History of Computing - University of North Carolina at Charlotte

History of Computing - University of North Carolina at Charlotte

History of Computing Dr. Lejk ITCS 3688 February 12, 2020 Pre-Modern Era Egypt : Abacus : 2200 B.C. France : Calculator + - : Late 17th

Century Germany : Calculator + - * / : Early th 18 Century France : Weaving Loom : Early 19th

Century Great Britain : Difference & Analytical Engines : th Mid 19 CenturyMachines : Late US : Tabulating 19th Century Modern Era

US : Burroughs : 1st mass produced adding machine Harvard : Mark 1 U of PA : ENIAC Princeton : Computer Architecture England : Colossus Computer Generations Dates Hardware

Software 1st 1947-59 Vacuum tubes Machine Languages 2nd 1959-65 Transistors & Core Symbolic Languages 3rd 1965-75 Integrated Circuits Compilers & OS 4th 1974-? LSI & VLSI HOL Languages 5th ???????????????????????????????????????? ??????????????

Industry Make-up IBM & Seven Dwarfs : - DEC, NCR, Sperry, Burroughs, CDC, HP, Honeywell - System 360 - Lawsuits Lawsuits 1. Justice Dept. Anti-trust Suit 1956 : a. IBM - Monopolistic marketing b. IBM Concessions

2. CDC Sues IBM 1968: a. Unfair competition b. IBM Concessions 3. Threat of Anti-trust Suit 1969: a. IBM Concessions Lawsuits (Cont.) 4. Anti-trust Suit Filed 1969: - Dropped after 13 years 5. Telex sues IBM 1972: a. IBM counter sues b. Both win & lose Issues

Dominance of one company Unionization International Competition Off-shoring

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