Graphic Organizer - PC\|MAC

Graphic Organizer - PC\|MAC

Graphic Organizer 1st Paragraph (Quotes not necessary) Good lead sentence: claimconnection b/w character and person researched Transition word Write about character Transition word

Write about person researched Transition sentence 2nd Paragraph Summarize either character or real-life person For character use post-its, reading logs, novel Take quotes about: personality, family, general background For person researched use biographical and significant events Include a strong topic sentence, 2 quotes, and elaboration after each

quote 3rd Paragraph Use specific word choice for a strong, forceful tone Write about the same person from the 2nd paragraph This paragraph defends the claim Provide 2 strong Q.W.Q. (quotes with quality) with plenty of support and elaboration following each quote MAKE CERTAIN THE FOCUS IS ON HOW THE PERSONS MORALS HAVE

IMPACTED SOCIETY Transition words should be used after each quote and a transition sentence needs to bridge into the next paragraph 4th and 5th Paragraphs 4th Paragraph same as the 2nd paragraph for the other character/person researched Background information on character or person 5th paragraph same as the 3rd paragraph (defends the claim)-for the

other character/person researched 2 pieces of evidence needed 6th Paragraph and 7th Paragraph 6th Paragraph: Counterclaim No quotes necessary Shortest of all paragraphs Point out the opposite point of view for both the character and the real-life person researched

7th Paragraph: How has each made an impact morally upon society? 1 quote each What have you learned?

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