How to revise for English Language

How to revise for English Language

How to revise for English Literature Home Learning Books WHY? Look back at all the work and targets you have been given in these books. These are full of your revision. Each task has contributed to your independent understanding of how to approach the exam. This is your work and you should be proud of it. Task to do at home: Check if you have any outstanding targets that you still need to meet. Put in place strategies that will mean you are meeting these targets. How to revise for English Literature

Be Strategic with your revision WHY? If you know you have an area that is weaker target that area. For example, writing essays comparing the anthology poems or planning how to compare, then move onto your next weak area. Do revision little and often Dont cram the night before Do go over the question types Practice selecting the correct information and annotating extracts rather than always writing the full answer for Lit Paper 1 and create plans for the elsewhere & context that you could use for this How to revise for English Literature

Read: Your set texts again. WHY? Reading them again will consolidate your knowledge of the texts. Skim read and look for areas that you were unsure of initially Skim for quotes that you think are useful Read and make notes as you do Think carefully about which parts of the novel or text you were unsure of and re-read that part How to revise for English Literature Practise: full papers and planning questions WHY? It means you have put in lots of purposeful practise and will be completely confident

going into the exam about the expectations of how to revise. HOW? Go onto Google sites for past papers or ask your teacher for questions Summarise & infer the meaning in any Shakespeare extract from the play you have studied do the same with ACC or TSOF Plan essay question responses mind map, bullet point or create a planning poster any of these will show you can approach that question easily Get a blank copy of the anthology Power and Conflict and re-annotate it from memory to consolidate your understanding How to revise for English Literature Do metacognition activities

WHY? Metacognition shows that you understand not just what to do but how to do it as well and helps you to embed in your long term memory what you have to focus on for the specific question or section of the exam paper HOW? Write the rules for each approach to each essay Write the strategies for approaching difficult questions Write a list of reminders for the paper or question Create your own exam questions thinking about the characters or the themes Transform the answers into a mark scheme of what to do in that paper or question How to revise for English Literature

Chunk it down WHY? It can make larger tasks feel more manageable and reduce cognitive overload HOW? Do an essay in chunks Then self assess against the mark scheme Check and self edit writing after you have left it for a day to see if fresh eyes helps Create an acronym to help you remember what to do in each question (if it helps you) Revisit work in your book and essays that you have done previously and summarise what you said How to revise for English Literature Use the Revision Grids

WHY? It gives you little tasks that you can achieve daily to help you prepare for your exams. HOW? Go onto Google Sites Click on the Revision Grids page and download these to work on for your set of texts Or, ask your teacher for a print out. How to revise for English Literature Use the school Google Site WHY?

It has all the revision material you might want on it Practice papers Revision reminders Essay tasks Thinking Hard tasks Revision grids Revision guides Summaries of the text How to revise for English Literature Use resources Use your knowledge organisers and self quiz Use YouTube videos on topics you are unsure of and make notes

Use the revision guides Ask your teacher about the Flipsco cards revision flashcards that are excellent Summarise Plan Mind Maps Create posters/flashcards How to Learn Quotes 5 in 5 quizzes / 5 a day Use Knowledge organisers Make flashcards and test yourself each other Look cover check

Repetition Brain dump as many quotes as you can in 5 minutes Dual coding Blank fill quotes MCQ quizzes Pictionary quotation and image reduce to quotation only Mini quote explosion; Create a quizlet for flashcards post its on your wall with key quotes Trigger words/filing cabinet (model how this works) Memorising Metacognition tasks to embed quotations write a letter where you explain London to someone who has never read it and use quotation

Benefits of revising Increased confidence Ability to commit to your long term memory the approaches to the text Purposeful practice Improved understanding Improved stamina (needed for writing for 1 hour 45 minutes) Reduce the likelihood of having to re-do the Language exam at college Self-satisfaction that you have done everything you can Pride at your own resilience How to overcome self doubt? Visualise what it would be like to open your envelope and have a pass

Change your internal dialogue (the self doubts) Repeat (internally) I can do this, I will do this or whatever motivational words will help you Imagine you are a success what does this look like to you? Breathe carefully Listen daily to headspace or another app like this that helps you relax Dont put extra pressure on yourself. If you are working hard and preparing for the exams you will be fine Remember to take breaks Do some exercise Do something that you enjoy that is not related to revision Relax the night before an exam and get sleep

Dont cram little and often will win the race

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