightly beams Fathers mercy Some Loud poor thelighthouse sailor angrytempest billows roar; tossed, From His evermore, Eager Trying now are togives make watching, thekeeping harbor, longing But toeyes

us He the For In the the darkness lights along along may the beshore. shore. lost. Of lights the Let the lower lights be burning! Send a gleam across the wave! Some poor, fainting, struggling seaman You may rescue, you may save. VERSE O F LOVE LIFTED ME VERSE 3 2 1 O F 3 34 3 Hym n# Souls All mysinking in heart danger, to Him look above, IWhen was deep inI give, sin, Love lifted nothing me!_

else could Ever Jesus to completely Him cling, saves; Far from theIll peaceful shore, When nothing even else me! could In He His will blessed lift you presence by Hiswithin, love live, Very deeply stained Ever Out of His the praises angry waves; Sinking to rise nosing; more; Love lifted me!_ me. Love Hes the so Master mighty Masterof and ofthe the sosea sea, true

But the Love me. even Merits Billows Hisdespairing souls will obey; best me! songs; Heard lifted my cry, my Faithful, He your loving wants to too, be, From theSaviour watersservice, lifted me, To Be Him saved belongs. today. Now safe am I. help, help, VERSE O F O, HOW HE LOVES YOU AND ME Hym VERSE 2 n# 1O2 F 34 4 JesusHe toloves Calvary go, O how youdid

and me. His love He forlove mankind to show; O how you and me; What He did He gave Histhere life, brought hope fromHe despair: what more could give? O how He loves you, O how He loves me, O how He loves you and me. VERSE O F O THE DEEP, DEEP LOVE OF JESUS Hym VERSE 3 n# 2 1O3 F 34 5 O O the the deep, deep, deep deep love love of of Jesus, Jesus Spread Love Hisof praise everyfrom love shore the best! to shore! Vast, unmeasured, boundless,

free! How Tis anHe ocean loveth, fullever of blessing, loveth, Rolling as a mighty ocean Changeth Tis a haven never, giving nevermore! rest! In its fullness over me! How O He thewatches deep, me, deep oer His loved of Jesus ones, Underneath alllove around me, Tis Died a the heaven to call them of heavens Hislove to own; me; Is current ofall Thy How Andfor it lifts themme Heup intercedeth, to homeward, glory, Leading onward,

leading Watcheth For itoer lifts them me up from to above! Thee! the throne! To Thy glorious rest VERSE O F SOFTLY AND TENDERLY JESUS IS CALLING Hym VERSE 4 n# 2 3 1O4 F 34 6 Softly Come and home, tenderly (Come Jesus is calling, Why Oh! Time for should the is now wonderful we fleeting, tarryhome,) when love come Calling home, for you (come andpassing,

for home,) me; the moments He Jesus hasis promised, pleading, are Ye who See, are on weary the portals come home; Passing Promised Pleading from for for you you youand and andfrom for for me? me; me; Earnestly, Hes waiting tenderly, and Jesus watching, isand calling, Why Shadows Tho should we are have we gathering, linger sinned, Calling, Watching sinner, for His you come

and for home! me. He deathbeds heed hasOmercy not are and mercies, coming, pardon, Mercies Coming Pardon for me? me. for you you and and for for me. VERSE O F THE ROCK THAT IS HIGHER THAN I Hym VERSE 3 n# 2 1O3 F 34 7 O then to the Rock O To then the Rock to the Rock O near sometimes to the how Rock long let me seems keep, day,

the shadows are the deep, O then to the Rock O To then the Rock to the Rock And If blessings sometimes or sorrows how prevail, mythe feet; rough seems theweary path to goal, Andclimbing sorrows, sometimes they sweep Or But toiling inthe lifes mountain dusty how way, way steep, let me fly,_ Like tempests down over thehow soul! The Or walking Rocks the blessed shadowy shadow, vale.

sweet! let that me is higher fly,_ than I;_ let me fly, let me fly, thatme let is higher fly, let is me fly, higher than I; To the Rock that is higher than I! To the Rock that is higher than I! VERSE O F WONDERFUL GRACE OF JESUS Hym VERSE 3 n# 2 1O3 F 34 8 O Won magnifythan the - the precious der -my ful name of Jesus, Wonderful grace of Jesus, Broader than the scope ofgrace my Greater Wonderful Deeper far

than the matchless all mighty Reaching to the all most the lost, defiled, Greater than all my sin; O Higher magnify than the the precious mountain, name of Jesus, Broader than the scope ofgrace my Greater Wonderful Deeper than far the than the matchless all mighty my By it shall its I transforming have been pardoned, power, How my tongue describe it, Praise grace, His

name! all suf fi Saved Making to him theGods uttermost, dear child, Where shall its begin? transgres -praise sions, sin the rolling and matchless sea; shame, the grace rolling ofsea; Jesus Praise sparkling His like name! a fountain, All sufficient Chains Purchasing have peace been and torn heaven, asunder, Taking away my burden, transgressions, singsin it!and sin shame,- my of and rolling Je sea; sus, Giving For

all eternity; me liberty; Setting my spirit free; cient for me, for even me, shame, For And the the wonderful wonderful grace grace of of Jesus Jesus grace for even me, reaches me. VERSE O F WONDERFUL, WONDERFUL JESUS Hym VERSE 4 n# 2 3 1O4 F 34 9 Wonderful, wonderful Jesus, There Thereis neveraaacross care guilty or sosinner, burden, heavy, There isisnever never day so

dreary, InThere the heart He implanteth a song: Thereis neveraaaawandring weight grief so or ofloss, woe, one, There isisnever never night long, There is never A song of delivrance, But But Butthat that that God Jesus Jesus can in will in love mercy willtolighten pardon carry But the soul that is help trusting Jesus of courage, of strength; Thro When Because Jesus carried He

Christ, to loveth the His so. Son. Will somewhere find across. song. In the heart He implanteth a song. VERSE O F WERE YOU THERE? VERSE 3 2 1 O F 3 35 0 Hym n# Oh! Were you there Sometimes it causes me to tremble, when when they they nailed laid Him Him into the the tomb? tree? when they crucified my Lord? tremble, tremble. Were you there Were you there when

when they they nailed laid Him Him in to the the tomb? tree? when they crucified my Lord? when when they they nailed laid Him Him into the the tomb? tree? when they crucified my Lord? VERSE O F HE LIVES VERSE 3 2 1 O F 3 35 1 Hym n# He lives,

Hearound lives, Rejoice, InI all the rejoice, OSaviour, Christian, me serve aworld risen Christ Jesus livesand today! lift Iup see your His loving care, sing Hes in thevoice world today; HeAnd walks with me and with me, Eternal my heart hallelujahs weary Itho know that He grows istalks living, along lifes narrow way. to IJesus never Christ will despair; the whatever men mayKing! say; HeHis

lives, He The II know hope that of hand allHe who islives, leading seek Him, see of mercy, salvation to impart! thro help all the of stormy all who blast, find, I the hear His voice of cheer, You ask me how HeHim lives: The None day other of time His isI know so appearing loving, And just the I need He lives within heart. so willgood come and atmy kind.

last. Hes always near. VERSE O F HE HIDETH MY SOUL VERSE 4 2 3 1 O F 4 35 2 Hym n# A wonderful When Withclothed numberless Saviour in His is blessings Jesus brightness, Lord, He hideth my soul my Lord. He taketh transported moment mySaviour burden I rise crowns, away; Aeach wonderful to me; in the cleft ofHe the rock

And To meet filled He Him with holdeth ina His clouds fullness methirsty up, of divine, sky, He hideth my soul in the the That shadows dry, land; I sing and in His my Icleft shall perfect rapture, salvation, be oh, moved, glory ofnot the rock, He hideth my life in theto God HeFor giveth such His me awonderful Redeemer strength love as as my mine! day. Where rivers

of I see. depths His love, of pleasure Ill shout millions of high. And coverswith me the there with His hand, And covers me there with His hand. VERSE O F BENEATH THE CROSS OF JESUS Hym VERSE 3 n# 2 1O3 F 35 3 IBeneath take, UponOthat Cross, thy ofof shadow Jesus thecross cross Jesus Forwould eye my at abiding times place; can see IMine fain take my stand, IThe askshadow very no other dying of than

One The of sunshine aform mighty rock Who The suffered sunshine there of His for face; me; Within a weary land; AndContent mywithin tosmitten let the world with go by, tears Afrom home theheart wilderness, To Two wonders no gain I confess, or loss, Aknow rest upon the way, The My wonders sinful self ofof my His only glorious shame, love From the burning the noon tide heat And

Mythe glory my unworthiness. all the And burden of cross. the day. VERSE O F VICTORY IN JESUS VERSE 3 2 1 O F 3 35 4 Hym n# O victory Jesus, I Iheard about about His aold mansion healing, Iheard hear an old,in story, my Saviour, forever, of He Hisahas cleansing built for powr me in revealing, glory, how

Saviour came from glory, He sought me and bot me How And IHe heard made about the lame the to walk ofagain gold How He gave His lifestreets on Calvary with His a redeeming blood; and beyond caused the thecrystal blind to sea; see, to save wretch like me, He loved me ere I knew Him, And thenthe I cried, angels singing, Jesus, I About heard

about Hisdear groaning, and all old my love is dueatoning, Him, come and the heal redemption my broken story, spirit. of Hisand precious bloods He plunged me Ill to And Andsome somehow sweet Jesus day came sing up brot there Then I repented of victory, myand sins beneath thethe cleansing flood. the to me song ofvictory. victory. and won the victory. VERSE O F CONSTANTLY ABIDING VERSE

3 2 1 O F 3 35 5 Hym n# Con He I will never never leave thee. All This the treasure world seemed Istantly have intoheart a sing temple of clay, Theres a- peace in my of While anever Saviour here on and His footstool I roam; that the world never gave,thee, Constantly He I will never, leaves abi never - King,

ding, leave When But Hes peace sweetly totake take came to my heart; A peace itcoming cannot away; abi leaves Je - the sus me -all is lone mine. ly, Troubles me glorious fled away day,Thosome trials ofding, life me, Jesus, constantly Jesus never abiding, mine. leaves mehome! lonely, and Over my there night tois turned my heavenly to day, may surround like a cloud, Blessed Jesus, how

glorious Thouto art! Ive a peace that has come here stay! Je whispers, - - sus O tureis sodivine; mine; kind:_ rap Jesus whispers, is mine, whispers, yes, Jesus O so is kind:_ mine; rapture divine, O rapture divine; VERSE O F FAITH IS THE VICTORY VERSE 3 2 1 O F 3 35 6 Hym n# On His evry banner hand over the foe iswe

love, Encamped along theus hills offind light, Faith is the victory! Our Drawn sword upthe in soldiers, dread Word array; ofrise, God; Ye Christian Faith isroad thethe victory! We Let tread tents the of ease be left saints behind, above And press the battle ere the night Oh, glorious victory With And shouts onward to triumph the fray; trod; Shall veil theofglowing skies; By Salvations

faith they, like helmet a whirlwinds each head, breath, Against the foe in on vales below, That over comes the world. Swept With truth onstrength oer all girt evry about. field; Let all our be hurld; The faith by shall tremble they neath conquerd our tread, death Faith iswhich the victory, we know, The earth And Is still echo ourcomes with shining our shield. shout. That over the world. VERSE

O F THE LORDS MY SHEPHERD VERSE 5 2 3 4 1 O F 5 35 7 Hym n# Yes, though I walk The Lords my Shepherd, Goodness My Mysoul table HeThou and doth mercy hast restore furnished all my again, life in deaths dark vale, Ill not want; And In Shall presence mesurely to walk of follow doth

my foes: me, make Yet will I fear no ill; He makes me down to lie My Within And head inthe Gods Thou paths house dost of with righteousness, forever oil anoint, more For Thou art with me, and Thy rod In pastures green; Een My And for dwelling my His cup own place over names shall flows. sake. be. And staff me comfort He leadeth me still. The quiet waters by.

VERSE O F BREATHE ON ME VERSE 4 2 3 1 O F 4 35 8 Hym n# Holy Spirit, breathe on me, Fill My Till me stubborn I am with all power Thine willissubdue; divine; own, Until my heart clean; Teach Kindle Until me in my a words flame willfillisof lost love living inand Thine, flame zealWhat Let sunshine its inmost

part, of Christ Within To live would this forcloud heart Thee have of alone. me mine. do. With not a between. Breathe on me, breathe on me, Holy Spirit, breathe on me; Take Thou my heart, cleanse every part, Holy Spirit, breathe on me. VERSE O F WERE MARCHING TO ZION VERSE 4 2 3 1 O F 4 35 9 Hym n# Then let our songs abound, The hill of Zion yields Let those refuse

to sing Come, we that love the Lord, Were marching to Zion, And evry tear be dry; A thousand sacred sweets, Who never knew our God; And let our joys be known; Beautiful, beautiful Zion;ground, Were marching through Immanuels Before we reach the sweet heavnly fields, But children of the heavnly King, Join in a song with accord, Were matching through Immanuels ground, Were marching upward to Zion,

Before we reach the heavnly fields, But of the heavnly King. Join children in a song with sweet accord, To fairer worlds on high, The beautiful city of God. Orthus walk the golden streets, To fairer worlds on high. May speak their joys abroad, And surround the throne, Or walk the golden streets. Maythus speak their joys And surround theabroad. throne. VERSE

O F HAVE YOU ANY ROOM FOR JESUS? Hym VERSE 4 n# 2 3 1O4 F 36 0 Room Room Have forand pleasure, youtime anynow room room give for forto Jesus, business, Jesus, Soon But Aswho will in for grace pass Christ Gods He the calls day Crucified, again? of He bore your load sin? of grace; Soon Othy aknocks today place heart isand that time

leftasks He cold accepted, can and enter, silent, AsNot He admission, And Tomorrow In Sinner, the thy heart Saviours you for may which pleading He indied? cease. vain. will you letcall Him in? Room for Jesus, King of glory! Hasten now His word obey; Swing the hearts door widely open, Bid Him enter while you may. VERSE O F MUST JESUS BEAR THE CROSS ALONE? Hym VERSE 6 n# 2 3 4 5 1O6 F 36 2 And when these failing lips grow dumb

O The precious consecrated cross! O cross glorious Ill bear, crown! How happy are the saints above, Upon the crystal pavement, down Must Jesus bear the cross alone, And mind and memry flee, Till death O resurrection shall set go me day! free, Who once went sorrowing here! At Jesus pierced feet, And all the world free? When Thou shalt in Thy kingdom come,

Ye And angels, then go from home the my stars crown come to down, wear, But now they taste unmingled love Joyful, Ill cast my golden crown, No; theres a cross for evry one, Jesus, remember me!me. For And theres bear my a crown soul away. for And without tear. Hisjoy dear And theres a name crossa repeat. for me. And theres His deara name cross repeat. for me. VERSE

O F BREAK THOU THE BREAD OF LIFE Hym VERSE 4 n# 2 3 1O4 36 2 F Thou OThou send artthe Thy the bread Spirit, of Lord, Break Thou the bread oflife, life, Bless truth, dear Lord, Now O Lord unto to me, Dear Lord, me, me, To me, toto me, That Thy Heholy may Word touch the mine truth eyes, As Thou didst

break the loaves As didst bless the bread Thou And That make saveth me me; see; Beside the sea; By Galilee; Show Give meme the tobondage truth eat and concealed live Beyond the sacred page Then shall all cease, With Thee Thy above; Word, IWithin seek thee, Lord; All fetters fall; And in Teach Thy Book me to revealed love Thy I see truth, the

Lord. My spirit pants for Thee, O living Word. And I shall find my peace, My all in all. For Thou art love. VERSE O F STANDING ON THE PROMISES Hym VERSE 4 n# 2 3 1O4 F Stand Standing - the ing, Standingon on thepromises promises Standing on promises promises, that Iof cannot Christ cannot fall, the fail, Lord, mythe King, 36 3 Listening When Bound the to Him every howling eternally moment

storms byof Thro eternal ages of God my Saviour; stand ing, doubt loves to strong Spirits fear cord, call, assail, let the His and praises ring; of God my standing onSaviour; the promises, By Overcoming Resting theinliving in my daily word Saviour of God Glory the highest, IIm with as shall my the prevail, allSpirits inand all,the Sword, will shout sing, standing on promises of God. Standing onon thethe promises Im standing promisesofofGod. God.

VERSE O F THY WORD HAVE I HID IN MY HEART Hym VERSE 4 n# 2 3 1O4 F 36 4 Thro Him whom Thy Word have I hid in my heart AtThy Forever, morning, is to and Thy at Word night Word O isatLord, a noon, lamp my feet, Thy Word hath foretold, (in my heart), Established IA ever will and Thee fixedalway, praise; on high; light togive my path TheISaviour andsin

Morning That might not againstStar, Thee For Thy Thou faithfulness art to mysave portion, unto Omen Lord, To guide and meall from sin, Salvation and peaceThee); have been brot (against And shall Abideth be thro forever all nigh. my days! And show me the heavnly way. To those havenot stayed Thatwho I might sin, afar. That I might not sin, Thy Word have I hid in my heart. VERSE O F O SACRED HEAD, NOW WOUNDED Hym VERSE 3 n# 2 1O3 F

36 5 What Thou, language my Lord, shall hast I borrow suffered OWhat sacred Head, now wounded, Togrief Was thank allThee, for sinners dearest gain: Friend, With and shame weighed down, Mine, For mine thiswas Thy the dying transgression, sorrow, Now scornfully surrounded With thorns, But Thy Thine pitythe without deadly end? pain; Thine only crown; Lo, O pale make here me I fall, Thine

my Saviour! forever, How Thou art with anguish, And Tis sore Ishould deserve I fainting Thy be, With abuse andplace, scorn! Look Lord, on letthat me mewith never, Thylanguish, never favor, How does visage Vouch Outlive safe my tolove me Thy to Thee. grace. Which once was bright as morn! VERSE O F HAVE FAITH IN GOD VERSE 4 2 3 1 O

F 4 36 6 Hym n# Havefaith faith in Have God, Have faith in God God inyour your pain and your Hes on His throne; when though all prayers else fail are about unanswered, you; when your pathway issorrow, lonely, His heart is touched Have faith inknows God, Have Your earnest God, plea He sees and with your grief andHis despair; He

watches oer own; provides will forhave forget; His own; all the waynever you trod; HeHe Cast all your cares He cannot fail, Wait cannot on the Lord, fail Never alone He and your burdens upon Him, Heleast must prevail; though trust His all Word kingdoms and shall patient, perish, are the of Hisbe children; And leave them there, Have faith in God, have faith in God. He Have rules, faith He in reigns

God, Hell upon answer His throne. yet. Have faith in God, have faith in God. Oh, leave them there. VERSE O F HIS EYE IS ON THE SPARROW Hym VERSE 3 n# 2 1O3 F 36 7 I sing because Im happy Why Let Whenever not your hear I am be tempted, troubled, should I feel discouraged, His eye is on the sparrow, (Im happy) Whenever His tender clouds word I

arise, hear, Why should the shadows come, And And II know know He He cares watches for me. me. I sing because Im free When And songs resting gives on His place goodness, to sighing, Why should my heart be lonely His eye is on the sparrow, (Im free) When I lose my hope doubts within and me fears, dies, And long for Heavn and home, And And II know know He He cares watches for me.

me. For His onmy the Tho I draw byeye the theispath closer Heportion? tosparrow, leadeth Him, When Jesus is And know HeFriend watches me. From ButIconstant care one step He sets I may me free: My issee: He: VERSE O F I KNOW WHO HOLDS TOMORROW Hym VERSE 3 n# 2 1O3 F 36 8 IEvry dontstep know is about gettingtomorrow, brighter, Many things about tomorrow,

As the may golden bring stairs poverty; I climb; IItjust live fromme day to day. dont seem to understand; But Evry the one burdens whofrom feeds getting the lighter; sparrow, II dont borrow its sunshine, ButFor I know who Is Evry the cloud who isholds stands silver lined. bygray. me, its one skies may turn tomorrow, to And There thethe path sun that isoer always bethe myfuture, shining,

portion, I Idont worry And know who holds my hand. May There be Ithrough no tearwhat will the dim flame oreye, flood, For know Jesusthe said, But AtHis the presence ending ofgoes the rainbow, before me, And today Ill walk beside Him, Where And the mountains with touch blood. the sky. ForIm He covered knows what isHis ahead. VERSE O F I NEED JESUS VERSE 3

2 1 O F 3 36 9 Hym n# INeed need Jesus,_ in the sunshine hour, Jesus, IImy need aHim friend like Him, needHim Jesus, need to the end; need I now confess; INo Need Him Jesus inguide with the sunshine me, hour, Aneed friend tolike one like Him, friend Him when paths of lifedistress; are dim; He is the sinners Friend;

in times of deep II need Need Him Jesus,_ when the storm-clouds need Jesus, when foes soul will do; theother need friend I my gladly own; need Jesus, no Iassail; lowr; need Jesus always, So constant, kind, so their strong and Tho some may bear load Need Him when the storm-clouds Alone I know I can but fail, true, alone, Ilowr; need Jesus evry day_ So I Ineed Jesus. Yes, I need Jesus. Yet need I need JesusJesus. evry day, evry day;_ Evry day along my way, Yes, I need VERSE

O F IF GOD BE FOR US VERSE 4 2 3 1 O F 4 37 0 Hym n# Who? If God who? for us, in His control, Abide inbe the Lord: secure Be strong theLord! Lord! Rejoice in the Confide inin His Word If Who? God be so for who? us, rejoicing Tis life everlasting begun; in mercy His might, Oh, let His cheer;

His promises sure; To pluck from His hand Be loyal and true day bythat day; He sunders the bands In Christ they are yea and if who?_ God be for us, the weakest, trembling soul When evils assail, enthrall; amen; Who if can God bebe against for us, us? It never, never can be done! be valiant for the right, Redeemed by His blood, Tho earth pass away,

And He will be our strength and stay. why Who can should be against we ever us? us, fear against us? they ever shall endure, Who can be against us?oer us, against us? Since Jesus is ourand all in all? Tis written oer again. VERSE O F IN THE HOUR OF TRIAL VERSE 4 2 3 1 O F 4 37 1 Hym n#

When Should With forbidden Thy last mercy hour pleasures send cometh, me Inmy the hour of trial, Would Fraught Sorrow, this with vain toil, strife world and woe; charm; pain, Jesus plead forand me; Or When Or should itsmy sordid dust treasures attend returneth Lest, bypain base denial,me Spread To my the to work path dust below; me harm; IOn depart fromagain;

Thee; Bring Grant On to Thy that my trust remembrance I may relying never When Thou seest me waver, Thro Fail Sad Thy that Gethsemane, mortal to strife; see; With a hand look recall; Or, Lord, Grant in receive darker that I semblance, may me, dying, ever Nor for fear or favor Cross-crowned Cast To my eternal care on life. Calvary. Thee. Suffer me to fall. VERSE

O F IN TIMES LIKE THESE VERSE 3 2 1 O F 4 37 2 Hym n# This Rockyou is Jesus, In these need Saviour, In these you needaathe Bible, times In times timeslike like these I have Saviour, Yes, Hesyou the One, In times like these need an anchor; times like these, Oh, bean not idle; times like these

I have anchor; InIn Thissure Rock(Im is Jesus, Bevery very very sure Be very sure (Be very sure), Im verysure), sure), The only One; Be very sure (Be Be very very sure), Im very sure (Imvery verysure), sure), Im Be very sure (Be (Im very very sure), sure), Your anchor holds Your holds anchor My anchor holds Im Be very sure (Be (Im very very sure), sure), and grips

the Solid Rock! and grips grips the the Solid Solid Rock! and Rock! Your My anchor anchorholds holds and grips the Solid Rock! VERSE O F ONLY BELIEVE VERSE 3 2 1 O F 3 37 3 Hym n# Fear not, Fear not, little flock, flock, not, little Fear flock, Only believe, only believe; fromwhatever the thelot; throne, He cross goethto ahead, your All things are possible, only

believe; From death life Your Shepherd selecteth He enters allinto rooms, Only believe, only believe; He went for His own; the path youbeing must shut. tread; the doors All things are possible, only believe. All power in earth, waters He of Marah He neverThe forsakes, never is gone allsweeten power above, Hell thee So count on His for presence Is given toall Him for the flock of His love. He drank the bitter in Gethsemane. in darkness and dawn.

VERSE O F LEAD ON, O KING ETERNAL VERSE 3 2 1 O F 3 37 4 Hym n# Lead on, O King Eternal, Till We sins follow, fierce not warwith shall cease, The day of march hasfears; come; For And gladness holiness shalllike morning Henceforth inbreaks fields ofwhisper conquest Whereer Thetents sweet Thy amen face appears; peace; Thy shall be of our home;

ForThrough not Thywith cross swords is lifted loud oerclashing, us; days of preparation We roll journey of stirring in itsdrums; light: ThyOr grace has made us strong, The With crown deeds awaits of the and conquest; mercy And now, O love King Eternal, TheLead heavenly on,out O kingdom God of song. might. comes. We lift battle VERSE O F THE NAIL-SCARRED HAND VERSE 4 2 3

1 O F 4 37 5 Hym n# IsWould your Are you soul you burdened follow the alone down will Place your Have hand you failed inwalking the in nail-scarred your plan hand, through with of the the its load shadows of Lord? sin? dim? Place your of your hand storm inrisen the tossed nail-scarred life? hand; Place your in thetonail-scarred hand; Hehand will keep the end,

Christ Throw Would your you comfort heart live in open your the light heart, wide, Hes Are will you your weary dearest and friend, worn put of let His your the blessed Saviour trust in Word? Him, in, Place your from hand its intoil the and nail-scarred strife? hand. Place your hand in the nail-scarred hand. VERSE O F THE SOLID ROCK VERSE 4 2 3 1 O

F 4 37 6 Hym n# When When His He darkness oath, shallHis seems covenant, with trumpet hide His blood His sound, face, My hope iscome built on to nothing less Support Oh, I rest may on me IHis then in unchanging the in whelming Him be grace; found; flood; Than Jesus blood and righteousness; When Dressed In every all around His highrighteousness and

mysweetest soul stormy gives gale, alone, way, I dare notin trust the frame, Faultless He My then anchor toisstand all holds mybefore within hope and the the throne. stay. veil. But wholly lean on Jesus name. On Christ, the solid Rock, I stand; All other ground is sinking sand; All other ground is sinking sand. VERSE O F THOU THINKEST, LORD, OF ME Hym VERSE 3 n# 2 1O3 F 37 7 The Letcares shadows of come, comes letthronging shadows

fast, Amid thelife trials which I meet, go, Let Upon life my be soul bright their or dark shadows with cast; woe, Amid the thorns that pierce my feet. Their I gloom am content, reminds forsupremely my thisheart I know, atsweet, last, One thought remains Thou thinkest, Lord, of me! Thou thinkest, Lord, of me, (of me,) Thou thinkest, Lord, of me, (of me,) What need I fear since Thou art near, And thinkest, Lord, of me. VERSE O F TRUST AND OBEY VERSE 4 2 3 1 O F 4

37 8 Hym n# But we never can prove When walk with the Lord Then in fellowship sweet we Not a burden we bear, Trust and obey, The delights of HisWord, love In the light His We will sitof at His feet Not a sorrow we share, for theres no other way Until all on the altar we lay; What a glory He

sheds on our way! Or well walk by His side in the way; But our toil He doth richly repay; To be happy in Jesus, For the favor He shows While we do His good will, What He says we will do, Not a grief or a loss, But to trust and obey. And the joy He bestows He abides with us still,go;

Where He sends we will Not a frown or a cross, Are for them who will trust and obey. And with all who will trust and obey. Never fear, only trust and obey. But is blest if we trust and obey. VERSE O F TURN YOUR EYES UPON JESUS Hym VERSE 3 n# 2 1O3 F 37 9 Turn your eyes upon Jesus, His word are shall notweary fail you He

promised; O soul, you and troubled? Through death into life everlasting Look full in His wonderful face, Believe Him, and all will be well: No light in the darkness you He passed, and we follow Himsee? there; And the of earth Then go tono athings world isdominion dying, Theres for a lookthat at the Saviour, Over uslight sin more hath His perfect salvation to tell! And life more abundant and

free! will grow strangely dim For more than conquerors we are! In the light of His glory and grace. VERSE O F ILL PUT JESUS FIRST IN MY LIFE Hym VERSE 4 n# 2 3 1O4 F 38 0 I that know The earths theres Jesus tribulations a died home The world all meI do, In allTho ILord say, Inabout all that for the my continue salvation each to and day, win: blest, hasransomed now no Throughout theallure: world of

Tho When He pleasures went death in is my no may stead more, call, Its pleasures bring pain, toil and strife, When To Tho Calvry struggle evil and bled; oer, Its wisdom is is vain; By day andenthrall, by night, For Redemption His those grace will impels love protect meme and to IThro seek a who foundation thats trust in HisJesus might, give forever give

Him up and their all sin: aye: best: steadfast and sure: Ill put Jesus first in my life. Ill put Jesus first in my life. VERSE O F OH, HOW I LOVE JESUS VERSE 4 2 3 1 O F 4 38 1 Hym n# ItItThere It tells tells tells of me One ofwhose a Saviours my Father loving heart hath isme a what name I love to love, hear, Can Who feel

store died for todeepest set evry day, free; woe, IIn love tomy sing itsme worth; And Who tells though in me each I of tread sorrow His precious a darksome bears blood, a part, path, It sounds like music in mine ear, Yields That The sinners none sunshine can perfect bear all the below. plea. way. The sweetest name on earth. Oh, how I love Jesus, Oh, how I love Jesus, Oh, how I love Jesus, Because He first loved me. VERSE O

F IN MY HEART THERE RINGS A MELODY Hym VERSE 3 n# 2 1O3 F 38 2 In mythe heart there rings a melody, have Twill be my endless theme in glory, II love Christ who died on Calvry, a song that Jesus gave me, There rings a melody With the angels I will For He washed my sinssing; away; It was sent from heavn above; Twill be awithin song with glorious harmony, with heavens harmony;

He put my heart a melody, There never was a sweeter melody, When the courts of heaven ring. And I know its there to stay. In my heart there rings a melody; Tis a melody of love. There rings a melody of love. VERSE O F SOME DAY! VERSE 3 2 1 O F 3 38 3 Hym n# Soon Therewill amid earths Heavens night be over, Somewhere the sun

isbeauties shining, Soon Theywill shall the behold morning dawn; face, Somewhere the song His birds dwell; Soon And will through the Christ eternal of ages Glory Hush, then, thy sad repining, Call Sing His oflives, redeemed His wondrous ones home. God and all is grace. well. Some day! Some day! We shall behold His glory! Coming again ever more to reign, All will be wondrous glory! VERSE O F SOONER OR LATER VERSE 3 2 1 O F 3 38

4 Hym n# Sooner or later cares will have flown, Sooner Sooner oror or later, later, our yes, Lord sooner knows some, hour, Sooner later the skies will for bethe bright, Sunshine and gladness well see; Darkness Hell send His allbeloved then be past; Tears will will be all wiped aSon; way; (well see) Sooner Sooneror orlater, later in our His Saviour might will and powr,

Sooner or later, then cometh thecome, light, Sooner or later God calleth His own, With OurHim battles will your all will lotinto be bewon. cast? (be (be won.) cast?) Night will be turned day. (glad day.) With Him forever to be. (to be.) VERSE O F ON JORDANS STORMY BANKS Hym VERSE 4 n# 2 3 1O4 F 38 5 No When All chilling oer shall those winds

I reach wide northat extended poisnous happy plains place, breath On Jordans stormy banks I stand, CanShines reach And cast be that one forever healthful blest? day; shore; And a eternal wishful eye Sickness There When God shall andthe I sorrow, see Song my forever Fathers andreigns face, death To Canaans fair andpain happy land, Are And And feltscatters in and Hispossessions feared bosom nightno away. rest? more.

Where my lie. I am bound for the promised land, I am bound for the promised land; O who will come and go with me? I am bound for the promised land. VERSE O F IVE FOUND A FRIEND, OH, SUCH A FRIEND Hym VERSE 4 n# 2 3 1O4 F 38 6 Ive found a friend, Oh, such a friend! He SoAll kind bled, powr and He to died true HimIto and issave given, tender, me; loved me ere knew Him; To guard And wise not me a alone counselor on my gift andofguide, course, life, HeSo drew

me with theonward cords of love, And But So His bring mighty own me self safe a defender! Heto gave heaven: me; And thus He bound me to Him; From Naught Theternal Himthat whoheart Iglories loves havestill my me gleam own nowafar Iso call, well And round my closely twine What To nerve I powr hold my itmy for faint soul theendeavor; giver; can sever? Those ties

which naught can sever, My Shall So heart, now life to my orwatch, death strength, to orHe work, earth my or to war, hell? my all For I am His, and is life, mine, And Are No; His, then I am and to His rest His forever. Forever and forever. forever. VERSE O F LORD, SPEAK TO ME VERSE 5 2 3 4 1 O

F 5 38 7 Hym n# OO Olead fill use me me, me, with Lord, Thythat use fullness, even II may me, lead teach Lord, speak toLord, me, that mayLord, speak Oteach Just Theas wandering precious Until Thou my wilt, things very and and heart the Thou when, wavering oerflow dost and impart; where, feet; In living echoes of Thy

tone; And InAs kindling O wing feed Until my me, Thy thought words, Lord, blessed that and that face glowing they Ilet may Ime may see feed word, reach Thou has sought, so seek Thy The Thy Thy hungering hidden love rest, toThy depths tell, ones joy, Thy with Thy ofpraise many glory manna to ashare. heart. show. sweet. Thy erring children

lost and lone. VERSE O F NEAR TO THE HEART OF GOD Hym VERSE 3 n# 2 1O3 F 38 8 There There isis a place ofof comfort full release, sweet, There isa aplace place of quiet rest, Near to the heart of God, AAAplace place where all iscannot joy Saviour andmolest, peace, meet, placewhere wherewe sinour Near to the heart of God. O Jesus, blest Redeemer, Sent from the heart of God, Hold us who wait before Thee Near to the heart of God. VERSE O F

NEARER, STILL NEARER VERSE 4 2 3 1 O F 4 38 9 Hym n# Nearer, Nearer, still nearer, nearer, while Lord, life to Thy be shall Thine, last, Nearer, still nearer, close to heart, Nearer,still still nearer, nothing I bring, Till Sinsafe with in its glory follies my anchor gladly ismy cast; Draw me, Saviour, Naught as an offring

myIto Jesusresign; King; AllOnly ofThro itsmy pleasures, endless ages, pomp, ever and be, pride; so precious Thou art;toits sinful, now contrite heart; Nearer, Giveme, me my Saviour, Jesus, still my Lord nearer crucified, to Thee, Fold Obut fold me close to Thy breast, Grant me the cleansing Nearer, Give me my but Saviour, Jesus, still my impart, Lord nearer crucified. to rest, Thee. Shelter me safe

indoth that haven of Thy blood ShelterGrant me safe that haven of rest. me in the cleansing Thy blood doth impart. VERSE O F JUST A CLOSER WALK WITH THEE Hym VERSE 3 n# 2 1O3 F 39 0 this world of toil and snares, When my feeble life isThee, oer, Just a closer walk with IThro am weak but Thou art strong; (and snares,) (with Thee,) (isstrong;) oer,) (art If

I falter, Lord, who cares? Grant Jesus, is plea, Time forit,me will bemy no more; Jesus, keep me from all wrong; Who with me myclose burden shares Daily walking to Thee, Guide me gently, safely oer Ill be satisfied as long (burden shares) (to Thee,) (safely oer) (just as long) None but Thee, dear Lord, none but Let it be, dear Lord, let it be. To IThy kingdom

shore, to Thy As walk, let meThee. walk close toshore. Thee. VERSE O F NEVER ALONE VERSE 3 2 1 O F 3 39 1 Hym n# No, never alone, The He worlds died for fierce me on winds the mountain, are blowing, Ive seen the lightning flashing, No, never alone, Temptations For mehear they are pierced sharp

His and side, keen; And the thunder roll, He never to leave me, For me I felt feel He a opened peace inthat knowing fountain, Ivepromised sins breakers dashing, Never to conquer leave me alone; My The Saviour crimson, stands cleansing between; tide; Trying to my soul; No, never alone, He stands For heard me toHe shield waiteth me from in danger, Ive the voice ofglory, Jesus,

No,me never alone, When Seated earthly upon friends His throne; are gone, Telling still to fight on, He promised never to leave me, Never to leave me alone. VERSE O F ILL GO WHERE YOU WANT ME TO GO Hym VERSE 3 n# 2 1O3 F 39 2 But if surely bytoday a still, small voice Heto calls Theres Perhaps somewhere there are loving a lowly words place Ill go where You want me go, It may not be on the mountains height, To paths

I do not know, Which In earths Jesus harvest would have fields me so wide, speak; dear Or over the Lord, stormy sea; Ill be answer, dear Lord, Where There may I may labor now, thro in the lifes paths short of sin, day It may not be at the battles front Oer mountain or plain or sea; withJesus my hand inI Thine, Some wandrer For whom the Crucified; should seek; My Lord will

have needme of me; Ill say what You want say, Ill go where You want go. OSo, Saviour, trusting if Thou my allwilt unto beme Thy mytoto guide, care, Lord, ThoI dark knowdear and Thou rugged lovestthe me,way, My Ill voice do Thy shall will echo with the a heart message sincere, Ill be what you want me tosweet, be. Ill Illsay be what You want me to be. say. VERSE

O F THANK YOU, LORD VERSE 3 2 1 O F 3 39 3 Hym n# the Lord for friends SomeI thank thank Him forfrom the flowrs that grow, trust in Him day to and day,home, For mercies and sweet; Some for the stars that shine; I prove Hissure saving grace; But Ising would praise Him forand His grace, My is filled joy Illheart this

songwith of praise topraise, Him, In prayer I would repeat. Because know Hes mine. Until I see His face. Thank you, Lord, for saving my soul; Thank you Lord, for making me whole; Thank you, Lord, for giving to me Thy great salvation so rich and free. VERSE O F THANKS TO GOD VERSE 3 2 1 O F 3 39 4 Hym n# Thanks for prayers that Thou hast answered, forGod roses the wayside, Thanks to forby my Redeemer, Thanks Thanks what Thou

dost deny! Thanks forfor thorns their stems contain! all Thou dost provide! Thanks for storms that I have weathered, Thanks forfor home and thanks fireside, Thanks times now but afor memry, Thanks allJesus Thou dost Thanks forfor hope, thatby sweet refrain! Thanks for mysupply! side! Thanks for pain, for sorrow, pleasure, Thanks for joy and thanks Thanks for pleasant, balmy spring time, Thanks fordark comfort in despair! Thanks

for for heavnly peace withfall! Thee! Thanks and dreary Thanks for for grace that can measure, Thanks fortears hope innone the Thanks by nowtomorrow, forgotten, Thanks for compare! Thanks throbeyond all eternity! Thanks for love peace within my soul! VERSE O F HIGHER GROUND VERSE 4 2 3 1 O F 4 39 5 Hym n# IIm want

My I want heart toto scale live has above no desire utmost theto world, height, stay pressing onthe the upward way, Where Tho And Satans doubts a glimpse darts arise at and of me fears glory are hurled; dismay; bright; Newcatch heights Im gaining evry day; Tho may dwell these For But faith stillsome Ill has pray caught till thewhere joyful Ive sound, found,

Still praying as I heavn onward bound, abound, The Lord, song lead ofmy me saints on to on higher ground. Lord, plant feet onhigher higherground. ground. My prayer, myup aim is higher Lord, lift me and let me ground. stand, Lord, lift me and lettableland, me stand, By faith, on up heavens faith,plane on heavens tableland, ABy higher than I have found; A higher than have found; Lord, plant plane my feet on Ihigher ground. Lord, plant my feet on higher ground. VERSE O F

I WOULD BE TRUE VERSE 3 2 1 O F 3 39 6 Hym n# I I would would be be humble, tuned I would be strong, I would I would friend bebe prayerful oftrue, all the foe, Ibe would to for hear I know the slightest my weakness; whisper; for there is much to suffer; thro are each the those friendless; busywho moment;

for there trust me; I I would would have look faith up, I would be brave, I would I Iwould bebe constantly giving, would be pure, and to keep laugh, the and path love, Christ and trod, lift, for there is much to dare, and in touch forget with theGod; gift; care; for there are those who II Iwould wouldhave look faith up, would be brave, and tofor keep laugh,

theis and path love, Christ trod. lift. there much toand dare. VERSE O F LET OTHERS SEE JESUS IN YOU Hym VERSE 4 n# 2 3 1O4 F 39 7 Then Your What live lifes for joyaChrist twill book be both before at set day their of and sun, eyes, night, While passing thro this world of sin, Theyre Be In mansions faithful, reading be

beyond brave it life thro the and andblue, true, thro; And others your shall view, To Say, And find does lead some itthe point souls lostthem that to life you toand the have light; skies, won; Be clean and pure without, within, Do Let others others see see Jesus Jesus in in you? you. Let others see Jesus in you, (in you,) Let others see Jesus in you; (in you;) Keep telling the story, be faithful and true, Let others see Jesus in you. VERSE O F LIVING FOR JESUS VERSE

3 2 1 O F 3 39 8 Hym n# O Jesus, Lord and Saviour, Living Living for forJesus Jesus thro who earths died in little my place, while, Living for Jesus a life that is true, I give myself to Thee; My dearest treasure, the light His Ismile, Bearing disgrace, Strivingon toCalvry please my Himsin in and allofthat do, For Thou,

in Thine atonement, Seeking the lost ones He died to and redeem, Such love constrains me to answer His Yielding allegiance, glad hearted free, Didst give Thyself for me; Bringing the weary to find rest call, This is the pathway of blessing in forHim. me. I own no other Master, Follow His leading and give Him my all. My heart shall be Thy throne; My life I give, henceforth to live, O Christ, for Thee alone. VERSE O F LORD, I WANT TO BE A CHRISTIAN Hym VERSE 4 n# 2 3 1O4 F 39 9

Lord, Lord, Lord,IIIwant Iwant want wantto to tobe be bemore like Jesus loving holy Lord, to be amore Christian In my heart, in my heart, Lord,Lord, ILord, want IIIwant to want beto like tobe be Jesus more Inloving holy my heart. Lord, want to be amore Christian In my heart, In my(In heart. my heart,) In my heart, (In my heart,) Lord, I In want myto heart, be like (InJesus my heart,) In my heart. Lord, Lord, ILord, wantIIwant to be to more holy

In loving my heart. want tobe bemore a Christian In my heart. VERSE O F MORE LIKE JESUS WOULD I BE Hym VERSE 3 n# 2 1O3 F 40 0 More IfMore He like hears the when ravens likeJesus Jesus wouldI pray, I cry, be, More If my His like ever-watchful Jesus dwell day by eye day; Let Saviour in me; Marks the I sparrows rest mepeace by when Hisand side, they fall, Fill May my

soul with love, Where Surely He tranquil will hear waters my call: glide: Makethe me gentle as a dove; BornHe of will Him, teach through me how grace toIrenewed, live, More like Jesus, while go, All By my Hissinful love my thoughts will subdued, forgive; Pilgrim in this world below; Pure Rich in in in heart faith II still still would would be; be; Poor spirit would I be; Let my Saviour dwell in me.

VERSE O F TAKE TIME TO BE HOLY VERSE 4 2 3 1 O F 4 40 1 Hym n# Take time to be holy, Let The Be Him calm world inrushes thy thy guide, soul; on; speak oft be with thy Lord; Each Spend And thot run much and time before each in motive secret Him Abide innot Him always, Beneath Whatever With

Jesus HisHis betide; alone: control; And feed on Word: By In joy looking ledor by in His to sorrow Jesus Spirit MakeThus friends of Gods children, Like To Still fountains Him follow thou thy of shalt Lord, love, be; Help those who are weak; Thy Thou And friends soon looking shalt inin thy to be Jesus, conduct fitted Forgetting nothing His Still For

likeness trust service in His shall above. Word. see. His blessing to seek. VERSE O F GODS WAY VERSE 2 1 O F 2 40 2 Hym n# Gods my way, way, Gods way way shall is thebe best Gods way is the best way, He knoweth Tho I may the not best, see Gods way is the right And leaning upon Him,way,

Why sorrows and trials Ill trust in Him alway, Sweet, sweet is my rest. Oft gather round me; NoHe harm can befall me, ever is seeking He knoweth the best. Safe, safeto shall I be, My gold refine, Illhumbly cling toIHim So trustever. Him, So precious is He. My Saviour divine. VERSE O F HAVE THINE OWN WAY, LORD Hym VERSE 4 n# 2 3 1O4 F 40 3 Have Thine own way, Lord! Have Thine own way! Search

Wounded Hold oer methe and and mypotter, weary, being try me, Thou art Help Absolute Master, Isway! pray! I amme, thetoday! clay; Whiter Fill Power, with than all Thy snow power Spirit Lord, Mold me and make me Wash Surely Till all me shall isjust Thine! see now, After Thy will, Touch Christ As inme Thy and presence always, heal me, While Ionly, am waiting, Saviour Humbly

Living and in divine. I bow. me. Yielded still. VERSE O F THE LORD BLESS YOU AND KEEP YOU Hym VERSE 1 O 1 n# F 40 4 Amen. The you, peace; cious Lord untobless you,The youLord and be gracious, make keep andyou, His give face you The Lord you, peace; cious Amen. The bless Lordyou Andand be gracious, make keep andyou, His give face you The Lord you, peace; cious Amen.

The bless Lordyou Andand be gracious, make keep andyou, His give face you The Lord you, cious Amen. andThe give bless Lord you you And peace_ and be gracious, keep makeyou, His face The peace, to shine Lordupon lift gracious, be His you, countenance Andgracious be gra_ and upon unto give The you to you. shine Lordupon lift His you, countenance upon And be peace, graThe Lord be lift gracious, His countenance gracious and

upon unto give The you to you. shine Lordupon lift His you, countenance upon And be VERSE O F DID YOU THINK TO PRAY VERSE 4 2 3 1 O F 4 40 5 Hym n# When When When your you sore met heart trials with was came great filled upon temptation, with you, anger, Ere you left your room

this morning, Oh, how praying rests the weary! Did you think to pray? Prayer will change the night to day; When Did you Byyour His plead soul dying for was love grace, bowed and my merit, inbrother, sorrow, In the name of Christ our Saviour, So inyou sorrow and in gladness, That Balm of Gilead might claim did forgive the you Holy another borrow, Sprit Did you sue

for loving favor, Did you Dont forget to pray. Who As At your had the guide gates and ofyour day? stay? way? As a crossed shield today? VERSE O F I MUST TELL JESUS VERSE 4 2 3 1 O F 4 40 6 Hym n# and tried, I of need atrials; great how the world to evil allures

me! ITempted must tell Jesus my must tell Jesus all of my troubles; I IO must tell Jesus! Iall must tell Jesus! Saviour, O how my heart is burdens tempted sin! I cannot bear burdens to alone; He is a kind, compassionate friend; I cannot bearthese my alone; who can help my burdens to bear; IIOne must tell Jesus, and He will help me In my distress He

kindly will help me; If I but ask Him, He will deliver, must tell Jesus! I must tell Jesus! I must tell Jesus, I must tell Jesus; Over the world and the victry toown. win. He ever loves and cares for His Make of my troubles quickly an end. Jesus can help me, Jesuswill alone. He all my cares and sorrows share.

VERSE O F IN THE GARDEN VERSE 3 2 1 O F 3 40 7 Hym n# Andand walks withwith me, IdI come stay inHe garden Him tothe the garden alone, He speaks, the sound of his voice andnight He talks with me, Though around falling, While the the dew is still onme thebe roses, Is so sweet And He me

IFalling am His own; Buttells He bids me go;on And the I hush hear, my ear, thevoice birds their singing, And the joySon wethe share asdiscloses. wewoe tarry there, Thro voice of The of God And the melody None other has known. HisThat voice meever is Heto gave tocalling. me, Within my heart is ringing. VERSE O F INTO MY HEART VERSE 4 2 3 1 O F

4 40 8 Hym n# Come into my heart, blessed Jesus, I need O Come cleanse AndThee take and thro all my illumine lifes guilt dreary away; soul; way; into my heart, Imy pray; Then Fill The spotless meburden with IllThy of stand sin wonderful is inso Thy heavy, presence, Spirit, My soul is so troubled and weary, When Come Come breaks in into andmy Thine take

heart full eternal to control. stay. day. Come into my heart today. Into my heart, into my heart, Come into my heart, Lord Jesus; Come in today, Come in to stay, Come into my heart, Lord Jesus. VERSE O F MAKE ME A BLESSING VERSE 3 2 1 O F 3 40 9 Hym n# May Make Jesus me a shine; blessing, Tell sweet story Christ and His love, Give twas givenofto you in your Out the inasthe

highways and byways ofneed, life, Make May Jesus me a shine; blessing, Tell of His powr to forgive; Love the Master loved you; Manyas are weary and sad; Make me a blessing to someone today. Others willsunshine Him if only you prove Carry darkness is Be to the helpless awhere helper indeed, Make me atrust blessing to someone today. Make me a blessing, O Saviour, I True, everymission

moment live. rife, Unto your beyou true. Make me a blessing, O Saviour, I Making the sorrowing glad. pray,_ Out of my life_ Out of pray Thee, my, out my Saviour, of my life VERSE O F TEACH ME TO PRAY VERSE 4 2 3 1 O F 4 41 0 Hym n# Teach Lord, Power weakened inLord, prayer, will,Lord, Teach me to pray, Lord,in me, me pray, LivingMy

in Thee, and Thou teach to pray. Thou power canst in prayer! renew; teach me pray; Constant abiding, this is my plea, Thou my pattern day unto day; My sinful Here nature mid Thou earths canst sin subdue; This isart my heart-cry day; unto Grant me Thy power, boundless and art my sorrow surety, now andThy for aye; Fill just now with and power care, anew;

IThou longme toand know Thy will and way; free, Teach me to pray, Lord, Power with and power with Thee. Men Power lost and to men pray dying, and souls power in to despair; do! Teach Lord, me to pray, teach me pray. O giveme meto power, teach to pray. power in prayer! VERSE O F THE BEAUTIFUL GARDEN OF PRAYER Hym VERSE 3 n# 2 1O3

F 41 1 Theres a garden where Jesus is waiting, O the beautiful garden, Theres a garden where Jesus is waiting, And I go with my burden and care, Theres a place that is wondrously fair; the garden of prayer, And he bids you to come meet Him Just toitlearn from His lips For glows with the there, O the beautiful garden of prayer; words of comfort, light of His presence, Just toThere walk and to talk with my Saviour, my

Saviour awaits, In the beautiful garden of prayer. Tis the beautiful garden of prayer. In the beautiful garden of prayer. and He opens the gates To the beautiful garden of prayer. VERSE O F TIS THE BLESSED HOUR OF PRAYER Hym VERSE 4 n# 2 3 1O4 F 41 2 Tis At the theblessed blessedhour hourof ofprayer, prayer, Blessed hour of prayer, when when trusting the theSaviour tempted Him we draws believe andbend, tried near, our hearts lowly

hour of prayer; That ToBlessed With the theSaviour ablessings tender who compassion, were loves needing them And we gather to Jesus, What a Saviour balm for the weary! their His well children sorrow surely receive; to confide; hear; our and friend; When With Inwe the He a fullness sympathizing tellstousHim of we this may heart trust cast If come in faith, Oh, how

sweet to be there! we He at shall removes His feet loseevery every every care, care; care; His protection to share, What a balm for the weary! Oh, how sweet to be there! VERSE O F SERVE THE LORD WITH GLADNESS Hym VERSE 3 n# 2 1O3 F 41 3 Serve Him with gladness, Serve the Lord with gladness, Serve the Lord with gladness Enter His courts with song; This Thankful shall be all our

the theme, while In our works and ways, To our Creator For AsHis we tender walk together mercies, Come before His presence True praises belong: In ForHis His love loving supreme: With our songs ofsmile: praise; GreatHim is ever His mercy, Listening, Blessed truth enduring, listening Unto our Maker Wonderful issmall His same, name, For Always the still, just the voice, We would pledge

anew We gladly Him, We His will sweet serve willserve with sodevotion precious gladness Lifes supreme His great love proclaim. And Will be ourHis choice. name. Topraise service true. VERSE O F THE LONGER I SERVE HIM VERSE 2 1 O F 2 41 4 Hym n# longer I serve Him Every need He isthe supplying, Since IThe

started for Kingdom, the my sweeter He grows, Plenteous grace He bestows; Since life He controls, The more that I love Him, Every mymy way getsto brighter, Sinceday I gave heart Jesus, more love He bestows; The longer serve Him, Each day is Ilike heaven, themy sweeter He grows. heart overflows, The longer I serve Him the sweeter He grows. VERSE O F GIVE OF YOUR BEST TO THE MASTER Hym VERSE 3 n# 2 1O3 F 41 5 Give of your best to the Master, Give of your best to the

Master, Give Naught Him else first is place worthy in your His love; heart; Give of the strength of youth; Give thefirst strength ofyour your youth; Give He of gave Him Himself place forinyour ransom, service, Throw your souls fresh, glowing ardor Clad in salvations armor, Gave Consecrate up His glory evry above; part: Into the battle forfull truth: Laid Give, down and His to set you life without shall

murmur, given, Join in has the battle forbetruth. Jesus the example, You God from His beloved sins ruin Son toand gave; save; Dauntless was He, young brave; Give Gratefully seeking to serve adoration, Him, GiveHim Himyour yourhearts loyal devotion, Give Him the best that you have. VERSE O F ARE YE ABLE? SAID THE MASTER Hym VERSE 2 n# 1O2 F 41 6 Lord, we ye areable, able,said our are Thine, Are ye able? still spirits

the Master, Master Are the Remold them, make us like Thee, down eternity, Whispers To be crucified with Me?divine: guiding radiance above us shall be And spirits answer, Thy Yes, the heroic sturdy dreamers answered, A beacon God, to faith and loyalty. as then in Galilee, To Now, theto death we follow Thee. VERSE O F I HAVE DECIDED TO FOLLOW JESUS Hym VERSE 3 n# 2 1O3 F 41 7

Tho nonedecided go me Ifollow still willJesus, follow, My cross Illwith carry I see Jesus, I have totill Tho nonedecided go me Ifollow still willJesus, follow, My cross Illwith carry I see Jesus, I have totill Tho none go with me I still will follow, My crossdecided Ill carry till I seeJesus, Jesus, I No have to follow turning back, no turning back. Noturning turningback, back,no Illturning follow Him. No back. VERSE O F IS YOUR ALL ON THE ALTAR? Hym VERSE 4 n#

2 3 1O4 F 41 8 Would Who you can walk tell all with the the love Lord IsYou your all on the altar of sacrifice laid? have longed for sweet peace, Oh, we never can know He in the will light send of from His above, Word, Your heart, does the Spirit control? and for faith towill increase, what the Lord

bestow And peace and contentment always; And how happy our hearts will be You can only be blest Andhave have earnestly, fervently prayed; Of the blessings for whichmade, You must do His sweet will Of thepeace fellowship sweet and have andhave sweet rest, But you cannot rest we have prayed, toshall beHim free from all ill, we share atbody His feet, As you yield your and soul. or be perfectly blest

Till our body and soul On the altar your all you must lay. When our all on the altar is laid. Until all on the altar is laid. He doth fully control, And our all on the altar is laid. VERSE O F MAKE ME A CHANNEL OF BLESSING Hym VERSE 4 n# 2 3 1O4 F 41 9 Is your life a channel of blessing? Make We cannot me life a channel be channels of blessing blessing today, Is your your

life of blessing? Is aa channel ofof blessing? channel Are you burdened for those who are lost? IfMake our lives me channel free of blessing, from known Iyou? pray; sin; Is the of not God flowing thro Islove itaare daily telling for Him? Have you urged upon those My We life will possessing, barriers be my and service hindrance blessing, Are you telling thethe lost ofathe Have you spoken word of Saviour? salvation who are straying Make Tome those a ready

channel we are trying blessing to win. today. Are you His service do? To those who areof dying into sin? The Saviour who died on the cross? VERSE O F SOMETHING FOR THEE VERSE 4 2 3 1 O F 4 42 0 Hym n# Give At Allthe that me blest IaThy am faithful mercy and have, heart, seat, Saviour, dying love Likeness

Thy Pleading gifts to so forThee, free, me, Thou gavest me, That My In should joy, feeble each in grief, departing thro looks life, day up, Nor I faith aught withhold, Dear Henceforth Jesus, Lord, tofrom for may Thee: Thee! see Dear Lord, Thee: Help Some And me when work the Thy of cross love face to begun, I bear, see, In love my soul would

bow, Some Thy MyMy ransomd wondrous deed kindness soul love shall declare, done, be, heartoffulfill its vow, Some Somewandrer Thro song to allbring raise, sought eternity, orand prayr, won, Some offring Thee now, Something for Thee. VERSE O F COME TO THE FEAST VERSE 4 2 3 1 O F 4 42 1 Hym n# Praise Hear_ God_ the

invi- for full sal are ready, All things things are ready, All things are ready, come to the feast! Hear Praise the God invita for full - tion, salva - tion, For come to the feast! come to the feast! Come, while He waits to welcome thee; Leave evry care and worldly strife; Come, for the table now is spread; for the door is open wide; Come, ta_ va_ tion, tion, Delay not while thisCome, day is thine, Come, feast upon the love of

God, Ye famishing, ye weary, come, A place of honor is reserved Whosoever whosoever will, will, Tomorrow may never be. And drink everlasting life. thouatshalt be richly fed. For you the Masters side. For who whosoever soever will. will;_ Hear the invita - will. tion, Whosoever will; For whosoever VERSE O F PASS IT ON VERSE 3 2 1 O F 3 42 2

Hym n# What I wish aIt wondrous for takes you, time my friend, is spring only a spark when this happiness all thatare Ive budding, found to the get trees a fire going, You Thesoon can birds depend begin onaround sing, Him, And all thoseto itthe matters flowers notstart where youre blooming; bound; can warm up intheir its glowing; IllThats shouthow it from it isthe withmountain Gods love, top, once I want youve my world

experienced to know:it: You The want Lord toof sing, love has fresh come like tospring, me, You spread His its love to everyone, you I want wanttotopass passit iton. on. VERSE O F TELL ME THE STORY OF JESUS Hym VERSE 3 n# 2 1O3 F 42 3 Tell of Fasting the where in the they nailed Him, Tell cross mealone the story of desert, Jesus, Tell me the story of Jesus, Tell

Writing ofon the in days anguish that and arepain; past, Write my heart every word; Write onour mysins heart every word; Tell How of the for grave where He was they tempted, laid Him, Tell me the story most precious, TellSweetest me the story most Yet Tellwas how triumphant Heever liveth again. atprecious, last. that was heard. Tell Love ofinthe that story ofso

His labor, Tell how theyears angels, intender, chorus, Sweetest that ever was heard. Tell Clearer thethan sorrow ever He I see: bore, Sang asof they welcomed His birth, Stay, He let was meto despised weep while and afflicted, whisper, Glory God in the you highest! Homeless, Loveand paidgood the rejected, ransom and forearth. poor. me. Peace tidings to VERSE O F THE KINGS BUSINESS

VERSE 3 2 1 O F 3 42 4 Hym n# This My ishome the Kings is brighter command far I the am a stranger here, This is message that I bring, that than all Sharons men, evrywhere, rosyland; plain, sing: within a foreign A message angels fain would Repent Eternal and life turn andaway away joy My home is far Oh,

be ye reconciled, from throout sins its seductive vast domain; snare; upon a my golden Thus saith Lordstrand; and King, My That Sovereign allreconciled who bids will me Ambassador toobey, be Oh, be ye to tell God. how with mortals Him shall there reign may forsea, dwell, aye, of realms beyond the And mybusiness businessfor formy myKing. King. Im thats here on VERSE O F THROW OUT THE LIFE-LINE

VERSE 4 2 3 1 O F 4 42 5 Hym n# Throw Soonout out willthe the season Line the Life Throw Life Line! with to hand danger of rescue quick fraught be and oer, men, strong: across the dark wave, Throw out the Life Line! Sinking Soon Why in do they you tarry, drift where to There iswill a anguish brother whom

Someone is drifting away; youve why eternitys linger never so shore, been: long? someone should save; Throw out the Life Line! Winds Haste See! of then, he temptation ismy sinking; brother, and Somebodys brother! Throw out the Lifedare Line! nowho billows time hasten for oftoday delay, woe oh,oh, then will Will And But throw out hurl with them the theLife Life outBoat! where

Line Tosoon throw out the Life Line, Someone isout sinking today. and the away, save then, waters them away! today. flow. hisdark peril to share? VERSE O F WHAT A WONDERFUL SAVIOUR Hym VERSE 4 n# 2 3 1O4 F 42 6 He IChrist praise He cleansed gives Himfor me my forsin overcoming the heart cleansing from all powr, blood, its sin, has atonement

made, What a wonderful Saviour! And That now triumph reconciled He reigns in each my andprice soul trying rules to hour; God; IAnd am redeemed, the isthere pain;in, What a wonderful Saviour! What a wonderful Saviour is Jesus, my Jesus! What a wonderful Saviour is Jesus, my Lord! VERSE O F WEVE A STORY TO TELL TO THE NATIONS Hym VERSE 4 n# 2 3 1O4 F 42 7 For thea shall turn to dawning, Weve Weve adarkness message song Saviour to to be to totell

show sung give to the the nations, nations, Weve a story to to the nations, And the dawning noon to day bright, That That Who shall the the Lord lift path their Who ofto hearts sorrow reigneth has the above, trod, Lord; That shall turn their heart to the right, And Christs kingdom shall That Hath song all send ofof that the usgreat worlds shall

Hisand Son conquer great to save people evil us, AAstory truth sweetness, come on earth, And Might And show come the to that the spear truth God and islight, oflove, sword, God, Ashatter story ofus peace and The kingdom of love light. And Might And show come the to that the spear truth God and islight. oflove. sword. God. Ashatter story ofus peace

and VERSE O F MAN OF SORROWS, WHAT A NAME Hym VERSE 4 n# 2 3 1O4 F 42 8 When Bearing Lifted He comes, up was and our He scoffing glorious to die, rude, King, Man ofshame sorrows, what a name InAll my It His place is ransomed finished, condemned was ones His to Hecame bring, cry, stood, For the Son of God who Sealed Than Now

amy in new heaven pardon this song exalted with well Hishigh, blood; sing, Ruined sinners to reclaim! Hallelujah! What a Saviour! VERSE O F MINE EYES HAVE SEEN THE GLORY Hym VERSE 4 n# 2 3 1O4 F 42 9 I Mine have He has In seen the sounded Him beauty in forth the ofthe the watch the lilies, trumpet fires of a eyes have seen glory of the Glory! glory, hallelujah!

Christ thathundred shall wasnever born circling sound camps; the retreat; sea, coming of across the Lord; hallelujah! They He is have With sifting builded a glory, glory out in Him His hearts an bosom altar of men in the He is Glory! trampling outthe the vintage where Glory! glory, hallelujah! that evening before transfigures His dews and you damps; and seat; me; the grapes of judgment wrath are

stored; IHe can Ohath be As read swift, He His died my righteous to soul, make tosentence men answer holy, Him! by loosed the fateful lighting of the His Our God is marching on. let dim us be live jubilant, and toflaring make my lamps; men feet!free, terrible swift sword; While Our Histruth day God Godis is marching marchingon. on. on. His isismarching marching

on. VERSE O F SHALL WE GATHER AT THE RIVER? Hym VERSE 4 n# 2 3 1O4 F 43 0 Soon Ere Onwell we the reach reach margin the the of shining shining the river, river, Shall we gather at theriver, river, Soon Washing Laybright our we pilgrimage evry up its burden silver will down; spray, cease, Where angel feet have trod; Soon We

Grace will ourits our walk happy spirits and hearts worship will forever will deliver, ever, quiver With crystal tide And With Allprovide the the happy melody a robe golden of and peace. crown. Flowing by the throne ofday. God? Yes, well gather at the river, The beautiful, the beautiful river; Gather with the saints at the river That flows by the throne of God. VERSE O F O PERFECT LOVE VERSE 3 2 1 O F 3 43 1

Hym n# perfect GrantO theLove, joy which Othem perfect Life, allbe human brightens earthly sorrow; Thouthoughts their fulltranscending, assurance Lowly kneel inwhichfaith, Grantcharity them we the peace Of tender and steadfast prayer before Thy throne, calms all earthly strife, Of patient hope and That may bethe the And theirs to lifes day quiet, brave endurance, love which knows no ending, glorious unknown morrow With childlike trust that fears Thou forevermore dost That Whom dawns

upon eternal love no pain nor death. and life. join in one. VERSE O F THERES A QUIET UNDERSTANDING Hym VERSE 2 n# 1O2 F 43 2 Thank You, thank You, And we know when were Theres Theres aa love quiet we understanding feel intogether, Jesus, thank You, Jesus, Sharing andthat understanding, When Theres were alove manna gathered he in the feeds Spirit, us, For the way You love and feed us,

That brothers and sisters Its Its aaour promise promise that that He heour gives gives us, us For the many ways You lead us, Feel thewe oneness Hename. brings. When gatherthat in His Thank You, thank You, Lord. VERSE O F WONDERFUL PEACE VERSE 4 2 3 1 O F 4 43 3 Hym n# Far away in the depths of

my And What I me am a thinks resting treasure when tonight I have I rise in in this to this that Peace! Peace! wonderful peace, spirit tonight wonderful City of peace, peace, Coming down from the Father above; Rolls adeep melody sweeter than psalm; Where Buried Resting the sweetly Author in the of in heart peace Jesus of I control; my shall soul; see, Sweep over my spirit forever,

I pray, In For celestial-like strains itdanger unceasingly That So one Im secure strain kept that of from the no all song power which can by the In fathomlessfalls billows of love. ransomed night mine and it away, will by day, sing, Oer my soul like an infinite calm. In And While that His heavenly the glory years is flooding kingdom of eternity my shall roll. soul. be: VERSE

O F JUST OVER IN THE GLORYLAND Hym VERSE 4 n# 2 3 1O4 F 43 4 Just over in the glory With the With I am a on joyful my throng wayland, throng Ive ablood-washed home prepared Illwhere join the happy angel band, to I will those shout mansions and sing, fair, the saints abide, Justover over in in the the glory Just gloryland; land; Just over

in the glory land, There AndGlad with to sing hosannas Gods saved, to praise And I kindred long to be There with the mighty host Ill stand, Christ, and there the His forever glory Lord and share, be, King, by my Saviours side, Just over in the glory land. Just over in the glory land. VERSE O F HE LOOKED BEYOND MY FAULT Hym VERSE 1 O 1 n# F 43 5 Amazing grace I shall forever shall lift always myto

song of praise, minebe eyes Calvary, Forview it was To thegrace cross that bought my liberty; where Jesus died for me; I do marvelous not know How whythat He came love me so, thejust grace caughttomy falling soul, He looked He looked beyondbeyond my fault and my fault and saw my need. saw my need. VERSE O F ALL THE WAY MY SAVIOUR LEADS ME Hym VERSE 3 n# 2 1O3 F 43 6 Heavenly peace, divinest comfort, Though When my

my spirit, weary clothed steps may immortal, falter, Allthe the way way my my Saviour Saviour leads All leadsme; me, Here by faith in Him to dwell! Wings And my its flight soul athirst to realms may of be, day, What have I to ask beside? Cheers Oh, the each fullness winding of path His love! I tread, For I know, whateer befall me, This Gushing my song from through

the Rock endless before ages: me, Can I doubt His tender mercy, Gives Perfect me rest grace to me for is every promised trial, Jesus doeth all things well; Jesus Lo! a led spring me of all joy the I way; see; Who through life has been my Guide? Feeds In my me Fathers with the house living above. bread. For whateer befall

me, This Gushing myI know, song fromthrough the Rock endless before ages: me, Jesus doeth all things well. Jesus Lo! a led spring me of alljoy theI way. see. VERSE O F BRING BACK THE SPRINGTIME Hym VERSE 2 n# 1O2 F 43 7 Lord, like that Lord,make to the myme heart bring back that the When in spring thestream flowrs are flowsspringtime, so cool andand clear blooming bright fair Down

from mountains Take away thethe cold and darkhigh of sin; After the gray of winters above; O return to me, sweet Holy Spirit, gone, I will tell the world that wondrous May I warm tender be again. Once againand the lark begins its Story tuning Of the streams that flowed from Calvary. Back in the meadows of my home. VERSE O F FOR THE BEAUTY OF THE EARTH Hym VERSE 6 n# 2 3 4 5 1O6 F 43 8 For the joy of human love, For For For

For the Thy the the church self, wonder joy best that ear each and ever Divine! eye, hour more For the beauty of the earth, of ofGift sister, parent, child, ForBrother, Of To Lifteth the the our heart day race holy and so hands freely minds ofthe the above, givn; night, delight, For the glory of skies, onup earth, and friends For

HillFriends that Offring and Forgreat, vale, the mystic and great on evry tree harmony love and shore of flowr Thine, For the love which from our birth above, Peace Linking SunHer and onsense pure moon, earth, to and sound stars joy ofand inlove: of heavn: sight: light: Over andsacrifice around us lies: and For all gentle thoughts and mild: Lord of all, to Thee we raise Lord all, toofThee

we raise This ourofhymn grateful praise. This our hymn of grateful praise. VERSE O F MOMENT BY MOMENT VERSE 4 2 3 1 O F 4 43 9 Hym n# Never a heartache and never a groan, Dying with Jesus, Moment Never Never a weakness bya moment trial that that Im HeHe kept is not doth inthere, His not love; feel, Never a tear drop and

never a moan; by death reckoned mine; Moment Never burden sickness moment that that Ive he He life doth cannot from not above; bear, heal; Never aaby Never a danger, but there on the throne, Living with Jesus, a new life divine; Never Moment Looking a sorrow by to moment, Jesus that tillHe glory in doth woe doth or notin shine; share, weal, Moment by moment, Looking

to Jesus till glory doth shine, Moment Moment Jesus, my by bySaviour, moment, momentabides Im O Lord, under with I am His meThine. care; still. Hemoment, thinks ofOHis own. Moment by Lord, I am Thine. VERSE O F LET ALL THINGS NOW LIVING Hym VERSE 2 n# 1O4 F 44 0 His He are enforces: Let alllaw things now living We, too, should be voicing His banners oer us, the

stars inand their courses, A song thanksgiving our loveof rejoicing, His light goes before us, The sun in His orbit To God Creator glad adoration AWith pillar ofthe fire shining obediently triumphantly raise, aforth songinlet usshine; raise. the night, The hills the mountains, Who fashioned and made all and things now livingus, TilTil shadows have vanished The rivers andisstayed fountains, protected and us,

unite in thanksgiving And darkness banished, The deeps ofwe the ocean Who guideth us on to To in the highest, AsGod forward travel proclaim Him divine. the of ourpraise! days. hosanna and fromend light into light. VERSE O F REJOICE AND BE GLAD VERSE 7 2 3 4 5 6 1 O F 7 44 1 Hym n#

Rejoice and be glad! For For Now For the For It the isour blood He the sunshine Lamb King cometh pardon hath that ishas at on been again; was islast! high, free! slain shed; The Redeemer come! The Oer Redemption The He He clouds death pleadeth Just cometh for have is His triumphant, the isin for finished, departed, glory, unjust us on Go look on cradle, the

the the His has price Lamb and shadows throne died liveth hath that oninthe been are again. was thetree. past. sky. slain. paid. His cross, and His tomb. Sound His praises, tell the Story of Him who was slain; Sound His praises, tell with gladness, He Hecometh liveth again. again. VERSE O F GOD LEADS US ALONG VERSE 4 2 3 1 O F 4 44 2 Hym n# sorrows on

befall the mount us, God Sometimes leads InTho shady His green dear children pastures, along. Away from the mire, where and the sun Satan shines oppose, so bright, Some so rich thro and the so sweet, waters, and away from the clay, God leads His dear children along; some thro the flood, God leads His dear children along; Through Sometimes grace in the we can valley conquer, in the Where the Some waters thro cool

the flow fire, bathes the Away up in glory, eternitys day, defeat darkest all of our night, foes, but weary all thro ones the feet, blood; Some thro great sorrows, but God gives a song; In the night season and all the day long. VERSE O F FAITH OF OUR FATHERS VERSE 3 2 1 O F 3 44 3 Hym n# Faith our fathers! we will love Faith of our fathers!we living Faith ofof our fathers!

will still strive friend and foe in all and ourthee, strife, InBoth spite of all dungeon, fire, sword, To win nations unto And preach thee, too, as truth love how O how hearts beat highknows with joy Andour through the that By kindly words and virtuous life: Wheneer we hear that glorious word! comes from God Faith of of our our fathers, fathers, holy faith! Faith holy faith! Mankind shall then be truly free: We will will be be true

true to to thee We thee till till death. death. Faith of our fathers, holy faith! We will be true to thee till death. VERSE O F JESUS IS THE SWEETEST NAME I KNOW Hym VERSE 3 n# 2 1O3 F 44 4 There isbeen no name in Ithat Jesus issome the sweetest name know, There have names And day I shall see Him earth orloved heavn And Hes just the same I have toabove, hear, face to face That we should give such

as His lovely name, But never there To thank andhas praise Him honor and such love, And the reason been a name so dear for Histhats wondrous grace, As the blessed name, why I love Him so; To this heart of mine, Which He gave to me, let us all acclaim, Oh, Jesus is the sweetest name as the when He name made divine, me free,I know. That wondrous, glorious

name of Jesus. The precious name of Jesus. Jesus. The precious, blessed Son of God called VERSE O F GRACE GREATER THAN OUR SIN Hym VERSE 4 n# 2 3 1O4 F 44 5 Grace, grace, Gods grace, Marvelous grace of our loving Lord, Sin Marvelous, and despair infinite, like matchless thewe seacannot waves grace, cold, Dark is the stain that hide, Grace that exceeds our sin

and our Marvelous grace, infinite grace, Threaten Freely bestowed the soul on with all infinite who believe; loss; What can avail to wash it away? guilt, Grace You that that are isis longing greater, toyes, see grace His face, untold, Look! there flowing a crimson tide; Grace that will is greater pardon than and all our sin. Yonder on Calvarys mount out poured, Points Will you

to this the moment Refuge, the His mighty grace receive? Cross. Whiter than snow you may be today. Grace that is will greater pardon and allLamb our sin. There where the bloodthan of the was spilt. cleanse within; cleanse within; VERSE O F BLESSED BE THE NAME VERSE 4 2 3 1 O F 4 44 6 Hym n# His Redeemer, His name

name above Saviour, all be names the friend Counselor, shall ofabove man stand, All praise toshall Him who reigns The Exalted Once mighty ruined more Prince by and the ofmore, Peace, fall, In majesty supreme, At Thou Of God all hast earths the devised Fathers ownman conqueror, right plan, Who gave Hiskingdoms Sonsalvations for tohand, die, Whose Where For He Thou reign angel hast shall

hosts died never adore. forcease. all. That might man redeem! Blessed be the name! Blessed be the name! Blessed be the name of the Lord! Blessed be the name! Blessed be the name! VERSE O F MY FAITH HAS FOUND A RESTING PLACE Hym VERSE 4 n# 2 3 1O4 F 44 7 My My Enough great heart for Physician is leaning me that on Jesus the the saves, Word, sick, My faith has found aheals resting place, This The The ends lost

written my He came fear Word and to of save; God, doubt; Not in device nor creed; For Salvation me A sinful His the by precious soul my I come Saviours blood to One, He Him, name, shed, I trust Everlasting Hell For me never His thro life cast He me blood. gave. out. HisSalvation wounds for meHis shall plead. I need no other argument, I need no other plea, It is enough that Jesus died, And that He died for me. VERSE O

F REJOICE, THE LORD IS KING VERSE 4 2 3 1 O F 4 44 8 Hym n# Jesus, Rejoice His kingdom the in Saviour, glorious cannot hope! fail, Rejoice, the Lord isreigns, King: He Our The rules Lord God oer and ofand earth judge truth and shall heavn; love; come Your Lord King adore! and When The And He

keys take had of His purged death servants and our hell up Rejoice, give thanks and stains, sing, He To Aretook their to our His eternal Jesus seat above: givn: And triumph everhome: more: Lift up your heart, lift up your voice! Rejoice, again I say, rejoice! VERSE O F AND CAN IT BE? VERSE 4 2 3 1 O F 4 44 9 Hym n# No I dread; Long

my spirit lay And can itimprisoned beFathers thatnow I should gain Ama That Thou, - zing love!_ my God, He condemnation left His throne above, Jesus, andso in Him is mine! Fast bound sin and natures night; An in the Saviours blood? So intrest free, His grace; Aall -ininfinite mazing That Thou love! my God, Alive ineye Him, my who living Head, Hisray, Thine diffused a quickning Died

He for me, caused pain? Emptied Himself of all but love, And clothed inHim righteousness divine, IFor woke, the flamed with light; me, whodungeon to death pursued? And bled for Adams helpless race; how should can die for it me! be Bold I approach theternal throne, My chains fell off, my heart was free; Amazing love! how can it be Tis mercy all, immense and free; should die for how me! can

it be And claim the crown, thro Christ my IThat rose, wentmy forth and followed Thou, God, should die Thee. for own. me? O praise my God, it reaches me. VERSE O F SOUND THE BATTLE CRY VERSE 3 2 1 O F 3 45 0 Hym n# Strong O! Thou to meet God of theall, foe, Rouse, then, soldiers, Sound the battle cry!

Hear Marching us when on is we we go, call, rally round the banner, See, the foe nigh; While Help our uscause one the and weword know, all Ready, steady, pass along; Raise the standard high By Must Thy prevail; grace; Onward, forward, shout aloud Hosanna! For the Lord; and the of battles banner bright, done,throng. Christ Shield isWhen Captain the mighty Gird your armor on, And Gleaming the victrys in the light; won, Stand

one; May Battling wefirm, wear forevry the the right crown Rest your cause upon His We Before neer Thy can face. fail.holy word. VERSE O F GO TELL IT ON THE MOUNTAIN Hym VERSE 2 n# 1O2 F 45 1 Go tell it on the mountain, Go tell it on the mountain, Over the hills and evrywhere; OverGothe evrywhere; tellhills it on and the mountain, GoThat tell Jesus it on Christ the mountain, is born! HeWhen made aawatchman I me was seeker, That Jesus Christ

is born! upon a city wall, I sought both night and day; And ifthe I am a Christian, I asked Lord to help me, amshowed the least all.way. and IHe meofthe VERSE O F BE THOU MY VISION VERSE 4 2 3 1 O F 4 45 2 Hym n# Be High Riches Thou Kingimy heed of wisdom, heaven, not, Be Thou my vision, nor and my Thou victory

my empty true won, praise, word; Omans Lord of my heart; May Thou I ever I reach mine with heavens inheritance, Thee and joys, Naught be all else to me, OThou bright nowwith and heavens me, always; Lord; Sun! save that Thou art Heart Thoumy of and my great Thou own Father, only, heart, Thou best thought, Thou my first whatever I day Thy inor true

my befall, heart, Son; by by night, Thou High Still inKing me be or my dwelling, ofsleeping, heaven, vision,and Waking myI presence treasure with O ruler Thee of Thou all. one. art. Thy my light. VERSE O F A CHILD OF THE KING VERSE 4 2 3 1 O F 4 45 3 Hym n# IMy A once tent Fathers

was or aan cottage; own son, My Father isoutcast rich Imin a child of the King, the why sinner Saviour should on earth, of I care? men, houses and lands, A ofby the Theyre Once Achild sinner wandered building choice, on aKing: palace earth He holdeth the wealth of the With Jesus myby Saviour, as and for the an me poorest alien over there! of

birth, them; world in His hands! But Though But now exiled He been isof pleading from adopted, our Of rubies and diamonds, Im aIve child the home, King. my yet names still Iwritten may on high, sing: down, ofpardon silver and gold, An That All heir we glory tomay a to mansion, be God, His His coffers are full, when Im a robe, He child comes and of the

aby crown. King. and by. He has riches untold. VERSE O F O COME, O COME, EMMANUEL Hym VERSE 4 n# 2 3 1O4 F 45 4 O thou Dayspring, come and O come, OOcome, come, thou Desire of nations, from on bind high, come, O Wisdom come, Emmanuel, cheer And In one order the all hearts things, of all far mankind; and nigh; And ransom captive Israel, Our spirits

thine advent To Bid usThou the path ourbysad of knowledge divisions cease, show, That mourns in lonely exilehere; here, Disperse the gloomy clouds of night, And And be cause Thyself us in our King ways of to peace. go. Until the Son ofher God appear. And deaths dark shadows put to flight. Rejoice! Rejoice! Rejoice! Rejoice! Emmanuel Emmanuel Shall Israel! Shallcome come to to thee, thee, OOIsrael! VERSE O F THAT BEAUTIFUL NAME VERSE 4 2 3 1

O F 4 45 5 Hym n# That know beautiful ofblest a Name, IThe love II know One thatof that Name, Name, Name a Name, beautiful Name, That beautiful Name That My AA beautiful Saviour wonderful became, Name, Name, That angels brought down to earth; From sin has powr toinfree us! Made That My higher unto Saviour athan Babe of all Calvary;

was heavn; givn; They whispered itI bright low, That beautiful Name, My The Twas sins stars whispered, nailed glittered Him know, there, One night ago, That wonderful Thru In My my out burdens heart thatlong glad long HeName, bare, night, ago To a maiden of lowly birth. That matchless Name is Jesus! AndHe To angels Jesus suffered praised myall lifethis God Ivefor in

givn. me. heavn. VERSE O F THE LIGHT OF THE WORLD IS JESUS Hym VERSE 4 n# 2 3 1O4 F 45 6 The Light world of world is who Jesus. Ye No No dwellers darkness need of inthe darkness the have sunlight we with in sin The whole was lost ininthe Come to heaven the Light,were tis blinded Jesus abide, eyes, told, for thee; darkness ofshining sin, Sweetly the Light has dawned upon me, The Light of the world is Jesus;

Once I was blind, but now I can see; We Go, The walk wash, Lamb at is the His the bidding, Light when in the and we Like sunshine atlight noonday His The Lightinof the world is Jesus. follow light city will our of gold. arise, guide, glory shone in, The Light of the world is Jesus. VERSE O F ONLY A TOUCH VERSE 2 1 O F 2 45 7 Hym n#

Onlyaatouch touch of of Thy Thy hand, Only hand,dear dearLord, Lord, And oeramy soul shallThee, sweep, Only word from Melody from lifes broken chords, Calms all my weary, troubled soul, Will all sweet my hearts wild anguish still, Awakened from silence deep. Stilleth lifes surging sea. Joyful my soul shall be. VERSE O F DONT GO AWAY WITHOUT JESUS Hym VERSE 1 O 1 n# F 45 8 O dont go away without Jesus, O dont go away without Him; You know He is willing to save you,

And cleanse from your heart evry sin; O yield to His offer of mercy, O take of the grace He imparts, And dont go away without Jesus In your heart. VERSE O F JESUS CALLS US OER THE TUMULT Hym VERSE 4 n# 2 3 1O4 F 45 9 In our joys and in Thy our Jesus callsus usfrom oer the tumult Jesus calls us: by mercies, Jesus calls thesorrows, worship Days oflifes toil and of ease, Of our wild, restless sea; Saviour, may wehours hear Thy call, Of

the vain worlds golden store, Still by He calls, insweet cares andobedience, pleasures, Day day His voice soundeth, Give our hearts to Thine From each idol that would keep us Christian, love me more than these. Saying, Christian, follow me! Serve and love Thee best of all. Saying, Christian, love me more. VERSE O F NO ONE UNDERSTANDS LIKE JESUS Hym VERSE 4 n# 2 3 1O4 F 46

0 No one understands like Jesus, Every When When woe you the He foes falter sees ofon life and the assail; feels; way, Hes a friend beyond compare; You Tho Tenderly should you He never Him, whispers be sadly discouraged, comfort, fail Him, Meet Him fail at the throne of mercy, And Jesus He the cares broken pardon and heart you will He today. heals. fail. He iswill

waiting for younot there. No one understands like Jesus, When the days are dark and grim; No one is so near, so dear as Jesus, Cast your every care on Him. VERSE O F ALL BECAUSE OF CALVARY VERSE 1 O F 1 46 1 Hym n# Some Hes coming, O Christ my Saviour lives,_ All my Life isday filled sins are with gone,_ song,_ Some day Hes coming, O is Christ myare All Life my sins filled Saviour with wondrous, blessed day, All because

of Calvary;_ wondrous, blessed day, Lives sin toof set me free;_ All because of Calvary;_ gone,from because Calvary;_ lives from toof set free;_ All, yes, all sin because ofme Calvary. song, because Calvary;_ All, yes, all because of Calvary. VERSE O F BLESSED REDEEMER VERSE 3 2 1 O F 3 46 2 Hym n# Blessed Up Father, OCalvarys howforgive IRedeemer! love Him,

them! mountain precious Redeemer! Saviour thusdreadful did and HeFriend, pray, one morn, Seems now see Him Een How while can His myImy life-blood praises Walked Christ Saviour on Calvarys tree; flowed ever find fast end! away; weary and worn; Wounded bleeding, Thro Praying yearsand for unnumbered sinners Facing for sinners for sinners pleading on while heavens in such shore, woe death on the cross,

Blind unheeding My tongue No one shall butsave praise Jesusthem Him That Heand might dying for me. ever forevermore. loved so. from endless loss. VERSE O F HOLY SPIRIT, FAITHFUL GUIDE Hym VERSE 3 n# 2 1O3 F 46 3 When Ever our present, days faithful oftruest toil shall Friend, cease, Holy Spirit, Guide, Waiting Evernear near still Thine forChristians sweet aid to release, lend,

Ever the side, Nothing Leave left us lead not butto heavn doubt and and prayer, fear, Gently us by the hand, Knowing Groping that onin our inadarkness names are drear; there, Pilgrims desert land; When Wading the deep storms the are dismal raging flood, sore, Weary souls foreer rejoice, Hearts Pleading grow faint, and by sweetest hopes Jesus blood, give oer, While they naught hear that voice Whispring softly, Wandrer come! Follow Me, Ill guide thee home.

VERSE O F I STAND AMAZED IN THE PRESENCE Hym VERSE 5 n# 2 3 4 1O5 F 46 4 How marvelous! For me it was in beheld the garden He prayed, IOh, stand amazed in the presence In He When pity took the angels my ransomed sins and in my Him, glory sorrows, how marvelous! Not my will, but Of Jesus the Nazarene, And

He His made face came I them at from lastThine, His the shall very world see, own; of light He had no tears for His own griefs, And wonder how He could love me, To He Twill comfort bore bewonderful! the myHim burden joy in thro the tothe sorrows Calvry, ages how But sweat drops of blood for mine. oh, how wonderful! A condemned, unclean. Hesinner, And To sing bore suffered of

for His my and love soul died for that me. alone. night. Is mymy And Saviours song shall love ever for me! be; And Is mymy Saviours song shall love ever for me! be; VERSE O F A SHELTER IN THE TIME OF STORM Hym VERSE 4 n# 2 3 1O4 F 46 5 The AO shade raging Rockby storms divine, day, defense may O Refuge bydear, us night, beat,

The Lords our Rock, inround Him we hide, A shelter in the time of storm; Well No BeSecure fears Thou never alarm, our leave helper, no ourfoes ever retreat, near, whatever illsafe beaffright, tide, A shelter in the time of storm. Oh, Jesus is a Rock in a weary land, A weary land, a weary land; Oh, Jesus is a Rock in a weary land, A shelter in the time of storm. VERSE O F DAY BY DAY VERSE 3 2 1 O F 3 46 6 Hym n# Help Every me then Day

byday day The Help protection me Lord, He whose heart the Lord in every Himself tribulation near me and with each passing moment, when His toil child and trouble and treasure meeting isof kind beyond allis measure With to aunto trust special Thy mercy promises, for each OHe Lord, hour; Strength I find to meet my trials here; Eer IsSo a to charge take,

that as from on Himself a fathers hand, laid; Gives each day what He deems That my I cares lose Trusting in All One As thy by days, one, best He not fain faiths would sweet bear, and consolation cheer me, my Fathers wise bestowment, thy the strength days, the shall moments be in measure! fleeting, Lovingly, He Ive whose Offered name me is Thy

holy and word. Power. cause forCounselor worry or for fear. This its Tilno the I reach pledge the to promised mepleasure, He made. land. part ofwithin pain and Mingling toil with peace and rest. VERSE O F ONLY TRUST HIM VERSE 4 2 3 1 O F 4 46 7 Hym n# Come, For Yes, Jesus then, Jesus shed and is the

His join truth, precious thisoppressed, the holyway, blood band, Come, evry soul by sin Rich That And blessings leads on to you glory tointo bestow; go, rest; Theres mercy with the Lord, Plunge To Believe dwell now in ininto Him thatthe without celestial crimson delay, land, flood And He will surely give you rest That Where And washes you joysare immortal white blest.

snow. flow. By trusting infully Hisas word. Only trust Him, only trust Him, only trust Him now; He will save you, He will save you, He will save you now. VERSE O F CHRIST LIVETH IN ME VERSE 3 2 1 O F 3 46 8 Hym n# Christ liveth in me,_ As With rays longing offrom light allGod from my heart yonder is filled sun Once far and dead in sin, Christ liveth in The That flowrs like my Him ofheart Iearth

may set be, free, That Christ liveth in could me. No light see, That Christ liveth in me. So As on life the and wondrous light and thought lovelight came II dwell, forth But in Gods the found Christ liveth inWord me;_ O From That Christliveth living in in me. me;_ Christ Christ liveth in me; O Now Christ liveth inme. me. what a salvation this what a salvation this VERSE O F HIS WAY WITH THEE

VERSE 3 2 1 O F 3 46 9 Hym n# His power can make you Would youin live for Jesus, Would Would you have you Him His make kingdom you free, what youofought tocall? be: andand be always pure and good? find a place follow at constant His rest? His bloodyou can cleanse your heart Would youknow

walk with Him Would Would you prove the Him peace true and the make you free; within narrow road? that in comes providential by giving test? all? His love can fillbear youryour soul,burden, Would you have Him Would Would you you have in His Him service save you and all youyour will load? see carry so labor that always you can at your never best? fail? Twas best Him to thee.

Let Him have Hisfor way with Let Him have His way with thee. have His way with thee. VERSE O F O ZION, HASTE VERSE 4 2 3 1 O F 4 47 0 Hym n# Proclaim to evry O Zion, haste, Behold Give ofhow thy many sons Publish glad tidings, tongue, and nation thy mission, high fulfilling, to people, bear thousands the

message still are glorious; lying, tidings of peace, The God, in whom To tell to all Bound Givein ofthe thydarksome wealth Tidings ofGod they live them and move, Love: the world that isis Light; to speed prison house onJesus, of their sin, way; Tell how He stoopd That He who redemption and release. Pour With out none thy tomade soul tell to save

His lost creation, all nations is not willing for them them of the in prayr Saviours victorious; dying, And died on earth One soul should perish, And Or ofallthe thou lifespendest He died for Jesus them willto repay. win. that man might live above. lost in shades of night. VERSE O F AT CALVARY VERSE 4 2 3 1 O F 4 47 1

Hym n# Oh, ByNow Gods the Ive love givn that atin drew to last Jesus my salvations evrything, sin I pride, learned; plan! Years IWord spent vanity and Oh, Then Now the I trembled grace I gladly own at brot the Him law itas down Id myspurned, King, to man! Caring not that my Lord was crucified, Oh, Now Knowing Tillthe my my mighty guilty raptured gulf

soul imploring that Godonly did turned sing span not itsoul was forcan me He died To Of At Calvary. On Calvary. Mercy there was great, and grace was free; Pardon there was multiplied to me; There my burdened soul found liberty, At Calvary. VERSE O F HEAR US, O SAVIOUR! VERSE 3 2 1 O F 3 47 2 Hym n# Knowing Trusting Word love, on that Thee cannot wepray, call, fail, Hear us, Thy O Saviour, while

we Thy Master, Boldly Thy we claim addressing; promise; Humbly ourthrone needThy confessing; Pleading Oh, that ourshowers faith may ofshowers grace now prevail may fall Grant usthat the promised today Send Sendus them the upon showers, us, OOLord! Lord! Send showers of blessing; Send showers refreshing; Send us showers of blessing; Send them, Lord, we pray! VERSE O F LORD, LAY SOME SOUL UPON MY HEART Hym VERSE 3 n# 2 1O3 F 47 3 Lord, To win lead that mesoul to some

for Thee soul alone in sin, Lord, lay some soul upon my heart, Will And begrant my that through I may prayer; beme; And love thatconstant soul That when reached the great throne Endued with and love to win And Ive may I power bravely do mywhite part IllTo meet one there. That soul, deardear Lord, for Thee. win that soul for Thee. that Some Some soul soul for for Thee,

Thee, some some soul soul for for Thee, Thee, This This is is my my earnest earnest plea; plea; Help Help me me each each day, day, on on lifes lifes highway, highway, To To win win some some soul soul for for Thee. Thee. VERSE O F COME, OH COME, WITH THY BROKEN HEART VERSE 3 2 1 O F 3 47 4 Hym n# Come Firmly andcling taste towith of the the blessed precious cross, feast,

Come, oh come, thy broken heart, There Feast shall of worn eternal thy refuge love; be; Weary and with care; Wash Think thee of joys now that in at the forever crimson bloom, fount, Come and kneel the open door, Flowing Bright inso the pure lifefor above: thee: Jesus is waiting there: Come List towith the agentle trusting heart voice! to soul, God, Waiting to heal thywarning wounded Come Listand to the

begive saved earnest bycall! grace: Waiting to thee rest: Come, Leave at the Hewalk longs cross to thyclasp burden thee now: now Why wiltfor thou where shadows fall? Close Jesus in willdear bearembrace. itbreast! all. Come toHis His loving VERSE O F THE SAVIOUR IS WAITING VERSE 2 1 O F 2 47 5 Hym n#

time If youll takeafter oneisstep tward TheTime Saviour waiting He waited the Saviour, mybefore, friend, to has enter your heart, Anddont now He is waiting again Youll find you His arms open wide; Why let Him come in? To see ifHim, youre willing Receive and allworld of Theres nothing in this to keep openyou the will door, your darkness end, to apart, Oh, how He wants to come in. Within heart

Hell What isyour your answer toabide. Him? VERSE O F BE STILL, MY SOUL VERSE 3 2 1 O F 3 47 6 Hym n# Be Be still my soul: the hour is on still,my mysoul: soul:thy theGod Lorddoth is hastning onundertake thy side; Be still, When To guide we the shallfuture be forever as He has the Lord, Bear patiently the cross

ofwith griefthe or past; pain; Thy hope, confidence let nothing disappointment, Leave toWhen thythy God to order and provide; andshake; fear are gone, In everygrief, change He faithful will remain. All now mysterious be joys bright at last. Sorrow forgot, purest restored. Beloves still,shall my soul: Be still, my soul:Friend thy best, thy heavnly the waves and winds know when change and tears are past, Thro thorny ways leads tostill a joyful end. His voice who ruled them

All safe and blessed we shall meet at while He last. dwelt below. VERSE O F BEYOND THE SUNSET VERSE 4 2 3 1 O F 4 47 7 Hym n# Beyond Beyond Beyond the the the sunset sunset sunset, no aO hand clouds O glad willwill reunion, guide gather, me Beyond the sunset, blissful morning, No To storms God, With

will the our threaten, Father, dear loved whom no fears ones I adore; annoy; When with our Saviour heavn is begun, Earths ended, O dawning; O daytoiling of His whove gladness, glorious gone presence, O glorious before; day unending, Beyond the sunset, when day isjoy! done. Beyond His In that the words sunset, fairofhomeland welcome, eternal Will be my wellportion know no on parting, that fair shore. Beyond the sunset forevermore! VERSE O F I WOULD BE LIKE JESUS VERSE

4 2 3 1 O F 4 47 8 Hym n# That AllHe the inhas heaven way broken from Heevery earth may meet to fetter, glory, me, Earthly pleasures vainly call me, I would be like Jesus; That His Well done, may greet That Telling mywords, soul oermay andshall serve oer the Him story, better, Nothing worldly enthrall me, me, I would be like Jesus.

would be this like my Jesus. Be Ilike Jesus, song, Jesus, my throng; song, InBe thelike home andthis in the In the home andall inday the long! throng; Be like Jesus BeI like Jesus long! would be all likeday Jesus. I would be like Jesus. VERSE O F BRING THEM IN VERSE 3 2 1 O F 3 47 9 Hym n# Wholl Outtis go in and the desert help this hear

Shepherd their cry, kind, Hark! Shepherds voice I hear, Help Out on Him the mountains wandring wild ones and to high; find? Out inthe the desert dark and drear, Wholl Hark! tis bring the Master lost ones speaks to the to astray thee, fold, Calling thethe sheep whove gone Where theyll be sheltered from the cold? Go my sheep whereer they be. Farfind from the Shepherds fold away.

Bring them in, bring them in, Bring them in from the fields of sin; Bring them in, bring them in, Bring the wandring ones to Jesus. VERSE O F WHY NOT NOW? VERSE 4 2 3 1 O F 4 48 0 Hym n# Why not now?_ While you pray and while wetoplead, In this world youve failed find You Come have to Christ, wandered confession far away make Why not now? While see your souls need, Aught of peace

for troubled mind; Do notyou Come to risk Christ another and pardon day;deep take; While your Father calls home, Come toturn Christ, on Himyou believe Do you Trust in Him from from God day your to day face, Why not now?_ Will you not, my brother, come? Why not now? Peace and joy you shall receive. Butwill He today keep accept you all His

the grace. way. Why not come to Jesus now? Why not come to Jesus now? VERSE O F PRAISE HIM! PRAISE HIM! VERSE 3 2 1 O F 3 48 1 Hym n# Praise praise Him! Sound Christ is coming, praises! LikeHim! aHis shepherd, Jesus, our blessed Redeemer! Jesus overwill who theguard world bore our victorious, sorrows, Jesus His children; Heavnly For our portals Sing, Osins Earth,

and Love glory unbounded, unto theHe Lord belong: InPowr His arms He carries them all day long: suffered loud with and hosannas bled and ring! died; His wonderful love proclaim! wonderful, Praise Him! deep, praise and Him! strong: Jesus, He our Saviour, Rock, hail Him! tell Praise ofHail His Him! excellent praise greatness; Him! Him! our reigneth hope of forever eternal and salvation, ever: highest inHim!

glory; tell Praise of Hisarchangels Him! excellent praise greatness; Hail Him! Crown hail Him! Jesus crown the Him! crucified: Strength and honor Praise ever in joyful praise song! Him! prophet and priest and king! give to His holysong! name! ever in joyful VERSE O F HEAVEN CAME DOWN VERSE 3 2 1 O F 3 48 2 Hym n#

Now Born Ive of at the awere hope Spirit that with will life surely from above endure O what a wonderful, wonderful day When My Heaven sins came the cross washed down the and away Saviour glory Into After Gods famly divine; of time; Day I the will never forget; When My Heaven sins atpassing were came the cross washed down the and away Saviour

glory IJustified haveId a future fully thru in heaven Calvarys forlove, sure, After wandered in darkness away, O There what inathose standing mansions mine! sublime. Jesus my Saviour I is met. made And filled my my me night soul,_ soul!_ whole;_ was turned to day the transaction so quickly wasfriend, made, And its abecause that wonderful day O what tender, of compassionate made And filled my my me soul, soul!

whole; was filled made turned my soul, soul! towhole; day filled myme as anight sinner I Icame, When at the cross believed; He met the need of my heart; Took ofeternal the offer of grace He Idid proffer, Shadows dispelling, with joy am telling, Riches and blessings supernal He saved me, O darkness praise dear name! made all the depart! From His precious handHim I received. VERSE O F

ONLY ONE PLAN VERSE 3 2 1 O F 3 48 3 Hym n# Theres only ofto you, The price ofone the plan Gods part is complete, plan of redemption This plan of the ages Theres only oneplan plan GodsThis plan now depends upon redemption for man, the Fathers own Son, you. save a depends lost world, He is looking

to you, required of the Son, for the lost world to hear, Godswas plan now upon And we are a part ofself that plan; The Was dearest formed thing in the heaven mind of could our God. hold; That He give His own on aforth. tree. To spread the glad message abroad; The message by us must go Theres no other way ToInus

has been given this story of love, Salvation for all through infinite love He sent Jesus to die, His lifeblood to shed If world the is to hear, For we must tell others that a lost world will know; Our part is to reach evry man. Christs death onis the cross, What a price to reclaim a lost world. for the sins of mankind, If the story

told, and they others still, Gods plan now depends upon you. Butthe the world must themight story be told. That man, innow his guilt, goearth. free. Gods plan depends upon you. Till story has covered the VERSE O F THE KING IS COMING VERSE 3 2 1 O F 3 48 4 Hym n# IHappy can faces theline chariots rumble, The

market place ishallways, empty, O hear the King isthe coming, ThoseINo can whose seelives the marching have been throng, redeemed, more traffic the streets, the King isincoming! Broken flurry Gods He has trumpets mended, AllThe thehomes builders tools aresounding, silent, I just heard theofthat trumpets Those Spells the from end prison of harvest sin Heand haswheat; wrong; freed; No more time to And now His face I see; Regal Little robes children

arecease and nowthe unfolding, aged Busy housewives their labors, O the King is coming, Heavens Hand grandstands handroom stand all aglow, in place, In theincourt noall debate, the King is coming! Who Heavens were choir crippled, is now broken, assembled, ruined, Work on earth is all suspended Praise God, Hes coming for me! Clad Start in to garments sing Amazing white as Grace! snow. As the King comes

thru the gate. VERSE O F SPRINGS OF LIVING WATER VERSE 3 2 1 O F 3 48 5 Hym n# O sinner, sweet the you come water IHow thirsted inwont the living barren land Drinking at the springs of living water, from today theand tohills Calvary? of God, of sin shame, Happy now am I, My soul they satisfy; It makes me A glad fountain and there happy isallI the way; And nothing satisfying there found; Drinking at the springs of living water,

Now flowing glory, grace, deep and andwide; blessing But to the blessed cross of Christ O wonderful and bountiful supply! The mark Saviour theday path now Ive invites trod, you one I came, Im shouting to the Hallelujah water free, Where springs ofevery day. Where thirsting spirits be satisfied. living water didcan abound. VERSE O F AM I A SOLDIER OF THE CROSS? Hym VERSE 4 n# 2 3 1O4 F 48 6 Must I be carried to

the skies Are Sure there I must no fight foesof if for Ithe would me to reign face? Am Ia soldier cross? On flowry beds ofLamb? ease, Increase Must I not my stem courage, the flood? Lord! A follwer of the While others fought to win the prize Is Ill this bear vile the toil, a endure friend the to grace, pain, And shall Iworld

fear to own His cause And sailed thru bloody seas? To help byon Thy to God? OrSupported blush tome speak HisWord. name? VERSE O F FROM GREENLANDS ICY MOUNTAINS Hym VERSE 4 n# 2 3 1O4 F 48 7 Shall What Waft,we, though waft, whose yethe winds, souls spicy are His breezers lighted story, From Greenlands icy mountains, Blow With Andsoft wisdom

you, oer ye from waters, Ceylons on roll, high, isle; From Indias coral strand, Though Shall Till,we every liketoamen prospect sea of benighted glory, pleases, Where Africs sunny fountains It spreads The And lamp only from of man life pole isdeny? vile; to sand, pole; Roll down their golden Till In Salvation! vain oer our withransomed lavish Oancient salvation! kindness nature From many an river, The

The The gifts Lamb joyful offor sound God are proclaim, strewn; slain, From many a sinners palmy plain, The Till Redeemer, earths heathen in King, his Creator, blindness nation They callremotest us to deliver Bows Has Inlearned down bliss toMessiahs wood toand reign. name. stone. Their land returns from errors chain. VERSE O F TAKE ME, O MY FATHER VERSE 3 2 1 O

F 3 48 8 Hym n# Fruitless Once years worlds Redeemer grieftake recalling, dying Take the me, O mywith Father, me! Bare Humbly our sins I confess upon my theThy sin; tree; Take me, save me, thro son; That At which Thee wouldst have me, make On Thythat feet, Sacrifice O Father, relying, falling, To Now ThyI look household inme, hope take to Thee: me in. Let Thy

willto inThee me be done. Father, Freely take now me! all-forgiving, I proffer LongFold fromrepenting Thee my heart footsteps straying, This me to Thy lovingofbreast; mine; Thorny way I trod; Freely In Thyproved love life and forthe soul ever Iliving, offer, Weary come I now, praying, Gift I must unworthy be forever loveand like blessed! Thine. Take me to Thy love, my God! VERSE O F NOR SILVER NOR GOLD VERSE 4 2 3 1

O F 4 48 9 Hym n# IBought amsilver redeemed,_ bought,_ with price_ but but Nor noragold hath obtained Imy redemption, am I am bought, redeemed, Bought with a The guilt into holy way commandment ofofmy heaven conscience Nor riches earth the blood of Jepoor - soul; sus,_ too forbade could not me thus had draw be grown; bought; have saved my not heavy with sil

gold;_ -near; ver;_ price precious blood of The of thethe cross I amblood am re - deemed, bought, but but not notwith with gold; silver; is my only foundation, Precious of love untold. The death of my price Saviour Jesus, Precious price of love untold. could removeth redemption only my atone. hath fear. wrought. now maketh me whole. VERSE O F WHEN MORNING GILDS THE SKIES Hym VERSE 4 n# 2 3 1O4 F 49 0 Wheneer

The In heavens night the becomes sweet eternal asbliss day, bell When morning gildschurch the skies, When The Peals loveliest from over the hill strain heart andcries, is we dell, this, say, My heart awaking May Jesus Christ be praised! The Let O powrs earth, hark toand ofwhat darkness sea, it prayer, sings, andfear, sky Alike at work and When From this As depth joyously sweet tochant it rings, they reply,

hear, To Jesus Iheight repair; May Jesus Christ be praised. VERSE O F I WILL SING OF MY REDEEMER Hym VERSE 4 n# 2 3 1O4 F 49 1 Paidthe Sing, With On the His Ocross_ debt_ blood sing_ of He II will sing of my Redeemer will tell praise the my wondrous dear Redeemer, story, sing of my Redeemer Sing, With On Paid the the His oh, cross

debt blood singHe and ofHe sealed my made purchased Redeemer, my mepardon, free, And His lovelove to me; How His myheavenly lost estate power to Ill save, Andtriumphant His wondrous totell, me; He from death to life hath brought me, In How the boundless He love giveth and mercy, On the cruel cross He suffered He pur - chased me;_ myHis sealed and made Re

my -victory me dee par free. - - mer,_ don,_ Son of God, with Him to be. me; With Hisof He He Over the sin ransom and death freely and gave. hell. From the curse toblood set me free. Sing, On and made oh, the sing cross me free. He my sealed Redeemer, my pardon, purchased _ me; VERSE O F MY WONDERFUL LORD VERSE 4 2 3

1 O F 4 49 2 Hym n# wonderful Thou All IMy desire the art talents that fairer my ILord, to have life me I have found a deep peace mybe wonderful Lord, shall than I have laid ordered fairest at Thy of by earth, feet, Thee, that Ithe never had known, Byaangels and seraphs innot heaven Thou Thy That

approval omnipotent, mythis will be shall inlife-giving perfect be my reward; accord Word; And joy world could afford, adored! With Be OSince my Thine Thou store own great sovereign of orDays, small, will, I Ancient yielded control I bow at Thyand Thou Thy Imy art surrender desires worthy toshrine, all itfulfill, all praise, of body soul My Saviour divine, Lord. ToMy my wonderful, wonderful, wonderful wonderful Lord.

My wonderful, wonderful Lord. VERSE O F WE GATHER TOGETHER VERSE 3 2 1 O F 3 49 3 Hym n# Beside We do us to extol guide Thee, us, Weall gather together Thou leader with us in blessing, battle, joining, toour askGod the Lords And Ordaining, pray that maintaining Thou still He chastens and hastens our His defender kingdom divine;

be. His will to makewilt known; So Letfrom Thy the congregation beginning The wicked oppressing the fight escape tribulation; were winning, now ceasewe from distressing, Thou, Thy Lord, be wast ever at praised: our side: Singname praises to His name, Othe Lord, glory make be us Thine! He forgets not Hisfree! own. VERSE O F STILL, STILL WITH THEE VERSE 4 2 3 1 O

F 4 49 4 Hym n# When So Alone shall sinks with itwith bethe Thee, at soul, last, Still, still Thee, subdued amid inpurple that theby bright mystic toil, to morning shadows, slumber, when morning breaketh, When The Its the closing solemn soul hush bird eyes waketh, look and of nature up lifes to shadows Thee shadows newly in born; prayer; flee; and the

flee; Sweet Oh, Alone in the with that repose hour, Thee Fairer than morning, beneath fairer in breathless than Thy daylight wings adoration, oershading, dawning, lovelier than the daylight, Shall rise But In the the sweeter glorious calm dew still thought Dawns the sweet consciousness, to and wake freshness I am andwith find ofThee. Thee the morn. there. VERSE O F COME, OH, COME! VERSE

3 2 1 O F 3 49 5 Hym n# Calling now,_ Come, isis calling, oh come, come, while delay no longer, whenChrist Christ Come, oh Calling now,_ pleading; For thaccepted time now; Linger not in paths of is sin; Oh, what love His tones convey! Yield, oh yield yourself to Jesus, Sever evry tie that binds you, calling now,_ Will slight profferd mercy, And you before

HisHis sceptre bow. thecalling heavnly race begin. now, Will you longer from Him stray? Hear the Saviour calling now. now; Hear the Saviour calling now. calling now, VERSE O F HE TOUCHED ME VERSE 2 1 O F 2 49 6 Hym n# Since I met by thisa blessed Saviour, Shackled heavy burden, Since He cleansed made whole, Neath a load ofand guilt and me shame I will never to praise Him Then the handcease of Jesus touched me, Ill now

shout it while eternity And I am no longer therolls. same. He touched me, O He touched me, And O the joy that floods my soul; Something happened, and now I know, He touched me and made me whole. VERSE O F HIS PROMISE TO ME VERSE 3 2 1 O F 3 49 7 Hym n# Should misfortune meet me, friends may has never broken any promise How the thot enthralls me that whateer He will keep His promise to me,_ Darkness

may oertake me and my song fail spoken; befalls forsakeme, me, His promise to me, He has broken any promise One willnever always love me the same; Butgreet alone I never shall be; But if tothe Jesus spoken; Allever wayI stay, with me Not a true trial causes Him to severHe For the Friend beside me promised He willthe still uphold let His name. love to me, Allones the

way with me From whome, honor His would guide me He keep promise, unfold Andwill willme keepHis His promiseI know. to me. He keep promise, I know. Evry dreary mile of the way. will go;_ His He will He will go; He will go; VERSE O F JESUS LEADS US HOME VERSE 3 2 1 O F 3 49 8 Hym n# The It makes flowers glad

beside and our pathway Along theus sandy That How sweet Jesus leads thedesert, blest usjoyful, home,_ assurance, And May wither, evry and load, die; How Mid lightens scorching winds that blow; us sweetfade, the blest assurance, leads To But know fairer that ones Heare goes blooming with us Across the rugged mountains, home, Along For us lifes beyond sky: road; Whose topsrugged arethe white with snow; That

Jesus leads us home! Each And daymid we feel careHis and presence, sorrow Or intho the darksome valley That Jesus leads usroam, home,_ home! Tho Our weary trials oft steps may may come; Whereer our feet may roam, How sweet the blest assurance, leads us That Jesus leads us home! home, VERSE O F THE TOUCH OF HIS HAND ON MINE Hym VERSE 4 n# 2 3 1O4 F 49 9 In the last

sad hour, When are the times, way when is dim, tired Oh, There the There touch are of days His hand so dark on mine, as (on IItoilsome alone ofthat and the Istand cannot see road, seek mine,) in vain Where the powers of death combine, Thro That for the ways mist of the His world wiseon design, I pine; Oh, Forthe the touch face of

ofof my His Friend hand Divine; mine! While the dark waves roll How Butmy He glad draws heart me yearns back But tho (on darkness mine!) hide, He will guide my soul and to the my upward faithto returns track There He is there grace and guide powr, is By the the touch touch of His hand By on mine. mine. in theof trying His hand hour,on In the touch of His hand on mine.

VERSE O F WHO AT MY DOOR IS STANDING? Hym VERSE 4 n# 2 3 1O4 F 50 0 All Lonely through Doorat ofwithout my thedoor heart, dark Hes Istanding, hasten! staying: dreary, Who my ishours Thee Knocking Lonely willwithin Iagain openam is wide. He; I; Patiently drawing near, Tho Jesus, While He art rebuke I am Thou stilland not delaying, chasten, weary, Entrance within demanding? Will

Waiting He shall Heisnot so with long pass mefor me abide. me? by? Whose the voice I hear? Sweetly the tones are falling: Open the door for me! If thou wilt heed My calling, I will abide with thee. VERSE O F HE INCLUDED ME VERSE 4 2 3 1 O F 4 50 1 Hym n# Jesus included me, Freely come drink, Ever SpiritWhosoever is saying, Come! Gladly I read, may I amGods so

happy in Christ today, Yes, He included me, words the soul to thrill! Hear theto Bride saying, No longer roam; Come the fountain of life today; That I go singing along my way; When the Lord said Whosoever, O with what joy they my heart do fill! ButBut I am sure while theyre calling home, when I read it I always say, Yes,

Im so happy to know and say, He included me; For when He included said, Whosoever Jesus me too. will, Jesus included me too. Jesus included me, Jesus included me too. Yes, He included me, When the Lord said Whosoever, He included me. VERSE O F HES A WONDERFUL SAVIOUR TO ME Hym VERSE 4 n# 2 3 1O4 50 2 F Dearer grows always the near love aisFriend so true, I was For Hes lostHes in aHe wonderful sin, but Jesus

Saviour rescued to me, me, comfort Jesus day and by to cheer, so patient and soday, kind; Hes to a of wonderful (wonderful!) Saviour to me; Hesaawonderful wonderful Saviour Hes Saviour to tome. me; (So wonderful!) (So wonderful!) (So wonderful!) I was (wonderful!) bound by fear, Sweeter He forgives is His my grace sins, Evrything I Jesus need in Him Ifree, always find, I was lost but in sin, but set Jesus me took me

in: while He dries pressing my evry on my tear, way, Hes a wonderful Saviour to me. Hes a wonderful Saviour to me. (So wonderful!) (So wonderful!) VERSE O F SAVIOUR, MORE THAN LIFE TO ME Hym VERSE 3 n# 2 1O3 F 50 3 May Thy Evry day,_ tender love to evry mehour,_ Thro Let me this love changing Thee more world and below, more, Saviour, more, than life to me, EvryThy May daytender

and hour, loveevry to meday and Lead Till mefleeting, gently, fleeting gentlyclose as life I go; is oer, Ihour, amthis clinging, clinging to Thee; Trusting Till Thee, is lost Icloser, cannot in love, stray, Let Thy precious blood applied, Bindmy mesoul closer, Lord, to Thee. IKeep In can ame brighter, never, never brighter lose world my way. above. me ever, ever near Thy side. Let Bind me feel closer, Thy

closer, cleansing Lord, powr; to Thee. Let me feel Thy cleansing powr; VERSE O F LEAD ME TO CALVARY VERSE 3 2 1 O F 3 50 4 Hym n# Show meofthe Thou wast May I my betomb willing, Lord, to bear King life, Iwhere crown Thee now,laid, Tenderly mourned and wept; Daily cross Thee; Thine my shall the for glory be; in Thy robes lighttoarrayed Even

Thy cupthorn-crowned ofofgrief share, LestAngels I forget brow, Guarded Thee whilst slept. Thou hast borne allThou for me. Lead me to Calvary. Lest I forget Gethsemane; Lest I forget Thine agony; Lest I forget Thy love for me, Lead me to Calvary. VERSE O F ALMOST PERSUADED NOW TO BELIEVE Hym VERSE 3 n# 2 1O3 F 50 5 Almostpersuaded persuaded, harvest is past! Almost persuaded, Almost now to believe; Almostpersuaded persuaded, doom comes at come, comeChrist today, Almost to receive; last! soul Almost

persuaded, turn to notsay, away; Seems now some Almost cannot avail; invites here, Jesus Go, Spirit, goyou Thy way, Almost is but to fail! Angels areconvenient lingring near, Some more day, Sad, sad that bitter wail Prayrs rise from Ill hearts On Thee call.so dear; Almost, but lost! O wandrer, come! VERSE O F REDEEMED, HOW I LOVE TO PROCLAIM IT Hym VERSE 4 n# 2 3 1O4 F 50 6 Redeemed, (redeemed,) Redeemed,

how I so love proclaim it! Redeemed, knowofI shall and see happy in to His beauty in Jesus, I Ithink my blessed Redeemer, redeemed, (redeemed,) Redeemed by the blood of the Lamb; No The language king in whose my rapture law I delight; can tell; I think of Him all the day long; Redeemed by the blood of the Lamb; thro His infinite mercy, Who I Redeemed know lovingly that the guardeth light of my

His footsteps presence I sing, for I cannot be silent; Redeemed, (redeemed,) His child, and forever, I am. And With giveth me doth me songs continually in the dwell. night. His love is the theme of my song. redeemed, (redeemed,) His child and forever, I am. VERSE O F BURDENS ARE LIFTED AT CALVARY Hym VERSE 3 n# 2 1O3 F 50 7 Cast Troubled carelifted our on Jesus Saviour today,

can Days your are soul, filled with sorrow and see care, Burdens are at Calvary, Leave Evry heartache your worry and and tear; fear; Hearts areare lonely and drear; Burdens lifted at Calvary, Burdens are lifted at Calvary, Jesus is near. Calvary, Jesus isvery very Calvary; near._ Jesus is very Calvary, Calvary; very near. VERSE O F WE HAVE AN ANCHOR VERSE 4 2 3 1 O F 4

50 8 Hym n# We have anmoored, anchor When ItItisyour will safely ourfirmly eyes hold behold Will anchor hold that keeps the twill thro in the the straits storm gathring withstand, of fear, night storms ofsoul life, in the Steadfast and sure When For the The tis breakers city well of secured gold, have told When the clouds unfold

while the roll, by our the Saviours reefbillows isof bright, near; hand; their wings strife? theharbor Fastened to thetides Rock And Tho Wethe shall thecables, tempest anchor passed fast rave When the strong lift, which cannot move, and from by the Hisheavnly wild heart winds to shore, mine, blow, and the cables strain, the Grounded firm deep With Can Notthe defy anstorms angry

thatand wave blast, alldrift, past Will your anchor in the Saviours love. shall thro forevermore. strength bark oer divine. flow. orour firm remain? VERSE O F I BELONG TO THE KING VERSE 3 2 1 O F 3 50 9 Hym n# I belong to the King, ImHe a child ofme Hisis and and His loves promise I love, know, sure, And He never

forsaketh own; For That His we mercy all shall and bekindness, gathered so at free, last I shall dwell in His palaceHis so fair; He will call me day In Are His unceasingly kingdom above, mine, For He tells ofsome its bliss towheresoever His heaven palace by lifes waters above, so I go, pure, in yon above, IWhen shall dwell bywith glorified throne. Andchildren this my refuge

life unfailing its trials isis He. past. And His inHis splendor shall share. VERSE O F JESUS WILL WALK WITH ME VERSE 4 2 3 1 O F 4 51 0 Hym n# Jesus will will walk walk with with me with me, me Jesus Jesus inguarding lifes fairthe morning, when I talk am me tempted, ever, down He will thru with valley,

me; And when the shadows of Giving me strength me victory asme my Jesus HeGiving will willwalk walk with withme; evening must come; thru need storm may demand; strife; In over joy orthe inand plain; sorrow, or dying,His When HeLiving isin my in affliction Comforter, When today and the tomorrow, shadow or He will forsake me.me. presence Counselor, is near Leader, me, I know

when Heinnot will the walk sunshine, with Jesus willupheld walk with me all the home. I am Over the uneven by journey almighty of hand. life. If He goes with meHis I shall not way complain. VERSE O F NOW I BELONG TO JESUS VERSE 3 2 1 O F 3 51 1 Hym n# JoyOnce floods myLord soul for Jesus hasforever,

saved me, Imy was lostwill in sins Jesus love degradation, me Freed me from that had enslaved Jesus down to bring salvation, Fromcame Him no sin powr oflong evilme can sever, Lifted me uplife from sorrow and shame, He gave His tome, ransom for my soul, His precious He gave to redeem, Nowblood I belong to Him; Now II belong belong to to Jesus, Him; Now Now JesusI belong belongstotoJesus, me, Jesus me,alone, Not for the belongs years of to time Not for the

of time alone, But years for eternity. But for eternity. VERSE O F O MASTER, LET ME WALK WITH THEE Hym VERSE 4 n# 2 3 1O4 F 51 2 Teach me the Thy patience; still with Thee Help In Master, hope me that slow sends a heart shining to Thee move ray O let me of walk with closer, dearer company Far By down some the clear, futures winning broadning wordfree; of love; way, In In

lowly paths of service InTeach work that keeps faith sweet and strong, In peace meThy that the secret, only wayward Thou feet canst tobear give, stay, Tell me help me Inguide trust that over wrong. And With Thee, them in Master, the let me live. way. The strain ofOtriumphs toil, thehomeward fret of care. VERSE O F SAVIOUR, BREATHE AN EVENING BLESSING Hym VERSE 4 n# 2

3 1O4 51 3 F Should swift death this nightand oertake us, Though Though the destruction nightan beevening walk dark around dreary, us, Saviour, breathe blessing, And couch become tomb, Darkness Though cannot the arrow hide past from us Thee; fly, Ere our repose our spirits seal; May the morn in heavn awake us,us; Angel Thou guards art He from who, Thee

never surround weary, Sin and want we come confessing: Clad light and bloom. Watchest Wein are safe where if deathless Thou are nigh. be. Thou canst save , Thy and people Thou canst heal. VERSE O F IN CHRIST THERE IS NO EAST OR WEST Hym VERSE 4 n# 2 3 1O4 F 51 4 In now meet both East and West, Join hands, then, brothers ofor

the faith, In Him shall true hearts everywhere InChrist Christ there is no East West, In meet South and North; Whateer race may be: Their high communion find; InHim Him noyour South or North; All Christly souls are oneasinof Him, Who serves my Father acord, son His service is the golden But one great fellowship love Throughout the whole wide earth. Is surely kin

to me. Close binding all mankind. Throughout the whole wide earth. VERSE O F PRECIOUS MEMORIES VERSE 4 2 3 1 O F 4 51 5 Hym n# Precious memries, how they linger, In Precious As the I travel stillness father, on of lifes loving the pathway, midnight, mother, Precious memries, unseen angels, How they ever flood my soul. Know

Echoes Flyfrom not across what from the the the lonely years past Imay hear; hold; Sent somewhere toyears; my soul; In the stillness of the midnight, And Old As old time I ponder, home singing, scenes hope gladness grows of my fonder, childhood, bringing, How they linger, ever near me, Precious, sacred scenes unfold. From Precious Inthat fond memries lovely memory land flood appears.

somewhere. my soul. And the sacred past unfold. (unfold.) Precious, sacred scenes unfold. VERSE O F I AM RESOLVED VERSE 5 2 3 4 1 O F 5 51 6 Hym n# and who with me? IJeam will sus, greatest, hasten towill highest, Him, Hasten am-resolved, resolved to go follow to the the the Saviour, kingdom, Saviour, no enter longer togo

linger, Come, friends, without delay, ILeaving Jesus, will hasten, Jesus, greatest, hasten tosin; highest, Him, Hasten Faithful and my the paths true and each ofstrife; day; Charmed bysin the worlds delight; Taught by the Bible, led by the just Spirit, He Heed Friends is the what may true He oppose one, sayeth, He me, is the one, Things that are higher, Well walk the heavenly way.

Iso will glad come and to free,_ Thee. He do foes what hath may the He beset willeth, words me,of life. things that are nobler, IStill will come toallured Thee. Hasten, glad and He iswill the I living enter in. way. These have my sight. free, VERSE O F THE GOD OF ABRAHAM PRAISE Hym VERSE 3 n# 2 1O3 F 51 7 He spirit hath

floweth eternal life, free, TheHis God of Abraham praise, High Implanted surgingbe in where the name, soul; it will; All praised His HisInlove prophets shall word our strength spoke of old, stay Who was,be and is,He and is toand be, He While speaketh roll. still. For aye ages the same! Praise Established to the is living HisGod, law, God! The one eternal And Allchangeless praised benow itHis shall name, stand, Ere

aught that appears; Deep Who writ was, upon and the is,beyond and human is to heart, be, The First, the Last: all thot For On aye seathe or land. same! His timeless years! VERSE O F GLORY EVER BE TO JESUS VERSE 3 2 1 O F 3 51 8 Hym n# Oh, In the His weary safe and days

holy ofJesus! keeping, wandring, Glory ever be to Neath Longing, hoping shadow forofthe Hislight! wing, Gods the own well-beloved Son! Gladly atinlast Hislie love all redeemed confiding, behind us,us, By These His grace He hath Jesus May is our souls strength His all praises and might. sing. It our finished, is done. Saved by grace thro faith in Jesus, Saved by His own precious blood, May we in His love abiding, Follow on to know the Lord. VERSE O F O SAFE TO THE ROCK VERSE 3 2 1 O

F 3 51 9 Hym n# In the How oft in ofthe noontide, O calm safe to theconflict, Rock Hiding in Thee, when in sorrows pressd lone bythan the hour, foe, that is higher I, hiding in Thee, In I My have times fled when temptation refuge soul in to itsmy conflicts Thou blest of Ages, and casts breathd oerRock me out itsmy powr;

woe; and sorrows would fly; In How the often, tempests when oftrials life, So sinful, so Im hiding inweary, Thee. on like its wide, sea heaving sea, Thine ownbillows wouldroll, I be; Thou Have blest I hidden RockinofThee, Ages, O Thou Im hiding Rock of in Thee! my soul. VERSE O F THEY THAT SOW IN TEARS VERSE 3 2 1 O F 3 52 0

Hym n# Does Though your the heart mists fillshall of with despair doubt They Though that sow it seems in tears that your reap prayers in joy, when cloud the sky you pray? For have Godalone is been on His inabove, vain, throne, Do Does youthe pray world tillprayed His your face soul annoy? Though Though youve your faith the tillappears? world it

seems Lift In your your sights! heart do Look youbeyond! know that your would heart destroy, would break, that youve God isintouched standing the near! throne? They Though that sow your tears heart shall should reap ache in joy! They shall that till sow reap intears joy who shall sow reap in in tears. joy. it in breaks in two, They that sow in tears shall reap in joy. VERSE O F HIS SHEEP AM I VERSE

2 1 O F 2 52 1 Hym n# In Gods green pastures feeding, Step Waters In Dark theby the eve cool,_ step_ night,_ ning by His cool waters lie; In the In the Step In evening the by valley, step valley, Soft in the evening walk my Lord and I. All the sheep of His pastures Pastures walk Rough my Lord my the and Lord green,_ way,_ I;and I; fare so wondrously fine, walk my Lord my

and Lord I; and On I; the mountain His sheep am I. VERSE O F TWAS JESUS BLOOD VERSE 3 2 1 O F 3 52 2 Hym n# No Jesus blood (Twas Jesus ITwas neer could be scorn at peace or creed with ofblood) God, man A doubters sinner, lost, condemned was I, that ransomed me, (that ransomed me,)

Can But for shake the my cleansing, faith in death crimson Calvrys plan; Doomed an eternal to flood, die; From chains of for sin Hesoul, His No But blood one but redeemed Christ could my win Jesus died me, mebore free, (Hefor set me free,) Itset made Atonement me sins pure and all sin whole; He penalty, While ages roll, (While ages roll,) HeOn signed ByCalvrys faithmy mypardon

life was in Him with began. Hishigh. blood. hill lifted my song shall be: (My song shall be:) Twas Jesus blood that ransomed me. (ransomed me.) VERSE O F WHAT A DAY THAT WILL BE VERSE 2 1 O F 2 52 3 Hym n# What aisday that will be Therell no sorrow there, Therebe coming a day when my Jesus I shall see, no no more burdens to bear, when heartaches shall come, And I look uponin His

No more sickness, noface pain, clouds the sky, No more the no One whotears saved bythe Hiseye; grace; nomore more parting over there; tome dim When He takes me forever I by willthe be hand, AllAnd is peace forevermore and leads through theshore Promised with theme One who died for me on that happy golden Land,day, that will be. What a day, glorious What a day, glorious day, that will be. VERSE O F WHAT IF IT WERE TODAY? VERSE

3 2 1 O F 3 52 4 Hym n# Glory, Satans Faithful dominion and truetowould will then He be findoer, us here Jesus isglory! coming earth again, O If He thatshould ititwere come today! today? What ifglory! were today? Glory, Sorrow Watching sighing gladness shall andbe not inmore, fear, Comingand inin power and love tono reign, O If

He that ititwere come today! today? When we shall crown Him King; What if were today? Joy Haste Jesus toshould will my to prepare come heart some twill the bring; way; day. When we shall crown Him Then Signs of to His the multiply, in Christ arise, Coming claim His chosen Bride, Joy shall Haste Jesus will come tocoming todead some my prepare day.

heart the twill way; King; Caught Morning up light to meet breaks Him inpurified, eastern in the skies, sky, All the redeemed and bring; When Watch, shall forwhole the these time glories is scattered drawing meet nigh, our eyes? Over this earth wide, What if it were today? VERSE O F O LET YOUR SOUL NOW BE FILLED Hym VERSE 3 n# 2 1O3 F 52 5 Praise be Still toO yours Him, the promise,

spotless Lamb, That unfailing love yours, If youGods seem It empty is your athe good, of anyisfeeling, let soul Who come through what the may, desertgiven, That you the only Son were Rejoice every you good are His transcending, ransomed bride! now be filled with gladness, In loss soul and is triumph, leading That by His death That heart Christ Ifmy those has died you for

cherish you and me! Your redeemed, rejoice indeed! Toiswhat inhas fair laughter, city ofthought joy crying, exceeding, opened heaven, It aHe gladness seem not that to love has you, no ending O may the In For want which and He riches, bought insadness living, me as dying, Iside, am. That you are ransomed as you are. Therein And dark Gods assails wondrous from every

love to see! banish all your That purchased you freed. are. that inyou His are blood you haveas been VERSE O F HOSANNA, LOUD HOSANNA VERSE 3 2 1 O F 3 52 6 Hym n# From Hosanna Olivet in they thehosanna, highest! followed Hosanna, loud that among the joyful song we crowd; sing; theancient little children sang; The

For victry Christpalm iscourt our branch Redeemer, waving, Thro pillared and temple, the with Lord praises of heavn, clear and our loud. King. the lovely anthem rang. The O may Lordwho we of earth ever and heaven Him To Jesus, had praise blessed then, with rode heart onand in lowly life and state, voice, close folded to His breast, Nor And scorned in His blissful that little presence children The children sang

their praises, should eternally on Hisand bidding rejoice. wait. the simplest the best. VERSE O F WHERE THE GATES SWING OUTWARD NEVER VERSE 4 2 3 1 O F 4 52 7 Hym n# Ill exchange my Tho Just What aa the few a hills joy more twill be cross years steep be Just few more days fortheir a starry crown, with and

when the I valleys wake toil and topraise, deep, see tears, to be filled with Where the gates swing outward never; Him With And for no the whom glowrs journey my my heart will way beisadorning; ended; burning! And to tell the old, old story; At HisThen, feet Ill lay evry burden down, Tho Then Nevermore the Ill night betwilight with tobe sigh, Him, lone

when falls, And with Jesus reign forever. where and nevermore my the rest tide a toof stone, die time and my Saviour calls, For Joy that awaits day eternity me in isthe blended. morning. yearning. IWith shall gomy to heart Him inis glory. VERSE O F HES EVERYTHING TO ME VERSE 1 O F 1 52 8 Hym

n# In the starsI His I see, Till by faith methandiwork Him face to face now He walks beside me day by day, On theI felt windthe Hewonder speaksof with And Hismajesty, grace, Ever watching oer me lest I stray, Though ruleth over sea, Then He I knew that Heland was and more Helping me find that narrow way, What is that todidnt me? care, than just a God who Hes everything to me. IThat will celebrate lived awaymy outliberty, there And the wonder And of His death for me, Sure, He came to set His people free, What is that to me? VERSE O F REACH OUT TO JESUS VERSE 2 1 O

F 2 52 9 Hym n# He is always there, hearing every prayer, Is life youre living Is the your burden heavy faithful true; filled sorrow and despair? aswith you bearand it all alone? Walking by our Histravel love Does the future press youwe hide Does theside, roadinyou the dayyet through. withall itsdanger worry and its care? harbor unknown? When you get discouraged Are you tired

and friendless, Are you growing weary just remember what do have lost way? inyou thealmost struggle ofyour itto all? Reach outhelp to Jesus, Jesus you, Jesus will will help you Hes reaching out you to you. just on come Him today. when Histo name call. VERSE O F THE LORDS PRAYER VERSE 1 O F 1 53 0 Hym n#

Give Our Father, us thisfor which dayThine our artdaily in heaven, bread, and hallowed forgive is thebe Kingdom us Thy ourname. debts the our Power as we Thyand forgive kingdom come, debtors. and theinto Glory, And leadThy us will not be done temptation, forever. on but earth deliver as itus is from in heaven. evil, Amen. VERSE O F

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