General Supports - Disability Service - Trinity College, Dublin

General Supports - Disability Service - Trinity College, Dublin

General Supports - Disability Service Areas we will cover : 45 min 1. Disability Service contact & role in supporting students 2. Disability Supports

a. Assistive Technology b. Academic support c.

Exam accommodations d. Library privileges e. Occupational Therapy

3. Disclosure 4. What is the code of practice ? 5.

Questions ? Disability Service contact & role in supporting students A Disability office will work to address the specific support needs of students.

Address across a number of departments to aid in the use and understanding of your specific support requirements Address any concerns issues you may have in relation to your disability and its impact on your study

If your issues is related to your course i.e. issue with a specific module your appointed college tutor is your first area of contact. For all communication that is related to your learning difficulty please contact are department by email [email protected] Disability Service Supports Technology Support or Assistive Technology (AT) What is Assistive Technology ? Assistive technology is the use of very simple technology your mobile phone or use of e-mail to the very complex - use of voice recognition software or technology that will read information from your computer screen. Such technology support can help you create, proof and build confidence is your writing examples include:

Text to voice software Proof/ Spelling software Mind-mapping software Technology Support or Assistive Technology (AT) Text to Speech software: Balabooka software Technology Support or Assistive Technology (AT)

Spelling & grammar s/w : Ginger Software Technology Support or Assistive Technology (AT) Mind-mapping software s/w : Freemind Technology Support or Assistive Technology (AT)

My-Study bar -Support.php Consists of eight useful software collections that are free for you to download and use. Technology Support or Assistive Technology (AT) Text to Speech software: Texthelp Read & write - Available on all PC labs & for 30 days free Technology Support or Assistive Technology (AT) Note-taking Support Academic Support

What is academic support ? - Academic support aims to give the student the tools to improve your writing, exams and presentation skills - Academic support is not a proofreading service - There are a host of online resources available to students to interact with and workshops to attend ran by Student learning and development Academic Support

Student Learning & development Academic Support Disability website Academic Support

Disability website Exams Accommodations Examination accommodations are based on the impact of a disability on the student All students registering the Disability Service have examinations accommodations set to 10 mins extra per hour For this accommodation to be awarded all students exams with this

accommodation are helped in a separate group venue to that of their class piers, this will be communicated to you solely via your portal. To ensure the Examinations Office can set up your accommodations for examination purposes the following deadlines are applied: Michaelmas term: End of week 8, Semester 1. Hilary & Annual examinations: End of week 3, Semester 2. Supplemental examinations: End of week 44, Semester 2. Exams Accommodations Our Website give more details on how exam accommodation are set and

communicated: Library - Special Borrowing Privileges Students registered with the DS are entitled to special borrowing privileges in the Library. You student number is forwarded to the Library service and from 2 weeks of completing registration with the Disability service you will have access to SBP indicted to the library staff

by a tick on there system This allows you to borrow extra books, and also to borrow items from some of the Libraries non-lending collections. The rules regarding fines and overdue items that apply to all students will also apply to you. Trinity College Dublin, The University of Dublin Library - Special Borrowing Privileges

You can borrow up to 8 books from the Library. You are restricted to a maximum of 4 books from the Lending collection. A lending item which has a yellow sticker on the spine of the book, may be borrowed for one week, lending items without a yellow sticker are for 4 weeks. What cannot be borrowed? All Periodicals/Newspapers Theses, Ref&Bib books Most Official Publications.

Research Area items A fine of 50c per item per day are charged on all overdue items. This increases to 2.50 (Super Fines) per item per day during exam time on week loan books only. Trinity College Dublin, The University of Dublin Occupational Therapy Support Occupational Therapy focuses on all the activities or Occupations that you do on a day-to-day basis, such as

getting to college, planning your workload, organising your time or going to societies. Practical Strategies - Student Centred Occupational Therapy Support Disclosure

- All information and medical evidence provided is stored securely with the Disability Service - No evidence/ personal statements are shared to any external parties or academic areas without agreement from the student - Minimum information is shared to the relevant staff within Trinity (i.e. teaching staff, your Tutor) to help them to also provide assistance were required were there is a need - - This information ( student name & number )is shared twice a year : - Week 7 (Michaelmas)

- Week 7 (Hilary) Disclosure of Disability related information: The final page of the Code of practice asks you to tick yes to areas What is the Code of Practice ? The Code of Practice has two main purposes: 1. To outline for students with disabilities their rights and responsibilities in receiving reasonable accommodations while studying at Trinity;

2. To define Trinity's rights and responsibilities to students with disabilities and the College community 3. By signing the code of practice you are formally completing your registration with the Disability Service Questions ? Any questions on the above? If you wish to mail in your query or would like meet

1:1 to discuss the above supports in more details please mail me at [email protected]

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