Finding information for your project - Vince Knight

Finding information for your project - Vince Knight

Finding information for your project Andrew Blackmore Senghennydd Library [email protected]

By the end of the session youll be able to Source relevant information for your project proposal and presentation Find journal articles for up to date research Locate market research and industry news Reference your sources correctly . to get better marks on your project

Researching Your Project Business strategy books available in the Lifelong Learning Collection in Senghennydd Library and Aberconway Library & dont forget e-books theyre available 24/7! What are journal articles and why use them? For research which is: Up-to-date In-depth Academic quality to produce more

substantial work which receives better marks! Tip One Clever keywords Topic: Designing a website Equivalent terms

Web site design Equivalent terms Web page layout User experience Web accessibility

Mark up language HTML Broader / related Narrower / terms related terms

Web development Interface design Graphic design Assistive text-to-speech technologies software text-to-Braille hardware

Metadata and Dreamweaver content Keyword phrases web design Alternate endings Comput* for computers, computation

Combining keywords Interface design OR interface engineering AND user analysis Tip Two Finding online journal articles on ArticleSearch

What is ArticleSearch? A simple way to find some online journal articles. it doesnt cover all the online journals in the library collection but it is a quick and easy starting point: Tip Three

Finding journal articles and market research through specialist databases What are research databases? Collections of references to research papers searchable by keywords Identify peer-reviewed, high quality academic literature

Have specialised search facilities Computing & Maths use: MathSciNet Web of Science Market Research Databases KeyNote Provides market reports from 27 industries in the UK. Mintel Marketing Intelligence Mintel

provides access to the full text of a wide range of consumer-related UK market research reports. http:// html Tip Four

Dont forget to cite & reference Why reference? Academic Support your argument Demonstrate wider reading Dont lose marks! Practical

Enable reader to locate sources Legal Avoid being accused of plagiarism Reference Styles At least three references are required for your bibliography Range of styles available Author-date - Harvard Numbered - Vancouver

Footnote - MHRA Be Consistent http:// erences/index.html Referencing Electronic Sources eJournals, eBooks and webpages

Indicate that the source is Online Date you accessed the material The URL of the source Final tips Dont leave referencing to the last minute LATEX can help with formatting: http://

28.pdf Quality of sources is important Summary Think about terminology / keywords Search ArticleSearch for finding online journal articles quickly Search databases such as Mintel &

Keynote for more market research & business news reference your sources Help! LibrarySearch FAQs Ask questions

via chat! Pop in to the Library! CardiffUniLib channel

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